Stinky Frenchie: Causes and Management

Do you smell something weird around your house regardless of how clean it is? Check your Frenchie and see if that stinky smell comes from your dog. If yes, this blog is excellent for you. Dogs do smell something weird but are still acceptable to our noses. But there are still times that your Frenchie will smell like fish or rotten food that needs your special attention. This only tells you that there is something wrong with your pet’s body, either internally or externally, so if you experience this situation, better to keep on reading this article to know more about this condition.

Reasons Why Frenchies Stink

stinky frenchie because of dirt
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There are various reasons why your Frenchie stinks. And, it is important to distinguish each of them to know all the possibilities why your Frenchie experience this kind of situation.

🐕 Facial folds

French bulldogs are known to have facial folds. These folds keep many secrets, including being the home of many bacteria. They also accumulate dirt every time they eat or play on the ground. That is why it is essential to focus on the folds when cleaning your pup.

🐕 Infection

As mentioned earlier, the accumulation of bacteria from dirt can cause infection. Aside from this, stinky Frenchie is a sign that it has an ear infection. An ear infection is prevalent in French Bulldogs, and if not treated properly, it can progress to a severe, traumatic, and often irreparable external auditory canal condition.

Because of Frenchie’s flat squashed skull, which directly impacts the ear canal, infection in French Bulldogs is easy to acquire. Your vet will use a medicated ear cleaner to deep clean your Frenchie’s ears. The vet may also advise you to use an ear cleaner and a topical medicine at home. Your veterinarian may recommend giving antibiotic therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs in extreme situations.

🐕 Bad breath

The stinky odor on your Frenchie’s body may come from its mouth. A Frenchie that has terrible breath maybe because of unwanted food, or it already has a condition called halitosis. That is why it is essential to be cautious with every food you give to your Frenchie. Another reason for your dog’s bad breath is because it licks thoroughly, especially on its anal part. A clogged anal gland may generate a fishy odor in your Frenchie’s breath inadvertently. Your Frenchie’s instinctive response is to scratch through biting and licking their posteriors in an attempt to ease the discomfort caused by a clogged gland.

Brushing your Frenchie’s teeth on a daily basis is the most uncomplicated technique to avoid unpleasant dog breath. Cleansing your dog’s teeth eliminates plaque and tartar, and promotes improved dental hygiene, much like brushing your own, and with a bit of discipline, most dogs learn to love getting their teeth cleaned.

🐕 Health diseases

Another reason why your Frenchie stinks is because of the underlying health conditions. Depending on the kind of smell, it might be a sign of various health conditions. Liver disease or dysfunction can cause an exceedingly terrible odor that is distinguishable from bad breath caused by periodontal disease. Other symptoms of liver disease in Frenchies include puking, yellow discoloration of the eyes and gums, and a poor appetite.

Frenchie’s breath may smell like an old barn in the latter stages of kidney disease. This is because of the accumulation of chemicals in the blood. Kidney failure causes compounds in urine to get concentrated, resulting in an ammonia-like odor. Kidney disease can also result in excessive quantities of bacteria and may cause protein in the urine called proteinuria, which contributes to a stinky odor.

Tips To Keep Your Frenchie Smelling Fresh

Now, let’s tackle how to get rid of a Frenchie smell. If you are not careful, their scent can easily take over your house pretty quickly. It is something that we had to take control of right away. These tips don’t mean that your Frenchie will not go to smell like a dog. It will, but it’ll stay with its body and not take over your house.

🐕 Regular Bathing and Grooming

These are the easiest thing you can do. There is a proper way to wash a bulldog, and you must not forget about those face wrinkles. Their facial creases can grow bacteria and yeast that are the reasons why they smell. You know there is a growing bacteria in your Frenchie’s wrinkles when they start to smell like bologna. Don’t also forget their ears. These parts can stink, too, if they are not cleaned regularly. Ignoring their ears can lead them to an ear infection.

🐕 Dental Hygiene

Eliminating your dog’s stinky smell focuses mainly on the face, and dental hygiene is part of it. All dogs have foul breath. But if you brush their teeth, even every other day, it will help a lot. There are available dog toothbrushes that actually just look a lot like kids’ brushes. Aside from this, specific toothpaste comes along with it. Your vet can also give you samples, and you can buy the next one in dog supply stores. Dog toothpaste may come into different flavors, like chicken flavor that makes it fun while brushing.

To keep your Frenchie’s breath smells fresh, one thing to feed them apples. Even just one slice a day helps keep their teeth clean.

🐕 Anal Spot

As its name suggests, this is not so fun to do. Stinky Frenchie may be a sign of an anal gland problem. You are going to have to drain those because they will stink aggravatedly. So, if you suspect that your dog has clogged anal glands, something you can look for is painful bowel movements. They are constantly trying to ditch, and they rub their bones all over. You can take your Frenchie to the vet to know how to drain the anal glands.

🐕 Minimize The Gas

The next thing you can do is just minimize their gas. French bulldogs are known to be very gassy, primarily if you feed them the wrong choice of food. That is why you must not always give your food from the table to your dog or whatever you want to share. Farting is expected up to twice a day. So remember their healthy diet and exercise if they can go out with you.

🐕 Paws

Surprisingly, one source of the stinky smell is from their paws. Frenchie’s pawa can smell bad, so you must do a regular check-up to see if your doh has stepped on something gross. To start with the cleaning, take a pair of gloves and dog clippers. Wash between their paws and brush them gently. Rinse them properly and cut their nails if you can. One reason why they have stinky paws is that they lick them to comfort. That is why they get all that lousy breath because Frenchies love to lick their body parts.

What To Do To Manage Stinky Smell

The two most common causes of foul odor in a pet are lack of cleanliness and or health problems. In this part, we will gain an understanding of the different tips to remove and prevent that stinky smell in your Frenchie.

Hygiene in your Frenchie is not the only cause that produces a bad odor. If even with a good bath, the smell persists. It’s more likely that something is not going well in your pup’s body. Therefore, we should always be looking after the cleanliness and health of our French bulldogs.

🐕 Regular brushing of its coat

You should use a natural detangler spray for your brush, especially if your Frenchie starts shedding.

🐕 Dental care

It is advisable to use a natural dental spray, especially if you are having a hard time brushing your dog’s teeth. It’s easy to use by just spraying it directly in the teeth and gums. You can also spray dental spray directly on the food or toys. But! It is still better to have a toothbrush and toothpaste on your hands.

🐕 Washing your Frenchie

Wash your Frenchie regularly or as the vet has instructed you. Do not use just any type of shampoo o pet conditioner, for there are particular kinds of these for different breeds. When bathing your Frenchie, make sure to dry quickly because a wet coat takes an odor and can magnet dirt quickly.

🐕 Deodorizer

There are available dog deodorizers in the market. You can use this by spraying on your Frenchie’s coat to maintain a clean and fresh pet. It is also a must to always check for the contents of the deodorizer. Remember to choose natural products over chemical-based items.

🐕 Check your dog

Periodically, check your Frenchie’s body, ears, mouth, and feet. Look for irritations, inflammations, skin infections, pimples, flakes, redness, or fungal lesions. For these cases, you can use an antibacterial shampoo and antibacterial spray. But if the infection is severe, please take your dog to the vet immediately.

🐕 Clean your surroundings

Regardless of how frequently you clean your dog, your Frenchie will still get stinky because of your lifestyle if your house is dirty. Remove all the unnecessary things on the floor or any unwanted foods that your Frenchie can get. This is not only beneficial for its smell, but this also prevents hazardous phenomena inside your house like choking.

French Bulldogs Mindblowing Facts

Known for their small stature and cute ears, the French Bulldog is a domestic breed that is the result of a cross between bulldogs from England and local. These dogs are intelligent, sweet-natured, and have a lot of energy. At the same time, they love and enjoy being in their owner’s lap as well. With that said, here are the interesting facts about French Bulldog.

🐕 History

Their history with blood sports, like bull-baiting, are getting out a lot in England, and 1835 bulldogs, were left unemployed. They are being bred for non-sporting reasons since at least 1800. This is why they turned out to be the best buddy type of dog. Instead, to minimize their size stature, some Bulldogs were crossed with terriers instead of dogs from the slums of England. The dogs became prominent in France, and trading imported small bulldogs were created and slowly got recognized as the name French Bulldog.

🐕 They Can’t Swim

French bulldogs have a small frame and bulbous heads. Their body structure is also heavier, and as a result, they are not good swimmers or any water activities. So homeowners that have pools in their backyard need to keep an eye on these pups. Ensure your Frenchie has no entry to pools, spas, or other bodies of water.

🐕 Charming and Friendly

People always say that French bulldogs’ best quality is their charm and adjustability. These dogs adore almost everyone they see and seek out anyone who is willing to provide care. They have also even been described as the clowns of the dog world because of their fun-loving personalities. Frenchies are even-tempered and warmhearted with their owners and make a great family. They are also said to be present with you consistently and love you with all their strength.

🐕 Breathing Problems

French bulldogs are a brachycephaly breed. This means they have shorter snouts than other usual dogs. Their pushed-in noses can lead to a variety of respiratory problems. This type of facial structure combined with high level of stress and intolerable warm temperatures can cause fatal situations. There are cases where different breeds, like bulldogs and pugs, have died while flying, so it is not advisable to take your Frenchie on a flight. So always remember to avoid brutal exercises that result in heavy breathing, especially in hot temperatures.

🐕 They Can’t Handle Too Much Heat

Aside from having a compromised breathing system, Frenchies also have a single short coat. It becomes impossible for them to control and regulate their temperature. Your Frenchie will die quickly when got cold or could be highly susceptible to heatstroke. Therefore always ensure to keep them indoors on extremely superheated and cold days. It is best if you keep your dog in a cool, comfortable environment. You must also get to monitor them on hot daytimes to ensure that they don’t overexert themselves.

🐕 Bad Habits

French bulldogs are indeed charming, but they are not exempted for having bad habits. For this reason, the French Bulldog might not be the best choice for you if you value cleanliness. This is because Frenchies are prone to drooling and salivation, shedding, and flatulence. Also, note that agitation and stress can cause your Frenchie to drool more than usual. They are so clingy of their owners and will follow you around a lot that can be somewhat irritating. Frenchies are also possessive of their people, so train your puppy correctly to socialize with other persons and dogs.

🐕 Stubborn To Teach

French bulldogs love humans, and this makes them easy to train. However, they have a tendency to get fairly stubborn. Remember to be firm and patient when teaching them. Praise them a lot and prepare them with food rewards. French bulldogs are sensitive dogs. They take criticism harshly, so they might take it seriously if you scold them. So instead of reprimanding them while training, it is better to encourage them positively.

🐕 Barking

French bulldogs do bark without a cause. Well, Frenchies are known to be quiet and do not bark frequently. However, there are attentive Frenchies. If your dog barks a lot than usual, you should definitely see if anything is wrong with him. But barking is the quality that can make them excellent watchdogs. But don’t worry too much about the noise, because they are not excessive barkers.

🐕 Health Problems

Frenchies are likely to develop specific health problems. But! Not all Frenchie bulldogs will get any or all of these diseases, but it is still essential to be aware of them as an owner. These dogs are susceptible to hip dysplasia, kneecap problems, and spinal problems Their facial structure also makes them prone to brachiocephalic airway obstructive syndrome and many other breathing problems. Remember to take your Frenchie to the vet regularly for better overall health and make sure you only adopt Frenchie from a reputable breeder.

🐕 Easy To Groom

These dogs are relatively easy to groom. French bulldogs are average shedder, and they need only occasional brushing to keep their coat healthy. Whenever you are grooming them, check for scabs, skin lesions, signs of infection, and the like. Clean their eyes regularly with a damp, warm cloth. Also, Frenchies do not wear their nails down naturally and will need to be trimmed periodically. When you bathe your Frenchie, take the time to dry the skin between their facial folds thoroughly. For best results, start grooming at an early age to get your dog used to be bathed.

To Sum It Up

Frenchies can smell like a lot of different things based on what they’ve previously played in; perhaps one of the most disagreeable odors that dogs frequently generate is that of fish. Contact your vet immediately if you detect a fishy odor. Your dog’s rectal glands may just need to be physically emptied to eliminate the stench. But the most advisable way to remove that stinky smell is to clean both your house and your Frenchie. This is to eliminate the possible sources of the stinky odor covering your home. So cleanliness is a must, especially if you have a pet that loves to play outside.