Why Do French Bulldogs Rub Themselves

One of most amusing behaviors that Frenchies, especially the males, can have is rubbing oneself.French Bulldogs massage themselves for various reasons, including rubbing their dangly bits, naked body, and personal bits (whatever you wish to call them).

I’ll give you a quick rundown of why your Frenchie rubs himself and what that could signify, along with all the alternatives.

What causes my Frenchie to scratch its hands all together?

The sad group of canine breeds that cannot reach some regions of their bodies includes French Bulldogs. Because of their breeding, they can’t come to their tongues to their bottoms, ears, or remote areas.

It’s a brachycephalic dog characteristic. Because they can’t clean themselves, male Frenchies can’t lick their penis and must instead rub it with their paws. Female Frenchies suffer a similar issue, as they cannot wipe their vulva with their tongue.

This implies that French Bulldogs must use their paws to clean specific places, rub against objects, or move around the floor to relieve itching and discomfort.

I can think of many reasons female and male French Bulldogs rub their faces together.

They are playing with their genitals / touching their genitals.

You might notice your Frenchie scratching an itch by pushing himself along the carpet. You may also see the usual bum scooting action, but if you’re concerned about pawing at their vagina, here’s what that could mean:

An itch or the desire to clean 

Imagine being unable to go to a specific spot when you want it because dogs lick their mouths to clean themselves. Another reason your Frenchie rubs himself down there is because of this.

He may be using his paws or pull himself around the carpet so scuff that itch or clean anything from the parts he can’t reach.

Rubbing could also be a sign of irritation, so consult your veterinarian if you’re concerned—however, more on this in the next point.

An infection or a urinary tract infection

Your Frenchie could have an infection or a urinary tract infection that he can’t reach with his mouth.

This could be incredibly uncomfortable, causing him to scrape his tit or bottom regions on you, a carpet, a wall, or perhaps another surface for comfort.


Dogs can masturbate, which you probably do not want to think. On the ASPCA website, you can learn more about this possibility:

“Dogs are known to masturbate in a variety of ways. Many female and male frenchies keep building up and even perform sexual acts after being corrected or neutered since they have established that the habit is gratifying. If a male is prohibited from accessing a female in heat, he will typically masturbate.”

If your French Bulldog is rubbing his willy, it’s probable that he’s “performing with oneself” for lack of a better description. 

Male Frenchies who have not yet been neutered are more prone to willy rubbing. Therefore this can add to the benefits and drawbacks of neutering.

Rolling around or rubbing yourself on things is a common occurrence among Frenchies.

To imbue themselves with a new fragrance

Aside from rolling on their backs to appear submissive, Frenchies will massage their backs on the ground to acquire a new aroma. Aren’t Frenchies strange creatures?!

And it always appears to be stinky items that people bring in. While humans may consider something smelly, they have an entirely different perspective and enjoy the scent.

According to the study, there has never been an actual scientific reason why dogs enjoy rolling in stinky items. The greatest interpretations are all theoretical, offering a straightforward concept: 

“Many believe it’s a natural inclination, going all the way back to when your pet’s wild counterparts would mask their smell to assist them play tricks on their prey.” To disguise their stench while hunting, wolves have been observed rolling in dead animals or plant-eating animal droppings.”

Rubbing their faces on their owners or furniture

The girl and funny dog, nose to nose. The concept of a pet, dog with attitude, communication

Your Frenchie may also rub up against you, the owner, as well as walls and furniture. But, exactly, what do these two practices imply?

His manner of marking territory is by rubbing himself against a wall or a couch. The French Bulldog’s fragrance will be left on a doorway or a wall, signaling to other pets that it is his territory. It’s more common among dogs who live in the same residence.

Whenever the French Bulldog brushes itself on someone, it’s all about the smell. He’s imprinting his scent on you to indicate that you’re a valuable member of his pack. Your French bulldog’s face includes tiny pores that emit a scent, indicating that you’re a member of his group!

Frenchies rubbing their bottoms on the carpet. This is a very distinct situation, which I discuss in greater detail in the outline to bum scooting and dragging. However, here are the rubbing causes in a nutshell:

  • Infection or impaction of the anal sac or anal gland.
  • Something stuck on their bottom/feces contamination.
  • Allergies.
  • Worms / parasites
  • Infections of the skin, bladder, or urinary tract.
  • A painful wound or a traumatic event.
  • Rectal prolapse is a condition in which a person’s bowel.
  • Problems with behavior or the nervous system.

Other Information About French Bulldog

You now know that when you notice your male French Bulldog stroking himself or his willy, it doesn’t necessarily imply he’s playing with himself — but it may be! This could be result of a variety of reasons, which I’ve listed earlier.

Frenchies who rub themselves, whether male or female, do it for various reasons, including an inability to reach the itchy portion or scent marking.

What Causes French Bulldogs to Rub Their Faces? What is the source of this behavior?

For a variety of reasons, notably their vivacious and attention-seeking personality, French bulldogs are appreciated all around the world. Rubbing one’s hands together is one of the French bulldog’s habits. 

Is it, however, merely a manifestation of their fun character, or does it have a deeper significance? Why do French bulldogs slobber on one another? Because of their brachycephalic shape, French bulldogs have restricted flexibility in reaching specific parts of their bodies. It’s why, whenever they are unpleasant or itching, they rub themselves to ease the irritation or cleanse themselves. Frenchies rub themselves in various ways, each of which could indicate a distinct meaning. You’ll find out what it means whenever they rub oneself up in a particular way in this piece. What would it suggest when Frenchies rub the private parts or bum?

Whenever Frenchies rub their private parts or bums, it’s a sign of affection, what does it mean?

It could imply various things if you witness Frenchies touching their genitals. The following are among the problems to be cautious of.

The anal gland that has been impacted or is infected

Frenchies’ anal glands are prone to infection. They could become affected at times, that also can be quite distressing for the pet. When the glands are clogged, the anal glands are affected. If not addressed, this will result in infection and the formation of abbesses.

French bulldogs often scratch their bottoms throughout the lawn, carpets, or the ground to alleviate discomfort produced by friction of the anal glands.

Dragging and scooting of the buttocks, constipation, and a foul fluid production in their anal glands are signs of a probable infection or impaction.

If these symptoms are present, you should see your veterinarian so that your Frenchie may be provided the appropriate medications and informed on the best method to treat the problem and prevent it from recurring.

Something is clinging to their shins.

When Frenchies defecate, some feces is left on their buttocks, which can cause itching or contamination. Because Frenchies’ anatomy prevents them from reaching some portions of their bodies, they wipe their butts on surfaces to clean them or relieve itching.

Fecal contamination is most likely to happen when your Frenchie has had diarrhea, as it causes anal dryness and discomfort.

Search for the indicators listed below to see if a French bulldog has this disease. The first is a fecal deposit around their buttocks, and the second is scooting and dragging their butts.

To get rid of the fecal deposition, cut the fur surrounding the backside, wash their butthole with hot water, and extract any obvious fecal matter.

Infection of the urinary tract

Dogs can have bacterial and yeast infections as well. This can cause irritation and pain in Frenchies. Therefore they rub their lower bodies against surfaces like carpets, objects, or paws to relieve themselves.

The French bulldog may get a urinary tract infection (UTI) when left untreated, that will bring suffering and pain. Pee that smells and is hazy and blood in the urine are other UTI symptoms. During urination, you may notice your Frenchie straining.

You can soothe your Frenchie’s itching and discomfort by wiping his genitals twice a day with animal-friendly antiseptic wipes. However, if the symptoms persist despite receiving the necessary treatment, seeking quick medical advice from a veterinarian is essential.

Infestation with worms or parasites

Another reason Frenchies massage their butts is if they are infested with worms or parasites. Hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms are examples of parasitic worms.

They commonly catch it if they’ve been exposed to or eaten worm eggs-infested animal dung or food. Hookworms, and from the other hand, are contracted whenever a larva penetrates your Frenchie’s system by the mouth, skin, or paws. 

Several of the symptoms of this ailment include dragging and scooting of their rectums, white parasites wiggling about their diarrhea, butts, loss of appetite, and bloody feces. If two or more symptoms appear, contact your veterinarian right once.

When French bulldog wipe their faces, what does that mean?

For a range of factors, the Frenchies touch their faces. The first is that they are vying for your attention. One of many reasons Frenchies attract so many dog owners is attention seekers. It’s for this reason that they press up against you for hugs and kisses.

When they scratch their cheeks following coughing or sneezing, though, it means they’re attempting to unload their lungs.

If you rub your eyes for a long time, it could be a sign of a skin issue, an allergy, and a much more severe clogged airway. In this instance, consulting a veterinarian may be necessary.

When Frenchies rub up against you, their owner, or a particular area, what does it indicate?

Frenchies are like many other dogs, desire to mark their territory. They accomplish this by rubbing their fragrance on equipment, a door, a wall, or any other surface they find appealing. This odor serves to warn sure other pets that the area is theirs. This is something that most dogs who live in the same house do.

If French bulldogs rub themselves over you, it’s since they want you to understand how valuable you are to them. This means they want everyone to realize you’re a member of their pack.

There are also other reasons why French bulldogs rub themselves.

They wish to spruce up their appearance.

Frenchies suffer due to their petite stature and limited flexibility when cleaning and grooming themselves. As a result, they rub their hands together to clean the spots they can’t reach.

You, as the owner, must assist your Frenchie in cleaning himself. The locations that require the most cleaning are shown below.

Despite their lack of dense fur, Frenchies require weekly brushing and bathing. You’re assisting them in removing irritants and sweat accumulation that can lead to skin illnesses by doing so.

Ears: Frenchies are prone to collecting dirt due to their wide ears. If not cleaned regularly, it might trigger ear infections or, terrible, premature deafness. You should clean your Frenchie’s ear twice a month with a towel soaked in baby oil or a canine ear cleaning solution.

Wrinkles: Frenchies have a lot of wrinkles on their faces and bodies. Dust particles, filth, and bacteria are attracted to wrinkled areas. This is why, to avoid sensitivities and skin diseases, you must take better care of the skin folds. Wipe these spots with a soft cloth or wipes to clean them.

Bums and Genitals: These areas where defecation and urination occur must be regularly cleaned. When left untreated, it can lead to fungal or yeast infections, urinary tract infections, infected or affected anal glands, and various other problems.

Teeth: Because of their brachycephalic shape, Frenchies’ mouth spacing is limited, making their teeth susceptible to infection and breaking. To counteract this, you’ll need to improve your dog’s oral health. Clean your Frenchie’s teeth using pet toothpaste. Giving children chewable toys will also aid to build and cleansing their teeth and mouth.

They are in pain due to a wound or trauma.

 If you notice your Frenchie scooting their bottoms on the floor after they’ve been injured while playing or in an accident, they may have a trauma or wound.

If you notice any discharges, swelling, or redness around their anus, you should consult your veterinarian to rule out malignancy or underlying injury. The sooner you solve this, the lower the risk to your Frenchie.

They may be “playing with themselves.”

Dogs, like humans, need to pamper themselves. Frenchies, too, ought to “play by themselves,” as per the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

This occurs because they have discovered that doing so makes them feel good. And it’s what their instincts urge them to do. Dogs continue to play with themselves even after being spayed or neutered.

With their focus and positive tendencies, pet lovers worldwide can’t help but adore French Bulldogs. They do, however, have one peculiar habit: they enjoy rubbing themselves. Why do people behave in this manner? Is it significant, or is it just a part of their endearingly playful nature?

The Most Common Reasons Why French Bulldogs Rub Their Tails

If you find your dog touching himself excessively in one region, you should consult with his veterinarian. The last thing you want to happen is for that area to become infected and inflamed. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication to stop the rubbing and relieve the discomfort.

Consider the following explanations why French Bulldogs touch their faces.

An endeavor to clean up their act

The jaws of French Bulldogs are just too small to handle certain regions of their bodies. This implies that they cannot lick their private areas clean, unlike other dogs. This could be why your dog keeps rubbing or pawing at their genitals with their paws. This is the primary reason why French Bulldogs lick themselves, as well as why they stink!

Food allergies are a common occurrence.

Another unexpected factor why French Bulldogs rub themselves is food allergies. The delicate stomach of this breed is well-known. Inflammation, Infection, and anatomy-related interior disorders could all be factors.

If dogs have food allergies, they will have gastrointestinal issues such as constipation, vomiting, or diarrhea. To make matters worse, Frenchies are also known for being gassy dogs.

Last Thoughts

You’ll know what it signifies the next time you ask why French bulldogs rub themselves. Understanding why your Frenchie acts the way he does can assist you in dealing with any issue or problem that arises. Be aware of the symptoms listed above and address them as needed.

It is, nevertheless, preferable not to wait for symptoms to arise. It is really better to prevent rather than treat. As a result, it’s critical to properly care for your Frenchies by cleaning them regularly, feeding them clean food, and giving them the love and attention they crave. The Frenchie is a friendly dog with an excellent disposition. As a result, cleaning them and tending to their requirements is simple because of their loving and attached character, which allows them to appreciate these things.

Also, as previously said, stroking one’s own body does not automatically indicate a medical condition. It’s not always a question of wrongdoings. As a result, don’t make fun of or punish your Frenchie if they’re acting strangely. Instead, figure out what they require and provide it to them, just as they give you their loyalty and affection.