Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food For French Bulldogs and Buying Guide

Your French bulldog needs the best food for it to grow and develop better. It is why you get many people considering the use of the best dry dog food for French bulldogs. This is to ensure that the dog always gets the right nutrients it needs to grow.

The chances are you are likely to come across several food types, but which one is the best for the pet? There is a lot that goes into making the best dog food. We offer buying tips in this guide to help you make the right decision. We still review the top food options in the market that your pet can enjoy.

FoodBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
CANIDAE PURE Real Salmon Premium Dry Dog Food Check Price
Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Dog Food Check Price
ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Check Price
Royal Canin French Bulldog Dry Dog Food Check Price
Diamond Naturals Premium Dry Dog Food Check Price

How to Choose the Best Dry Dog Food for French Bulldogs

Food ingredients

The ingredients are important to ensure that your pet can get the right nutrients it needs to grow even better. To learn more about the dog food ingredients, check out its product label. The manufacturer will always list the different ingredients that have been put into the dog food to ensure you feed the pet the right food always.

The activity level

The dog’s activity level can also be important in determining if the food would be ideal for it or not. For a dog that is always active, then it needs food that can provide the right number of calories. You do not have to worry about it gaining weight as it will burn them off when it starts to run around.

The flavors

The flavors are crucial to ensure that you get the best food for your pet too. Depending on the dog, sometimes you might find it is a picky eater. No one wants to end up with food that the pet cannot eat because it is a picky eater.

Check out the flavors that the manufacturer offers to see if there is something that your pet loves.

Depending on the food type, there are times that the food can come in even six flavors. In such a case, the food would be enough to help your pet get the best nutrition while at the same time enjoy eating its food.


You should always consider the safety of the food before giving it to your pet. Some dogs will have allergies to certain food types. That is one thing you should always keep in mind. So, what is your dog allergic to? If you know the answer, check the ingredient list to make sure it is not part of the food before offering it to the dog.

Consult a vet

Sometimes it is best to consult a vet when you are not sure which type of food you should get for the pet. The last thing you want is to end up with food that is unsuitable for your French bulldog.

After talking to the vet, you should end up with the best dry dog food for French bulldogs with all the nutrients that the pet needs for a healthier lifestyle.


You can never underestimate the budget that a person has set aside to buy the dog food. Some brands are known for selling their food at a high price. It is best to take your time to buy food that offers the best nutrition while at the same remain nutritious for your pet.

Even if you are on a budget, do not go for the cheapest in the bunch. Make sure that you get food that can give your pet the best nutrition too.

Top 5 Best Dry Dog Foods for French Bulldogs

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: CANIDAE PURE Real Salmon Premium Dry Dog Food

Product Name: CANIDAE PURE Real Salmon Premium Dry Dog Food

Product Description: This is one of the best in the market when you need food that can help your pet. The product has 8 key ingredients important for improving the health of your pet. For those who are not sure which dog food will be great, then this is a nice start for your pet. This dog food is grain free. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then this is what you might want to consider getting today. You will never have to worry about wheat, soy, or corn. Another reason you will like the food for your dog should be the presence of probiotics. Each time your pet eats the food, it gets more probiotics important to boost its digestion. The same probiotics are good for providing anti-oxidants, supporting a healthy immune system, and so much more. The food is also good in terms of flavors and types. This is because the manufacturer offers the food with 6 different proteins. They include salmon, chicken, bison, boar, duck, and lamb. You should find it easy to get a flavor that your pet loves. It is possible that you might have a picky eater.

  • Quality
  • Safe
  • Flavor
  • Nutrients
  • Taste


This one is the best dry dog food for French bulldogs because of its ingredients. The manufacturer uses high quality ingredients to ensure that your pet gets all the nutrients that it needs to grow. Still, these nutrients are safe. You can be sure that the pet would be safe even if it continues to eating this food more often.

Since the food is available in 6 flavors, you should find it easy to get a flavor the pet likes even for a picky eater. There is no doubt the food stands out as one of the best to keep using.


✔️It is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs

✔️It contains probiotics

✔️The food comes in different flavors


❌Expensive for the packaging size

Runner’s Up

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Dog Food

This is a great choice for anyone who is looking to offer the best dry dog food for French bulldogs to his pet. Being grain free should appeal to many people who might have dogs with sensitive stomachs. You can now use it without worrying the dog will be affected.

The food is known to have high protein content that the dog needs to develop its muscles. It is why many people would find it such an amazing food for different breeds too. This food contains a lot of probiotics. They are essential for helping your pet digest the food better and gain the best immune support too.

The food is made in USA. For many people, this type of food is safe. Any food made in the USA has to meet the strict regulations to ensure it is safe. The manufacturer also claims that the protein is minimally processed to ensure the pet enjoys all the nutrients from the proteins.

It is an affordable food for your pet. No need to worry that you will have to spend so much buying dog food. As you can see, even when you are on a budget, you would still end up with high quality food for your pet to eat.

  • High quality food
  • Pets love its taste
  • The food is safe
  • It needs regular refilling of the food

ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

If the budget is not an issue, then you can always opt for this food type. It is made to be a nutrient-rich food that your pet will love. It comes with fresh ingredients to ensure that your pet can enjoy high quality nutrition always. Some of the ingredients include pork, mackerel, lab, board, and beef.

Another thing you will like about the food is that it will deliver amazing results when it comes to nourishing your pet. The best part is that you can start to see the improvement in your pet’s health within a short time. The number of calories per serving is enough to keep the dog feeling full for longer.

The fresh and raw animal ingredients are great for giving the pet the best nutrition. Still, the food comes with one of the best flavors. Most dogs love the beef flavor, so even if the pet is a picky eater, it should not have problems with eating this food.

The manufacturer has an amazing customer support team. In case you have any questions, then you should end up with the best answers before buying the food. It is worth noting that it is wheat-free so that those pets with sensitive stomachs can find it easy to enjoy the meal.

  • The food is made of fresh ingredients
  • The food is highly nutritious
  • It has a flavor that the pets like
  • It comes in limited number of flavors

Royal Canin French Bulldog Dry Dog Food

This is another top choice as the best dry food for French bulldogs. You might want to check it out because of its many positive reviews. Those who have used it agree that it can deliver on the best nutrition that the pet needs to grow better. We must insist that this formula is best suited for adults.

This food is exclusively tailored for French bulldogs so that they can easily pick it up and chew the food. It is all in the design of the kibbles. You can be sure that the food would be easy to feed your pet compared to some other types in the market.

When the pet gets to eat this good, it can improve its muscle tone. This is thanks to the precise protein content and L-Carnitine in the food. The best part is that you can start to see the changes in the dog’s muscle tone after weeks of using the dog food. That is the kind of improvement you want in your dog.

The same food is also good for reducing gas and stool odor. This is possible by improving the fiber content in the food and also the digestive system. In the end, you should have a dog that feels good after eating the food.

  • The food is good for supporting muscle tone
  • This formula reduces gas and stool odor
  • The food reinforces the skin barrier
  • It cannot be used for puppies

Diamond Naturals Premium Dry Dog Food

This is a great choice for those still looking for the best dry dog food for French bulldogs. It is on our list because it is made of high-quality protein sources. Such include chicken and lamb. It comes down to what your pet likes. It is why many people would feel comfortable getting the food as they know it is something the dog will enjoy.

 Another thing you will like about this dog food should be the premium ingredients that you get in the dog food. In addition to proteins, you also get vitamins and minerals. The superfoods are also available in the food so that they can help provide the anti-oxidants. You can be sure that the pet will now have better health.

That is not all as the pet will also now have a better skin and coat because of the fatty acids. The increased levels of glucosamine and chondroitin will further improve the joint and hip health in your pet.

The probiotics cannot go unmentioned as they will improve the digestive health of your pet. If your pet previously had digestive tract issues, then that can be resolved easily with this food.

  • It comes with high quality proteins
  • The food still has vitamins and minerals
  • The food is nutrient rich and highly digestible
  • It is not the best for picky eaters


What ingredients should you avoid feeding a French bulldog?

We recommend that you avoid feeding your pet with ingredients such as fillers, artificial preservatives, allergenic grains, and rendered fat.

How much food is enough for a French bulldog?

The food is mostly going to depend on factors such as developmental level, existing health conditions, activity level, and the age. On average, the pet requires 25 to 30 calories for every pound of its weight.

How often should you feed a French bulldog?

Once you know the number of calories that the pet needs daily, then divide that by three. This means that you will be feeding the pet twice to three times a day depending on its activity level and other factors.


The best dry dog food for French bulldogs will help in improving the dog’s health. What you need is to check the ingredients that come in the food. The ingredients will determine the kind of nutrition that the pet will enjoy from the food. It is important that you take the time to get yourself the best food. Check to see if the food has any ingredients that might cause allergies in your dog. With the right food, you can expect the dog to grow healthier.