What is an Isabella French Bulldog: Points to Consider About

Before Buying Or Choosing A French Bulldog is a classic city dog and one of the most prevalent breeds worldwide (the AKC now ranks it fourth). Frenchies are a gorgeous breed known for their mobility, but perhaps more so for their squished features. While these dogs are most commonly known for being a mix of black and white, they can be bred in several coat colors, including the lovely Isabella French Bulldog.

distinctive coat color

An Isabella French Bulldog looks and behaves like any French Bulldog, but with distinctive coat color.

It has a gray-blue tinge and looks similar to a liver-colored coat. It is frequently referred to as lilac or blue, and it resembles any Frenchie characterized as such. The skin surrounding their nose, mouth, and eyes is pink rather than black, and their eyes are pale brown or blue.

Isabella vs. Lilac

Isabella French Bulldogs are sometimes known as Lilac French Bulldogs. These two words refer to the same color and coat and are interchangeable.

chocolate and blue gene

To conceive an Isabella French bulldog, both mates should have the chocolate and blue gene.

They should either be Isabella-coated or have the blue gene. It all narrows down to genetics, as you will see. Passing this recessive gene down via both parents’ litters increases the likelihood of the pups inheriting this distinct color. The key with Isabella Frenchies is that the chocolate gene must be testable, which means that a skilled veterinarian or geneticist must be able to demonstrate that the French Bulldog possesses the gene (rather than simply looking at the dog and saying, “yup, he looks chocolate to me”).

Like all beautiful names, “Isabella” has a legend attached to it

This one, though, isn’t romantic. Not at all. Isabella, daughter of Spain’s King, has declined to remove her underpants unless Spain conquered the citadel in Belgium,  Ostend even during  War for Eighty Years. Isabella kept her word, and the stronghold siege lasted three years. Eh, kids, eh? She was a 40-year-old mature woman at the time, just kidding!

Now, how does it connect to French Bulldogs? To put it mildly, the color of her panties changed to a very suspicious fawn tint. We’re just as appalled as you seem to be, and we’re asking who else in the world believes naming a pet after anything so vile was a smart idea. 

But it’s possible that it’s all a load of crap! This genesis narrative is contested by many people, which is a good thing. The phrase Isabella is better characterized as a mash-up of previously used nouns. In the 1400s, zibellino was the name given to a fur pelt worn by ladies. The Arabic word izah means “lion-colored.”

Either term might have easily been mangled to sound like Isabella, which would have stayed. This is the explanation we prefer. It’s a lot more hygienic.

Isabella Frenchies are not approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Breed Standards are fairly stringent at the AKC. Some of them haven’t altered much since the 1980s, if at all. The AKC is very specific as to which shades they permit and of which it doesn’t, even noting that “that all of the other shades, patterns, or designs cause a rejection.” The closest organ to Isabella is the liver, which is why it is not accepted. Blue-eyed Frenchies are likewise disqualified. On occasion, Isabella French Bulldogs may have light brown eyes, but their coat would still exclude them.

Some health issues may occur due to this recessive gene

In addition to the common health issues that French Bulldogs encounter as a breed, the dog may have deformed spines or baldness.

Unfortunately, the cute snub nose of a Frenchie creates respiratory problems for the dog. It could be tough for the Frenchie to respire. This flat face trait might make them highly susceptible to the anesthetic, which is something to keep in mind while taking them to the doctor.

The following are some of the reasons they may need to consult a veterinarian:

  • Cherry-colored eyes
  • Cataracts in children
  • Entropia
  • Allergies to the skin
  • Skin problems caused by autoimmunity

Isabella Frenchie, on the other hand, has a redeeming quality. According to reports, blue-hued canines don’t shed as much as dogs with additional colored coats.

Other issues The French Bulldogs are in the process of giving birth. When it’s time for a dog to give birth, it’s customary, if not required, for her to have a C-section!

None of these are life-threatening in any way.

The most harmful thing you could do to your Frenchie is to let it go swimming – and it’s not joking.

Despite being canines, they are incapable of swimming. It’s why they’re front-weight and will sink in actual the smallest of bodies of liquid. Please don’t try that because it’s a simple misfortune to avoid.

In general, French Bulldogs are pretty gregarious and pleasant

They don’t seem to have the same Napoleon syndrome as other small dogs, and they don’t seem to bark excessively. They’re fun to be around, but they also want to nuzzle up in the lap. While they aren’t ideal security dogs (look at their size! ), they may be excellent watchdogs, demonstrating their loyalty by keeping an eye out for you.

Frenchies get along well with other canines

They are stubborn, so practice some controlled socializing before letting them wild with other dogs, especially if yours is particularly problematic. Since they can be assertive at moments, they aren’t as awful as other breeds.

The amount of exercise required is negligible

Because French Bulldogs are petite and have a genetic predisposition to breathing problems, you won’t be running 5ks with them anytime soon. Nonetheless, it does not indicate that they are couch potatoes. The French enjoy getting out and about and having a good time. They’ve shown an interest in dog agility and rallies. Make sure they don’t overwork themselves, or they’ll be gasping for air, especially when the weather is hot and humid.

Isabella French Bulldogs consume the same foods as any other French Bulldog. They are, however, prone to obesity, so being mindful of the amount and frequency of food you offer them is critical. You don’t have to keep track of the calories, but you should avoid overfeeding your dog. If you’re feeding them table scraps, be especially careful because cooked bones might strangle them. Food is available specifically for brachycephalic dogs or dogs with flat faces.

Isabella Frenchies are considered the rarest color combination on a French Bulldog by breeders

As previously said, Frenchies have a tough time giving birth. The rarity increases when you consider that they usually only have 2 or 3 pups in a litter. Add in the fact that Isabella Frenchies are recessive, and. So, you acquire the image. They’re incredibly uncommon.

This is due to the highly specialized breeding required to achieve the desired color. Bridle and merle are two other rare Frenchie hues.

We found an Isabella French Bulldog puppy for $4,500.

Another breeder charged varied prices for males and females, ranging from $9,000 to $11,000. Some websites claim to have found puppies for $50,000! The most costly one we found was for $15,000!

Despite their rarity, Isabella French Bulldogs are relatively easy to come by. When you search the name of a breeder, you will discover porters and porters of outcomes. Many breeders openly state their breeding standards and adoption rules, giving you the freedom to shop around for the right breeder for you. Shipping canines (even abroad!) you can adopt from out-of-state is now commonplace.

advise care when searching for your new best buddy due to Isabella’s lack of AKC recognition

The area’s exterior, breeders are not permanently held responsible for their actions. Before exchanging money with a breeder, collect as much information as possible.

Many dog species can birth with Isabella furs

German Shepherds, Dachshunds, Border Collies, and, of course, French Bulldogs!

It’s all about color genetics, so any breed capable of producing blue and chocolate coats should be able to mate with Isabella.

The legend and the costs have left us reeling. If you’re willing to put up with both, an Isabella French Bulldog can be a good investment. Merely because they’re pricey doesn’t imply you hold to doubt a man’s best friend’s faithfulness.

Isabella is a French Bulldog

The popularity of French Bulldogs stems primarily from their charming and friendly appearance.

Their small size also means they can fit in a smaller space, making them ideal pets for most people, particularly those who live in apartments.

The Lilac Frenchie is on a similar craft. It may be uncommon, but he is identical to the other versions.

Isabella Frenchie is a brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog breed with a humorous demeanor and lovely appearance. He is currently sweeping the globe.

Why is the Lilac French Bulldog a rare breed?

The primary cause of this fantastic isabella-blue color is recessive gene dilution. A Frenchie Bulldog puppy’s coat could start blue and fade to a pastel greyish-brown shade as he grows older.

Allow me to explain: The D locus, which includes the D non-dilute and dilutes D genes, or DD, experiences gene dilution.

However, a puppy must have the genotype dd to have this fantastic coat color.

The blue and mocha genes should be present in the sire and dam of a lilac Frenchie or birth of the blue gene. As a result, Isabella’s DNA will be DDBB, with two copies of each mocha and blue gene.

As a result of this process, these puppies develop an unusual color that most dog enthusiasts like.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Lilac French Poodle


These dogs are excellent companions and are good with children.

When you reside in a limited place, they are ideal pets.

Frenchies do not ought a lot of workouts.


Isabella French is a fictional character. Bulldogs do not thrive in hotter climates.

Due to their stubbornness, some of them may be difficult to train.


The Isabella French Bulldog is a petite dog that should not weigh more than 28 pounds and stand between 11 and 13 inches tall.

Physical characteristics

Lilac Frenchies are stunning to look at, with incredible hues that appear accurate. They have substantial spherical light-colored eyes ranging from yellow to green to grey to light blue.

Pink skin surrounds these French Bulldogs’ noses, jaws, and eyes.

When you take this dog on a stroll, you will see a lot of dog lovers looking at you.

Aside from their vibrant colors, the French Bullies have ears that look like bats and are present in all French Bullies have. These are the same ears that made him famous in the first place.

This dog has a smushed-in face and a stumpy, short tail that isn’t docked.

The wrinkled face of the Isabella Frog dog is another distinguishing trait.

The look of the coat

The Lilac Clown dog has a short, controllable coat that drapes flat against the skin.

The Lilac Isabella French Bulldog loses extremely little when opposed to another breed of dogs.

The coat colors range from silver to blue, and they may have white patterns on their chests and faces.

Puppies may have a light and gentle blue tint when they are born, but this disappears as they develop.

Lilac French Bulldog personality features and disposition

Frenchies are generally eager to please, loving, and devoted canines.

They are fantastic lap dogs because of their delicate temperament and affectionate personality. They will happily wrap up and lie about with you all day.

They’re also quite playful and rarely bark unless anything is wrong

Isabella Frenchies are not built to be guard dogs, and their loving and gentle disposition emphasizes this.

This canine companion is ideal for you when you stay in the metropolis.

Isabella French Bulldog compatibility with family

Children and other pets get along swimmingly with French Bulldogs. You must warn, though, that it may be possessive and need to be socialized early. 

These are several of the most frequently requested inquiries 

How much does an Isabella- Lilac color Frenchie Bulldog cost?

The breeder and the region where the puppy is purchased determine the price of a Lilac French Bulldog. Isabella Frenchies are extremely expensive, ranging from $30,000 to $20,000 per pup on average.

Is it true that the Lilac(Isabella) Frenchie Bulldog is an uncommon breed?

Isabella-colored French Bulldogs are extremely rare, and Isabella is the most occasional French Bulldog hue. Due to their scarcity, they command a high premium because breeding them is difficult.

What shade are Isabella Frenchie’s eyes?

Lilac The eyes of French Bullies are bright in color, ranging from pale green to blue.  Some Frenchie bullies, however, may have  grey or yellow eyes.

Puppies of Lilac French Bulldogs

Because birth problems are typical in French Bulldogs, most puppies are delivered via the cesarian section.

They may produce an average of two or three puppies per litter, each with a premium price tag.

Considering how rare these puppies are and how difficult it is to breed them, you can see why they command such a high price.

Obtaining one can also be problematic because only a handful is bred.

A Lilac Frenchie puppy can cost anything from $20,000 to 30,000 dollars. If you get a breeder, they will determine the price you pay.

Before determining whether or not to get this dog, you must first find a respectable and experienced breeder. I would not recommend a cheap breeder, especially for this dog.

Having to look after a lilac-hued Frenchie 

Take care of the sensitive regions all around eyes, nose, and mouth.

Also, make sure this dog does not overheat when exercising, as he still requires physical stimulation.

Exercises should be light yet sufficient to maintain a healthy weight. For an Isabella-colored Frenchie, 20 minutes of physical stimulation should suffice.

To avoid heat exhaustion, exercise them while the temperature is cool. The optimum time to perform this is in the morning, but indoor exercises can also be used.

criteria for grooming

Isabella French Bulldogs have minimal grooming requirements.

Comb its hair to get free from dust and dirt and deepen your connection with him. Brushing also aids in the distribution of coat oils and keeps them lustrous.

Since a Lilac Frenchie is susceptible to skin concerns like dermatitis, use a therapeutic shampoo whenever bathing him. However, only wash him when required.

Due to their exposure to dirt and dust, their huge eyes and bat ears should also be cleaned.

When grooming this dog, nail and dental hygiene are also highly important.

Taking care of an Isabella Frenchie

French, Isabella Bulldogs, have extremely sensitive stomachs, so what you give them is crucial. To keep their stomachs from being upset, they should be fed a high-quality grain-free diet.

You might also feed your dog a brachycephalic-specific diet. This is true for kibble as well as other dry foods.

Frog dogs can eat vegetables and fruits, but only if appropriate for him.

If you’re going to consume a raw diet, make sure it’s meat-based, primarily proteins, not protein byproducts, which might harm their digestive systems.

However, don’t forget to wash their faces after eating to prevent food from entering their eyes, noses, and ears and creating illnesses.

A Lilac French Bulldog in Training

These dogs are entertaining and amusing to be around, but they are not particularly intellectual.

They include a persistent character that creates conditioning them difficult. Make sure your training commands are concise and transparent and that you are patient and consistent.

To make things easier, you must also position yourself as a leader.

If you use prizes and positive reinforcement correctly, they will learn new skills and orders.

Prepare a training regimen that starts with 3 to 5 minutes.

When training a Lilac French Bulldog, pick a high-quality treat as a reward because they are food-oriented.

Concerns about your health 

Isabella French bulldogs are vulnerable to Upper motor neuron Pulmonary Syndrome due to its shorter jaw and nose. The epithelial tissue connecting to the respiratory system are squashed by the diminished bone structure, blocking the airway.

This is a hereditary disease that causes breathing issues in Lilac Frenchies. Color dilution alopecia, which causes hair loss and follicle self-destruction, maybe a problem for some canines.

They are also prone to allergies and might develop skin conditions like eczema. Other people might likewise get ear and eye diseases.

You must regularly take these pups to the vet to avoid paying expensive insurance rates by diagnosing and addressing any problems early on.

Summary of Breeds

The Isabella French Bulldog is an excellent companion dog for families, single persons, and seniors.

They can be expensive, with single puppies costing upwards of $20000. However, this is primarily due to their rarity. However, it would be best to avoid any breeder like the plague that touts their rarity as a selling point.

You should set aside roughly $500 per year to take this dog to routine dental and wellness check-ups.