When Should I Neuter My French Bulldog? All You Need to Know

When should I neuter my French Bulldog? Generally, it varies for each dog, depending on their health, size, and age. However, most male French Bulldogs need to be neutered after reaching puberty. In this post, I’ll discuss in detail when to fix your dog, its benefits, costs, and recovery tips for a smoother process for you—and your Frenchie.

Is Neutering My French Bulldog Really a Good Idea? 

Although most Frenchie owners choose to neuter their dogs, some still have concerns. After all, as a dog owner, you never really run out of questions regarding neutering and its risks. But if you’re looking to improve your pup’s overall health and well-being, neutering is a good choice. 

Aside from that, neutering your French Bulldog can reduce bad habits like mounting, spraying, and aggression. And not to mention, it can help reduce your dog’s risk of developing prostate cancer. So unless you’re planning on breeding your French Bulldog, neutering is an excellent choice.

If you’re still not convinced about the surgical procedure, read on to see the pros and cons of neutering French Bulldogs.

Benefits and Downsides of Neutering A French Bulldog

Like all surgical procedures, neutering has its fair share of benefits and downsides. Below are the typical pros and cons of neutering a French Bulldog:


  • Reduces bad habits and improves behavior. Most vets state that neutering can stop or reduce problematic habits and behavioral patterns in Frenchies. Whether it’s spraying, aggressive tendencies, or frequent pacing, neutering can help. But you don’t need to worry about your dog changing on you as neutering only affects behavior and not personality
  • Neutering puts your dog on guard. Many owners are concerned that if they fix their Frenchies, their dogs can’t protect them anymore. However, that statement is far from the truth. After all, neutered Frenchies are still very protective and aggressive. Albeit, they don’t make the best guard dogs. 
  • It improves the immune system. Neutering your French Bulldog can prevent severe medical conditions like testicular cancer and other issues revolving around the prostate. 
  • It reduces unexpected pregnancies. Even if French Bulldogs have difficulty reproducing naturally, it’s still better to be safe if you don’t want your other dogs to get pregnant. Neutering your French Bulldog helps reduce or completely stop unwanted pregnancies. 
  • Neutering increases life expectancy. Numerous studies have shown that, on average, neutered Frenchies have a longer lifespan than those dogs who aren’t. 
  • It makes your Frenchie less appealing to thieves. Unfortunately, French Bulldogs fetch a high price. That’s why many bad people go through thick and thin to get these tiny dogs. Luckily, neutering your French Bulldog makes it less appealing to thieves. After all, most are only looking for breedable dogs. 


  • It may not improve behavior ultimately. Sometimes, problematic behavioral patterns and habits in Frenchies still can’t be solved after neutering. After all, the process has different effects on each dog, and it may work for one but not for the other. And most owners agree that neutering happens after unwanted habits have become habitual to their dogs.
  • Neutering may affect your dog’s bone development. Some research studies have shown that neutering a French Bulldog too early can affect the dog’s joint development. That’s why it’s essential to know when is the best time to fix your Frenchie. 
  • It’s expensive. Owning a Frenchie is already pricey on its own. So expect additional procedures like neutering to be even more costly. So if you can’t afford the fees to fix your dog, consult with your vet for other options. 
  • Your dog may react differently to the anesthetics. Most French Bulldogs negatively respond to certain kinds of general anesthetic drugs. So make sure you’re working with a reliable vet to prevent complications later on.  

So, When Should I Neuter My French Bulldog?

Although it depends for each Frenchie, most vets suggest neutering French Bulldogs anywhere between the ages of 4 and 9 months. That’s because this is the time where Frenchies will still be in their adolescent phase. And this is the perfect period as it’s before the peak of a French Bulldog’s sexual maturity. 

Vets recommend anywhere between 4 to 9 months as any time beyond that can put a French Bulldog at risk. After all, the older these dogs get, the fewer health and behavioral benefits they receive. So, the younger your Frenchie is, the better for neutering. 

However, remember, this is a broad suggestion and it may not work for all Frenchies. After all, your French Bulldog’s health and well-being come first. So before doing anything drastic, make sure your dog is big and mature enough to handle such a procedure. Just ensure not to have your Frenchie neutered too late.

Overall, though there’s no 100% accurate answer, neutering your French Bulldog after reaching the age of puberty is ideal. At this time, your Frenchie will experience long-term health benefits, all while preventing bad habits. 

Neutering French Bulldogs – The Surgical Procedure

Neutering is a simple surgical procedure that is safe and doesn’t take too long. When a vet neuters a French Bulldog, they perform orchiectomy, where they remove the dog’s testicles. 

Note: Even if the vet removes the actual testicles, neutering is still mainly a non-invasive procedure.

Here’s an overview of what neutering French Bulldogs involves: 

  1. First, your French Bulldog will be placed under general anesthetics.
  2. The vet will create a small incision in front of your Frenchie’s scrotal sac. From here, the vet will remove both of the testicles, leaving the sac. 
  3. Finally, the vet will close the incision, leaving it to heal on its own for a few days. 

The entire surgical procedure should take less than 20 minutes. But with the additional time of recovery from the anesthetics, expect it to take around 30 minutes. Either way, your French Bulldog should be able to come home the same day of the surgical operation.

Once the incision has healed, you’ll see that your French Bulldog will only have a flap of furry skin—where their testicles used to be. 

What to Expect After Neutering Your French Bulldog

The vet usually advises owners on what to do after neutering their dogs. In addition, they should give you a tailored post-operative care plan for your dog. However, you don’t need to worry as it’s simple and easy to follow. 

Here are a few of things you should expect post-surgery:

  • Your French Bulldog needs to wear a cone around its neck to prevent infection. Just keep an eye on your Frenchie to ensure it doesn’t remove the cone. 
  • Gradually your dog’s scrotal area will flatten, making it look more flappy than firm. 
  • You’ll see your Frenchie lose its appetite after the surgery and a few days after that. Fortunately, your dog’s appetite should be back to normal in no time. 
  • The stitches may open with excess physical activities, leading to infection. Luckily, you can easily avoid this by restricting your dog’s physical activity for a few days. Or you can also train how to walk your French Bulldog on a leash for safer walks outside post-recovery. 

Recovery After Neutering a French Bulldog

Like humans, French Bulldogs also need time to recover after the surgery. That’s why in the following days, you’ll notice your dog being a lot more dizzy or clumsier than usual. And since neutering is a routine surgery, your dog can go home the same day. That means you’re in charge of your Frenchie’s recovery phase!

Although a French Bulldog’s needs vary, I recommend restricting their activities for the next seven days. Doing so reduces pressure on the incision, leading to a faster and smoother recovery.

In addition, it’s best to let your Frenchie wear the cone of shame around the same period. This way, your dog shouldn’t be able to chew and lick the cut. Aside from that, you’ll also need to avoid bathing your French Bulldog for a while. So no matter how nasty your dog’s flappy package looks, don’t bathe them for at least two weeks after surgery.

Also, like people, French Bulldogs may show signs of swelling or redness. If this is the case, dog owners shouldn’t fret, as your vet will likely prescribe your Frenchie the proper treatment plans.

Overall, besides knowing when should I neuter my French Bulldog, it pays to know what to do after surgery. With this, you can streamline the process with ease, making it more comfortable for you—and your dog.

The Costs of Neutering a French Bulldog

Neutering fees greatly vary depending on the vet, your area, and whether your Frenchie’s testicles have a different position or not. However, generally, the average neutering costs in the United States are anywhere between $125 and $175. And this is for the surgical procedure alone. 

If you’re staying in the United States and can’t afford to neuter your Frenchie, you can always discuss your options with your vet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a French Bulldog really need to be neutered?

A: It’s best to neuter a French Bulldog to control the canine population and improve your pet’s life. The surgical procedure improves your dog’s habits, health, and overall well-being. And apart from this, it increases your pet’s lifespan. So neutering can’t really do anything bad for you or your dog. 

Q: At what age do a French Bulldog’s testicles drop?

A: A French Bulldog’s testicles typically descend when they reach two months of age. Although some might take longer than others, the longest for this breed should be six months. 

Q: How long will a French Bulldog recover from getting neutered? 

A: Most vets suggest giving Frenchies at least 14 days to recover after neutering. During this period, make sure to limit your dog’s activities and keep an eye out for any infection. 

Q: Do French Bulldogs change after getting neutered?

A: Behavioral changes are bound to happen to most Frenchies after neutering. After the surgery, your dog will less likely display bad habits like humping and spraying. However, this isn’t always the case for all French Bulldogs. 

Q: Why does my French Bulldog stink after neutering?

A: French Bulldogs may develop a nasty odor after neutering due to lack of bathing. Not to mention, you’re leaving a healing incision be for two weeks maximum. And anything with blood shouldn’t smell too good over time. 

Final Words

When should I neuter my French Bulldog? Although it depends on each dog, most vets recommend fixing Frenchies after reaching puberty. It’s when your dog will be able to enjoy most of the benefits that come with the procedure. So, for a healthier and happier pup, consider neutering.