Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

A weeping Bulldog can either rip your heartstrings or make you mad. There are many explanations why a Bulldog would whine and precautions you should take to avoid leaving your dog in emotional distress. In reality, French bulldogs will cry. However, their perception of weeping is very different from ours. When we speak about the dog’s mourning tone, such as moaning, you need to know that there are a few explanations for such actions. Do you know why do french bulldogs cry so much?

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

The French Bulldog scream and the puppies are especially well known for it. They’re going to scream for attention when they want to drink, or when they need to go to the bathroom. It is also related to separation anxiety (read more about this) when left alone.

Other explanations for a Frenchie weeping may be as follows.

Blocked tear tubes

Although this may sound counter-intuitive, blocked tear ducts mean that your Frenchie’s eyes will water, with a visible tear staining down her cheek. It may often look red or brown, seeping from their pupils.

Allergies to the eyes

Allergic reactions can also lead to a watery discharge from their eyes, which can appear like sweat and drops.

French Bulldog puppies are even bigger criers, particularly in the first four weeks you’ve got them in their new home. They’re in a foreign world without the protection of their mothers and siblings – who wouldn’t cry in the same situation?

Frenchie puppies will scream as you start to get used to sleep and stay in their crate for the first time. Crate training is an important part of dog ownership, but almost every Frenchie puppy won’t like being confined to theirs for more than a few hours.

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much: What To Know

why do french bulldogs cry so much

In reality, French bulldogs will cry. Yet their perception of weeping is somewhat different from ours. When we speak about the dog’s mourning tone, like moans, you should know that there are a variety of explanations for such conduct.

Most of the time, the sound of your Bulldog moans also refers to his need for love, food, or a break from the pot. Therefore, before you start worrying that your dog has a problem, my suggestion is to make sure he doesn’t ask for any of the stuff listed above.

So, if your Bulldog cries regularly, he probably understood the connection between behavior and the target. This is how your dog’s problems become a behavioral problem that can make you nuts.

You should seek advice from a dog behavior expert to solve this issue. Since you are supposed to be the leader of your dog’s pack, spoilage is not allowed. Even if it’s cruel not to give your dog food or toys, it’s the only way to live with an obedient animal.

More Information

Another explanation for the “crying” of your French Bulldog can be found in fear of separation. It’s a welfare issue where a dog is afraid to be left alone at home. Then he continues to bark and whine, gasp and wonder nervously from room to room. Separation of fear affects dogs of all ages. However, pet breeds such as Bulldogs are at greater risk of contracting the disease.

We should also remember that dogs with chronic pain are not going to complain. Of course, it’s reasonable to see a dog screaming when he inadvertently steps on a sharp rock, or when he experiences postoperative pain. Constant complainant conduct can just point out that there is a behavioral problem with your furry pet.

Why is Your French Bulldog Crying at Night?

why do french bulldogs cry so much

French bulldogs are sweet and make one of the best companions you’d ever have for a pet. They’re playful, they’re sweet, and you can bring them around all day. But why do you ask yourself, why is my French Bulldog crying at night?

Well, the never-ending crying of your Frenchie at night can be disturbing. We’re going to help you understand why your Frenchie is crying a lot at night.

The Young French

Young puppies are likely to weep at night. Primarily, they suffer from anxieties of separation – being detached from their mother, litter-mates, and breeder. Second, being a Frenchie means the world to them. And while night loneliness cuts through all age groups for French bulldogs, early years are especially lonely. This loneliness becomes even more evident during the night, particularly if you train them to sleep in a crate or a separate bed.

The Old French

In the case of the French, old age sets in when they are around six years old. And when that happens, they can be affected by health problems such as dementia. One of the first symptoms of dementia is a sleep disturbance, which makes them nervous and causes them to cry at night.

Apart from the obvious need to eat, drink, and do the potty that the French are known to communicate by crying, other problems, such as intense silence, can bother them.

It can also be a night of crying that expresses discomfort, a need for help, or any awkward feeling that comes from the night-time environment.

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much At Night: What To Do

why do french bulldogs cry so much

As far as age is concerned, there is little you can do to young Frenchmen suffering from anxiety of separation. They are adjusting to a new setting, and crying may continue until the fourth week before they can adjust.

But for the isolation of all age groups, sleeping in a crate means they’re spending a lot of hours away from you, and the French don’t like it that way.

They can be provided with chew toys in their crates to keep them occupied and disturbed. Soft music can help them deal with depression, too. If you believe that they are crying to express the need for food, comfort, or water, then you must satisfy their obvious needs before you go to bed.

If your adult or French bulldog puppy doesn’t stop crying while they’re in their crate, here are some steps you can take.

French Bulldog puppies will weep in their cage for at least the first few days you’ve got them. You’re not going to be able to avoid this, because it’s their normal response to living in a new home. The measures below are better implemented while weeping is problematic and in the longer term.

1. Make your crate experience a pleasant and pleasant one.

To stop your French Bulldog puppy crying at night, make the crate as good an experience as you can. For example, you may want to put some fun toys in there, make them cozy with blankets, and leave an enticing treat in there.

At this point in their lives, the puppies can begin to chew their teeth and hang out for anything chewable they can get around their jaws. Kong toys are perfect for this, and you can see which ones are working very well on this dental toys page.

Place anything that smells like you in there, too – it might be a pillow or a t-shirt with perfume on it.

2. Place the crate in the best location.

Placing your Frenchie’s crate can have a major effect on how he feels. If it’s far from you, security and isolation will kick in, leading to a lot of moaning and crying.

If you can’t stand getting it in your bedroom at night, at least make sure it’s where your family spends much of their time. But, by keeping the crate near to you during the puppy months, it does mean that you can be alerted when they need a potty break.

3. Using the right size of the crate.

When shopping for a crate, we always recommend going bigger than you need, since it can be their crate and their bed for life. Puppies need space to be able to walk around, stand up, and turn around to make them more relaxed and not caged. You don’t have to invest a lot of money, either.

4. Make sure your Frenchie goes to the bathroom first.

To further help alleviate your French Bulldog crying in his cage, make sure their bladder is as empty as possible before the time of night.

But with the puppies, they’re going to need the toilet all the time, and I recall very well last time with our Frenchie. I would take him out of the crate every hour at night and take him to our backyard patio area.

However, you can still expect some incidents, which is why puppy pads are so important. Again, you can purchase Amazon puppy pads – they’re inexpensive when you purchase them in bulk.

5. Tire your Frenchie puppy out before the time of the crate.

An over-excited puppy is not going to sleep and scream more in his crate at night if he still has an excess of energy to burn. It’s important to give them enough exercise before they sleep, and that’s for both adult dogs and puppies.

Frenchie puppies can really tire easily, so it might just be a short walk back or a game of war tug. Older dogs would have more energy to burn, so let them run out 20 minutes before crate time.

6. Don’t punish or scold the French Bulldog crying.

Punishment and noisy voices don’t fit for the French. As painful as your French Bulldog cries at night, never scold them. They’re not going to understand the penalty, and if anything, it’s going to intensify the moaning and moaning. If your Frenchie cries out for distress and terror, shouting will not help. Yeah, he could stop crying in the short term, but only because he’s afraid.

7. Keep consistent with that.

And lastly, don’t break from the system you have selected. The minute you do that, you’re going to get back to square.


Finally, if you can not give a finger to why your French Bulldog is crying, and if you have ruled out the possibilities in this guide, please contact your vet. The French are vulnerable to a wide variety of health issues, which may be a physical or behavioral concern.