Reasons behind Frenchie Throwing Up Undigested Food

If there’s one dog breed that is susceptible to stomach sensitivity, it is none other than the French bulldog. There are instances that the Frenchies tend to throw up food for some time. Or, the onset of throwing up is quite sudden and continuous. But, why is Frenchie throwing up undigested food? Is it something that really needs to worry about?

In this blog post, we will unravel the different reasons why the French bulldogs are throwing up undigested food. As a bonus, we also have here some of the things that you must have to do in order to help your Frenchie get through this throwing-up issue. So, if you want to end up the discomfort of your French bulldog, check these things out!

Frenchie Throwing Up Undigested Food – Vomiting or Regurgitation

Generally, it is very common for the French bulldog to vomit for some time. And, obviously, there are lots of reasons why your French bulldog throws up undigested food. But, aside from that, there are also other things that you must have to consider so that you will be able to dig deeper into what’s causing your bully to throw up.

Actually, when we speak of canine’s behavior as throwing up undigested food, dog vomiting and regurgitation are often used interchangeably. With this, it is really essential to differentiate those two terms. Doing so will help us to generally point out the main cause of the problem.

French bulldog’s Vomiting

frenchie throwing up undigested food

An involuntary process of expulsion of digested or undigested food, water, and any content from the stomach or upper portion of the intestine in a forceful way is known as vomiting. Generally, this body phenomenon may happen right after eating.

Vomiting is actually an active process in which your French bulldog may exhibit some actions before the occurrence of it. Usually, nausea and drooling may or may not be present. Other signs include pacing, lip licking, hacking or emitting unwanted sounds.

French bulldog’s Regurgitation

On the contrary, regurgitation does not require the cooperation of other factors in order for it to occur. So, this one is a passive process that does not have any abdominal contractions or nausea. Actually, this phenomenon is only just a symptom and not a disorder. During regurgitation, the French bulldog may only throw up undigested food inside the mouth or esophagus.

Usually, the thrown-up food or content is not able to travel down the dog’s stomach. With that, it is expelled right away from the esophagus immediately after eating. Most of the time, this passive process occurs once the French bully takes up the food too fast.

Causes Why Frenchie Throws Up Undigested Food

Well, vomiting may generally occur in all dog breed for quite some time. Yet, some dog breeds including the Frenchie may experience regurgitation. It is very popular that the French bulldogs have a sensitive stomach which causes them to regurgitate or throw up undigested food. Aside from that, the French bullies are brachycephalic dog breed, making it hard for them to take up food properly.

With that, it is actually worth noting that the reasons, why Frenchie throws up undigested food, are really numerous. Let’s find out below what are those:

1-Brachycephalic nature of the French bulldog

Most dog breed that has brachycephalic condition basically experience vomiting, gagging, and regurgitation. Brachycephalic dog breeds including the French bulldogs have noses consisting of soft tissues. Their throat is generally compressed into the small space inside their body.

That is actually the main responsible for the narrowing and blockage of the airways. With that, your Frenchie will eventually suffer from difficulty in breathing. So, during eating, they usually breathe via their mouth. Inhaling too much air may result in bloated and stomach upset of your Frenchie.

2-Frenchie’s food allergies

Since the French bulldogs have a sensitive stomach, this pooch can also be allergic to a number of foods out there. Yet, canine’s food allergies may also be developed as time flies. Generally, what your Frenchie will have to take in over the years may begin stomach irritation in dogs.

In rare cases, food allergies in French bulldogs may be presented with diarrhea. It is always better to keep an eye when your Frenchie throwing up undigested food through food allergy. This is due to the fact that allergies to food for the French bulldog may be seen through other symptoms. Normally, young Frenchie pups are more affected by food allergies than adult ones.

3-Esophageal disorders in French bulldogs

Esophageal disorders generally have different types that may possibly cause the Frenchie throwing up undigested food. Those are the following:


This is actually a condition of the esophagus in which it tends to be dilated. The absence of peristaltic movement is usually the cause of dilation of the esophagus. The megaesophagus can either be congenital or may be developed later on in the canine’s life.


A condition in which the upper portion of the stomach pushes via the hiatus through the chest.


This normally occurs as a product of acid reflux, infections, or side effects of some medications. It is characterized by inflammation of the esophagus.


There are also other medical-related problems that are connected to the esophagus which will also be the cause of Frenchie throwing up undigested food. For instance, esophageal and cricopharyngeal achalasia are defects related to swallowing and myasthenia gravis, resulting in regurgitation. Further, the laryngeal paralysis polyneuropathy (GOLPP) produces symptoms in adult French bulldogs including regurgitation and gagging.

4-Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Another reason why Frenchie throwing up undigested food is when they are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. IBD in canines is presented with vomiting and diarrhea. However, this is primarily based on the affected GI system.


Usually, pancreatitis or inflammation of Frenchie’s pancreas happens once he consumes up a meal consisting of high-fat levels. The moment this condition becomes acute in French bulldogs, it will result in sickness, loss of appetite, pain in the belly, fever, and vomiting. Meanwhile, you can also observe the chronic type of canine pancreatitis.

In this form, the French bulldogs may experience a slow-burning sensation than the acute one. Still, there is inflammation of the pancreatic organ but there is also some pain and nausea associated with intermittent throwing up. 

6-Potential blockage

In case the Frenchie throwing up undigested food after eating and hanging around for a while, there is a possibility of some issues arising between the stomach and intestines of the Frenchie. One possible cause is a blockage that may hinder the ability of the French bulldog’s stomach to empty its content. This is known as gastric obstruction, a block located around the area of the pylorus. With this, there is a high possibility that the food cannot get out through the stomach making its way back resulting in throwing up.

7-Hypomotility of the stomach

Gastric or stomach hypomotility generally happens when the Frenchie throwing up undigested food for about 7-10 hours after intake. Usually, older Frenchies are more affected than the younger ones. Well, this movement of the stomach is not a diagnosis but a sign of another condition. It is either the Frenchie may have primary stomach disorder or external conditions out of the GI tract.


Throwing up undigested food is one of the many symptoms of stress or the nervous GI system. If your Frenchie is exposed to stressful events like exposure to noises or being left alone for a longer period, he may even throw up food.

9-Dietary sensitivity

Changing or adding new food or supplement to your Frenchie’s diet may generally cause sensitivity of his stomach. Although French bulldogs are prone to stomach sensitivity, a sudden change in their diet may generally contribute to the motility of the GI tract. This will trigger the scenario of throwing up undigested food for several hours.

Normally, in cases like this, the immune system of the French bulldog may respond to a foreign protein present in the new food source. And, when it reaches the gut, the dog’s body will react through vomiting with or without diarrhea.

10-Spoiled food

Well, just like in humans, spoiled foods when consumed will trigger vomiting. This is also the case for Frenchies.

Things to Do When French Bulldogs Throw Up Food

Now that you already have an idea about the possible cause of the throwing up of food by the Frenchies, there are things that you can do as a pet owner to help him get through it.

Resist feeding your Frenchie

frenchie throwing up undigested food

If you notice that your French bully is throwing up undigested food, the best thing that you can do is stop feeding him for 24 hours. This will give way for his stomach to take time in settling down. Once the throwing up is already over, then you may start feeding him with half of the amount of his regular meal. Monitor your Frenchie for another 8 hours and if there is no vomiting or regurgitation occurs, you may feed him with a full meal.

Also, you may consider changing his food bowl into a dog bowl designed for French bulldogs.

Monitor your French bulldog’s water intake

When your Frenchie throws up food, it is important to keep him hydrated all throughout. With this, it is important to give him small amounts of water at the right intervals. As much as possible, don’t allow your Frenchie free access to water because he may drink too much. And, it will eventually lead to increase throwing up and possible dehydration.

Give small frequent meals

After vomiting or regurgitation, you will have to reintroduce food to your French bully. Once you are in the state of food reintroduction, several small meals are better than large meals. Moreover, a bland diet is recommended for a few days to support in the fast process of recuperation.

Cut in dairy products

Milk and milk products are some of the common food that we tend to feed to our Frenchies. Yet, keep in mind that the lactose in milk is not digestible by all dogs, most likely adults. Having that said, it is important to exclude dairy products from the diet of your French bulldog.

Get help from Probiotics

Generally, probiotics are a big help in the digestive health of the doggo. It also aids in boosting the immune system of the French bulldog. Primarily, probiotics act by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria into the gut of the Frenchies. Just ensure that your French bully is getting the probiotics specially formulated for canines. Through that, you will guarantee that your dog will receive the appropriate type of bacteria.

Avoid giving any medications to your Frenchies

As pet owners, it is our prerogative to offer medications to our French bulldogs especially when they are sick. However, the vet’s advice and recommendation are still important. So, it is better to ask the help of the vet first.

Diagnostic Tests Involved in French Bulldog’s Vomiting

Luckily, there are lots of ways to test your Frenchie and analyze the underlying problem related to his throwing up the issue. The following diagnostic tests are reliable ways for veterinarians to check the real problem of throwing up Frenchie.


Primarily, once you visited the veterinarian with your Frenchie, he may conduct a physical examination of your dog. Through that process, the vet will be able to feel your Frenchie’s stomach and intestines via the abdominal wall. However, this test may be difficult for the vet if the dog is obese. Foreign bodies residing inside the dog’s stomach and intestines may also be detected as well.


Blood tests will also be performed together with urinalysis and fecalysis. A complete blood count biochemistry will be analyzed in order to determine the presence of metabolic disease. Moreover, the thyroid profile may also be examined for a confirmatory of some underlying conditions.


Generally, the result of the x-ray will reveal the structure of your French bulldog’s body. It is a helpful way for the veterinarian to identify if the dog had ingested any foreign object. An X-ray will also show if there is a presence of mass somewhere in your Frenchie’s body.


This test is usually conducted when your Frenchie is suspected to have esophageal issues especially the megaesophagus. The Barium Swallow Test will unravel the status quo of your Frenchie’s esophagus. Through oral administration, the barium will be provided to your dog. It will follow by series of x-rays that will show how barium passes into the esophagus and GI tract of the canine.


Basically, ultrasound shows a clearer view of what’s inside your French bully’s stomach. The vet may even perform an endoscopy.


In order to rule out some GI issues, the GI testing panels will be used. It is also a blood test in specialized form. In addition to that, it also has a particular test for pancreatitis.


Endoscopy basically works through a video scope placed in a food pipe that will get through the stomach of the French bulldog. Once already inside the stomach, the video scope will look around the stomach and may get some biopsies. Generally, this involves anesthesia.

Final Words

Well, a French bulldog is a dog breed popular to have a number of health issues to deal with. And since they have a sensitive stomach and due to their brachycephalic nature, the Frenchies may throw up undigested food for various reasons. Most of them are due to disorders or conditions related to the GI system. Yet, as pet owners, there are also ways for you to do to help your Frenchie to rule out this issue.

You just need to have a clear understanding of the root cause of the throwing up problem of your doggo. Aside from that, be very keen to look for the signs and symptoms that your Frenchie has to show. That way, you may act upon it immediately and make your Frenchie feels better.