How To Train A French Bulldog Not To Bite: Tips You Should Know

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Do you know what are the basic commands you can teach your dog today? How to train a french bulldog not to bite? Here are the things you need to know about them! 

If you own a dog nowadays, then you have to be responsible enough by providing them different types of training. Most people try to use their voice and hands as well when they want to give basic commands to the dog. French bulldogs are known as smart and a good companion you can have at home. You can allow your kids to play with them and as well as they can play with other dogs. 

For them to undergo in a training you will don’t have a hard time as they can follow your instructions. You can have a special treat for them to get easily the command you want them to remember. The different breeds of dog pass the process especially in their younger days, biting and nip is part of their growth. What is the probable cause for this? This is because of teething and part of their playing tactics with humans and their fellow dogs. 

One of the interesting characteristics of french bulldogs is that they are not aggressive. This is the reason why biting for them is not that hard to handle. How discipline a french bulldog will depend on the owner on how they implement things for their dogs. If you are a dog owner, you need to expose yourself to whatever helpful tips in handling this part of the growth of your french bulldog. 

However, there are a lot of people who are not aware of what to do these days in handling the biting of dogs. The important thing you need to remember is to train them when they are just a puppy so that they will be able to remember commands more oftentimes. 

Here are the tips you can try to stop the biting phase of your french bulldog. You can also consider this as a piece of training to undergo your french bulldog. 

Tips To Stop Biting Of Your French Bulldog 

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Don’t React Back To Your French Bulldog 

This is one of the most important things you need to know. Reacting to their actions has always had a big impact on them. It is a natural trait of the french bulldog to be playful and restless all the time. Then, as the owner of them, you need to do an alternative solution to this kind of situation. 

If your dog loves to play with you and they are in their biting phase, you don’t need to react to this. You need to teach them not to be aggressive in nipping and biting things around them by starting this to you. Say, for instance, your french bulldog bite your shorts or pants, you need to stop it. Another is when they try to play with you and they choose to have wrestling actions with you, then don’t do the same. 

You need to be able to stop their bad behavior when they are younger. Ironically speaking but just like humans! Because this French bulldog is sensitive and affectionate, then they are able to establish in their mind if you are happy or mad with their actions. This is one of the important things why your french bulldog needs training, to understand them and vice versa. 

Wear Protective Gears 

Protective gears are not only for the winter season but as well as when your french bulldog is under its teething time. This is probably the reason why they bite most of the time. There are worst scenarios with regards to this, it is when they can tear all the things they can reach at home or in your apartment. So, for you to prevent this to happen you will need to train them sooner the better. 

You can always have the chance to train a puppy and at the same time new tricks for the matured french bulldog. In terms of their biting phase, you need to have protective gear in your hands, oftentimes this is the area they want to do this. You need to buy hand protective gear and prepare a substance to put on this for a nasty taste! 

Through this, you will be able to make a first impression of them. They will have their own conclusion that the next time they bite, they can get a not-so-good taste! Thus, this is one of the most effective tips everyone can try with their french bulldog. 

Use Toys For Them To Chew 

There are a lot of toys you can get your french bulldog for them to temporarily chew instead of playing around. Also, the main reason for getting toys for your french bulldog is to destruct them and to switch the things they can chew. 

This is applicable for the puppies french bulldog. If you notice they are starting their biting time season, you need to buy them toys that will be able to destruct them. This is where you can train them in their younger days that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Biting is not a good thing for your dog as it will destroy a lot of stuff such as clothes, slippers, pillows, and even your child’s teddy bear. So you need to make sure to stop this by buying them something they can chew! 

You don’t need to have a physical force for them to obey 

Physical force to your dog is not an advisable thing according to the vets. This may harm your french bulldog, they will have trauma and they are scared at the same time. For you to prevent this to happen you need to train them basic commands, this is where you can control them in whatever circumstances. 

If you use force on them whenever they bite your feet or your hands, this may cause them to be more aggressive. Another thing is this might be the root of their bad behavior. What you need to do is to prevent them from repeating biting by saying and showing basic hand gestures as your command. You can tell them the word “behave” for them to know their limitations and how to act in the situation. 

Help your french bulldog to socialize with other dogs.

Socializing with other dogs helps your french bulldog to be more friendly not just to their fellow dog but as well as to humans. This will help them to be calmer and not too aloof with the other breed of dogs. For instance, in your neighborhood and they have a lot of dogs you can allow your french bulldog to join with them. 

You can allow them to play, and also you can give them toys which you can transform into training. In connection to this, you can give your french bulldog biting toys and they collide with other dogs on the street or in the backyard. Allowing them to play with the other dogs can make them restless, and when you reach home they might be tired and stop biting. Another reason why your french bulldog needs to be with other dogs is that they can learn from each other. This is also one of the basic things you can share with your dog. 

Expose them to the noise.

This is another thing you need to remember exposing them to noisy places can help them to be calm in every situation. The fact is one of the reasons why puppies french bulldog keeps on biting is because of fear. They are afraid whenever you just change their settings, another is when they feel that they are alone. 

Hence, one of the beneficial things to do is to expose them to a more crowded place and also to the place where there is a lot of noise. Just like streets, playgrounds, and many more, you can do this even if they are just a puppy. The French bulldog is smart the reason why their adaptability skills are extraordinary. So, you need to do this thing for your convenience in the future, and for them to pass their biting stage easily.

You need to supervise them

Your french bulldog loves by everybody! They love playing around with humans, especially kids. Thus, the biting phase to the dog is a hard situation to handle but if you keep them on different kinds of pieces of training then they will actually pass it. One of the important things you have to do when this stage comes is always supervising them. Supervising them especially if you have kids at home. They might destroy some things at home and they are much aggressive to bite your kids unintentionally. French bulldogs are naturally playful and not picky eaters, this might be the reason also why they love to bite on things. 

When you can actually look at them, then you would know what attention they need. Another reason for this is you get the chance to prevent harm from your children. When they starting to bite the clothes of your kids then you need to stop this immediately! 

Don’t allow them to bite your shoelace 

This is the common thing when your french bulldog starting their biting phase. They will bite all the things that they can see just like your slippers and shoes. Another situation is when their owner goes on an errand and when they reach home french bulldog wants to approach them by biting the shoelace or the shoes. 

The thing you need to do is to stop this immediately! You can stop this by pulling your feet to them and followed by a voice command you’ve trained them. The command you either can use is “sit”, “stop” or “no”, indeed you can use the other basic commands depends on how you approach the situation. 

Through this, you will be able to encourage them and send them the signal that it’s not a good action they had. You need to take any action for them to fully understand and identify what they can and can’t at the same time. 

Tolerating them, and might be a problem in the future. It is important to stop them from their bad habits in the simplest way. 

Show them that you are in charge

You don’t need to use force for them to know that you are in charge of them. What you need to do is to train them in different commands for them to know whom to follow and how to behave. This is important and also this is part of their pieces of training. When you train a french bulldog you need to let them know that you are capable of controlling them. You can do this easily by having a treat for them. 

The thing is after their training, you need to give them a dessert or good meat wherein they can know that they did a good job. To put this in a situation, say for instance they are being too aggressive with your new visitors you can say to them a firm “no” command for them to understand you. Also, in another situation where they are destroying some stuff at home and you need to control them, you need to say voice command where it means stop to them. 

It is important not to confuse them while on training. Through this, you are able to show them that you are in charge of them and they should follow you. 

Train your French bulldog to stop food aggression. 

This is important to train them while they are only a puppy. This is very applicable if you have other dogs at home, but even if you only have one it is a must! 

What do you need to do when you want to train them? You need to put their bowl with food and take it away from them. This is where you can test them if they will have a violent reaction towards your action. Then, if they will it’s time for them to train by raising your voice together with your hand gestures. Through this, you are able to control them. 

The next time you do this, they know how to react as you already control them which is a good thing! 

1. Dog Puzzle Teething Toys Ball 

This chew toy is suitable for your cat and dogs at home. The good thing about these teething toys is it’s non-toxic, which will not cause harm to the dogs. You can allow your french bulldog to use this whenever they are on the teething stage. Choose from the available colors, green and blue, both are unisex.

What are the good things about these toys? You can get a rubber type of materials, enable to help your french bulldog puppies to prevent plaque. Another reason you need to have this is it helps to destruct your dogs and helps to clean the teeth of your dog. 

You can expect that it is durable enough for your french bulldog to use in a long run. The material is safe to use and at the same time puncture-resistant. Its material durability can be compared to the TPR or PVC. through this, your dog will be able to play in the safest ways. The design of these toy balls is intended for puppies who are in their teething phase. 

Another purpose of this ball is its very useful in your dog’s training. You can use this while commanding your dog to fetch this after you throw it, you are able to exercise their mind. This will help them to be smarter and knows how to follow instructions.

2. Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Having this as one of your accessories for your dog is a smart move. This is applicable for your aggressive dogs, you don’t need to think that much about how to stop your french bulldog from biting. 

This toy is waterproof and at the same time a multi-purpose one. You can use this for cleaning the teeth of your dog as it is non-toxic. In terms of cleaning your dog’s teeth, you need to put toothpaste on the toy and allow them to explore. They will eventually chew the toy and helps them to prevent plaque and tartar at the same time. This is not only for the biting phase but it also gives importance to the oral health of your french bulldog. 

You can use this for your french bulldog and other dog breeds as it has a mint smell. Its material is natural rubber ad good for the biting stage of your dogs. The best thing about it? Aside from the fact that it’s multi-purpose, you can also ensure that it’s durable, eco-friendly, and at the same time very safe to use by your dog. 

3. Zzanggu Puppy Toys

The material of these french bulldog toys is rubber and it is non-toxic. Puppies have their teething stage wherein whatever they can reach and see they will chew it without hesitations. To prevent this, you will need these chewing toys for your dog. Aside from the benefits that they can chew around, they can also develop a good chewing habit. 

Training them is important but having this as their toy is also an advantage. This will allow them to clean their teeth, reduce their boredom and at the same time relieve their stress. Another good thing about this is they are able to calm themselves and avoid being aggressive dogs. 

The reason why French bulldogs love to chew in their teething stage, its because they feel too much itchy and sore. For them to relieve they allow themselves to chew whatever they can, these toys will help them by the 696 bumps. The shape of this is unique and the design is very helpful. These bumps will help them to relieve their pain from teething. 

Using this, you can ensure that your dog is safe to chew these toys and at the same time, this is an eco-friendly accessory. 

4. MewaJump Dog Chew Toys

The material of these chew toys is rubber and the pattern is cactus which is appealing to your french bulldogs. You can use these chew toys for all breeds of dogs including french bulldogs. Another, you can use this when you want to train your dog. Unlike the other teething toys which have a mint flavor, this one has a milk flavor. This is much appealing to your french bulldog and they would love to chew these toys even more. 

If you wish to have a present for your puppy or even for the matured dogs, then you can have this as your gift to them. You can have this as their Christmas or birthday present! The material of this is safe to use by your french bulldog, you don’t need to worry that much. 

This has special features wherein your dog can get protection. Teething for french bulldogs is too itchy and painful, this accessory will help your dog to calm and relieve the pain. Another good thing about this is it suits all the breed of dogs. This is durable enough for your dog to use for a longer time. 

5. Puppy Teething Chew Toys

The material of these chew toys for your french bulldog is TPR, which is known as a durable one. For the teething phase of your dogs, they are many aggressive chewers the reason why they might destroy things at home. You can use these chewer toys for all types of breeds. There are a lot of benefits your dog can get here especially your french bulldog. They can relieve their anxiety, itchiness, and soreness from teething. Another is just like with the other teething toys that can help to clean the teeth of your dog! 

The design of this is corn which is really appealing to your dogs. What this makes different from the other toys for your dog is this can make sounds. Whenever your dog bites these toys, they can get a sound like a reaction. This is the reason why a lot of dog owners choose this among the chewing toys. 

What’s new about this product? There is a suction cup, wherein you can use this to position these chewing toys for your french bulldog. You can use this suction cup on a wooden surface and even on rough ones. Do you want to try this for your dog? 

6. FOCUSPET Dog Chew Toys

The material of this teething toy is rubber which is durable and can help your french bulldog in many ways. This is different from the other chewing toys as the design of this is intended to be frozen. You can choose to freeze this for a long time and then serve this to your dog. It is more appealing and better for your dog to feel the coolness of their teething chew toys. 

This will help them to refresh their mouth and at the same time relieves pain. Another good thing about these teething toys is allowing your dog to clean their teeth at the same time. You can help them to develop a good chewing habit and at the same time to have healthy teeth. 

In terms of serving this to your dog, it is very safe and durable as well. Because this is made from rubber and this has a special feature wherein you can fill it with water. The ring is so thick and promises you to use by your french bulldog in a longer time.

7. PetsLA Dog Ball Toy

There are many colors you can choose from, pink, blue, and yellow. The material of these chewing toys is rubber, where your dog can use for a long time. The texture of this is very soft and suitable for young french bulldogs as they can relieve their teething pain. This has a flexible rubber shell and also it has a soft squeaky core. 

These features are surely beneficial to your dog. Thinking if it’s safe? The material is non-toxic and at the same time, this is eco-friendly. You can use this for the training of your dogs where you can throw it and allow them to get it. These tactics can help to sharpen their mind and at the same time, they are able to exercise for the matured dogs. 

If you are looking for the equipment that will help you throughout the journey of your dog, then this might help you as a dog owner!

8. LEGEND SANDY Tough Dog Toys

The design of this dog’s toy is a raw bone that is appealing to your french bulldog. This is designed for the breed which is large and also can suit the small one. You can allow using this for your German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Syberian Husky, and the other dog breed. 

With its design where your dog is able to clean its teeth and develop good dental hygiene. When your dog chews these toys, then they are able to get rid of plaque. For the puppies, when they are in the teething phase then they could handle the sore and itchiness with this kind of chewer dog toys. 

This is made from nylon and you can expect that it’s durable enough. Aside from this, you can expect that it’s safe and non-toxic at the same time. 


The main thing about your french bulldogs biting stage is when they are on their teething stage. You, as a pet owner you need to think what are the things that you might need in helping them to be comfortable. Teething experience for your dog is hard and you need to help them to relieve their itchiness and pain at the same time.

So, whenever you have the chance always consider buying a teething toy. This is one of the effective tips for your dog to stop their bad habit which is biting everything they can see.

Do you own one of these chewing toys? What tips did you already try to stop the biting habits of your french bulldog?