The Best Life Jacket For French Bulldog — Top 9 Picks!

It’s the summer season already. That means it’s time to test out the waters and go swimming in the ocean or in a lake. But it would be super fantastic if you bring your Frenchie along with you. Of course, you will need to equip yourself with some safety measures such as a life jacket. But how about your little pooch? Do you have the best life jacket for your French bulldog? Because now is the time to have it.

It’s a known fact that French bulldogs are so adorable that they can overwhelm anybody, however, their bodies aren’t too fitting with water, same as their cousin English bulldog. So, before you go and spend some time with your furry companion in your swimming activity, you have to make sure your dog has the best life jacket.

That said, we have carefully selected our featured products just to make it the best life jacket for your French bulldog, so you don’t have to worry about the quality and is capable. Rest assured that the items on our list have an excellent quality which you will surely love. So scroll down below and better check them out each!

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The Best Life Jacket For French Bulldog — OUR TOP 9 PICKS!


Product Name: RUFFWEAR

Product Description: Topping on our featured products is none other than RUFFWEAR Dog Life Jacket. This brand needs no further introduction. Because we are pretty sure that almost all pet parent knows how highly reputed this manufacturer especially in the United States, in terms of durability, reliability, and overall quality. Our team also picks this as among their personal favorite because of the premium quality. Although you will need to increase your budget because of its affordability.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Value for Money


What makes this our best-rated is because it has a striking combination of safety, adjustability, and style. One of the best highlights of this is the solid construction that is made of a sturdy ripstop type of material. Besides that, the exterior can hold enough pressure, does not rip off so easily. Also, it has plenty of space and this won’t constrain the movement of your dog while this is being equipped.

Not only that, the foam is carefully positioned in the panel which allows your dog to swim naturally without any hindrance. What’s also fascinating is the sturdy webbing keeping the product stable in wet conditions. It also features adjustable neck closure for added safety measures.

On top of that, we made this our best pick. One thing we liked about this product is the buckles that are well covered with special material which makes them even sturdier and safe for dogs. That’s why we placed this as the best life jacket for your French bulldog.


Superb design
Fully adjustable and low profile
Construction quality is a high grade


Expensive yet worth every dime


AOFITEE Life Jacket For Dogs

Best Life Jacket For French Bulldog — AOFITEE Life Jacket For Dogs

Do you want to turn your Frenchie into a stylish dog shark? Yes, you heard it right! This time, if you are feeling fancy and want to get your little pooch something that’s creative while having a great swim in the water, we definitely recommend the AOFITEE Dog Life Jacket.

It looks like a shark costume but it’s not just the design that’s really impressive here. It’s the overall quality and reliability. We are pretty sure your dog will really love this.

The AOFITEE Dog Life Jacket is delicately crafted making sure it’s not just the design that’s impressive here. Made of oxford and nylon cloth, this sure is built with sturdiness, it’s also crafted with abrasion-resistant and high-density features.

In addition, there’s pearl cotton foam which makes this product really buoyant. There’s also a rescue handle to easily pull your dog out of the water in case of an emergency. This also has quick-release buckles and adjustable straps for a comfortable fit while in use.

There’s also a D-ring attached for leash connecting. This offers 5 sizes and firs for most dogs in relation to their preferred size. It has 3 color selections you can choose from. With its added safety features and overall design, this is convenient for your pooch.

That said, if you love your dog to become the star of the moment, this dog life jacket suits him excellently. Also, this has excellent quality and makes sure your dog will have a great time swimming without having any problems.

  • Excellent quality
  • Stitchings are sturdy enough
  • Shark design
  • More safety features
  • The fit at the neck part is ait tricky

ZippyPaws Life Jacket For Dogs

Best Life Jacket For French Bulldog — ZippyPaws Life Jacket For Dogs

If you want to make sure that you have the quality life jacket for your French bulldog, then what you need is something reliable in the brand and also in overall quality. We think that what you are looking for is the ZippyPaws Dog Life Jacket.

It has amazing quality with a fairly low price compared to most of our featured products here. Pet parents want the best for their little companion so we think that this closely matches your need.

The ZippyPaws has impressive features to offer and make you sure that your little pooch is very much safe around the water. The dense foam panels are well designed and strategically placed for balanced weight distribution and perfect buoyancy so your dog can stay afloat while in the ocean, river, or lake.

Also, it has added reflective stripes which aids your dog to keep visible in and out on the water and when in low light conditions.

There’s also a built-in handle for added safety and emergency situation so you can pull out your Frenchie while on the water. The materials are high quality even the stitching and squeakers are high grade.

Why buy this? Super quality and extremely affordable price. These two words are the main key factors that most pet parents are looking for when it comes to life jackets more particularly for a French bulldog.

  • Low price point
  • Great buoyancy
  • Simple yet effective design
  • Sturdy
  • Decent quality for its price Built-in handles
  • D-ring is excluded

EzyDog Life Jacket For Dogs

Best Life Jacket For French Bulldog — EzyDog Life Jacket For Dogs

When it comes to premium quality over less expensive, it’s a top choice to consider the EzyDog Dog Life Vest. You can completely rest assured that this features a superb and astounding performance together with durability and a high comfort level.

This is actually one of our personal picks given that the French bulldog’s stature is somewhat small yet muscular. With its modern design, you never go wrong with this dog life jacket.

The EzyDog Dog Life Jacket is superb in its quality and design. The fact that this does not cover the private parts of your little pooch, makes it a greater relief for them, especially if it’s a male.

In addition to its design, it has a perfect buoyancy which has more than 50 percent more floatation foam that will ensure your Frenchie’s floating capability while on the water. This also provides excellent comfort so there’s no problem while swimming.

In regards to its sturdiness, this has an impressive solid construction. With its superior polyester construction, this life jacket will not just rip off easily. But what there’s more! It has a neck strap and two belly straps that are adjustable to secure an added safety measure while floating on the water.

All in all, this is the go-to life jacket if you want the best life jacket for your French bulldog. Also, it has undeniable durability and sturdiness that can stand the test of time.

  • Great overall design
  • Has perfect buoyancy
  • No cover for the private parts
  • Very comfy and convenient to use
  • Straps are a little bit complicated

Outward Hound Life Jacket For Dogs

Our next featured product is the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket. Because we know that you deserve reliable and worthy products that are appropriate to your French bulldog.

This also has added features and protection ensuring that your little pooch provides strong support. So, it’s a good thing when you stumbled upon this because of how this product can make your Frenchie swim conveniently.

Have your pooch go swimming with added safety measures like this one. Designed with vibrant colors with reflective accents providing better visibility. Just like any quality life jacket for dog, this features front neck padding for floatation which ensures your dog’s head is above the water.

This will makes sure your dog has improved visibility and enhanced your little pooch’s swimming and floating. Perfectly fit with your dog’s measurement. Just make sure you have the accurate measurement so there’s no regret after.

Perfect for experienced and novice dogs. Made with strong materials that are constructed with ripstop material which is superior quality without even restricting the natural movement of your dog.

The side release buckles and straps provide additional security, so this product can hold their chest and belly with ease.

Would you consider buying this? Definitely, the fact that it performs very well and it’s well crafted making sure your Frenchie can swim well without restricting its natural movement. It has also solid construction and many reviewers can attest to its quality. All in all, it’s a bang for the buck.

  • Very visible even in low light condition
  • Belts and adjustable straps are features for added safety
  • Great buoyancy
  • Excellent design
  • D-ring excluded

Vivaglory Life Jacket For Dogs

Our last dog life that features Vivaglory brand. Like any other Vivaglory, the design of this is the sport-style jacket. It’s no surprise that this brand is well made and top-notch in terms of safety measures.

They ensure that the natural movement of the dog will not be hindered by life which is hassle-free when they are going to poop or pee while out on the water. If you deeply care about the design and features plus its overall performance this is worth checking out.

This particular dog life jacket is updated and newly reinforced with sturdy materials that have comfortable and buoyant compared to its previous version.

Thanks to its reinforced 600D oxford material are capable of last for longer years. It’s amazing how this brand is strategically positioned especially with its neck design which gives more space. In addition to that, this has passed with CA65 test. The fastening system around the neck and belly is safely secured.

There are also reflective trims and the colors are bright enough to make your little pooch visible even in low light conditions and even in and out of the water. This is to make sure you see your dog at your range.

All in all, if you are looking for overall good quality and have a perfect buoyancy with added safety reflective trims, then this is worth buying. No wonder this is among the best life jacket for your french bulldog.

  • Very comfortable
  • Made of oxford cloth which is sturdy
  • Reflective strips and the colors are bright for increased visibility
  • D-ring which eases your control of the dog
  • None so far

Fragralley Life Jacket For Dogs

Because not every French bulldog has the ability to swim well, they needed a very reliable and has a striking balance between buoyancy and design. We figure that the Fragralley Dog Life Jacket fits in this kind of description.

Besides that, it offers amazing features that will make sure your Frenchie will have a good time swimming on the water while securing its safety. Although it’s a cute design this has something to offer.

The Fragralley dog life jacket boasts its superior buoyancy and neck float. The front float supports your dog’s neck pressure.

Its buoyancy is effective due to its construction which features premium EPE pearl cotton. When it comes to its overall material, this is made of ripstop 600D oxford cloth for a comfortable experience and superior quality.

Also, this got amazing features such as the rescue handles which are D-rings designed to provide the least attachment and a rescue handle.

The front float is removable and there’s a quick-release buckle. The overall fastening system is secure enough. This product is available in two colors which are yellow and pink. Each color is vibrant enough for increased visibility for additional safety measures.

All in all, the Fragralley offers amazing features like the front float which gives your Frenchie additional buoyancy when in the waters. The material is made of solid construction and built too late compared to its other counterparts.

  • Secure handle
  • D-ring to use as attachment leash
  • High-quality material
  • Front float is removable
  • Bright colors and unique top side reflective straps
  • None so far

Lovelonglong Life Jacket For Dogs

The Lovelonglong Dog Life jacket has a design that is so simple yet it’s extremely effective when it comes to your Frenchie’s safety measure. This provides enough buoyancy keeping your little pooch afloat on the water.

It also posses decent quality materials and is guaranteed this life jacket will be comfortable and reliable enough once it’s used. This product is worth considering and worth your money. Let us dive deep into its details.

This dog life jacket is not just any regular dog life jacket, this is made of high quality and high-grade polyester fabric. Not only that, it’s soft, cool, and provides enough breathability preventing any irritation for your little pooch.

With its durable stitches, this makes it easy to pull your pooch out of the water. In addition, this is easy to wear. With its adjustable straps and flexible belt, this allows you to adjust the life jacket’s size to comfortable fitting.

Also, the design is great not because of its aesthetic outlook but because of its functionality. Given that it’s an open design, this will not limit your dog’s movement while they swim. Moreover, it quickly drains water and keeps the temperature cool within so there will be no discomfort while wearing.

All in all, for those pet parent that chooses simplicity and functionality design, then this is a guaranteed solution for your little pooch. Also, it’s a suitable choice if you just want a life jacket that’s casual for your French bulldog.

  • Balanced buoyancy
  • Simple design yet very effective
  • Does not cover private parts
  • Frequent can cause this to rip off over time hence good for casual use

iChoue Life Jacket For Dogs

Our last contender for our featured products is the iChoue Dog Life Jacket. It may be our last life jacket for a french bulldog on the list. But this doesn’t it’s the least. Clearly, these show some reliable and sturdy construction that is specifically designed for your Frenchie.

This also has amazing features the will surely last long and are made perfectly with dogs who are novice swimmers. It’s an amazing product and dogs will be comfortable wearing this.

It’s great because this dog life jacket is made of high-grade fabric which is Oxford nylon cloth that is sturdy enough even in a wet-dry environment.

This also has perfect buoyancy due to the inner float padding and also it’s able to dry out quickly and with quick drainage. In addition to that, it has an amazing design and has impressive features. iChoue dog life jacket has semi-hidden handles and hidden buckles.

But wait, there’s more! The front neck is removable, there are also dual D-ring hooks for easy attachment. Furthermore, no need to complicate things when washing this, because this is easy to wash as the front neck float and inner float are removable and can wash separately.

All in all, this may be last on our last but it still has amazing features and has a slid construction. The design is great which makes the jacket lighter which is a big plus for small dogs like French bulldogs. It can also dry quickly so no hassle is needed.

  • Quick dry material
  • Made of sturdy material which is oxford nylon
  • Dual D-ring
  • Covers the dog’s private parts

Choosing The Best Life Jacket For French Bulldog — A Buying Guide

As a pet parent, it is your duty to make the best for your little furry friend. That means, buying him quality pet products not only will suit him the best but also because it will improve your dog’s quality of life. Of course, this includes buying a dog life jacket. Now that you have read our featured products, you may wonder, what’s really the best for my Frenchie?

It’s important to know the overall quality of the life jacket to determine that’s it’s worth buying. But to determine that you need a few aspects to consider. We have listed some of those aspects to make sure you will have the best life jacket for your dog so you won’t end up regretting it after buying. Below are the listed key factors you need to consider.

✔Being Buoyant

While the main purpose of a life jacket is to allow your Frenchie afloat, it’s vital to make sure that the materials are very reliable enough to be able to float really well and perfectly balanced. Given that the stature of bulldogs is muscular and somewhat bulky which is one of their disadvantages when on the water. It can be frustrating with flat and short snouts in keeping them paddling while also keeping your dog’s head out of the water.

That’s why it’s really important to choose a quality dog life jacket with balanced and well-designed construction that should have belly panels and quality floatation material. Ensuring this factor will probably increase the jacket’s floatability, therefore it will keep the dog’s body afloat with no problems. So, never forget this key factor as this is the important thing to consider.


Another factor that needs to be considered is comfort. Just like humans when they aren’t comfortable with what they wear, they will end up being frustrated and will not have a great time while on the beach or elsewhere. This also goes with your Frenchie bulldog.

A dog life vest should be comfortable and it does not have to be confining. Because if the dog’s life vest is doesn’t have an allowance for space, then it will just restrict your dog’s natural movement while swimming which is going to be difficult for your dog.

An uncomfortable jacket will just make your dog restricted to its natural mobility, especially if the padding in the underarm is too confining and the size does not fit well. These factors will just hinder your dog’s ability to swim and float while on the water. With that in mind, you must look for a jacket that should meet all of these factors making sure your Frenchie can enjoy splashing along with you.


Who wouldn’t want a durable life jacket for your French bulldog? Obviously, all pet parents want the best for their little pooch. That said, the material of the product should be strong enough to survive for several years. Because there will be instances that your dog might bump into various bushes, depending on the intensity, it may rip the jacket which can be dangerous to your dog.

In addition, this also requires frequent cleaning, and it shouldn’t affect the life vest. Also, choose a dog life jacket that features strong and high-quality material the ones that will make sure it will last longer compared to its cheap counterparts. Otherwise, failure to consider these aspects will ensure you will end up buying a poor-quality product. Hence, purchase a life jacket that has rough and robust material but also offers comfortability.

✔Flexibility in design

Flexibility in design should be present on a dog life jacket. As previously mentioned, if your dog’s life vest is too confining, it will just limit his ability to move naturally and it’s a big discomfort for your dog. The underarm padding should have enough space for your dog’s movement. Also, it’s important that there are added safety features such as adjustable straps and quick-release buckles on the belly part.

Besides that, it’s much better if there are modifiable neck closure, although it is optional, this still make sure your dog’s head is above the water, and they will just float flawlessly without having any problems.


Lastly, there should be a handle included on a life jacket. This feature is alluring because it will be easy for your to pull your dog in and out of the water especially if there’s an emergency. Also, it should have D-ring for leash connection, allowing you to walk your dog through the beach while on the leash.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can French bulldogs swim?

A: Yes, they can with proper handling and techniques, they can actually swim. This is because of its distinct body types. Also, your Frenchie is considered brachycephalic, this means they possess wide and short skull with a flat face. In addition, They have shorter snouts which make their head tilt high when on the water. As a result, this position will make it difficult for them to keep floating given their heavy body.

Furthermore, their muscular body weighs more compared to fat. So, they will tend to sink like rock especially if they are not handled properly. They also have a round and large head and dense torso which is also a contributing factor to their difficulty swimming.

Q: Why Do French Bulldogs Require A Life Vest?

A: Just like humans needed extra safety measures, so does your dog. As a pet parent, you should know that safety is part of our responsibility. Particularly if we want our dogs to come and swim with us. In most cases, life jackets can be your dog’s savior when there’s an undesired situation. Also, given the French bulldog’s stature and built, they will have a hard time floating on the water let alone swimming. Even if the water is not deep, you can never be complacent about their safety due to their struggle in staying buoyant.

That said, as a pet owner, you need to invest in the best life jacket for your French bulldog. As a start, you can refer to our product listings. So, at the end of the day, you need a life jacket for your pooch especially if you are going for a swim.

Q: What’s The Best Life jacket for French Bulldogs?

A: There are actually lots of excellent quality life jackets when we talk about product quality. But here in our featured products, we made sure that the Ruffwear K9 is our best pick because it has all the factors that most dog owners are searching for, which makes this the suitable choice for your little Frenchie. It has remarkable quality and its buoyancy is perfect, also there are added safety features making sure your dog floats flawlessly.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best life jacket for your Frenchie can be a bit overwhelming at first, especially now that there are so many competitive products on the market with its alluring features at hand. That’s why we carefully curated the best products that should be put on our list to make sure you will have the finest selections while choosing your ideal life jacket for your French bulldog. With that in mind, we certainly recommend the Ruffwear K9 as our best pick due to its undeniable superb quality and reliability no to mention its highly reputed brand.

On that note, what do you think is perfect for your little pooch? Drop us a comment below and we love to hear your thoughts!