The Best French Bulldog Sweaters — Excellent Picks!

Are you on the verge of deciding on whether you want your french bulldogs to wear sweaters? Well, mind you, you don’t have to actually ask yourself this question because, at some point in time, your french bulldog is going to need some sweaters especially if they are living in a colder region. Also, if you also wonder if the sweaters or shirts are just for fashion statements, you are wrong. These breeds are prone to hypothermia and we strongly recommend that you invest in a sweater for your little pooch.

So, you have already made up your mind to buy a sweater for your little furry friend. Choosing the best sweaters should to have a striking balance between style and comfort level. Another thing to keep in mind is the fabric and the overall quality. As you may well know that french bulldogs are susceptible to skin irritations and itchiness.

With that in mind, no need to scour on the internet for long hours in finding the best sweaters be it on a physical store or website. No need to do that. That’s why we created this article in order for you to save time and see the best products within minutes. We have curated what we think the best sweaters for your awesome french bulldog. Better see them below and guaranteed one of these items will catch your attention.

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Best French Bulldog Sweaters — OUR TOP 9 EXCELLENT PICKS!


Product Name: CHBORLESS Dog Sweater

Product Description: Our best and top-rated dog sweater in our product list is this classic knitwear dog sweater by CHBORLESS. If you care for your dog's visual outlook as well as protection from the cold season, then this may be your ultimate pick. Just like the Blueberry Pet turtleneck dog sweater, this is also a classic design that will give you complete coziness and warmth in a fashionable way. The blend of fabric and the overall feel is impressive. This features an amazing material which is soft fleece for warmth to your pets. It's suitable for small dogs such as French bulldogs and others. There's also an added patch on the back for aesthetic appeal and for added charm. When it comes to the design, it's so simple yet it heightens your dog's outlook as well as this protects him from the cold weather. There are also several colors to choose from which is impressive.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Comfortability
  • Design
  • Value for Money


There are also sleeves for added warmth. Pet owners who love to dress their dog for protection and for fashion will definitely dig this product of CHBORLESS. The cotton is very soft and fits perfectly for them.

All in all, if you love your little furry friend, you will make sure he will have the best clothing as well as overall quality of life. That said, there’s more good than harm in investing in this adorable design.


The design has classic appeal
Very soft cotton
Sleeves for extra warmth


No buttonhole for leash or harness


Blueberry Pet Turtleneck Dog Sweater

French Bulldog Sweaters

The Blueberry Pet Turtleneck Dog Sweater has a chic appeal to it and has a timeless classic design like the Kooltail plaid design below. The sweater is so cute with its turtleneck design. Given it is a Blueberry Pet brand, this will ensure that it’s not just the aesthetic style is impressive but also the overall craft.

This is something to have especially when it’s the winter season particularly the Christmas season which makes this festive.

This turtleneck sweater does not produce cheaply. In fact, this is made of 100 percent acrylic and it will not stretch too much even for several years. Because this was carefully made making sure the knit is interlocked for durability and long lifespan.

When it comes to the design, guaranteed that your dog will absolutely like this and even as a pet owner. It has three designs which you can choose from.

Moreover, Blueberry Pet’s turtleneck dog sweater will make sure they will have adequate heat in their body to prevent any chills especially for dogs who suffer from hypothermia particularly small dog breeds such as French bulldogs.

Is this worth your money? It’s definitely a bang for the buck especially if you care about the overall quality and the classic appeal. This is an absolute choice for your French bulldog who needs sweaters.

  • Well crafted sweater
  • The fabric type is completely acrylic It’s made of interlocked knit
  • The design is timeless classic
  • None so far

KOOLTAIL Dog Hoodie Sweater

French Bulldog Sweaters

Nothing beats the classic plaid design like this awesome KOOLTAIL Dog Hoodie Sweater. It is a throwback design of a hoodie sweater. This could be a perfect sweater for your little furry friend which can be worn during cold days.

Also, it has an amazing design and features making sure your dog will feel comfy and protected from coldness. This can be a perfect gift idea for your dog with its functionality and design.

This classic design has will make your dog wear this around your household which can be both for aesthetic style and for practical purposes. It has a buttonhole for leash attachment for convenience especially for taking out your dog for a walk.

There’s also a pocket to store your pooch’s favorite treats. There are three colors to choose from (red, white, and blue) which is another plus for this. The fabric is 100 percent polyester keeping your dog warm and cozy.

Great for small, medium, and large pets. Make sure you have the correct measurements of your Frenchie for accurate fitting. This is among the favorite design that our team chose because of the classic feel and considering the fabric material used.

All in all, for dog owners who love plaid classic design, then this may be what you are looking for. This makes sure your dog will feel comfortable and appealing. That’s why this is among our best French Bulldog sweaters.

  • Classic plaid design
  • It has a buttonhole for leash attachment
  • Polyester fabric
  • Not suitable for rain

Vecomfy Dog Winter Jacket

French Bulldog Sweaters

Another fashionable dog winter jacket by Vecomfy. This has an amazing size that will fit to your French bulldog. In addition to that, the quality of the fabric is not cheap which offers warmth and comfy while your dog wears this.

Ready your dog’s clothing in the upcoming winter season and makes sure she is well insulated. We figure out you might also take this into one of your favorite options. With its exquisite sewing and simple design, this can be a nice treat for your dog.

The Vecomfy winter jacket is hooded and has a buttonhole keeping your dog comfy and cozy while the winter season hits. The design is great.

The edges of the waist and feet are elastic making sure it’s well-secured during windy days. These features snap closure for quick and easy release as well as the hoodie which snaps into place to keep away from your doggo’s ears.

Among the key factors that this jacket has are durable, lightweight, and fashionable. Besides that, this is made of extra soft polyester fabric and features a combination of fleece lining and polyester filler for extra warmth.

All in all, another great dog jacket especially if you are after with the quality and the comfort level it gives. Also, you can choose 3 colors from the product. It’s very cozy and stylish for your dog.

  • 3 colors to choose from It’s elastic and features fleece lining for added warmth
  • There’s a buttonhole for the leash
  • Decent quality material
  • The biggest downside is it’s not waterproof

SILD Dog Denim Jacket

French Bulldog Sweaters

The SILD Dog Denim Jacket or jean jacket has a striking resemblance to one of your old clothes in your closet. This brings something of nostalgia and it’s a nice thing to have for your little pooch.

If you want to style up your French bulldog then it’s worth taking it into consideration. Also, the design is versatile for spring and fall which. This dog jacket is all about style.

This fits perfectly in any type of season, although it’s not that effective when it comes to the winter season is still great for all seasons. Also, this dog denim jacket fits accordingly to your dog’s size.

It is a good thing that it offers different colors and different sizes. With its fashionable retro style, this will guarantee your dog will become the talk of the town due to its distinctive style.

In addition to this, the SILD dog denim jacket has also a comfortable hood which is another added factor for being stylish. What this jacket can prevent is to ward off the direct sunlight coming towards your little pooch.

Is this worth buying? This is worth buying if you don’t mind this won’t do very much in the cold weather which is excellent for warmer seasons. Also, it’s lightweight and very versatile.

  • Decent quality material
  • Versatile use for warmer seasons
  • Very fashionable
  • Won’t do any good for the winter season

Gooby Fleece Vest Dog Sweater

French Bulldog Sweaters

Gooby Fleece always stuns dog owners with its impressive stylish looks and also its comfortable experience when wearing this. Dog owners who are familiar with this brand know quality kind of quality they have.

But for other pet lovers, prepare to be amazed by this superb quality and comfort feel it will give to your little pooch like this Fleece Vest Dog Sweater. Better read further and see what this makes worth buying.

This features soft fleece keeping your dog stay comfortable when he is not. The design is simple enough but it’s effective to keep your little furry friend warm and cozy during the winter season.

It’s completely made of polyester which makes the moisture away and able to retain the warm air. Also, with its material, this thing definitely will last long. Also, this features the least attachment allowing your dog to go for walks while wearing this.

In addition, the features easy on and easy off. This means you don’t need to consume several minutes just to put this on your dog’s body. Besides that, this is easy to clean and doesn’t need to hand wash it because it’s washing machine friendly. The size is accurate for certain dogs.

All in all, another great find by the Gooby brand. This offers an immense look yet it offers extreme functionality, especially on the winter days. In addition to that, similar to the Gooby Padded Vest product, this one is also can last longer due to the premium quality and sturdy materials used.

  • Stylish
  • Easy to wear
  • Breathable Machine washing friendly
  • Completely made of polyester
  • Accurate size for any dog size
  • Leash ring is not intended for dogs who pull

MIGOHI Reflective Waterproof Dog Jacket

French Bulldog Sweaters

If you need a jacket that features bright and reflective color for the upcoming winter season, we strongly recommend the MIGOHI Reflective Waterproof Dog Jacket. It’s not a sweater per se, but this will do the job to ward off those chilly nights that your little furry friend is experiencing.

What’s great about this is the premium materials used and the design which is so vibrant which is great for outdoor activities for safety purposes.

The Migohi’s reflective dog jacket is made of terylene material with waterproof coating on the outer layer, and also fleece and cotton for the inner layer which provides comfort feel. Besides being waterproof, this is also windproof, snowproof, and windproof.

This makes sure your dog will get the warmth it needs when there’s cold weather. In addition to that, the zipper has opening access to the collar and harness of the dog.

There’s also reflective tape on the edge for added safety especially if you walk your dog at night. This dog jacket is great for small, medium, and large dog breeds. It’s also has a nice design and the color is vibrant enough, making this not just for keeping your dog warm but also for fashion.

Should you buy this? Well, if you are looking for a more stylish and vibrant color yet still offers warmth for the winter season, then this is worth investing in. Also, take notice of how the materials are made of which is impressive which keeps your dog dry and safe while wearing this.

  • Have reflective edge tape for added safety
  • Made from quality materials
  • Great for both outdoor and indoor setting
  • All Amazon reviewers like it so far

XiYou Winter Warm Jumpsuit

If you want something that’s more of a fashionable dog sweater yet still offers a comfortable feel and warmth particularly in the season of winter, then this XiYou Winter Warm Jumpsuit may be what you are looking for.

It’s great for dogs such as Poodle, Corgi, Shih Tzu, Pug, and even for French Bulldog. This has a knack for quality and it seems sturdy enough and makes it easy to wear.

Made from quality fabric material with soft features which is enough to make the dog feel the comfiness while wearing this type of sweater. This also has slight flexibility to give allowance to fit perfectly.

Also, the overall design is so cute as well as the color pattern making it a suitable choice for Instagram-worthy clothing. Also, this makes a perfect choice to use on multiple occasions such as parties, Halloween, Christmas, and more. This gives more festive and brings joy.

What makes this awesome is the materials used which have a velvet type fabric making it feel softer to touch yet delivers practical use such as preventing your dog to catch hypothermia when it’s the cold season. In addition, the color is champagne with black linings making it look elegant.

All in all, if you are looking for a comfy feel and softer fabric that also promotes a fashionable sense, then this Winter War Jumpsuit by XiYou is worth investing in. After all, it has superb overall design as well as functionality. Also, this is perfect for multiple occasions and Instagram-worthy moments.

  • Velvet material which makes this soft to feel
  • Excellent pattern and design
  • Awesome fashion statement
  • Not that effective in keeping your dog warm particularly in heavy winter

Gooby Padded Vest Dog Jacket

Don’t have a winter jacket or sweater jacket yet? We have something for you that guaranteed your little furry friend will love it and it’s the Gooby Padded Vest Dog Jacket.

It has a striking balance between being fashionable and extreme functionality which makes this your perfect choice especially if you are gearing up for the next winter season. This makes sure your dog will have protection against the wintry season.

The Gooby dog jacket has thickly padded which is specifically designed for small dogs including french bulldogs. Also, this is water-resistant and very lightweight, and this doesn’t get soggy from rain or snow. But this gives extra comfort. It’s well-insulated given its amazing craft which retains heat.

The zipper is super safe because it has a zipper guard. This feature avoids any painful experience. The zipper is located at the back for easy operation.

Also, this is washing machine friendly which makes it easier for you to wash and maintain. It’s worth noting that this is made of quality materials which are nylon for the outer layer and polyester for the inner. This also has a leash attachment so you can bring your dog outside with ease.

All in all, Gooby Padded Vest Dog Jacket is a brand that’s worth investing in. Because this offers comfort feel especially on winter and rainy days, as well as this, gives a fashion outlook. It has an amazing quality and also its features. A must-buy for dog owners out there.

  • Thickly padded
  • Stylishly yet extremely functional
  • Retains heat very well
  • Machine washing friendly
  • Higher price point

Choosing the Right French Bulldog Sweaters — Buying Guide

With so many dog sweaters out there, you can’t help but becoming a bit overwhelmed in choosing the ideal dog sweater for your French bulldog. It’s true that it can be a daunting task, but keep in mind you need what’s best for your little furry friend. The one with quality and has an impressive design for an affordable price. After all, as dog owners, those qualities are what we need.

Although, there are some main attributes that need to look into carefully consideration. This is to make sure you have you end up buying quality and perfect for your French bulldog. Good thing we have listed some of those attributes. Better check them below!

Choose An Easy To Wash Sweater

Having a nice collection of French bulldog sweaters sounds interesting. But what’s not interesting is if your dog’s sweaters are complicated to wash. This will, of course, consume your precious time or you may end up damaging your dog’s sweater especially if it’s high quality. In order to prevent those unfortunate events, you need to choose an easy to wash sweater for your dog.

We recommend choosing a dog sweater that is washing machine friendly. This is to prevent you from soaking the dog’s sweater for too long. So, this should be considered especially if you don’t want to hassle yourself.


Among the most important key factor to look at is the material of the fabric. This is crucial because the durability of your dog’s sweater will depend on the fabric type and even its comfort level. That said, choose a fabric that features authentic material such as 100 percent cotton, acrylic, and others else.

Also, it’s preferable to choose cotton blend rather than nylon fiber because they tend to stretch over time. It’s best to take time and see the product description always and take time to read it so you will end up buying the right product for your dog.


Design is also one of the key factors to look at when buying a dog sweater. Although it is a matter of personal preference. Be sure that the design matches to your French bulldog. Even though they cannot speak, they can still sense whether it’s good or bad for them.

Luckily enough, most manufacturers have many options to choose from which gives you more selection in choosing the best design for your pet. Rule of thumb, make sure they are comfortable and their face should be clear and it should stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Best French Bulldog Sweaters Right Now?

A: There are actually excellent dog sweaters for French bulldogs and other small breeds. Our personal favorite is included in this list is the Blueberry Pet Turtleneck Dog Sweater because of the classic appeal and it provides warmth during the winter season.

Although, our catalog features what we think the best dog sweaters for French bulldogs on the market right now. But the general rule, you should choose the one that is very comfortable and provides warmth for your little furry friend.

Q: Do Dogs Really Need Sweaters?

A: Similar to humans wearing a sweater for protection and to provide warmth during colder days, dogs should also wear a sweater to keep them warm and cozy especially when it’s the winter season. Dogs who are vulnerable to cold such as French bulldogs have a tendency to experience hypothermia.

This can be dangerous to them. That’s why dogs who have thin coats and are smaller breeds need a sweater as an added layer of protection to keep them warm and cozy during the winter season. So, investing in French bulldog sweaters is not a bad idea.

Q: How do I know if my Frenchie is cold?

A: There are several signs that you are experiencing shivers especially if your AC is at max settings or maybe due to winter seasons. Below are the signs to consider when your dog is cold.

  • Whining
  • Ears are cold to touch
  • Shivering
  • Constant seeking a place of shelter
  • Tucked tail and hunched posture
  • Keeping the paws lifted

This is where the dog sweater comes into play. So if you think your Frenchie is showing some symptoms like the ones we have listed, then you really need to invest in French bulldog sweaters.

Final Thoughts

If you are still hesitating to buy your French bulldog some sweaters, then it’s not a matter of dilemma. You need to invest in a dog sweater especially if you know that your little furry friend is vulnerable to cold and if you are living within colder regions. Also, if ever you are going to buy it now, be sure it’s decent quality and comfy enough so your dog will enjoy wearing it.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t skimp buying a dog sweaters because at the end of the day you will just end up regretting it. If you are still undecided we have listed what we think the best French bulldog dog sweaters right now.

Which one of these French bulldog sweaters you have? Tell us about it by dropping it in our comment section below.