14 Pros and Cons of French Bulldogs –Read This Before Getting One!

What do Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, and Reese Witherspoon have in common? All of them own French Bulldogs! And if you’re planning to join them in raising this breed, you have to make sure that it’s the right fit for you. In this post, I listed down the pros and cons of French Bulldogs, so you’ll make a better decision before getting this dog.

Just like any breed, French Bulldogs aren’t for everyone. They are charming, cute, and affectionate, but they suit a specific type of pet owner. Below, I will help you decide if a Frenchie is the right pet for you.

Pros of owning a French Bulldog

👍🏻Suitable for first-time dog owners

pros and cons of French Bulldogs

If you’re looking for a first dog to own, French Bulldogs are excellent candidates. These laidback canines have a docile temperament suitable for inexperienced owners. They aren’t loud barkers, which is a big plus if you’re still learning to raise a dog.

Moreover, Frenchies have a charming personality that appeals to a lot of pet owners. They are playful, but their energy is very manageable. This breed also loves being with people, so having guests over won’t be a problem at all.

Lively, alert, and easy-going – it’s not that hard to fall in love with a French Bulldog. They are one of the goofiest dogs in the canine kingdom.


For families with young children, a French Bulldog would be a perfect fit. This breed is very relaxed and tolerant of moderate roughhousing. And since they love being with people, children are perfect playmates for them.

The cheery disposition of a Frenchie will surely become fun for kids. And since this breed is small, you won’t worry about your child being knocked down to the ground too strong. Frenchies are very chill creatures, which suits families with a quieter lifestyle.

While French Bulldogs can put up with the screaming and pinching, you should still supervise them when mingling with children. And just like with any dog, you shouldn’t leave a baby alone with a French Bulldog. Your little one might end up biting or hurting the dog.

👍🏻Very affectionate and cuddly

pros and cons of French Bulldogs

If you’re looking for a cuddly and clingy canine, French Bulldogs will not disappoint. These are affectionate dogs that love being surrounded by people. If you leave them, Frenchies will become whiny and sad, so they thrive in a home with people 24/7.

French Bulldogs welcome everyone, even strangers. They are very accepting, which is a good choice if you have friends or family members who aren’t much into canines.

Frenchies are couch potatoes, so you can count on them to cuddle with you for hours. Just beware because they will also join you in bed.

Whether it’s watching TV all day or being your little kitchen assistant, French Bulldogs are just happy to be around.

👍🏻Small size

French Bulldogs are medium-sized canines, which adds to their easy-to-maintain characteristics. They suit most homes since they don’t consume too much space. Also, their smaller size means they are easier to carry around and control during walks.

Like I mentioned earlier, Frenchies are the perfect size for kids. They also have a stocky body that can take roughhousing quite well.

Also, many aspiring dog owners get intimidated by large breeds. If you’re one of them, a French Bulldog might be the right breed to get.

Since Frenchies are smaller than other breeds, it also means they are easier to groom.

👍🏻Very low prey drive

pros and cons of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are far from hunters. They prefer staying cozy on the couch to chasing after a squirrel. While this little guy may bark and fixate on a moving object, they won’t pursue it as much as Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds would.

This same characteristic makes them a safe choice for most families. You can count on your Frenchie to stay beside you all the time.

Also, this means that a French Bulldog won’t be a headache when brought outdoors. With proper training and socialization, you will have a well-disciplined and calm dog to walk.

However, this same personality also makes French Bulldogs lousy guardians. Nevertheless, they compensate with their charming and affectionate attitude.

👍🏻Thrives in apartment living

Are you living in the city and planning to get a dog? You should definitely consider a French Bulldog. This pooch can thrive just about anywhere – a large home with a massive yard or a small New York apartment. In fact, French Bulldogs are the #1 dog choice in NYC for this very same reason.

Frenchies are very adaptable canines as long as you keep them company. This breed doesn’t need a lot of exercise, and they are very easy to entertain indoors.

Also, French Bulldogs don’t bark as much as other canines so that you won’t be in trouble with your neighbors. Chances are one of your neighbors will also have a Frenchie.

👍🏻Can get along with other pets

pros and cons of French Bulldogs

If you have other dogs or cats at home, French Bulldogs would be an amazing pair to them. This dog is very welcoming and can easily adapt to a multi-pet household. You just have to introduce them properly to avoid conflicts.

The best thing about French Bulldogs is they don’t mind sharing the spotlight. As long as you give them equal attention, your Frenchie won’t become jealous.

Just like with kids, French Bulldogs can tolerate the noise and energy of other pets. They will also enjoy the company and playtime, especially if you work for long hours.

Cons of owning a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs come with some downsides, just like any dog breed. So before you look for a breeder or visit a local pound, you should also consider these disadvantages:

👎🏻Snoring and farting

Flat-nosed dogs like French Bulldogs are notorious for loud snoring and farting. Their stocky bodies can get really gassy, and their farts can also be explosive. Unless you don’t want to be startled by a loud dog fart, you should think twice before getting a French Bulldog.

Take note that Frenchies snore because they have a shorter airway than other breeds. Also, they are prone to obesity, which puts more stress on their nasal passages.

Still, this is just a minor issue. As long as you give your Frenchie its own bed and sleeping quarters, the loud snoring won’t bother your night.

It’s important to watch over a French Bulldog’s diet and manner of eating. This will help reduce flatulence.

👎🏻High risk to health problems

All dogs have a higher susceptibility to specific health conditions than other canines. In the case of French Bulldogs, they are prone to issues like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, cherry eye, elongated soft palate, and brachycephalic syndrome.

Still, it doesn’t mean that all French Bulldogs will develop these problems. It’s important to get your pup from a reputable breeder to ensure that it’s healthy and has been tested for various hereditary health problems.

Such health risks are highly associated with the body structure of French Bulldogs. Their deep chest, low gait, and flat-nose make them vulnerable to a slew of health conditions.

If you are to get a French Bulldog, you should invest in a comprehensive pet insurance policy. This will become your safety net in case the pooch becomes seriously ill.

👎🏻Prone to separation anxiety

Take note that a French Bulldog’s clinginess can both be its strength and weakness. The problem with a clingy dog is it’s prone to separation anxiety. This occurs when the dog is left alone at home for long periods.

Separation anxiety will lead to destructive chewing, barking, howling, and accidents even if the dog is fully housetrained. This needs to be addressed through proper crate training. You should also consider getting two Frenchies to accompany each other.

Remember that dogs suffering from separation anxiety are longing for their owners. While 7 hours might be short for us, it’s almost equivalent to two days for dogs. Just imagine the anxiety and loneliness your Frenchie will feel when left alone.

👎🏻Not the easiest to train

French Bulldogs are not in the top ranks of the most intelligent dog breeds. They can have stubborn streaks that will get in the way of training.

Also, since Frenchies are couch potatoes, they prefer lazying around instead of doing training drills. You need added patience when training this breed. Some pet owners just decide to avail of professional dog training instead.

You shouldn’t expect a French Bulldog to be as brilliant as a Golden Retriever. While they aren’t the smartest pick, their personality remains a very important reason to consider them the next pet.


If you’re bent to get a well-bred French Bulldog puppy, you should prepare your wallet. On average, a Frenchie pup will cost you at least $1,500. Those that came from prestigious breeders will have a price tag of as much as $5,000.

If you don’t have this budget, you can take a chance on local shelters. The thing is that many French Bulldogs are surrendered to local shelters because the owners realize they don’t want them. This is what we’re trying to avoid, so think a hundred times before getting a dog.

However, be on the lookout for extremely cheap Frenchie pups. These are products of puppy mills, which spells tons of health issues.

👎🏻Heat intolerance

French Bulldogs aren’t made to be outdoor dogs because they are very sensitive to heat. Their short airways can easily collapse if you leave them exposed to direct sunlight. In no time, you’ll have an overheating Frenchie.

Aside from that, French Bulldogs can’t tolerate very cold temperatures either. They have a very thin coat that does nothing to shield them against very cold weather.

If you’re looking for a dog to take hiking during summer, Frenchies aren’t the best pick. This dog needs to be a comfortable home away from intense temperatures.

👎🏻High maintenance

Lastly, French Bulldogs aren’t the easiest to keep. First, they require regular vet visits to ensure that they won’t develop health problems.

Also, Frenchies are moderate shedders. Even though they have short fur, they can still wreak havoc on your home. They also drool sometimes, which may not be welcome to some households and people.

Aside from the high-cost French Bulldog puppies, the upkeep is another story. Unless you’re willing to shell out a lot of money, you should consider other breeds.

Final words

These pros and cons of French Bulldogs are intended to help you make informed decisions before getting the breed. Like any dog, Frenchies aren’t perfect pets. They have their ugly parts, but their good features trump that. Just make sure that you’re 100% committed and prepared to raise a dog. We don’t want another Frenchie ending up in sad and lonely shelters.

Are you a proud Frenchie owner? How’s your experience so far? Share it with us below!