What are the Colors of French Bulldog? Various Color Selection!

Aside from the looks, the coat color of the dog is one of the important considerations when it comes to their physical attributes. Actually, the Frenchies is a dog breed that actually has various coat shades. The selection of the colors of the French bulldog is ranging broadly.

So, to help you in knowing the uniqueness of each French bulldog color, we have here the desirable and approved coat color for this breed. Aside from that, here is also the list of some rare Frenchie color available. If you are excited to know which one is a good pet to have, then let’s start reading and hang with us until the end! 

What are the Colors of French Bulldog?

The French bulldog is one of the dog breeds in which their coat color varies based on the genes of the parent dog. And it is very amazing to know that there are lots of beautiful colors of the French bulldog that makes them generally attractive. Actually, there are 11 approved codes for the colors of the French bulldog as approved by the AKC. Generally, the AKC or the American Kennel Club is the organization that is in authority to take charge of the health, breeding, and training of dogs including the Frenchies.

Here is the list of the approved colors of French bulldog:

  1. Brindle
  2. Brindle and White
  3. Cream
  4. Cream and White
  5. Fawn
  6. Fawn and White
  7. Fawn Brindle
  8. Fawn Brindle and White
  9. White
  10. White and Brindle
  11. White and Fawn

In order to know the difference between each different colors of the French bulldog, let’s have a detailed discussion about them.

The Brindle Color of the French Bulldog

AKC Approved Code: 057 / 059 (for Brindle and White)

Brindle or the tiger-striped pattern coat color is more transient with some streaks of color irregularity. These color streaks tend to be darker compared to the shade of the coat around their base. Generally, a French bulldog that has a brindle coat color may look either dark or light. Well, it highly depends on the patterns of their hair.

Moreover, the intensity of the streaks may also be altered. Yet, despite this alteration, there are parts of the Frenchies body the still remains dark. These parts include their eyelids, lips, nails, and nose. The other colors included in this group are Brindle and White and White and Brindle.

The Creamy Frenchie

AKC Approved Code: 076

Generally, among the other shades of the French bulldog, the cream and the Cream and White coat color are easily noticeable. And if you see this shade of their coat, you will generally get what you see. The cream color of the Frenchies is basically the most commonly seen one. But, then again, even if the coat color is a touch of cream, the nose and eyes of the French bulldog remain dark.             

The Fawn Coat Shade of Frenchies

AKC Approved Code: 082 / 086 (for Fawn and White) / 088 (for Fawn Brindle)

Ranging from light to dark shades, the fawn coat color of the Frenchies has a wide range. This generally includes the Fawn and White, Fawn Brindle, Fawn Brindle and White, and even the White and Fawn. Mostly, if you will notice, Frenchies with fawn coat color have white patches around the coat. Aside from that, they are also characterized by a black muzzle and a white chest. This is actually a French bulldog with a black mask.

colors of french bulldog

The White Coated French Bulldog

AKC Approved Code: 199 / 203 (for White and Brindle) / 207 (for White and Fawn)

You may normally think that when we say of a white-coated Frenchie, you will get a purely white bulldog as white as snow. But, it is not like that. Sad to say, the white French bulldog is also a pied-colored dog. In this French bulldog coat shade, the white spots are more dominant over a fawn coat.

What is the rarest color of French bulldog?

Aside from the 11 AKC-approved French bulldog color, there are other five colors of the Frenchies that belong to the rarest group of their coat color. Generally, French bulldogs with rare color are expensive because they are not commonly seen. Despite that, there are still lots of dog owners seeking this rare color French bulldog breed. 

These 5 colors are the following:

  1. Blue
  2. Blue Merle
  3. Blue and Tan
  4. Chocolate and Tan
  5. Lilac

Let’s check out their differences and what makes them stand out from the rest even if they are not approved as standard coat color.

French Bulldog Coat Color Blue

Basically, the blue Frenchie comes from the gene dilution that gives a great impact on the eumelanin. This is generally responsible for the pigmentation of the dog’s liver, black coat, and even the red coat. If there are two copies of the d allele in the genes of a black French bulldog, the blue coat colored Frenchie will come out. 

The range of the coat color touches the shade of very light grey to near black. However, the color of this Frenchie is still noticeable. Just look at the color of its nose and you will see what you are looking for. 

However, the downside of having this color of Frenchie is that it is highly susceptible to developing Color Dilution Alopecia. This is actually a genetic defect in canines having a distinct coloration of the coat. Severe dilution alopecia in dogs may cause excessive pigmentation. This will, later on, result in hair shaft breakage and production of bald spots.

Unfortunately, Color Dilution Alopecia has no cure that’s why most pet owners are finding a hard time dealing with it. Well, the best way to address this is to purchase a blue Frenchie from a reputable breeder. Moreover, these breeders of rare colored French bulldogs have knowledge of reducing the probability of developing this health-related issue.

The Blue Merle Frenchie

Although the blue merle is one of the rarest color of a French bulldog, it is also the most popular shade among the merle group. The usual characteristic of the blue merle Frenchie contains a light gray base coat having gray pattern that tends to be darker. Moreover, their blue eyes remain the same which makes them unique.

Frenchie on a Blue and Tan Colored Coat

As its name implies, the blue and tan colored French bulldog has a blue colored coat with some touches of tan. This means that the Frenchie has the chance of getting some tan markings within a particular body part. However, the touches of tan can be dominated by the other color of the French bulldog’s coat. With this, the touches of tan become highly invisible and difficult to notice.

colors of french bulldog

French Bulldog Shade of Chocolate and Tan

Another rare color of the Frenchie is chocolate and tan. The same with other shades of tan, this coat color can be mixed with some touches of tan.

The Lilac Frenchie Shade

Lilac is another French bulldog color that is an outcome of gene dilution. It usually comes from breeding the blue colored parent and chocolate bloodline. This French bulldog shade carries a genotype bbdd allele. Looking at them, you will generally notice a dog with a very light blue coat that is close to silver. Aside from that, they have light eyes and pinkish touch on the muzzle.

Other Rare Color of Frenchie

Aside from the above-mentioned rare colors of the French bulldog, here are some Frenchie coat shades that are also considered rare. Also included in the list are the pure black, sable, and Isabella.


Known for its stunning appeal, the pure black shade of the French bulldog coat gives a very powerful and distinct look. Unlike the white coat color of this dog breed that comes in the pied pattern, the black is literally pure. This means that the coat does not have any markings or different traces of other colors.


Having a reddish pigment and basic fawn color, the sable Frenchie generally varies from light tan to darker shades. Aside from that, this rare color of the French bulldog also highlights black coat color and some hairs with black tips. Actually, the sable color is among the special shade of the rare color group for this dog breed.


This rare colored Frenchie is generally fantastic. They have amazing coats that look so unreal. Their eyes are usually light in color which includes yellow, green, grey, and light blue. White or cream is actually the color of their coat within their chests that have some markings as well.

Moreover, the Isabella French bulldog has pink skin surrounding its eyes, mouth, and nose. Because of that special feature dog owners of this dog breed must have to be very keen on taking care of them. They should focus their attention on protecting the skin health of Isabella Frenchie.

What’s the best color French bulldog?

In terms of popularity, the rarest color of Frenchies tends to be the most popular. Well, it’s none other than blue colored French bulldog. However, among the AKC-approved coat color of the French bulldog, it is the brindle color that seems to be the best. Generally, it provides a perfect combination of various coat color of the Frenchie. Moreover, the brindle color highlights a cleaner appearance making it an excellent color.

But, if you would still ask for the best color of the Frenchie, the choice is all up to you. Besides, the French bulldogs are an adorable dog breed. Their small size makes them generally huggable regardless of their coat color.

Final Words

There are actually different colors of French bulldog. Some of them are highly accepted and approved by the American Kennel Club. Yet, there are few that tend to be undesirable and rarely seen in the dog industry. However, whatever color the Frenchie has, owning this dog breed gives you an adorable and precious furry buddy. Aside from that, regardless of the color of your doggo, the important thing is for you to know how to give them proper care. This generally includes the health of their coat. If that’s the case you will definitely raise the most appealing and cuddling doggy companion.