Reputable French Bulldog Breeders

Looking for a breed but do not have the time to care for big dogs that require 24/7 attention? The French bulldog has become rather popular especially for city dwellers who do not have large spaces to offer to tend to a pet. 

Compared to large dogs, the grooming and direct attention that French Bulldogs require are but minuscule. Although they are small, these little cuties are known to be independent and are trainable. 

Often, instead of simply buying an available French bulldog in the 

Pet shops or the rescue shelter, many would love to have their pet dog breed through professional breeding. This gives them the liberty to choose whether they are going to get a pure-bred French bulldog or a cross-bred one. 

Due to the complexity of a French Bulldog’s physical built and mental capacity, some breeds are best paired with the French Bulldog and others may not go hand-in-hand with full compatibility with the built of this little mutt. 

Cute as they are French bulldogs are more than just interesting especially for those who want to have one or just have just an extra bundle of joy at home. This is the reason why reputable French bulldog breeders are getting much attention when it comes to finding the right mix of the breed that they would like to see in their pets. 

Sure, some pet owners want cross-bred dogs, and others might want pure ones. If you are thinking of having your French bulldogs bred, then you would need to understand the birthing, the breeding, and the reproduction processes that a French dog goes through. 

So, to make sure you make the perfect match for the French bulldog breed that you want, it is best to contact a professional to do the job. But before we discuss finding reputable French bulldog breeders, let us first discuss the birth, breeding, and reproduction among Frenchies. 

French Bulldogs are like most dogs, cute, adorable, and loyal. But deep down, French Bulldogs are indeed unique when it comes to their birthing, breeding, and reproduction. For this reason, here is some information you might want to know: 


To get optimum results, French Bulldogs don’t just get impregnated by mating, unlike other dogs. 

Breeders have found it rather necessary to find French dogs that will be able to carry the pregnancy into full term without developing any particular problems along the way. This is why you should find a professional breeder when you want to breed or cross-breed your French bulldog.

Often, breeders recommend that when it comes to French Bulldogs, artificial insemination is required. Artificial insemination in dogs works quite similarly to the way it works in humans. Once the bulldog is ready to give birth to a puppy, French Bulldogs usually have to undergo a “C-Section” or “Caesarean Section” to have a successful birth. According to major statistics and studies, about 80% of all French Bulldog litters are born in this way. 


In the 1800s, “Toy Bulldogs” or “Miniature Bulldogs” were bred with local ratters from the slums of Paris, France to create a new breed later to be called French Bulldogs or its original name “Bouledogue Français”. 

They were bred this way to significantly reduce their size making them more compact and lightweight. This was successful of course since modern-day French Bulldogs are small, lightweight and as we all know by now, incredibly cute. 

One of the ancestors of the French Bulldog is the “English Bulldog”. The English Bulldogs were very popular in the late 1800s, especially in Europe. Then one day, an American-based breeding program brought bulldogs from Europe to America for breeding purposes. 

This was when the French Bulldog craze started, when society ladies, artists, and wealthy people started adopting French Bulldogs. Back then, French Bulldogs were not considered bulldogs at all because of their uniquely shaped ears. Regular bulldogs had ears that folded at the tip which were called “rose ears” while French Bulldogs had ears that were erect and stood up. 

This was when the society ladies of the “French Bull Dog Club of America” set the breed standard for French Bulldogs that had “erect bat ears”. The French Bulldogs from there continued to undergo more cross-breeding until the early 2000s. 

Reproduction through insemination is not an easy process. 

these small dogs have to go through extensive preparation before they are subjected to insemination. Like in humans, there are tests of compatibilities that the dog must go through. As an owner, you need to understand that you should be a part of the whole process. As small as they are, French bulldogs are quite sensitive to care for as they are being prepared for insemination. 

Now that we know how the birthing, reproduction, and breeding procedures are handled among French bulldogs, it is time to explore what possible factors you would need to look for in a reputable French bulldog breeder. 

The first thing to know is that because of the increase in popularity among French bulldogs, a lot of scammers are catching interested fur parents online. So, before you set up an appointment with a supposed trusted French bulldog breeder who may be advertising online through social media platforms, make sure they are legitimate and that they are also licensed to breed dogs. The best way to do this is to check in with the system and find out if their business is registered and that they are awarded a legitimate permit to operate. 

Why is there so much of a fuss over getting a legitimate breeder for your French bulldog? 

Breeding miniature French bulldogs is not an easy task. Unlike when breeding other dogs of much larger breeds, the process is not as complicated. So, what do you need to consider when liking reputable French bulldog breeders? 

ONE: Research on the Background of your chosen breeders 

It is best to have not one but several breeders to choose from. How do you do this? Research through the different French bulldog therapies you have chosen. Look through their websites; read through the reviews of past clients, and if you can, call them through the phone and confirm their services. When you do call, try to ask all things that concern you. 

At the same time, you also might want to visit directly with your chosen breeders. 

It is best to make sure that you and your chosen breeder meet at a certain common ground to make sure that you understand each other and your breeder knows about your expectations. 

TWO: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

In accomplishing an agreement with your prospective French bulldog breeder, you need to not be afraid to ask. 

Everything should be clear before you make the final decision.

Remember, a legitimate reputable French bulldog breeder company would be more than willing to share with you the details of what they do, how they do it and will be open to any other concerns. 

THREE: A Real Reputable French Bulldog Breeder Will Care

There are many illegitimate breeders out there who will say yes to everything you request for. Confirming they can do this, they can do that and would be more focused on the payment, than they are with the process. 

This is why you need to interview. You need to gauge the reality behind what your chosen breeder offers. 

Instead of talking about the money, a legitimate breeder cares. Instead of saying ‘yes” to all your requests, a legitimate French bulldog breeder would also have questions for you, asking about the condition of your pet, if you are asking for your French bulldog to be bred with another dog. They would have several queries about the age, the health, the size, and the behavior of your pet so that they can match him or her with the dogs available at their litter. 

They know the context of compatibility very well that if they do not have the right fit for your pet as well as your expectations, they have no problem telling you that they cannot accommodate you at the moment. 

On the other hand, when they do have what you need, they will surely be more than willing to share some important information, especially the ones that have a specific impact on what you will have to do to prepare your dog for the breeding process. This is especially true if you happen to choose the insemination process for breeding. 

Here are some other concerns a reputable French bulldog might share with you:

  • A newborn puppy will not be available for pick up between eight to ten weeks as this will include the time of weaning the puppy from the mother dog’s breastmilk and making sure that he is healthy enough to be taken into another home. This point of observation is critical to make sure that you will receive a healthy pup at the end of the final breeding process. 
  • They will also be concerned about your current family situation, your capacity to care for a new puppy, and the time you can spare to make sure that the puppy is well provided with the attention it needs especially during the early days of being introduced to a new home. 
  • They would also be concerned about how much you know about French bulldogs especially when it comes to the health issues they are prone to develop as they age. This will help them decide how serious you are about taking care of the dog. Reputable French Bulldog breeders often already have had the chance dealing with clients who simply want a Frenchie for display and this often does not end well with the puppies they place in homes and families. 

Legitimate breeders are concerned enough for the dog than they are about your money. They would want to make sure that the puppy that they will, later on, give to you for caring and safekeeping would have a good life and will not be mishandled. This way, the agreement formed between you and the breeder you chose is based on championing the needs of the young French bulldog. 

Remember to Ask for Medical Certifications 

As mentioned earlier, do not be afraid to ask. Legitimate and experienced French Bulldog breeders will not be afraid of showing you proof that they are certified to do the job when you ask for it. Records are kept accordingly to make sure that they comply with the regulations of the law. 

The construction of a reputable name in the field of dog breeding takes work, time, and immense effort especially on the part of developing a trustworthy name that dog lovers would recognize accordingly. This important factor should always be a part of your search for reputable French bulldog breeders around your area. 

Key Takeaways 

Tending for French bulldogs is not an easy task. Even though they do look as small and cute as they are, they require enough time and attention that will keep them settled and comfortable at home. It is not always easy to find the right connection with a dog that will stay by your side. But with a French Bulldog, it simply hits home to have a small bundle of joy that will certainly bring you that smile early in the morning and play with you just before you go to sleep. 

If you want to have your French bulldog to tend to, you might want to go and look for a reputable French bulldog breeder now and make an arrangement that will get you that small but fun bundle of joy that will surely make your every day a bit brighter. 

Remember though that when picking from available French Bulldog breeders in your area, you need to be sure of their reputation, their record, and the way they care about the dogs as this will determine not only their legitimacy but also the possibility that they will offer help and assistance to you in the future as you care for your Frenchie.