Reasons Why Frenchie Throws Yellow Discharge

For any experienced dog owner, they would say that vomiting with yellow discharge is quite a usual, but concerning activity dogs do. French bulldogs, especially, are naturally curious but entirely oblivious to the things that they consume. So they might suddenly throw up, then carry on with their lives as nothing happened. However, when something is out of the usual, concerns will start to rise. It especially becomes alarming if your Frenchie has a pre-existing illness.

One of these unusual scenarios is seeing your Frenchie’s vomit in a different color, like yellow, from their usual color. The normal color could be brown or green, depending on the food you feed them. The color of the food will most likely reflect the color of the vomit, of course. However, yellow is not a standard color for dog food. It is usually brown in color. In this article, we will talk about yellow vomiting in french bulldogs. It will also include its causes, preventions, and the other colors you should look out for.

Possible Causes Of Throwing Up

💉 Consumption of unwanted substances

Some substances contain toxins that will irritate the digestive tract of the Frenchie. These usually include pieces of garbage or spoiled food. Other factors to vomiting can also have harmless foods for humans that are dangerous to dogs. These hazardous foods include chocolate, nuts, and grapes. You may notice or recognize a portion of the object in the vomit. However, it would be best if you were looking out for any further vomiting, weakness, or unusual behavior your Frenchie may show. Sometimes not all of the unwanted material is taken out through the vomiting.

💉 Infections

Certain bacterial and viral infections can cause your Frenchie to vomit. You may notice a sudden change in the color of their vomit once this occurs. Other symptoms may also include loss of appetite, fatigue, and fever. If you notice these symptoms in your french bulldog, take them to the vet immediately, especially if it is accompanied by excretion of blood through their feces. It could be a sign of a severe illness such as the parvovirus. In order to minimize the risks, make sure your dog is fully vaccinated against the common diseases.

💉 Parasites

Parasites can induce an upset stomach in dogs, thus causing vomiting and possibly diarrhea. These parasites may come from surfaces from the outdoors or from your dog’s own food. Some of these can potentially pass on to humans and other animals. In order to prevent this, make sure to deworm your Frenchie regularly. This way, regular deworming can eradicate the growth of internal parasites before they get serious. Vets usually provide a schedule for deworming for your Frenchie.

An example of a parasite that is common to Frenchies is roundworms. Consumption of contaminated food with infective eggs from a toxic area or larvae and from other animals’ tissues can cause roundworm infection in Frenchies. The infection induced by roundworm infestation in French Bulldogs is particularly severe in young puppies. However, puppies can also become sick prior to actual birth or while breastfeeding. These illnesses are linked to a lack of body mass, a lousy hair coat, and an unusual bloating look. Severe infections in newborn puppies can lead to death within a few days.

💉 Allergic Reactions

Some allergic reactions to certain types of food and medicine can cause vomiting. You should also know your french bulldog’s allergies in order to prevent this. Other symptoms would usually include warm spots, itching, restlessness, difficulty breathing, and upper respiratory infection signs. Aside from food allergies, certain types of medicine act as a countering agent against allergic reactions. These include antihistamines, which are usually given to dogs for allergic reactions.

Food sensitivities in dogs can cause digestive problems like diarrhea and vomiting, as well as skin-related indications like itching, damaged skin and fur, and recurrent ear or paw infectious diseases. Working with your veterinarian to control your dog’s discomfort and find the substance triggering the response is the most excellent method to diagnose and manage a food intolerance. Food allergies in Frenchies might range depending on the reason. For example, a dog in toxic shock would have a decrease in blood pressure accompanied by distress, which is not the same as a skin disease.

💉 Motion Sickness

Motion sickness, like in humans, can cause an upset stomach and, eventually, vomiting. If your Frenchie is not used to riding vehicles, it may cause them to vomit along the way. There are ways to prevent this, such as fasting and giving certain medications. You may also give them a familiar scent that they identify with. This could be a favorite toy or a piece of blanket they use to sleep in.

Frenchies suffering from motion sickness are a constant problem. Younger Frenchies are more susceptible to motion or vehicle sickness than older Frenchies. The explanation for this might be that the balance-related portions of the ear aren’t fully formed. By the age they are a year old, most puppies have developed motion sickness. As your Frenchie develops this condition, it results in increased fear and worry, as well as dizziness and nausea. Puppies that have a painful or scary first trip may link leisure travel with such a distressing occurrence. Stopping the car to take your dog out for a walk may temporarily reduce his tension if you believe he’s about to vomit.

💉 Indigestion And Bloating

French bulldogs are notorious for eating too fast in large portions. Too much food can eventually cause a delay in the digestion process. Delayed metabolism or digestion means they are likely to vomit any excess food in order to relieve themselves. To prevent this, you should portion out their food to a healthy amount. Never give them too much as it can cause serious health consequences in the long run. If they require a certain amount of food in their diet, portion it out throughout the day. This way, it can prevent them from eating too much too quickly.

💉 Changes In Their Diet

Frenchies, despite their huge appetite, can have sensitive stomachs like other dogs. Switching their diets can cause their stomachs not to be able to adapt to the change. Altering their diet plan includes suddenly giving them more food than usual. Some diets can also upset them if not eaten as a puppy. This is especially true for raw diets, which can irritate a Frenchie who’s never had it.

As time passes, French Bulldogs’ sense of smell and taste deteriorates, causing them to become less interested whenever they see foodstuff than they once were. Apart from vomiting, if you alter your dog’s food, whether it’s, he might refrain from eating it. It would be best if you also learned much about what human foods Frenchies can consume. Please remember that not all of your meals can be given with your dog, despite how much your Frenchie begs for that.

💉 Heat Stroke

Heatstroke in French Bulldogs is a serious cause that needs urgent action. If your dog has been left out in a hot area and they suddenly vomit, this is the likely cause. Take them to the vet immediately if this happens. Symptoms include rapid breathing, fainting, lack of coordination, drooling, and swelling of the gums. Make sure you don’t let out your Frenchie in the heat for too long. Keep them hydrated and provide climate control around their environment. It should be adjustable when it becomes too hot or too cold for them.

After drooling and vomiting, Frenchie may experience severe dehydration. Minimize movements in the summer heat and avoid touch with ground and pavement to avoid dehydration and stroke. Keep in mind that because Frenchies have thicker hair than humans, they may feel hotter. Let your Frenchie to have many bowls of cool fresh drink, as well as enough of cover and cool spots to relieve the extreme heat both inside and outside the house. Even within mildly humid weather, never abandon your Frenchie in a closed car, for it may cause suffocation and stroke to your dog.

💉 Organ Failure

Organ failure is a case that can affect all dogs, especially older ones. Any types of organ failure can be caused by genetic factors or the peak of underlying conditions. Extreme untreated injuries may also cause it. Once your Frenchie shows signs of long-term lethargy, loss of appetite, and weakness, take them to the vet immediately. It could be a sign of an organ failure in their digestive system, such as the liver or pancreas.

Renal and hepatic failure are the most common organ failure in Frenchies. The illness has progressed to overall body parts by the time a Frenchie has renal failure, and you may detect it with some signs like vomiting. Your veterinarian can check your dog to see if the issues are caused by renal problems or other disorders like metabolic syndrome. The type of kidney failure your dog is suffering, the extent of kidney organ dysfunction, the development of the illness, and its causative factors are all things to keep in mind. It’s important to remember that chronic kidney illness is incurable. The severity of the disease influences the survival. Life expectancy is expected to shorten as your dog advances through the phases of kidney illness.

💉 Cancer

Cancer is another illness that affects older dogs and is an emergency condition for Frenchies. Various genetic and environmental factors cause it. Vomiting from cancer is usually a sign that the tumor is located in the digestive system. However, some cancers situated around the body can also cause cancers. Cancers are unpredictable and very fatal, even for humans. There is no known cure, and this is one of the common causes of a dog’s death. Few preventions of cancer include a healthy lifestyle and specific procedures such as spaying or neutering.

One common type of cancer in French Bulldogs is skin cancer. It may be observed to have a small cluster of bumps on the head. This type of cancer is also called as mast cell cancer that often occurs if there is a severe allergic reaction that triggers the release of histamines. Vets manage the bumps by needle aspiration and will test if it is a cancer or just a simple spot. Unfortunately, if the node is a cancerous tumor, your Frenchie will undergo an operation to remove all the bumps. Lastly, your Frenchie will need a chemotherapy to avoid the growing back of the cancerous lumps.

Causes Of Yellow Vomit

>>> One of the reasons we have not previously mentioned is the culprit for yellow vomit. It is due to the empty stomach of the french bulldog. The yellow coloring is actually due to the bile that was stored in the dog’s stomach. When they go through extensive periods of time without eating, that bile will still increase. This is because once the digestive system recognizes a routine, the bile will be customized to match it. So if your Frenchie eats early in the morning, the digestive gases will be higher in that time.

>>> But when the Frenchie is not able to eat during that time, yellow vomiting may occur. Since the bile that is increasing will be too much, the digestive system will try to get rid of it. And how will it get rid of that excess bile? You guessed it, through vomiting. So if your dog vomits yellow fluid, it might be because they are hungry.

>>> It may also occur after digestion when the stomach is empty. Even when you fed your dog a few hours ago, it may already digest the food. So if they consume something unpleasant within that period of time, you may see yellow vomit on the floor. It is usually nothing to be concerned about, especially if you know what you’ve been feeding to the Frenchie. However, you might need to see the vet if vomiting is constant and has symptoms that accompany vomiting.

Other Colors Of Vomit

Besides yellow, there are also different types of vomiting. Some of these colors will help you indicate what is wrong with your dog.

🟢 Green or Yellow

Green vomit can indicated they’ve eaten grass or a green substance. It may also be a counterpart to the yellow bile, as bile and stomach acid can also appear as green. However, if they constantly vomit, it might be a sign of food poisoning.


Usually caused by bloating. However, the dog should not be vomiting white foam because foam can indicate a more severe condition. In addition, white vomit usually has a more liquid appearance than white foam.

🟤 Brown

This is probably one of the unsettling yet common colors of vomit. Why is it brown? Well, it may be because your dog has eaten another excrement that is colored brown. So, in short, it may be because your Frenchie ate a portion of their poop. Eating their dump is especially evident if the vomit is stinky. Experience dog owners will tell you, however, that eating their own feces is normal for dogs.

🔴 Red

This is a color that is concerning. Unless you know that the food they ate is red, this color of vomit is a sign of blood. Certain conditions can cause this to happen. If this happens, take them to the vet immediately.


It could be a sign of internal bleeding or blockage. Although the consumption of dirt may cause it, it should be treated immediately. You should take them to the vet or call a professional if this happens. It is not usually typical for dogs to vomit black if they are perfectly healthy. But, of course, unless you know, they ate something that is colored black.

Things To Do After Throwing Up

After your Frenchie stops vomiting, it doesn’t mean that it is already ok. There must be precautionary measures that you need to do in order to avoid this scenario happen again.

🐶 Halt The Food

Prevent feeding them for a few hours to 24 hours. This would depend on the severity and the number of times of vomiting. Halting the food or putting time gaps in between meals is to prevent any further vomiting that may occur. It may also help dogs who are suffering from bloating or indigestion.

🐶 Bland Diet

For a few meals, feed your Frenchie a bland meal in order to soothe their stomach. Only feed them plain rice and chicken or beef, without the skin or bones. It would help if you also made sure that any excess fat was removed. This is because fat can further upset your Frenchie’s stomach. Once your dog is eating well without vomiting, it should be taken as a good sign. Later on, when they are ready, feed them their regular meal gradually. Giving them a reasonable amount of food is advisable to prevent upsetting their stomach and worsening their condition.

🐶 Cold Water

Drinking cold water will ensure that they are hydrated and refreshed while recovering. Cold temperatures will also help soothe your Frenchie’s upset stomach. You may put small ice cubes or ice chips in the bowl of water. Ice can look like food to Frenchies and may help in getting back their enormous appetite. It would help if you did not worry, as ice can’t exactly cause vomiting for your dogs. It may also relieve any pain or irritation that they feel during recovery. Just make sure the ice is not too big to the point where it becomes a choking hazard.

🐶 Seeing Your Vet

Seeing your vet during those kinds of situations is always a good idea. Especially if you are restlessly anxious and concerned about your Frenchie’s well-being, vets can diagnose and even detect early signs of diseases through clinical tests. This is especially applicable if the vomiting becomes constant. It is also advisable if the Frenchie is experiencing more severe symptoms. The vet can also advise specific remedies to help soothe an upset stomach or indigestion. They may also provide medication for after they vomit. Sometimes, it might be pricey and time-consuming, but the vet is the best way to go for your Frenchie.

Bottom Line

Yellow vomits in Frenchies are normal for french bulldogs who have an empty stomach. Other colors such as red or black can indicate underlying conditions. Always observe the vomit carefully (even if it is pretty vile) in the event of blood spots. Remedies, after they vomit, are available and advisable to severe cases of vomiting. Some causes can be preventable, but some are even inevitable, such as cancers. Watching out what you feed your Frenchie is very important. Frenchies are sometimes careless with the things they eat. So it is your responsibility as their owner/parent to monitor what they consume.