Raising a French Bulldog Puppy

If you have purchased a Frenchy or you are planning on buying one, there are many things you should prepare and factor in. The Frenchie is a small dog with a huge ego, so they should be treated in the same manner as a big dog. Because of the Frenchie’s size, owners often forget to treat it like a typical dog. Raising a French bulldog puppy requires that they learn their place in the family.

Tips in raising a French bulldog puppy

Raising a French Bulldog Puppy

Learning social skills

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy? It is crucial to get your puppy familiarized with many things as possible, which include people, children, other animals, and sudden sounds from electronics and gadgets. This is a good beginning, but formal socialization should continue up to six months. The primary socialization may have been done by the breeder as it should be, but the secondary socialization will be done by you.

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy? You may notice that your Frenchie may exhibit shyness and anxiety so go on walks with them as much as possible. Never get angry if they respond anxiously but do not go overboard in giving them comfort as well. If you get angry at them, they get fearful; if you comfort them, their fear will be rewarded.

Show who is the boss

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy? Be consistent with your Frenchie. If you forbid your puppy, one thing you will have to keep forbidding it once the puppy is older. Everyone in the family must apply consistent rules. Never have a low posture when playing with them, not even in a breed a small as the Frenchie. If you have smaller children who are still crawling, the puppy might see them as a playmate. Avoid leaving your puppy alone with your children.

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy?

You should set the rules of the beginning and the end of an action or play. Don’t give your Frenchie attention if they are pushy. 

Do not go to your dog yourself; instead, always let your dog come to you.

Stop your dog from entering or leaving the house first. Instead, encourage them in a sitting position and then go outside yourself first.

It is certainly advisable to have puppy training as early as ten weeks.

General interaction

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy? When you are raising a French bulldog puppy, always be consistent. Be calm and patient with your dog and never hesitate but always maintain confidence.

Ensure that you have a good tone of voice. You should apply a different tone for commands and rewards.

For commands, use a neutral tone and for corrections, a low tone and reward a high-pitched tone.

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy? If you give an instruction, the dog must follow this. Repeat the command and help your Frenchie learn. There is no point in repetition or getting angry and start shouting.

If your dog follows the command correctly, reward them.

It is crucial to correct unwanted behavior at once. A dog only remembers things for a few moments, so they will no longer know why you corrected them if you wait too long. After correcting them, let them do something and reward them for doing it well with your voice command.

Problem behaviors include:

Unwanted growling

Raising a French Bulldog Puppy

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy?

There can be one or two reasons why a dog growls at things they shouldn’t. When growling, they may show their teeth because of fear, boredom, and lack of stimulation.

Provide your dog with various toys to stop them from nibbling on your personal items. Ensure that toys offered them should be sufficiently challenging, such as a toy from which something scrumptious can come out when it is pushed in a certain position.

What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy?

If you find your French bulldog playing at a forbidden item, take it away and give them one of their personal chew toys. Reward your Frenchie if they play with the toy.


What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy?

A lot of French Bulldogs bark when strangers come by. Good socialization can work wonders. Reward your dog by giving them a special treat and a chew toy to keep them stimulated and busy if there are visitors in the house.

Training tips- raising a French bulldog puppy

Stop French Bulldog puppy barking

If your Frenchie barks at strangers and visitors, this bark is more likely to warn their master. What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy?

The Frenchie is extremely vigilant by nature, and sometimes it is difficult to stop them from barking when they hear odd sounds. It is, of course possible that you should appreciate this side of their personality.

But it is not fine if your dog barks continuously. Getting them to follow commands and to stop can be helpful.

It is extremely important to reward your Frenchie if they follow.

If your Frenchie wants to give you a warning that someone is coming over or if they hear a weird noise, then reward them for getting your attention. Afterward, let them know that it is enough and reward them if they stop.


The display of aggressive behavior should never be tolerated. There are several reasons why your dog may want to bite, but this is never an excuse. As a pup, they must learn that they are not permitted to bite even during playtime. What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy?

The best measure to reform aggressive behavior is to make it clear that you are the boss.

If your dog bites, you can think about several factors that influence their perception of their place in the hierarchy. This may have to do with the games you play, where it sleeps or eats. But if your Frenchie thinks that he is the pack leader, the problem cannot be underestimated, and you should seek professional help. A vet, dog trainer, or therapist for dogs can give you advice.

Top tips in raising a French bulldog puppy


The origin of the Frenchie is colorful, and they make amazing companions for the right owner. What are tips for raising a French bulldog puppy?

They are suited well as apartment dogs or owners who are out of the house most of the time. The Frenchie has no problem in crates since they are lazy and sleep the entire time. This same trait makes your dog a great dog for apartments and makes them an ideal travel mate that can be content and lay on laps for long periods.

Although the breed is not known for barking, they will get your attention if people or animals are approaching the territory. They may bark and whine and even rush at the doors and windows to check out the action outside. The Frenchie may have tons of bark but do not bite, and they are extremely friendly with humans. If they are properly socialized, they will be accepting of strangers. Giving them a pat and a back rub gives them tons of pleasure.

The Frenchy sheds little, and only minor amounts of short hairs will be loose. You can vacuum weekly to keep the house in order.

Finding the Right Breeder– raising a French bulldog puppy

Raising a French Bulldog Puppy

If you select a breeder, you should ask them several questions. Ask them why they breed, whether it is for the money or to improve the breed. Ask if they bred the dog and if they participate in shows. Do they love their dogs, and are they well taken cared for? A breeder with a good heart will enjoy having a loving forever home for their puppy.

Some breeders will choose to breed the Frenchy because they are unique in looks and disposition, and they give you laughs and hence they are known as the clown dog of canines. As AKC states, they are often referred to as the clown in a philosopher’s cloak. They have multiple personalities and can be part dog, part philosopher, and part comedian. All the world is a stage for these dogs.

Risks of Owning the Breed– raising a French bulldog puppy

Due to the muzzle’s shortness, the Frenchie cannot tolerate excessive heat. According to experts, French Bulldogs are one of the brachycephalic breeds out there, which include boxers, pugs, and Boston terriers. They will have a short face that seems pushed in and an extremely short nose. The Frenchie dog cannot live in hot and humid weather. They need moderate exercise, but it can become excessive under 80° or 70° temperatures with high humidity. In both situations, they can become stressed. They can’t cool themselves. If your dog becomes extremely heat-stressed cold water on the chest will cool the temperature. If your dog becomes stressed from the heat, cool their bodies at once, especially if your dog excessively pants. Frenchies love to walk, especially in a leash and smell the flowers and explore paths.

Some breeders choose genes to make sure the breathing structure is correct. It is one of the most important health factors for the breeder and the owner who will purchase. The dog’s ability to breathe and the anatomy that allows for it is vitally important. If there is a pinched nasal opening that is very tight, it is extremely challenging for them to take optimal amounts of air. The Frenchie is a likely candidate to suffer from heatstroke and respiratory stress. New owners should have their Frenchie checked by a vet.

Fencing your dog and leashing

You might want to put your Frenchie behind a fence or walk them on a leash. From history, you will know that obstinance was not bred out of it. They might refuse when they are called, or they will just stare and not move. Even worse, if you run to catch them, they might run away from you, thinking that you are playing games. A good strategy is to bring a treat with you since Frenchies love them.

Be gentle in rough play. Frenchies are susceptible to back problems. They like playing on the floor with you, and gentle pushes and hand play are preferred. They also like to run and play with their favorite dog toy. Just be cautious not to pull toys out of their mouths to avoid sprains on their neck and back. The vet will give muscle relaxers for any spasms that may occur.

Never feed your Frenchy any grapes, chocolates, avocado, or macadamia since even low amounts can result in a fatal condition.

Your dog might tend to clean up after themselves. To stop this behavior, have a bag handy and pick up after your puppy to stop this habit. It may sound disgusting, but the alternative is even worse.

House Training– raising a French bulldog puppy

Your puppy should be trained in a crate. After weaning, your Frenchie will whine every few hours, which may remind you of a newborn baby. Free them from time to time to relieve themselves, give them cuddles for several minutes and then place them back in the crate. A clock that is ticking and a warm blanket will calm them. As mentioned before, this breed is stubborn. Begin house training by putting newspapers on a large area of the room where they can urinate. When your puppy relieves itself in this area, give them praise and cuddles. Over time make the paper area smaller and smaller, and the last step should be to take the last sheet of paper outdoors. Frenchies are extremely intelligent. They will know when to go outside. Praise them and give them a treat.

What to Feed

To keep your Frenchie in optimum health, you must maintain their weight. Feeding weight control dry food mixed with a few selections of soft food a couple of times a day is perfect. Foods such as low-fat bones, carrots, and apple slices without the peel is an enjoyable treat as well as inducement for them to come to you when you want them. If your Frenchie has hands, they will be clapping for joy and perform a happy dance at the sight of a scrumptious treat. 

What If You Want to Show?

In case you want to show your Frenchie, it is crucial to attend the dog shows. The larger dog shows usually have an orientation for newcomers for both spectators and potential show participants. The best place to begin is researching on the AKC website.

It is also recommended to look for qualities that make a dog good for the show. There is little difference between pets and show dogs since they have similar health requirements. The only difference between the two is the aesthetics. Examine if your Frenchie meets the standard color and structure. 

Final thoughts

The French bulldog is a breed that is one-of-a-kind. There is simply nothing like it since it has tons of personality and is funny to look at. Once you get this breed, it is crucial to know the proper way of raising a French bulldog puppy. Getting them trained early on means they will be exhibiting good behavior, and you won’t have to be hassled by disobedience.