What To Look For When Buying A French Bulldog Puppy? Guide In Puppy Parenting!

If you are just a first-time dog owner, considering having a French bulldog is actually challenging. Well, there are lots of things that you need to take into account with regards to this matter. Knowing what to look for when buying a French bulldog puppy is really crucial here. So, it is important to take your part as a pet parent.

In this blog post, we will unravel the different things that you must have to check before bringing home a Frenchie pup. As an added bonus, we also have here some information that you need to know about the French bulldog.

What to look for when buying a French bulldog Puppy – Check on Its Health!

Since every dog is unique, the health of the Frenchies is one of the important things on what to look for when buying a French bulldog puppy. Generally, it is a great indication of the possible health conditions of the dog that you would have to face further in his life. Unfortunately, French bulldogs have a brachycephalic nature. Because of that, they have a higher risk of acquiring some of the unique health problems in dogs.

Although they may not experience all of the following health issues simultaneous, yet the Frenchies may suffer from one or more of these problems:

  • French bulldog encephalitis
  • Hemivertebra
  • Stenotic nares
  • Patellar luxation
  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS)
  • Demodicosis
  • Legg-Perthes Disease
  • Distichiasis
  • Entropion
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)
  • Nerve Degeneration
  • Elongated palate
  • Seizures
  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Skin infections

Well, those are just some among the long list of possible health problems that a French bulldog may experience through its life years. So, be prepared in dealing with one or more of those health issues when you are opting to buy a French bulldog puppy. Knowing that this will necessitate you to include this dog’s health history on your list of questions that you may ask the breeder.

The good part of it is that there are some French bulldog health problems that you may be able to check on your own. Let us discover them one by one in the succeeding paragraphs.

Health Issues of the Frenchies that You Can Check on Your Own

As part of being a pet parent, one of our responsibilities is to check and look after them from time to time. Generally, health problems are very common in French bulldogs. That’s why this is the most important information on what to look for when buying a French bulldog puppy. Some of these issues are highly noticeable on the puppy itself so, self-check on your end is crucial. You can already see some in the breeder’s place while the puppy is within the litter.

There are Frenchie’s health issues in which signs are highly noticeable and that you can easily observe. Basically, here are those French bulldog’s health problems that you can obviously see.


The eyes of the French bulldogs or even of the other dogs are really easy to inspect and check. What to look for in the eyes of the Frenchies when buying a French bulldog puppy includes these signs:

  • Cataracts that can be hereditary
  • Cloudiness
  • Redness and visible discharge

It is also advisable to check the eye of the mother to have some details regarding their health.


In general, both the ears and the nose of the Frenchies should not have any presence of discharge. No nasty odors must also be smelled off. Redness and sores or any discoloring must also be not present.


Always keep in mind that the coat of a healthy French bulldog puppy is shiny and clean. In case you will notice any gunk or unwanted discharge on it, it is a sign that the Frenchie pups are suffering from a serious health concern.


what to look for when buying a french bulldog puppy

Obviously, French bulldogs are among those small breed dogs and will always be that way. Yet, the puppies of this breed can still experience dwarfism which is hereditary in nature. What to look for when buying a French bulldog puppy if you are dealing with dwarfism is the legs that are shorter than the usual length of the normal ones.

Usually, dwarfism in Frenchies occurs once they breed runts or there is inbreeding happens. This may actually result in lifetime health problems and euthanasia at an early stage is the possible solution for this.

Considerations in Getting a French bulldog Puppy – Know the Personality of the Breeder

Okay, to be honest, when we are buying a puppy, the things that we often check and observe are their physical qualities and behavior. Most often, we usually ignore looking after the breeder’s profile. Keep in mind that a good and healthy puppy always comes from a reputable breeder. So, this basically means that the breeder is also one of the important aspects of what to look for when buying a French bulldog puppy.

It is really important to have that good connection and establish smooth communication with the breeder in the very first place. This always happened when you have a good feeling about them. But, if the breeder treats you with a bad attitude and is rude in their actions, this could possibly mean that they also treat their pups that way.

With this, it is always better to purchase a French bulldog puppy from a reputable and well-trusted breeder. How will you be able to know about it? Well, please bear in mind that a good breeder is always open to answer all of your queries and concerns about the puppy and even on the litter. They should also be accommodating enough and are willing to give you all the possible details that you need including the health and parent’s history.

What to look for when buying a French bulldog Puppy – Ask the Breeder!

Since the breeder may take an important part in answering your queries about the French bulldog puppy, there are possible questions that you may ask them. It is always better to have an idea on this matter before having your money at stake. This practice will also help you land on having a puppy that is healthy enough to live normally for long. Additionally, you will also have one that would fit into your family and lifestyle.

1-What are the breeder’s credentials?

Actually, you can already have an idea of the breeder’s profile even before you have a physical visit on them. You can do this by making your own research online. Search over the web and find if they have a company website. It is also worth considering visiting their social media account.

Basically, find the one that has a good track record and high positive reviews. Moreover, look for a breeder that holds a good reputation in the French bulldog industry. Be wary of those first-timers and companies that you never heard of.

You may also ask your friends or some French bulldog owners where they acquired their doggies. They may generally refer you to the breeder that they already know.

2-What is the price of buying a French bulldog puppy?

Well, budget-wise, an affordable puppy is a good pick. However, be wary once the advertised price of the French bulldog puppy is lower than the average one. Always keep in mind that low puppy prices are an indication of unhealthy litter.

3-How many litters that the French bulldog mother already had?

what to look for when buying a french bulldog puppy

Normally, mothers of the Frenchies should not give off more than one litter in a single year. Moreover, it is also best if the mother gives off litter every couple of years. Remember, that Frenchie’s mother having more pregnancies suffers from over breeding. That would basically result in possible health problems for both the mother and the litter.

4-Do both French bulldog puppies’ parents have updated health checks and medical history?

The health history of the parents of the Frenchie pups will generally open your eyes to the possible condition of the puppy. It is better to check on those above-mentioned health issues.

5-How old are the parents of the French bulldog puppy?

Remember that French bulldogs giving birth at an age below 3 years old might not have a fully developed hereditary health condition. These problems might not yet transmit to their offspring yet. So, it is recommendable to get a puppy that comes from older Frenchies who is above 3 years of age.

6-Is it okay to see the parents of the French bulldog puppy?

Although it is really uncommon to see the father of the French bulldog puppy, at least you should have to see the Frenchie pup with the mom. Prior to the age of 8 weeks, the puppy should still stay on the mother. Moreover, it is also a great help in determining the type of dog that the Frenchie pup will be once grow older. In case the breeder does not agree on viewing the mother, just go. It is a sign that it is not a reputable breeder.

7-Where the French bulldog puppy stays at the moment?

The answer for this will generally you an idea about the behavior of the French bulldog puppy. If ever the pup lives in a dark room that is far from human interaction, it means that the Frenchie is hard to socialize and train.

8-How often does the French bulldog have been handled?

Keep in mind that when a French bulldog puppy is handled regularly by the breeder, you will have no problem taking them home. French bulldog puppies having this kind of experience from the handler might not develop anxiety. That way, separation from the litter would be easier for the puppy.

9-Is there any vet who checked the French bulldog puppy?

Basically, before handling the French bulldog puppy to their new owner, they should be checked up by the veterinarian. The normal setup is that the puppies should receive their first vaccination schedule.

10-Does the puppy undergo canine hearing test?

There is actually a great possibility that the puppies may acquire congenital defects. Due to that, they may have suffered from hearing loss. It is always essential to ask this to the breeder and this must be included on what to look for when buying a French bulldog puppy. Remember that you can only detect dog’s loss of hearing once they grow older.

Aside from the questions stated above, you can also conduct your own inspection for health. This may include the checking of how the eyes and ears of the Frenchie pups appear.

Important Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Frenchie Pup

The French bulldog is a popular dog breed and there are lots of things that are highly accountable for its popularity. Because of that, you need to have some idea about those things before you buy a French bulldog puppy.

An Expensive Dog Breed

Let’s make it straight to the point; the Frenchies are generally expensive making them not suitable for everyone. The French bulldog from the American Kennel Club (AKC) is something around $2,800 to $4,700. This typically varies on the history of the puppy and the breeder’s quality.

Moreover, you can go for cheaper Frenchies. You just need to adopt them or get them from other sources. Yet, when adopting or getting them from a source highly demands your extra carefulness. Remember that this dog breed is so fragile knowing that they are susceptible to hereditary issues.

Because of this, buying a French bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder will generally cost you more. Yet, after all, it may save you on a long-term basis. Moreover, having the French bulldog as a pet will let you discover plenty of good reasons why many pet owners are paying that much for this dog.

A Dog Breed that is Good with Kids

Chihuahua, for instance, is another small-sized dog breed, yet they do not get along well with children. In the case of the French bulldog, they are generally a good-natured breed especially when it comes to children. And that leads the way for the Frenchies to become well-known with families. So, if you want to have a new addition to your family, the Frenchies are a good pick.

Good to Get Along Well with Other Animals

The French bulldogs are generally easier to introduce to other animals. Although introducing two dogs or two animals together may be a challenge, it is normal that they may not get along well at first. Give them time to sniff and observe each other.

A Dog Breed That Does Not Require Too Much Exercise

what to look for when buying a french bulldog puppy

Compared with the other dog breed, the Frenchies do not demand lots of exercises. That’s the main reason why the French bulldog is the top choice for those living in an apartment or do not able to have physical activity. So, this means that little is the amount of exercise does a French bulldog need. This dog breed always loves to curl on the sofa most of the time. Yet, they still enjoy running around.

A Dog Who Always Loves To Play Around

If you start owning a Frenchie, you will discover that they like to spend most of their time with you. In fact, their whole life span will entirely revolve around you. So, in case you are ready to play, they will always be free for that. And, considering their cute size, the French bulldog puppy is a perfect dog toy.

A Dog Who Does Not Mate In A Natural Way

Many people are unaware that the French bulldog does not have the ability to mate in a natural way. The main responsible for this is the size of the hips of this dog breed. This is usually a risky process for the breeder. Although the breeder already found a stud and the female Frenchies will be inseminated with the stud’s sperm artificially, there is no assurance that the female will become pregnant anyway.

This Dog Breed Does Not Have the Ability to Regulate the Temperature

One of the problems with the Frenchies is breathing difficulty primarily because of their short nose. Moreover, in connection to that, the French bulldogs are unable to regulate their temperature. So, during the hot season, expect them to develop some serious problems.

This is actually a really serious problem that the Frenchies may have to face. Although they will be truly happy to play outside the thing is that their temperature will have to shoot up. This will be too dangerous for them as they are unable to reduce that.

The moment you see any signs of breathing difficulties with the Frenchies, stop any activities that the dog is doing. Immediately place him into a cool place so that the heat can dissipate right away.

A Dog Breed that Cannot Swim

Just like babies, the Frenchies shouldn’t be left alone near any body of water. This is because of the fact that this dog breed cannot able to swim. If ever you can’t resist letting him out in the water, the best solution is to give the Frenchie pup a doggy life jacket. But, supervision is still needed here.

A Dog that should not be Left Alone

If other dogs don’t bother to be left alone, the French bulldog is an exception. Even with just a few minutes, they don’t want to feel that way. So, if you are an outdoor person, then considering a Frenchie is not for you.

Final Words

There are too many reasons behind the popularity of the French bulldog. And, falling in love with them in lots of ways is very obvious. This dog breed is actually the perfect one for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. However, if you are just a first-time dog owner, don’t just easily get deceived by the innocent face of this doggy. Just be very keen on looking for those things that you must have to know before buying a puppy of this breed. Doing so will allow you to have a happy and healthy French bulldog puppy.