What Vegetables Can French Bulldogs Eat: Top Lists You Can Try

Variety of vegetables

Do you own a particular breed of dog and you know how to feed them? Are you aware of what vegetables can french bulldogs eat? 

Owning a dog is an extra challenge but one of the best things. You are a challenge in researching what are the applicable pieces of training for a certain breed you own, and what to feed them. Another is you may also need to know what are their traits, abilities, and characteristics at the same time. Distinguishing all of this about your own dog helps you to become a more responsible pet owner in the future. 

Many people do love having a pet which is a dog. From the various breed we have, one of the most popular dogs is the french bulldog. The character of this dog is good to have them as your companion at home and even outdoor. Most of the “dogs show”, this breed can be found as they can easily adapt and learn. This breed can be easily trained and at the same time, they can be friendly to humans. 

Food for them is essential, wherein you need to know how to properly do it and what are the foods they can eat. Knowing the fact that the breed of french bulldog loves to eat, they need to be exposed to various types of food. Do not only stick to dog food but look for an alternative that one that will help your dog get all their needed nutrients and vitamins. One of the foods you can give your french bulldog is vegetables. 

Here is the information you need to know about the different vegetables you can give your dog with its benefits. Also, the other details about these french bulldogs.

Vegetables You Can Give Your French Bulldog 

1. Cabbage 

This is one of the vegetables you can feed your french bulldog, however, you need to make sure that only a small amount of this. According to veterinarians, cabbage has this substance of thiocyanate, this may cause hypothyroidism if you feed them the whole cabbage. 

Some of the dog breeds don’t eat this kind of vegetable. But, in the case of french bulldog wherein, this breed of dog loves to eat that much and won’t care if they are getting vegetables. 

What are the benefits of feeding this vegetable to your dog? Whether you choose to feed a green, purple, danish, and black type of cabbage, a french bulldog will appreciate this. Regardless of what color the cabbage has, they only think of the same taste. The best thing about feeding them is to help your dog’s indigestion cleared, it said that it can fight cancer and at the same time can fight skin disease. 

2. Butternut Squash

Knowing that butternut squash is the type of vegetable rich in vitamin E. This is also suitable for dogs. What you just need to remember that when giving this to the dog, you need to ensure that there are no seeds included. This may harm your dog as they can’t digest this unlike with the usual food. There are many types of squash but you can always use the different variants of squash. This butternut squash will help them to get rid of diarrhea and other digestive disorders. 

In preparing the squash for your dog, you are just like preparing for your baby’s food. You need to steam it without the skin and the seed of the squash. Another is to make sure that the squash is perfectly cooked so that your dog can feel its smooth texture. This is very advisable to feed french dogs as butternut squash is rich in Vitamins C, A, E, and also in fiber. 

You can also mix it with rice, meat, and even their dog food. This can help them to boost their immune system at the same time! 

3. Asparagus 

This vegetable is the common one to see on your plate when you are having a stake in every restaurant, nowadays. Asparagus is used to balance the taste of a meaty and oily stake for humans. Moreover, for the french dogs, this is also good to feed them. This vegetable is rich in fiber, folate, and vitamin B6, E, A, which is very beneficial. 

Your dog may experience the same effect as humans, and that is a smelly thing to their urine. But, this is very normal, you just need to know that there are types of asparagus that can’t feed your dog which is the Asparagus fern. This is toxic for the dog and may cause them to harm at the same time. 

When you choose asparagus as the vegetable you will give your dog you need to make sure that you get rid of the hard part of the stem. You need to steam the asparagus and if possible do not put any ingredients for the asparagus. Another is you can’t use even oil and butter on it, this is for the safety of your dog. Dog’s are much sensitive to the food they are eating, so you need to make sure that you get the right vegetable for them.

4. Beans 

There are a lot of beans you can choose from to eat, however, this is not applicable for the dogs. You need to be picky in terms of feeding your dog if you wish to have beans for them. Green is one of the common beans you can feed them. There is some kind of beans that may harm your dog as it is toxic for the french bulldog. Such as the canned beans, fava beans, raw beans, and many more. 

Animal physician recommended this to feed your french bulldog as knowing the fact that beans are rich in fiber, potassium, iron, and proteins as well. This will help your dog to solve their digestive problem, and helps to boost their energy at the same time.

5. Broccoli

A lot of people treat this vegetable as their favorite one. The taste of this is very good with butter, beef, meat, and even with canned goods. Giving this vegetable to your dogs, you need to ensure that it is well-cooked, hence you can also choose to give a raw one. But, it is preferable to cook this before you serve it so that you can avoid any problem. 

Say, for instance, you serve this raw and in the original size, your dog may experience choking. Broccoli is one of the vegetables that can give humans calories and so to french dogs. So, what you need to do is to limit the amount you are giving them. Make sure to give them at least 20% amount of cholesterol a day. 

6. Cauliflower

This vegetable is perfect for your dogs, thus, you need to make sure that you serve this when it is cooked. You can choose to steam, roast, and even boiled it before serving. What you need to know is, it’s not advisable for you to give this vegetable raw as it may give toxic to the dog. 

This vegetable is rich in fiber and protein as well, which is good for dogs. However, just like broccoli, you need to limit giving this to your dogs. Aside from that, you don’t need any ingredients to mix with the vegetable or even just butter and oil. This may harm your dog if you put other ingredients on it. 

7. Celery 

In feeding your french bulldog with this celery, you don’t need to cook this. You can serve this raw, what you just need to do is to cut this into small pieces to avoid choking. Celery is very good to serve to the various animals and so to your pet dog. This can help your dog to clear their urine, as the effect of this will keep your dog peeing. 

This might be a problem for your place as you need to clean every time they pee. However, it is a good effect as it can prevent any digestive problem and at the same time can prevent any urinary tract infection in your dogs. Another is this can help your dogs to have a fresh breath as they eat this vegetable. Also, you can expect that your dog can get various vitamins to this vegetable and minerals as well. 

So, if you want to train your french bulldog to eat healthily, then this vegetable can be a good start. 

8. Carrots 

You are allowed to feed your french bulldog this vegetable. You can choose them to give carrots in raw and cooked carrots. But for some pet owners, prefer to serve carrots when they finish roasting and steaming them. Carrots are rich in fiber and at the same time rich in protein and other vitamins. This is also low in calories which is good for the dogs. 

Whether you want to serve this raw or cooked, you need to remember to slice it in chunks or you shouldn’t give small pieces. So that your dog will not have a hard time chewing this vegetable. 

9. Fennel 

This is one of the common vegetables you can serve your dog. The vegetable is advisable for french bulldogs by vets as this vegetable is rich in potassium, vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium which is very essential. 

What are the health benefits of this vegetable to your dogs? They are able to prevent indigestion, bad breath, and as well as flatulence. Another is this fennel can help your dog’s digestive system and this has antioxidants that help your dog to stay fit and healthy as well. 

The fact is a lot of dog food has the fennel vegetable as part of the ingredients. This is only an indication.

10. Bell Peppers

This one is good for french bulldogs whatever color you prefer to give, this is advisable. From the variants of green, yellow, red, or purple you can try it all with your dog. This bell pepper is rich in fiber, high in antioxidants, and also the beta carotene. These three are known to boost your dog’s immune system. This is not applicable to serve every day but is recommended to be part of your dog’s diet meal. 

If you decide to give this to your dog, then you need to cut it into small pieces. Do not serve this in whole, you need to get rid of the seed and the stem at the same time. For you to be able to see the effect of this bell pepper on your dog, you can feed this to them at least twice a week.

11. Kale

In serving this vegetable you need to steam it or put a meat, chicken meat together with this kale. You just need to cut this into small pieces to prevent your dog from choking. Kale is a vegetable rich in vitamins K and A. This is known also for having iron and fiber, which is good for a dog’s metabolism. 

On the broader side, this will help your dog’s immune system and at the same time prevent bone problems. This must be the reason why dog owners today prefer to give this to their pets, especially the french bulldog. 


This is very nutritious for us humans, the reason why a lot of people serve this in their daily meal and for their diet at the same time. Spinach has the same effect on the dogs, this contains vitamins B6, E, and B9. Another is this spinach is a good source of potassium, carotenoids, vitamin C, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin K and also calcium. 

How you can prepare this vegetable for your dogs? You just need to put this on the blender or other kitchen tools for you to puree it. It is important to make it into this as it will help you to feed all the nutrients from the spinach. The puree is one of the most effective methods ensuring that your french bulldog can eat this. 

13. Cucumber

This vegetable is perfect to eat during summer as just like watermelon this is watery. Perfect for hydration for both humans and dogs, because of the fact that this vegetable is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants as well. 

The benefits your french bulldog can get from here are anti-inflammatory health benefits. So, if you are wondering what vegetables you can feed your dog to keep them hydrated, then this one is perfect for their needs! 

14. Sweet Potatoes

Knowing that potatoes are rich in vitamin C, B6, and as well as manganese a key to prevent any digestive problems. If you choose this vegetable to feed your french bulldogs, then what you need to do is steam it or boil this. You need to wait until it becomes cold and cut this into small pieces. While the other pet owner chooses to make a puree for their pet, which is made from sweet potatoes. 

If you want to take good care of your pet’s immune system at the same time their digestive system you need to serve this to them! 

To learn more about the fruits and other vegetables to feed your french bulldog, click this link!

Methods You Can Do In Preparing Vegetables For Your French Bulldog 


This is one of the simplest ways in preparing your dog foods. You just need to ensure that you have the right equipment to do so. Another is you just need water, and you can actually preserve the natural taste and color of a particular vegetable. This will help you to help your dog identify the taste of the vegetable. 

This is recommended as it is one way of preparing vegetables in a healthy method! 


This is also a great option for you to try in preparing the vegetables for your dog. What you need to do is simply put the vegetable in boiling water then after 1-2 minutes get this from the water. After this, you need to put the vegetables in cold water, the perfect method to retain the vitamins and preserve the taste of the vegetables. 

You can do this blanching for kale, spinach, and other vegetables that are easy to cook. The good thing about blanching is you just need water for the entire process, you don’t need to use oil or even butter! 


If you want to make sure that your french bulldog can get the tasteful vegetable yet nutritious then you must try this pureeing. This is where you need to blend the vegetables like butternut squash, and sweet potatoes after cooking these two. 

Final Thoughts

Dogs are the best human companion, oftentimes humans rely on their safety and entertainment as pets. When you own a dog, this is a unique feeling and pet lovers, feel that they have their baby. The French bulldog is very good with it comes in securing their territory yet they are a very friendly breed of dog. Feeding them is never too hard as french bulldog loves to eat. There are many vegetables and even fruits that can help you in giving proper nutrients to your dog. Dog food can’t contain all the nutrients and health benefits it needed. 

However, by eating fruits and vegetables you are well aware that you can give them the proper nutrients. Vegetables will help you to prevent different diseases and also helps you to make the dog healthy at the same time. 

If you are a dog owner what are the vegetable you already try to feed to your french bulldog? Is it effective or not?