Why do French Bulldogs Sleep So Much? Frenchies Guide 2022

French bulldogs are generally the healthiest breed among the Bulldogs. Even so, some pet owners are concerned about their health especially when it comes to their sleeping pattern. Most of the time, this dog breed sleep a lot and pet owners ask why do French bulldogs sleep so much.

As we go along, we will share the reasons behind this sleeping concern regarding the Frenchies. From the average sleeping hour and their common sleeping habits to the factors that may generally affect their sleeping pattern, they are all here. Moreover, we will also give you some helpful tips on how to give the French bulldogs a comfortable environment for more good night sleep.

So, if you want to give extra care to your Frenchies in terms of their sleeping routine, let’s check them out below!

French Bulldogs Sleeping Hour

Generally, French Bulldogs like to sleep a lot. Why do French Bulldogs sleep so much? Actually, they make the most of their energy and require regaining their batteries and fuel up constantly. However, what is the required length of sleeping hours for French Bulldogs and what are their sleeping habits that may affect why do French Bulldogs sleep so much?

Basically, for about 12 to 14 hours in a day, the French Bulldogs have their sleeping cycle. Some Frenchies will actually sleep all night without being disturbed for around a period of 7 hours straight. On day time, they sleep alternatively for a few hours at a certain time summing up to another 7 hours.

Moreover, the sleeping pattern of French bulldog puppies is different from that of the adult dog. Furthermore, French bulldog puppies ageing 8 and 12 weeks old have sleeping hours of about 18 hours per day. There may also be times that French bulldog puppies sleep longer having a range of time from 18 to 19 hours in a day. They just basically wake up for an hour or more after a few hours of sleep.

why do french bulldogs sleep so much

Yet, it is also important to know why French bulldogs sleep so much highly depends on the following factors:


Why do French bulldogs sleep so much especially the puppies is because the little pups need much more sleep compared to the adult one. Moreover, as Frenchies grow old, they highly demand for more sleeping time because they easily get tired.


In case your French bulldog has a sedentary lifestyle, they most likely sleep a lot. Basically, why do French bulldogs sleep so much because they almost want to be with you around most of the time. And that’s it!

Life changes

Generally, when Frenchies experience any situations in their life that may develop separation anxiety, that’s probably the reason why do French bulldogs sleep so much. Some of these major life changes that may affect the sleeping habit of Frenchies include:

  • The new baby arrived in the house
  • A family member moving away from the house
  • The whole family is moving to another house
  • Changes in the working schedule of the owner
  • Death of a family member

Health status

Why do French bulldogs sleep so much because as they age, they get tired more quickly. Along with this, they demand plenty of sleep. However, there could also be any other underlying reason why do French bulldogs sleep so much. Generally, it may be any illness or one of the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Canine depression
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Metabolic disease
  • Sleep disorder like sleep apnea

French Bulldogs Sleeping Habits

Generally, this four-legged animal is sleeping for more hours in a day. But for dogs, not every day is similar to the other day. There may be times that they will have a nap in the middle of the morning.

Why do French Bulldogs sleep so much with open eyes?

Actually, French bulldogs sleep with open eyes for sometimes. It generally looks weird and there are also times that it seems that they have rolled their head back. Why do French bulldogs sleep so much with their eyes open? Basically, it rooted in their ancestors.

Dogs of this breed usually sleep with open eyes as part of their defense mechanism which often makes them feel safe from their predators as they rest. Although there is no other pet at home aside from your Frenchie which means that he doesn’t have any predators, yet this action will remain running in his DNA.

But, always be keen and pay attention to them during their sleep. Check if they are twitching while they sleep as it could be a sign of seizure for dogs especially if the movement gets too violent. So, it is always better to monitor for any unusual actions of your Frenchies.

Moreover, always bear in minds that if you happen to notice this behavior, do not ever get panic. Why do French bulldogs sleep so much with twitching legs and eyes? It’s probably because the dog is having a dream. 

Why do French Bulldogs sleep so much on their back?

Why do French bulldogs sleep so much is not a thing to worry about. It is actually nice to observe your Frenchies while they were sleeping because their sleeping habits would be a great way to showcase their feeling. One good example of this is a French bulldog sleeping on his back which basically means that he wants to keep cool. Dogs sleeping on an exposed tummy allow the heat to escape from their bodies and let them cool.

Moreover, another reason why do French bulldogs sleep so much on their back is due to the comfort that it gives. Aside from that, sleeping in this position won’t let them have any fear. As a matter of fact, dogs such as Frenchies, would not like to sleep with exposed private parts to the predators. That’s why back sleeping makes them feel at ease and do not have any worry for threats.

Why do French Bulldogs sleep so much with puffing noises?

Frenchies anatomy is actually a common reason why they are most likely to experience breathing issues. French bulldogs generally have short snouts because they are considered as brachiocephalic canines. Most French bulldogs constantly snore which may seem to be a puffing noise for sometimes. Moreover, as they sleep, Frenchies will create plenty of strange noises including the puffing.

Why do French Bulldogs sleep so much with rapid breathing?

Actually, one of the common concerns as French bulldogs sleep is rapid breathing. Why do French bulldogs sleep so much with rapid breathing? It is primarily because of the snout and airwaves that are not that free like with other breeds.

Aside from this, you should also be keen and observant for some other signs. In case the rapid breathing of Frenchies becomes unusual on their sleep, it could be an indication of the following:

  • The French bulldog’s body temperature increases
  • Frenchies may have an unnoticeable injury

If this is something that makes you worried, immediately wake your Frenchies up and check if his breathing is still labored. In case you notice that he also has an unusual posture when sitting up or the movement of the chest becomes irregular, this means that he is going through something serious.

Why do French Bulldogs sleep so much with hanging out the tongue?

Basically, the reasons why do French bulldogs sleep so much with hanging out tongue may sometimes be normal. Most Frenchies sleep with the tongue hanging out plus some kind of drooling. Yet, there are times that this could be an indication of the hanging tongue syndrome. This usually happens when the dog experiences a jaw or muzzle injury which means that their tongue can’t be pulled back in.

Image courtesy of Cuteness.com

Moreover, you may notice the following signs and symptoms on French bulldogs having hanging tongue syndrome. In case you may see any of these signs, it simply means that there is a problem on your dog’s health that you must address upon:

  • The tongue sticks out all of the time
  • Has a dry, rough, sore tongue with some patches
  • Tongue color is paler and swollen
  • The worse odor of the breath
  • There is a loss of appetite and drinks lesser water

Once the French bulldogs cannot able to pull back the tongue inside the mouth to wet it, then it simply indicates a syndrome. And this calls for an assessment of a veterinarian. However, do not get confused with sticking out of tongue after extreme exercise. That’s basically normal for dogs when they pant for some minutes after vigorous activity.

What are the symptoms of abnormal sleeping habits of French Bulldogs?

Monitoring the sleeping habits of the Frenchies is also generally important like that of looking after their food consumption. Basically, if your Frenchies has abnormal sleeping habits, it only means that he is sick. In order for you to be aware of their sleeping pattern, check for these symptoms:

  • Difficult to wake up even having a good sleeping time
  • Being awake at night
  • Awake for about 10 hours or so
  • Rapid breathing during sleep
  • Convulsions with eye-rolling

Basically, the Frenchies are very prone to deal with health issues even if they are categorized as the healthiest breeds of Bulldogs. Moreover, like what we have discussed earlier, due to their facial anatomy, French bulldogs are generally susceptible to heat and sleep disorders. And most of the time, the Frenchies highly rely on their owners to experience a comfortable life. Along with this, pet owners should offer a good sleeping environment for their French bulldogs.

Ways to Give French Bulldog a Better Sleep

Although French Bulldogs are really fond of sleeping, they are also susceptible to health issues that can generally affect why do French bulldogs sleep so much. Because of their skull shape, allergic sensitivity, and genetics, sleeping can get more difficult. Below are some helpful strategies that can provide your Frenchies with good night sleep.


Exercise and vigorous activities are generally advantageous to dogs. Moreover, for French bulldogs, regular exercise helps them to build the appropriate muscles for their joints. Aside from that, it also improves the sleep of Frenchies by decreasing the frequent breathing that might be irregular because of airway obstruction. Yet, when it comes to taking your Frenchies into swimming, better make a search first.

Give them humidifier

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is generally common to French bulldogs. Basically, this is a condition in which the breathing pattern of the Frenchies takes repeated pauses. This generally makes them feel restless as they wake up the next day.

By giving them humidifiers, the humidity level within the room may be controlled. This will definitely balance the moisture within the air thus preventing the dryness and irritation of the dog’s airway.

Try different sleeping positions

Like what we have been discussed earlier, there are particular sleeping positions that affect the Frenchies to snore less. One of these positions is sleeping on their back as they found it comfortable and sleep better.

If in case, this position might not work for them, you could try changing the position while they sleep. This would basically help to identify the ideal position for them which gives comfort and lowers the risk of sleep apnea. Adding some suitable bedding or use comfortable pillows would also be helpful in ensuring the improvement of their sleep quality.

Maintain their cleanliness

Allergies are generally common among the Bulldogs including the Frenchies. Fine particles produce allergens that could irritate their airways and trigger allergic reactions. This would then result in difficulty in falling asleep because of the unclean environment.

why do french bulldogs sleep so much

Moreover, make sure that the sleeping area of the French bulldogs is always clean. Keep their bedding dust and dirt-free so that the allergens may be prevented.

Feed them with dog food

Basically, nutrition plays an important role in the overall health of the dog as well with their energy levels. Unfortunately, most people have this wrong presumption that dog food is just food for the dog. But that is generally wrong. The Frenchies fart a lot and everything that he consumes can upset his stomach.

Moreover, as the Frenchies fart, it can wake them up from a comfortable sleep. Generally, feeding the French bulldogs with the best and appropriate dog food can support their proper digestion and give them a more comfortable sleep. Further, you can also check this guide on how to take care of a French bulldog.

Final Thoughts

The reasons why do French bulldogs sleep so much generally depends of four major factors. It includes their age, activities, life changes, and health status. Basically, an adorable dog like the Frenchies will sleep for an average of 7 hours straight during daytime and another 7 hours at night. However, this case may be highly different for the puppies as they can sleep longer for about 18 to 19 hours.  

Basically, the long time sleeping schedule of the Frenchies should not be a cause of worrying. Actually, they need it to recharge and regain their energies. It is actually normal for the French bulldogs to sleep so much so do not worry a lot. But, be more prepared when they wake up as they may need your attention and care!