What Food Dogs Can Eat Safely?

Despite having sensitive stomach and sensitivity reactions to a list of foods, the French bulldog can actually eat many foods like other dogs. And being a pet parent of this cute little doggy, it becomes normal to share our favorite foods with them. Thankfully, there are some examples of human food dogs can eat. Yet, some may still havoc the health of the Frenchie like some fruits and veggies.

In this blog post, we will give a shortlist of human foods that can be safely consumed by the French bulldog. Aside from that, we also have here some foods that may be bad for their health. So, if you want to know more about this, come along and read with us until the end!

What can French Bulldogs Eat?

food dogs can eat

Feeding the Frenchie is not as challenging as you think. In fact, the French Bull Dog Club of America stated that this dog breed does not require any specific feeding guidelines. Generally, most dogs including the French bulldogs need meat in order to maintain their health. So, the best food dogs can eat, especially the Frenchies is based on a meat diet.

But, be very cautious in choosing the type of food dogs can eat based on meat. Take note of the fresh or frozen meat items for doggies. Both of these meat-based dog foods are generally pricey and are highly inconvenient to be consumed by your French bulldog. So, it is better to feed them with a nutritionally-balanced food based on meat.

In case meat-based food for dogs is not available, dry food of high-quality is actually a good alternative. Moreover, keep in mind that food dogs can eat should highly depend on their needs and preference.

Options of Food Dogs Can Eat

There are generally wide selections of food dogs can eat. These include dry food or kibble, raw food, canned meals, and a homemade dog diet. So, the food that your French bulldogs can eat should be from this selection. To give you more idea about it, let’s check their differences below:

Food Dogs can Eat: Dry food

Generally, the kibbles are a mixture of ingredients combined in a single dog bites. The ingredients include grains, meat, vitamins and minerals, and byproducts. Since it comes in an easily digestible form, the best dry dog food for French bulldog is the commonly preferred dog food by most dog owners.

Food Dogs can Eat: Canned food

The ingredients of the canned food for dogs are most likely the same as that of the dry food. And, in terms of nutritional value, canned dog food is highly comparable to dry food. Since this type of dog food contains 75% of water, they generally cost higher than the dry one.

Food Dogs can Eat: Raw food

This dog food diet usually comes in the form of ground beef, chicken breast, liver, steak, kidney, and bone. Small bits of fruits and veggies may also be included in this kind of dog food diet. The good thing about this kind of dog food is that it can be bought commercially or you can prepare it at home.

However, it is better to consult your veterinarian before you end up giving this kind of diet to your French bulldog. Moreover, if you proceed with doing so, it is better to wash your hands, the utensils being used, and all the surfaces after preparing the meal for your dog. Since all the ingredient is raw, there is a high potential for bacterial contamination so washing is really important.

Which Fruits and Veggies Can Dogs Eat?

Fruits and vegetables are generally a healthy treat for your dogs including the Frenchies. Luckily, there are some fruits and veggies that are included in the list of food dogs can eat. However, remember that in providing these healthy treats, they should always be given in moderation. So, to stopping prolonging your agony in knowing the fruits and veggies that your Frenchie can eat, check below for a shortlist.


This fruit is actually a good healthy dog treat. It is actually cheap and most of the time, this is available at the table. Vitamins A and C are the most common nutrients that your Frenchies can get from it. Apples are also packed with an abundant amount of fiber. But, remember to take out the core, stem, and seeds of the apples before feeding it to your Frenchies.


Actually, letting the dogs eat blueberries can be very messy. But, the frozen ones can be the best way to manage the mess. Since they are small, the blueberries are really ideal as a training treat. Your dog can get a high amount of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C from this fruit. However, it is recommendable to give blueberries during outdoor training because they are really staining.


This healthy treat is generally low in calories and a great source of vitamin K. Washed it and chopped into bite-sized portions and give it to your Frenchie as a healthy treat for training.


With high levels of fiber and vitamin C, broccoli can be safely given to the French bulldog in moderate amount.


Despite being easy to peel and chop, carrots are safe, healthy treats for dogs. The high fiber content, an abundant amount of beta carotene, vitamin A, and low calories are all the nutrients that carrots boast for. It is also good for the teeth of your Frenchie because of its crunchiness. 

What Can They Safely Eat and What Should They Avoid?

As French bulldog owners, there are times that you feel tempted to feed them with food that you also eat. Because of their innocent-looking eyes and angelic face, it is really hard to resist the temptation of giving human foods to dogs. With that, it is worth-knowing the human food dogs can eat safely and those that they should avoid. To guide with that, here is the list of foods suitable and not suitable for their consumption. 

Human Foods Safe for French bulldog Consumption

Here are some human foods that your Frenchie can safely consume:


Yogurt is not only beneficial to humans. It is also advantageous for dogs because it boosts the digestive health of your Frenchie. Since it contains natural probiotics, there are numbers of active, good bacteria that are packed inside this human food. 

But, take extra precautions in feeding yogurt to your dog. Don’t forget to measure the amount that the dog will have to consume. Moreover, also look at the label and check if it has xylitol content or any added artificial sweeteners. Remember that xylitol is an ingredient that is a no-no for dog’s consumption. 


Bountiful nutrients are packed inside the cheese. It has calcium, protein, fatty acids, B vitamins, and vitamin A. It is good to know that all dog breeds are able to consume cheese safely even those that are lactose-intolerant. 

Salmon and Tuna

Both salmon and tuna are great sources of Omega-3. This fatty acid is beneficial for Frenchies because of its high amount of protein. Omega-3 generally works wonders in dogs by improving their skin, eye, bones, and heart health. 

Human Foods that should be avoided by the Frenchie

Well, not all human foods can be safe for dogs consumption. Here are some examples of those:


Theobromine is a toxic substance inside chocolate. If the French bulldogs eat this human food in large amounts, the dog may experience tremors, heartbeat abnormalities, seizure, and, the worst, death.


Even though considered a healthy human food, avocado may not do any good for the French bulldog. It generally contains persin, a poisonous substance that may result in vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.


Generally, dogs including the French bulldog should avoid eating cinnamon. This human food is not really toxic to canines but the oils in it can cause irritation on the dogs’ mouth. Moreover, cinnamon has the ability to lower the blood sugar level which may make the dog vomit and have an increase or decrease heart rate.

Final Words

There are examples of human food dogs can eat safely but some tend to be toxic and poisonous for them. However, feeding your Frenchie with any human food, the best approach would be giving the food in moderation. Besides, do not forget that the French bulldog is prone to obesity issue, so always consult the vet if you plan to give them something that you are in doubt about. That way, you will provide your Frenchie with a healthy and happy canine’s life.