How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy

If you have decided that you want a Frenchie puppy in your life, you may not know how to take care of a French bulldog puppy. This breed of dogs is gremlin-like and known for their wrinkles, snub noses, and bat-like ears. A Frenchie requires special cleaning, grooming, and maintenance. They need tons of affection and physical activity, and playing with them can be mutually stimulating. The following article can help you on how to handle a French bulldog puppy.

Clean Frenchie’s folds– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy

A French bulldog will have dozens of dark and moist folds on their foreheads that attract dirt, dust, and other grime. Thus, if it is not regularly cleaned, a Frenchie can easily have an infection. The best prevention is cleaning your dog’s folds by applying wet baby wipes or wet towels. Once you clean them, you can apply cornstarch to each fold to absorb the excess humidity and oils. A better option are wet baby wipes than regular ones because it doesn’t have alcohol.

Keep them cool– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

This good-looking breed has shortened nostrils so they cannot inhale fully to keep the air cool. Thus, you need to have your bat pig in a room that is air-conditioned with temperature levels between 24 to 25°C. If you notice your Frenchy panting, drooling, and feeling weak, you need to put some cold water on their fur. Hydration is crucial, so it is recommended that you regularly check the water bowl of your furry friend. Make sure they have clean and fresh water all day. It should be noted that heatstroke can be fatal to your dog.

Clean your Frenchie’s ears– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

Your Frenchie’s wide-open bat ears are something that sets them apart from other breeds. But since they are so exposed, dirt pieces of grass and debris easily get wedged in your dog’s ears. Thus, it is extremely important to clean their ears at least once a week by applying a special ointment. Once you put a few drops of ear cleaner, gently massage the area around the ear’s outer part. Allow your dog to shake their head a couple of times and then clean their ears with cotton balls. Since most pooches dislike having their ears cleaned, it is advisable to relax your Frenchy by hugging them and offering them some treats. Give them praise words.

Regular bathing– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

Most Frenchies, unfortunately, have sensitive skin that is susceptible to allergies. Thus, it is crucial to pay special attention when selecting the right grooming products. Shampoos made for humans is not recommended for Frenchies since they have different pH balance. Baby shampoos are also not a good option for Frenchies. Ensure that the shampoo you use is specific for dogs with sensitive skin and will not sting their eyes and keep their skin soft and hydrated.

Tail pocket cleaning– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy

Frenchies will have tail pockets. The short tails make them vulnerable to collecting dirt that can result in serious tail pocket infection. To prevent this problem, it is recommended that owners clean their dog’s tail regularly, especially when they potty. You can do this by applying a wet cloth or wet wipes.

Regular grooming of a Frenchie– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

Fortunately, these amazing batpigs shed little. However, they do require regular grooming. The best way to achieve this is to utilize a grooming glove since you will be able to reach every body part in this way. The glove should be washed after every use. Along with the glove, you might also consider purchasing grooming brushes for your Frenchy.

Choose a harness for your French bulldog– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

A dog harness provides a much better solution for Frenchie puppies. These harnesses cover the dog’s entire body and give them better support. Since puppies are rather hardheaded on the leash, they can get injured on the neck from pulling. Using harnesses make them more comfortable and aids them in walking properly.

Tips on how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

Be cautious around water

You probably know the fact that Frenchies don’t have a natural instinct to swim. Thus, once they are in deep water, they can sink like rocks. If you enjoy spending time on the beach or pool, your Frenchie will need to be secured with a reliable safety life jacket. There are tons of life swimming vests made, especially for dogs on the market. They will have practical handles fastened on the back area, which allows owners to easily control the Frenchy as they spend time on the water.

Bring your Frenchie always with you

Frenchies tend to develop separation anxiety. Thus, they are otherwise called Velcro dogs. Frenchies cannot live without the company of their humans. They enjoy following their masters around and are always begging for attention. Thus, you should take your favorite four-legged canine with you wherever you go. Of course, you have to be cautious taking them out on summer days and exposing them to the hot sun. You might consider bringing along your Frenchie when you go for short errands. Using a backpack carrier is especially handy when bringing these little pooches that cannot be left alone.

It is especially helpful if your Frenchy is a puppy. French bulldog backpack carriers will thrill your dog since it signals that they will be taken out on an adventure.

Prevent obesity

French Bulldogs are drawn to food like magnets, which is why they easily gain weight. To prevent this issue, it is recommended that you get a special diet for your Frenchie. It is a much healthier option since you will be able to plan the diet of your dog in this way.

Regular nail trimming

Never forget to trim your French bulldog’s nails regularly otherwise, they may experience serious conditions. Apart from developing infections, your Frenchie might experience difficulty in walking because of terrible pain. Check for nail trimmers on the market that can give your Frenchie an efficient trim.

Personality– how to take care of a French bulldog puppy

How To Take Care Of a French Bulldog Puppy

Although a French bulldog is rather comical, entertaining, and extremely dependable, the French bulldog is friendly and is quite peaceful with other animals. Frenchies are charming and clever dogs but can be stubborn and uncooperative, especially during training time. They can be so attached to the familiar and what they love and become jealous if they see their humans paying attention to other pets.

A Frenchie loves everyone and will seek out cuddles and jump on the lap of anyone willing to give them attention. Since they cannot be left alone and need constant attention, it is recommended that if you have to leave your Frenchie, you have to ask someone to watch over them.

They can be socialized to get along with other people and pets. The socialization process should be taught at a young age so they can share the spotlight with others.

Energy Level

Frenchie does not need tons of exercise since they have low energy levels. Instead, short daily walks and daily playtime in the yard is enough. Fetch is their favorite game. Make sure to do activities such as walk and playtime during cooler hours of the day, such as early morning and evenings. It can help avoid heat strokes.

Good with Children

These dogs are stable enough to withstand aggressive hugging and heavy-handed petting from children. Essentially, they have passive attitudes even when there are crazy running and loud screaming around, making them especially placid kid-friendly dogs.

Good with Other Dogs

French Bulldogs keep the peace with other pets, including other dogs. However, some males may have dominance issues with other males.

To make sure that your Frenchie will be peaceful with other pets, you have to get them socialized at a young age. Take them to meet other dogs in your neighborhood and teach them to make friends.

Physical maintenance


The Frenchie has a short, fine, and smooth coat. They shed little and only a couple of times each year, especially during the spring and fall season. At this time, they lose their undercoats. When this happens, use a pet brush that is double-sided to eliminate excess hair.

Grooming Needs

Since they have a short and fine coat, grooming is rather effortless. Brush your Frenchie with a rubber hound glove or soft bristle brush regularly. Bathe them monthly or as needed to make sure their coats will be clean. 

Since the Frenchie has loose and flappy skin, it is crucial to clean these areas. Cleaning these areas a couple of times a week will help get rid of bacteria and infection. To cleanse these areas, apply a soft damp cloth or wipe, remove the dirt and debris underneath, and then dry completely. It is especially crucial after bathing them. If the water has not dried from the folds, it can become the perfect breeding ground for germs and potentially harm your beloved Frenchie.

Frenchies naturally wear out their nails and will require regular nail trims. 

As always, it is crucial to maintain your dog’s dental care. The goal is to brush their teeth for 30 seconds daily. But this can be time-consuming. Start training your Frenchy at the puppy stage to enjoy the routine of brushing their teeth. If you are purchasing or adopting an older Frenchie try getting them familiarized with it until they become comfortable. Human toothpaste is never safe for pets, so make sure to use a specifically made product for your Frenchy.

Barking Level

The French bulldog is quiet most of the time, but they will alert you when they sense trouble. If your Frenchie barks, it is probably a signal that they have felt something that is off. Heed their warnings and check it out.

Although Frenchies will not typically be loud and vocal, they can be trained to know the proper time to bark, and when to be quiet in case they bark too much. Train patiently since they may need time to learn.


Frenchies will live healthy lives if they are served raw natural food diets. This type of diet is defined by 99% meat products, organs, or animal fats. Like humans, dogs are living and breathing creatures and are at their best health when they eat natural and healthy foods. Although they have a different appearance than their wild wolf forebears, their digestive systems function in identical ways, and they require diets that come from raw food sources. Your Frenchie will thank you for the raw food you serve them.

A high-quality serving of raw food will give them the best health condition. Since French Bulldogs are susceptible to weight gain, you should be vigilant about their calorie intake. If you want to give your dog treats, give them moderate amounts. Table scraps should be given sparingly. Never serve your Frenchie cooked bones or foods that are tough and high in fat. 

Feeding Your Puppy

After your Frenchie has been separated from its mother, they will be ready to eat puppy food. Start giving your puppy 1.5 cups of food each day and spread it in three separate meals. Apply this regimen until your Frenchie reaches six months. At this stage, they will be ready to start eating a full adult diet. 

Final thoughts

French Bulldogs are an amazing breed because of their appearance and shape. Since they are medium-sized dogs, they are low maintenance and can be kept in small spaces. Once you have adopted or purchased one, it is crucial to know how to take care of a French bulldog puppy. It is not a complicated undertaking since Frenchies will have similar maintenance needs as other breeds. However, unique features in their anatomy, such as their wrinkles, need special attention and care.