How To Train French Bulldog Pup: Guide and Tips You Can Try

What breed of dog do you have at home? Do you know how to train a French bulldog pup? Learn here the different things that might help you! 

There are many breeds of dogs that you can train and able to learn various things. As a pet owner, you are responsible for the traits and skills of your dog. The French bulldog is known for these various characteristics, friendly, able to adapt easily to their new home, affectionate with the family, and kid’s friendly. Other than that they are also known as one of the breeds of dogs that is trainable, and intelligent. This must be the reason why a lot of dog owners of this breed hire professionals in doing these things. 

In terms of their physical aspect, the french bulldog has a high chance for weight gain as they love to eat a lot. Another is this breed of dog are easy to groom, unlike the other breed like Chowchow, Shih Tzu and many more which can take an hour with their grooming session. This dog is a very good companion to be with at home or even in your apartment. 

On the other hand, you need to train them while they are puppies. This will help your dog to grow well and at the same time to adjust to the environment. Dogs who are much exposed to various pieces of training are the ones who are less stressed and at the same time more sociable to their fellow ones. 

Here are the information you need to know, all about training you can give your french bulldog pet and the tips you can apply for their training. 

Important Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

#1 For your dog’s safety 

As an owner, you need to be responsible in many ways, and one of these is to expose your dogs to different pieces of training. Voice will be your command to a dog, and this is a great advantage. When a dog undergoes training, they know how to act and you as the owner can control them with your voice. 

There are some cases where a dog gets harmed on the streets, pool, lake, and even in the backyard. This probably the dogs that don’t have enough training and don’t know how to survive or adapt to the environment. Whenever you decide to go on camping with the whole family and you wish to carry your dog, this is where you can experience the perks of sending them to different pieces of training. 

You can instruct them to stay by your side, especially if the place is not that pet-friendly. Also, you can just give them food and use your voice to control their actions to the campsite! As a result, you as an owner are relieved that your dog is safe and secured whenever you are in an outdoor setup. 

#2 Reward thing for the owner 

When you decide to send your french bulldog into training for them, then you are also rewarding yourself. When your dog is properly trained, then their actions are different, they are more disciplined and at the same time, they are more dependant on your voice. 

Through this, you will be able to understand the traits and how to handle french bulldogs in the long run. It is important to choose to send dogs when they are just puppies so that they can be flexible in the future. For the owner, you will be rewarded as you can always be confident with your pet. Wherever you wish to carry your pet, you won’t have any problem at all. 

#3 Your dog will become more sociable 

This is one of the perks every french bulldog owner can have. However, there are certain breeds of dogs where being sociable and friendly is natural to them. The main goal of every training of your dog is to set boundaries and able to learn how to act in every situation. Say, for instance, you want to carry your dog to a birthday party or on other occasions.

Dog’s who undergo pieces of training on their younger days or when they are just puppies know how to adapt to the environment. Another is dogs know-how to behave at a certain event, this is the great thing to send your puppies in particular training.  

#4  Exposed your puppies and old dog to new tricks

This probably one of the perks your dog can get and a reward to the owners. Exposing them to the new tricks when they are just a puppy is a lifetime for them. This will be registered to their mind. Hence, for the old dogs, this is also an advantage as it is never too late for them to learn new things. 

However, it is advisable to send your dog for training when they are just young. So, whatever you think that they need this kind of training to decide while they are young. It is always the best option to invest in them as they can help you a lot in the future! 

Tips When Training Your French Bulldog

The fact is you can train your french bulldog at home or even in your backyard, but these are for the basic things. If you wish to adopt more skills for them and learn new tricks, then you must send your dog and train by professionals in this field. As it’s a bit challenging to train this breed of dog. French bulldogs have this characteristic where they want to be trained but with fair reward as well. 

So, here are the tips you can try when you want to train your french bulldog at home. 

1. Train them in chewing 

The French bulldog has this bad habit wherein they tend to chew everything that they can reach and get. Dog owners need to know how to adjust to this, so you need to train your dog by destructing them. Train your french bulldog, especially when they are bored to be calm. Another option you can have for this situation is to give them foods, toys, or bones for them to chew. 

You need to ensure that they are destructed as they have the tendency to make a mark on all things that you have at home. Training them for this helps them to be safe, as you cannot always see things they are chewing. While on the owner’s part, you are much confident that whatever you put in their parameter they will not chew this or damage it.

2. Help your French bulldog to become sociable 

This is one of the important things you need to learn as a pet owner of this breed of dog. Knowing the fact that French bulldogs are kind, lovable, and friendly but they can be that aggressive. When you did not train them to socialize with other people and also introduce them to other breeds of animals, they are much stubborn. Also, they can be that hard-headed when it happens, so for you to prevent any trouble when you have visitors at home you need to expose them. Try to be playful as you can with them and allow them to socialize with other animals. 

The thing is that other breeds of dogs might be helpful to them as they will be able to learn new things. Other than that, french bulldog can keep their characteristics as natural friendly. For the dog owner, if you see that your dog is well-behaved then you need to appreciate it as well. You need to prepare a good meal for them, to recognize their good job! 

3. Toilet Training

This is advisable to do the moment you get or you buy your dog and bring them at home. If they are able to learn this while french bulldogs are young, then they can remember it for life. This is one of the important training you can give your dogs as it might be a problem if french bulldogs don’t know this thing. 

In terms of teaching them, you will not have a problem as they can adapt easily and remember at the same time. The reason why French bulldogs, always need to go on their toilet area is that they have a smaller bladder. After they eat, you can expect that they will get rid of it after digesting it. 

So, it is good for you to first train them! 

4. Train them to respond to your basic command.

One of the reasons why a lot of people train their french dog is for them to control the dog by their command. One of the common commands you can ask your dog is “sit” “up” and many more. Train your dog to recognize basic commands coming from you. 

Another reason for every dog owner is for them to show to other people like your relatives and friends that they are able to handle their pet. This is very fulfilling to every french bulldog owner. 

5. Keep the whole training in a short time. 

French bulldogs are smart and at the same time, they can adapt easily. However, you need to remember that keeping them in a long time of training makes them stubborn and born. What you need to do is to keep them in a training for a short period. A short piece of training is advantageous for french bulldogs, they can learn that quickly. 

On the other hand, you can make them remember every piece of training you’ve taught them by consistency. You need to plan their activity every day and part of this is their training for a certain of skills. Hence, they are also capable of learning new things every week or twice a week as well. 

Another you can help them to be more diligent to your command is by ending the training with rewards. Knowing the fact that french bulldog loves to be fair with humans. 

6. Choose the right tools for the training of your dog.

Oftentimes, this is the mistake of every dog owner. You need to remember that training for dogs is a serious activity, they can adopt for their entire life. To do proper training with your dog, you need to ensure that you have the needed equipment and the right one. 

You don’t need a big space for your dog to be trained but you need the proper equipment to do this. However, you need to make sure that you do pieces of training in a quiet and there are no distractions. This will help your dog to focus on the training and the skills they can get.

7. You need to learn how to give rewards and say “No” to them.

You need to make sure what is your language when you want to punish them for they misbehave actions. Most of the pet owners use the word “ no” to show that they are not happy with the actions of their dogs. French bulldogs are smart and sensitive, so they can easily feel if they have done wrong with your voice. 

However, if they behave and they’ve done the training in a short period successfully then you need to show them you appreciate it. You need to show them the reward system, just like a kid after passing an exam. Through this simple training, they can distinguish what is the difference between saying no to them and your approach when they keep the good work. 

8. Practice them how to use a leash 

Leash use to control the dog. You need to make sure that you are able to walk with them. Some of the dog owners today, put walking activity on their dog’s daily routine. Through this activity, your dog will be able to exposed to other people and can cope with the environment easily. 

However, there are a lot of french bulldogs who are not comfortable wearing leashes on their neck or body. So, you need to make sure that before walking them on the streets and to the crowd, you practice wearing this at home. You can practice this even in the backyard before going to a wider space. 

9. Make sure to train them in a good mood

Just like us humans, we can’t focus on things if we are not in a mood and it applies this concept as well to french bulldogs. You need to make sure that they are in a good mood whenever you want them to learn new skills and if you want to discipline them. This is where they can focus even more and can easily adapt things from the pieces of training. 

To prevent waste of time during the training and not to cause them any stress you need to make sure that they’re happy or in the right mood. 

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Basic Command For Your French Bulldog 
“Lie Down!” 

This is one of the common commands you can teach french bulldog puppies. To ensure that they can get this easily, do not confuse them with the word you will use. You need to ask them to move their body flat and not just their upper body for them to identify and remember things quickly. So, you need to be firm in giving commands and not confuse them. 


When you decide to have this basic command for your french bulldog, you need to have a treat for them. Make sure that before calling them and tell them to sit you have their treat in your hand. What you need to do is to close contact for your treat and their nose. 

Once, french bulldog already smells the food, and their position is already in the right command, it’s now the time to tell them to sit. Through this dogs can understand what sit means and they can quickly train. So, you need to look after the actions of your dog while they’re on training.

“Watch me”

This command is one of the important commands you can teach your drench bulldog. Before saying the other command dog’s need to learn first to listen to the one who gives the command, and that is you the owner. For this, you also need a treat for them, after the successful training. Once they learn how to pay attention to you and the other command to them will follow. 

So, it is important to say this command first for them to know how to follow with the other command you will say. Another is to choose a great treat for them so that they will obey you quickly and for them to feel appreciated as well. 


A common command for most french bulldogs, because they are smart dogs then they would quickly get what you want them to do. Before giving this command you need to make sure that they can focus well, so they need to ask first to “sit”. After they successfully do this thing, you need to give them the treats they deserve. 

Then, you can ask them to stay, however, there are some instances that they refuse to do it. So, you can firmly say “no”, for them to recognize if they are following the command right or not. When you have a new visitor at home and you feel they’re aggressive you can apply this command to them to stay calm and won’t cause any problem. 


It is important to learn by your dogs this basic command. This will help them a lot and also an advantage for you as the owner. Applicable for you to give this command when you are preparing their food and other circumstances. 

In this command what you need to do is to say “sit” first, then followed by saying “wait”. While saying this command, you need to show your hand, let your palm open, and facing your dog. Through your hand gesture, they can recognize that you are saying them to wait. French bulldogs are known as the great companions of humans and so it’s important this basic command for them to learn. 


This command is for your dog’s safety, you need to teach them this command for your protection as well. Because french bulldogs are not picky eaters then they might be chewing whatever they can reach, as part of their every stage growing up. So, what you need to do is to train them to say this common “out”. 

In doing this in the real situation, you need to firmly say “out” whenever they are chewing something, and they automatically know what it means. Hence, doing this in training you need to give them toys and they will suddenly bite them. After biting this from your hands, you need to grab it and pull it while saying the command “out!”. If they get it quickly, then you can repeat it another round, another is you can include this training in your dog’s daily routine. 


This command is very simple yet helpful to the dog and the owner as well. In doing this command you need to order to “sit” first and have their treat. But the only difference from the other command is you cannot release quickly the treat but rather your dog needs to follow the treat with your hand slowly.

After chasing the treat dogs are in a standing position and this is the right time for you to say the command “stand”. This is good for your dog to identify the difference between sit and stand command.

Final Thoughts

There are many commands you can train your french bulldog. Dogs who are kind and not that aggressive turns to have a lot of pieces of training, and this is good to say that the owner is responsible enough. You need to train them, aside from the fact that this is very helpful to the dog, beneficial as well to the owner. You can protect your dogs from any possible harm and they will be able to act in a situation. 

So, by reading the above basic commands, what is the command you already teach your french bulldogs?