Why is My Frenchies Nose Dry? Find Out Here!

Many believe that if French Bulldogs have a cold and wet nose, it means they’re healthy. In reality, it alternates between dry and wet in response to different things. Problems arise when the nose becomes dry, especially for flat-faced breeds. But the question is this: why is my Frenchies nose dry? A dry nose can be uncomfortable for dogs, affecting how they experience the world. So it pays to know more as an owner.

In this guide, I’ll help you understand more about dry noses in French Bulldogs and what you can do to help.

Does a Dry Nose Mean My French Bulldog is Sick? 

If your French Bulldog’s nose seems warm and dry, it can be a little problematic. After all, Frenchies are susceptible to different health issues. Fortunately, having a dry nose doesn’t usually mean your dog is sick. 

So though a persistent dry nose can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t usually mean your dog is sick. However, if other symptoms accompany your dog’s dry nose, then you need to be concerned. Such signs include the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea 

If you see your French Bulldog suffering from any of these symptoms, visit your vet ASAP. These signs may indicate more severe medical issues like autoimmune diseases. 

Otherwise, there’s nothing serious for you to worry about if you don’t see any of these additional symptoms. Remember, Frenchies are expected to have dry noses at some point. After all, brachycephalic dogs like Frenchies are more prone to a dry nose due to their flat faces

Why is My Frenchies Nose Dry? Possible Causes

Your Frenchie’s nose can be dry for several reasons. From a change in lifestyle or the weather outside, here the most common cause of dry nose in French Bulldogs:

☁️ Weather

If your French Bulldog loves going outdoors, its nose is bound to become dry.

After all, when dogs stay near a heat source, their nose becomes exposed, eventually drying out. The way people get sunburns on their skin is the same for Frenchies on their noses. So if you’re planning on bringing your French Bulldog outdoors, be cautious.

For instance, if it’s scorching outside, it’s better to let your dog stay indoors entirely for the day. If not possible, make sure to bring fresh water for your Frenchie.

This way, your dog will stay hydrated, keeping its nose wet and cold. 

💤 Sleep

Frenchies keep their noses cold and wet by regularly licking them. But, when they sleep, they obviously can’t continue this motion. As a result, you’ll see your French Bulldog with a dry nose when sleeping. 

Fortunately, you can expect a Frenchie’s nose to be damp again after a few minutes of waking up. So unless your dog can’t lick its nose, you don’t have to worry about it. 

🤧 Allergies

French Bulldogs are susceptible to seasonal contact and food allergies. And these allergens can cause your dog’s nose to dry up, or worse—become cracked. Your Frenchie might be allergic to pollen or dander from your other pets. In addition, particular foods, drinks, and drugs may also cause allergic reactions. 

Aside from that, anything plastic can dry up your Frenchie’s nose. After all, plastics are the number one cause of sensitive nose in most dogs. So it’s best to avoid giving your Frenchie plastic dog toys or using plastic bowls. 

🏋️ Inactivity

Inactiveness is another possible cause behind your Frenchie’s dry nose. As I said earlier, French Bulldogs lick their noses often to improve secretion. But when your dog avoids simple activities such as this, it can lead to a dry nose. That’s why you’ll notice lazier, and older dogs become more susceptible to a dry nose. 


A dry nose is also commonly caused by dehydration in dogs. Generally, dogs need to drink an ounce of water for each pound of their total body weight. So if your French Bulldog weighs 28 pounds, you should let it drink at least 28 ounces every day. 

So if you notice your dog ignoring its water bowl, check for other signs of dehydration, such as:

  • Unusually thick saliva
  • Persistent panting
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Dry but sticky gums

If you notice your Frenchie experiencing any of the symptoms above, consult your vet. Otherwise, you can try washing your dog’s water bowl with soap and water before refilling it with fresh water again. 

If that doesn’t work, try mixing a bit of chicken broth into your dog’s water. Doing so makes it more appealing to your Frenchie ten-fold. 

🩺 Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions can lead to a dry nose in French Bulldogs. The most common ones are neurological issues that lead to excessive licking and autoimmune disorders.

To give you a better idea of medical conditions that cause dry noses, here are the most common ones:

  • Nasal hyperkeratosis. This is the only disease where a severely dry nose is one of the few symptoms present. It’s characterized by excess keratin build-up, leading to thick skin around the nose. And this leaves the skin dry, cracked, and at risk for infection.
  • Canine pemphigus. A term for autoimmune diseases that result in damaged skin, including the nose. 
  • Discoid lupus erythematosus. This autoimmune disease attacks the dog’s body tissues, mainly around the face. You can see it chafing and drying overtime when the nose is affected. 

Unfortunately, these can lead to dangerous consequences when left unaddressed. So ensure to see your vet regularly to catch any symptoms early on. 

👴 Age 

As French Bulldogs move into their golden years, it’s normal for them to develop dry noses. This factor shouldn’t be something to worry about. But it’s best to take precautions to prevent your dog’s nose from becoming cracked or crusty. You can avoid this by regularly applying moisturizers. 

🌞 Sunburn 

Finally, the last culprit behind dry noses in French Bulldogs is sunburn. After all, these tiny dogs have shorter and finer coats, making them more prone to sunburn. And this sensitivity is worse when it comes to a Frenchie’s pale nose. 

So whenever you’re going out when the sun is shining, use dog-friendly sunscreen. 

Remedies for Dry Nose in French Bulldogs

Whatever is the cause behind your Frenchie’s dry nose, there’s a remedy for it. Below are tried-and-proven remedies you should try on your dog. Each can help moisturize your four-legged best friend’s nose, making it look healthier. 

Cocoa Seed Butter

This is safe and efficient for softening dry noses on dogs. What’s more, you can use cocoa seed butter to moisturize other rough areas like paw pads and the elbow. And despite using cocoa, it doesn’t have toxic ingredients present in chocolate. 

Shea Butter

Organic shea butter works wonder in softening dry noses on dogs. And the best part is, shea butter is 100% safe to consume in small amounts. So, if your dog accidentally ingests some, it shouldn’t have adverse results. What’s more, you can use shea butter to soothe other dry areas like elbows and paw pads.

Almond Oil

Almond oil isn’t only moisturizing, and it’s also nutritious! A single serving contains essential vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that soothe dry noses on dogs. It’s efficient and can be easily absorbed by your French Bulldog. 

Olive Oil

A common remedy that you’ll likely find in your kitchen cabinet is olive oil. You can use this on your dog’s dry nose, hydrating and moisturizing it over time. Moreover, you can use it on your dog’s paws and ears. But make sure only to use a small amount while gently applying it on your Frenchie’s nose. 

Although not recommended, it should be all right if your French Bulldog ingests some. A small amount shouldn’t affect your dog’s health. 

Castor Oil

This oil consists primarily of Ricinoleic acid, which has strong healing properties. For this reason, it’s an excellent pick for chafed and flakey dog noses. Make sure only to apply a bit, as accidental consumption can lead to persistent diarrhea. After all, this acts as a strong laxative for dogs. 

Coconut Oil

For dry noses on French Bulldogs, the last remedy you can try is coconut oil. It’s one of the safest and most efficient natural moisturizers for dogs. Moreover, it’s also rich in various essential minerals and vitamins. So not only will it moisten your Frenchie’s dry nose, but it can also improve skin elasticity. 

Just make sure to pick 100% organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil as it’s the safest option for Frenchies. But before application, try to introduce the oil to your dog’s diet. Doing so prevents upset stomachs in the future. Once your French Bulldog gets used to it, you can generously apply it to its nose without worry. 

Generally, don’t let your French Bulldog use any of the items you would use for yourself. After all, human products usually contain substances that are toxic to dogs. Some ingredients dangerous to dogs are baby oil, Neosporin, and petroleum jelly. 

Additional Tips For When Your Frenchies Nose is Dry

If the home remedies didn’t work for your French Bulldog, try the additional tips below:

  • Keep note when your Frenchie’s nose is dry. Closely monitoring your dog’s nose is an excellent way of remedying a dry nose in French Bulldogs. Doing so helps you detect issues early on, resolving them without consequences. 
  • Know the cause early on. As a French Bulldog owner, you should know how sensitive your dog’s nose is. So it pays to know the different possible reasons for a dry nose in French Bulldogs beforehand. But before you make any conclusions, consult with your vet first. 
  • Use dog-friendly nose balms. There are particular soothing balms exclusively designed for dogs, managing dry noses without issue. They can moisturize and promote better skin rejuvenation with continual use. 
  • Clean your dog’s nose regularly. Cleaning your Frenchie’s nose often with a wet towelette or anything similar can help keep your dog’s nose moist and soft. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any alcohol. 
  • Eliminate possible triggers. After discovering the reasons behind your dog’s dry nose, remove them immediately. If not possible, bring your Frenchie away from these triggers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a dry nose become a severe issue for French Bulldogs?

A: Dry noses can turn into something more severe when left untreated. Bleeding and infection may set in, causing more severe health conditions over time. Fortunately, if you address this early on, you can avert the consequences with ease. 

Q: Can a French Bulldog’s flat face affect their nose’s health?

A: Brachycephalic dog breeds like Frenchies have flatter faces, making their noses susceptible to all kinds of issues. From drying, chafing, to flaking: a French Bulldog’s nose is naturally sensitive. 

Q: When shouldn’t I apply home remedies on my Frenchie’s dry nose?

A: If your Frenchie is so dry to the point it’s beginning to crack and bleed, refrain from doing anything. It’s best to bring your dog to the vet as soon as you can. After all, doing at-home treatments may lead to more extensive infections, causing more severe complications. 

Q: What can I apply to my French Bulldog’s dry nose?

A: Several natural oils are safe to apply on a French Bulldog’s dry nose. These include common oils like olive oil and coconut oil you can find in your kitchen cabinet. Some vets may recommend using synthetic ointments or moisturizers for more severe cases. 

Q: Does sleeping too much affect my French Bulldog’s dry nose?

A: Sleeping too often and too long can lead to drier noses as French Bulldogs need to lick their nose to keep them moist. Older dogs are prone to this, but this shouldn’t be a health concern for your Frenchie. After all, your dog can just lick their nose when they wake up. 

Final Words

Why is my Frenchies nose dry? From hot weather to dehydration, there’s a lot of causes behind a dry nose in French Bulldogs. But regardless of the reason, you don’t need to be highly concerned. After all, these are treatable, and most remedies can be done at home. Your dog’s nose should be plump and damp in no time.