Is Pet Insurance Worth It for French Bulldog? 11 Reasons for Getting Pet Insurance

Just as insurance is important for humans, the pets also need the best pet insurance to cover them. If you have not used pet insurance before, you are likely to ask the question; is pet insurance worth it for French bulldog?

The short answer is YES. However, you might want more convincing that getting the pet insurance is worth it. Below, we will look at some of the reasons why you should get to get the pet insurance right now. Let us check them out below.

1. Certainty is important

Any person who gets an insurance cover is looking for certainty just in case something happens to the pet.

Let us say that the pet gets into an accident, the last thing you want is to get to the emergency room and you cannot afford to pay for a procedure.

To ensure that your Frenchie gets the best health care, insurance is important. Each time your French bulldog is playing outdoors, you do not need to worry that you cannot afford to take good care of it.

2. There are no extra funds for a sick dog

Just like any other living animal, a dog can get sick at any time. Worse is when the dog faces chronic illnesses. At this point, you might have to take the dog to the vet more often than you would want.

All the trips to the vet will require money. What happens when you can no longer afford the pet’s medical expenses?

That is why you can see the pet insurance would come in handy. So, is pet insurance worth it for French bulldog? We can say that it is important to ensure that the pet gets the right care it needs regardless of the condition.

3. No one likes to pay a lumpsum

It is common that sometimes you might feel it is a waste of money paying for pet insurance which never gets used. The problem is that at one point, you can end up with a huge medical bill for your pet that you might not be able to afford at the time.

On average, it costs an average of 10 to 30 dollars monthly for pet insurance. For a French bulldog with a lifespan of 11 to 14 years, you will spend a total of $ 3,360 for its lifetime on insurance. However, one expensive procedure or treatment can easily cost more than this amount.

4. Insurance is better than saving for your pet

Still on the question, is pet insurance worth it for French bulldog, some might argue that it might be better to save for the pet rather than insurance.

However, this reasoning can leave you with a pet that needs more care that costs a lot more than what you have been saving over the years.

From a financial view, it is best to invest in the best pet insurance rather than saving in a piggy bank. Insurance covers will provide more funds to cover the health needs of your pet compared to what you can save for years.

5. You simply do not like taking risks

It is no secret that accidents happen any time. It is why the fund is called insurance. You never know when you might need it.

If you do not like to take risks, then consider getting yourself the best pet insurance to ensure that you get the best insurance to handle different scenarios where a pet might need proper medical covers.

Do not think of it as paying for a premium each month, but rather peace of mind on overall for years to come.

6. You feel it is your responsibility as a pet owner

When you decide to own a pet, then you are responsible for its health from that point onwards. You might have enough money right now to take care of its medical needs. However, things can easily change and your financial status does not remain the same.

Having the pet insurance will help in ensuring the pet can get the right care even if in the end you do not have the right finances to support it. You will always feel better when you can keep the pet covered with the right care given to it whenever necessary.

7. The dog is young, so the premium will be lower

By now, you can start to feel why the insurance cover for your pet is important. Still on, is pet insurance worth it for French bulldog, we can recommend you get it when the dog is still young.

When you do this, the premium will be lower because the insurance does not have to be adjusted to cover the pre-existing conditions.

Generally, when the pet has no health issues, the insurance companies will keep the premium lower. An older dog tends to be a high risk even for insurance companies as it is likely to end up with health issues.

8. Dogs also need advanced medical care

There is no doubt you would always want the best medical care for your dog. It is why you need pet insurance. Without pet insurance, it will be hard to offer advanced medical care. Most of the time you would want to take it to the cheap places.

Keep in mind that some pets might need a lot more care than others depending on the conditions. For the pet to enjoy the advanced medical care, then a pet insurance cover is necessary.

9. Healthy dogs also face high medical costs

To answer the question, is pet insurance worth it for French bulldog, we also have to consider the healthy dogs too.

French bulldogs are quite healthy dog breeds. As such, the owners sometimes get comfortable and think their pets do not need pet insurance.

Even for the purebred dogs, they are still likely to get into accidents or unexpectedly get sick. When this happens, you want something to cover the pet adequately when it comes to treating it even better. Well, it is better to be safe always since you know there is pet insurance for your fury friend.

10. You know what the insurance covers for your pet

So, before you can start paying for the insurance premiums, you will have to go through the policy to understand what the insurance covers. This is important so that you can protect your pet even better.

There are times you might feel it is better to upgrade the insurance policy so that it can cover your pet even better.

Keep in mind that the type of cover will vary from one company to another. Some might be cheaper while others expensive. What is important is that you get the right pet insurance that can handle the needs of your pet better.

11. You own several dogs

Imagine yourself in a scenario where you own several dogs. In such a case, you would want a pet insurance to cover them all. You are likely not to have the money to pay for all the dogs when they get sick at the same time.

To ensure that the pets can always get the best health cover, then having the pet insurance for all of them is necessary. If you also insure them at once, you are likely to get a good deal on the insurance rates too.


At this point, you now have the answer to the question, is pet insurance worth it for French bulldog. We see that pet insurance is important for dogs just as it is for humans. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where you cannot pay for your pet’s medical needs. Take the time to check out various companies that offer pet insurance to see who has the best cover for the money.