What to Look for When Buying Pajamas for French Bulldogs

Loving the idea of being able to carry your pet around with you? 

 Among the most popular carry-on pets right now are Frenchies. French bulldogs are small enough to carry around with you on a pet bag or just in your hand. As small as they are, these Frenchies are head-turners especially with that cute snout and big bulgy eyes, a Frenchie could certainly catch anyone’s heart at first sight.

But there is something more about taking care of Frenchies that goes beyond the idea of cuteness and charming appearance.

French Bulldogs are known as small dogs with huge personalities. As fashion models, these little bundles of joy can strut a great fashion statement. Why? Because they were primarily made for it. The sad truth about French Bulldogs is that their physique and their appearance are not completely natural. Necessary adjustments were made to make sure they fit the expectations of the market that they are supposed to be presented to.

A great deal about Frenchies is that what makes them more special than their customized physique is their attitude. They are not naturally aggressive. They do not make a good choice for an attack dog like their counterpart bulldog that comes from another variety of their species. They are loving, loyal and they mingle easily with humans once they have already settled with their owners. Like any other pet, French bulldogs need time to help them engage better with humans. But they get into that state faster than other dogs.

Because they are smart dogs, they catch on easily with their environment and that includes humans that surround them every day. They are also known to be very observant. French bulldogs tend to mirror the attitude that they see from the people that they encounter every day. Owners of frenchies often say that they often see themselves in their dogs. Not in a creepy manner, but a loving note of how French bulldogs relate to the people who show them enough attention and care.

French bulldogs also form an immediate and definite connection with children. And because they are small, parents are much less cautious in leaving their children with these little loving mutts. Some parents find French bulldogs to be a great addition to the family especially when they are caring for children with special needs. The calming effect that French bulldogs leave with the children help them adjust accordingly and the Frenchies become their closest friend as they grow up. This has helped a lot of families around the globe and many children have felt rather steady in their emotions with their Frenchies assisting them through the way.

Some Basic Facts about French Bulldogs 

Most French bulldogs only weigh between 11 to 13 kg. They are fairly light even when they start looking a little bulgier around the belly and a little rounder in the face. This makes it easier for Frenchies to be brought outside now and then.

They have short ad smooth hair which makes it easier to groom them.

They are known as descendants of the British Toy Bulldog in the 19th century. With wide eyes and cute snout, French bulldogs are known to give you that heart-melting stare that will just make it so irresistible for you to pick them up and bring them home with you.

They only require at least an hour of exercise each day to be kept active. Hence, if you live a busy life and you cannot put into your schedule the need to care for a dog who needs extensive grooming and extensive physical exercise, a Frenchie may simply be a great choice for you to consider for a pet at home. They are also known as a practical pet choice for those who live in the city, or in space-confined areas that are within large buildings such as modern apartments.

French bulldogs are the best pet for those who may have some difficulties in giving time and attention to their pets because of leading busy lives. This is one of the reasons why famous personalities known for their busy schedules are known to acquire Frenchies for their pets. This way they can live their lives according to their need and still enjoy the gifts of being a pet parent.

With at least 10 to 12 years of life, a Frenchie will certainly give you a better sense of your life and have the greatest memories that you will surely treasure for a lifetime.

Your Role as a Parent of a French bulldog 

As noted earlier, French bulldogs have been customized to the needs of the people for who they were made. This made them prone to developing particular healthcare conditions that affect their back, their leg, and other internal organs that are being pressed as they grow older because their physique has been drawn into smaller cages.

Some of the most common conditions that French Bulldogs suffer from include BOAS or Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome which squashes the tissues at the back of their nose and towards the throat. At the same time, this same feature in their face makes it harder for them to cool down on their own. So, as a fur parent, you need to watch the temperature of your Frenchie during the hot seasons. Besides keeping them hydrated, adjusting the temperature at home will also help to avoid putting your bulldog in uncomfortable conditions.

Removing unnecessary accessories and clothing during the hot seasons will help lessen the pressure and temperature issues that the little mutt experiencers during these times.

What about the regular exercise that they need? As mentioned earlier, they only need an hour to work on their physical health and keep themselves properly moving in a day. There are specific French bulldog puppy training that you can choose from to make sure that you do not overdo the exercise of your little mutt. The thing is, French bulldogs are known for their need for approval; and because of this, they tend to follow through with what their owners want. When this happens during exercise sessions, a Frenchie will simply follow through with what the owner wants it to do- without thinking of the consequences. As a fur-parent of a Frenchie, it is your role to look out for your pet’s best welfare in his lifetime.

The most common exercise that a Frenchie usually responds to is fetching a ball- but only within a controlled distance. When you observe that your dog is already panting, it’s a signal that you should already give him that all-too-needed break.

Training your French Bulldog is also a critical part of taking care of a French bulldog. So to speak, it cannot be denied that even though there are upsides to taking care of a French bulldog as a pet, there are also downsides, especially about the need of giving constant attention to the needs of the dog and keeping a focused observation on their behavior and breathing as well.

Constant attention is critical to keeping the best care for your Frenchie. French bulldogs often experience anxiety panic attacks when they are left home on their own. They tend to feel as if they have already been abandoned, especially if they are left for several hours without anyone to tend to them. So, if you do not have the time to stay at home for a very long time and you cannot bring your dog along with you, you ought to find someone who you can leave your Frenchie with or, if you have what it takes to buy a home connection where your Frenchie can see you in the monitor even when you are outside, then this would be a great choice too. It is important to make sure that your Frenchie feels that he is loved and that he is not alone- all the time.

What About Dressing Up Your French Bulldog? 

Among the most fun experiences that you can share with your French bulldog is dress-up days.

Several outfits could fit your French bulldog. Why? Because this is what French bulldogs were made for when they were first customized for a target market in France.

While many animal advocates continue to go against this idea, the fact that French bulldogs have already been out in the market and are already owned by members of the elite society, it is obvious that French bulldogs have already captured the hearts and minds of the people who wanted to have a take on the joys and excitement brought about by taking care of a Frenchie.

Among the most loved outfits for Frenchies are pajamas for French Bulldogs.

Pajamas for French bulldogs come in different fabrics and designs. There are pajamas for French bulldogs that come with matching pajamas for their owners. Partner pajama fashions like these are often created for special pajama parties that Frenchie owners want to attend.

Often, Frenchie owners who want to meet with other fur-parents hold events such as pajama parties. When attending these events, it is best to go there in matching prints or matching pajama designs.

Then again, when picking the right pajama for French bulldogs to wear to these events, always be mindful of the temperature of your dog.

It is important to not compromise your dog’s health and comfort for the sake of fashion and fun.

What to Look for in a Pajama for French Bulldogs? 

ONE: Fabric

Because French Bulldogs have very specific health care needs and are known for not being able to regulate temperature on their own, it is not good to use cotton-based pajamas. Cotton often traps heat which will endanger the health of your pet.

On the other hand, silk may be easier to put into a French bulldog, but then again, you must remember to not keep your dog in his pajamas for the whole night. You would need to check on his temperature now and again to make sure that he does not overheat.

TWO: Purpose 

There are instances when fur-parents want to put pajamas on their mutts simply for photoshoots. Others want them for specific events, and others just want to put on pajamas for French bulldogs just for the sake of it.

No matter what your purpose is, always remember to keep the comfort of your dog in mind. Your French bulldog does not care what he looks like or how he would look in the photos. What he cares about is how much you approve of him, how much he makes you happy.

When you smile as you put in the pajamas or as you take pictures of him on it, he gets it that you love what you are doing and he will willingly submit to your whims. So, it is just right for you to think about what he feels as well.

There are designers of dog fashion that offer very specific sets of pajamas that French bulldogs will surely be comfortable in. Given, they may be quite expensive, but they certainly are a great pick once you get the best out of what these clothes offer.

When you are preparing for a very specific event to go through, it would be best for you to contact these dog-fashion specialists first. They have very specific suggestions that might fit with your expectations in getting the right set of pajamas for your French bulldog.

There are also of course some pajamas for French bulldogs that are posted online. When you choose to buy pajamas online, be sure to check on the different features and descriptions that sellers put up to give you an idea of what you are buying. It is also advisable for you to check on reviews to see through the experiences of others who bought the same pajamas.

THREE: Quality 

The price range of fashion clothes for French bulldogs, even pajamas, is not that cheap.

Because they are made to specifically fit the physique of a Frenchie and are customized for the health condition of these small dogs they are made with special materials that work well for these dogs.

So, when picking pajamas for French bulldogs, take note of picking the right quality that will fit your dog’s needs and make a great display in the pictures. In a way, you could consider a great pair of pajamas for French bulldog one of the best investments in a fashion that you can get for your Frenchie.


Key Takeaways 

Fashion clothing for French bulldogs is not that cheap, especially if you are looking to buy something of high quality that serves its purpose properly.

Pajamas for French bulldogs are no different from other types of clothing made for puppies. However, because of the health condition of Frenchies, their fashion clothing is also very specific. When finding one that will fit your Frenchie, be sure to pick one that best highlights the comfort of your dog.