How to Stop My Frenchie from Shedding?

With short and smooth coats, who would think that French Bulldogs can still shed a lot? Shedding is a normal thing that most dog breeds go through, but these tiny dogs experience it more than usual. So, how to stop my Frenchie from shedding? From improved skincare to regular grooming, here are tips to help you control your dog’s shedding.

But First, Do French Bulldogs Really Shed?

French Bulldogs shed a lot more often than you’d think. Despite having short and smooth coats, Frenchies can shed to an extent. 

Frenchies shed depending on several factors, including age, genes, weather, and nutrition. But generally, French Bulldog puppies have a higher chance to shed more. After all, these young pups change their soft and silky coat for something stronger. 

Also, they can lose their undercoat twice annually. Firstly, these dogs shed their undercoats during the summer to prevent overheating. And once during the summer, replacing their fur with something thicker. 

Moreover, your dog’s diet can have several effects on their skin and coat. That’s why if you want your Frenchie to have healthy and luscious fur, put them in a diet rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids. 

Luckily, these dogs only have short and fine hair, so owners don’t need to worry about fur spreading. In addition, French Bulldogs are naturally small, leaving less fur behind. 

10 Tips on How to Stop My Frenchie from Shedding

Pay Attention to Your Frenchie’s Nutrition

Owning a French Bulldog comes with a lot of challenges. And you’re likely aware of the fact that this dog’s diet affects the health and quality of their coats. For instance, putting your Frenchie on a diet rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids gives them shinier and healthier fur. 

Aside from that, I also recommend giving your pup healthier treats. So instead of giving your dogs commercial treats, give them healthy fruit snacks. These include fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Doing these diet changes can prevent shedding early on.

Give your Frenchie regular baths

Since French Bulldogs only have short fur, they don’t need baths often. Also, if your Frenchie has healthy skin and doesn’t go out often, four baths every year is likely all it needs. However, I recommend regularly giving your French Bulldog baths to prevent shedding. 

Regular bath time helps your French Bulldog’s shedding by loosening and removing fur that is ready to shed. Also, if you bring your dog out for a long outdoor venture, it’s best to bathe it every time. 

Aside from that, picking the correct type of shampoo is crucial as French Bulldogs have dry skin. But regardless of what shampoo brand you go for, watch out for these toxic ingredients:

  • Resmethrin or pyrethroids. 
  • D-trans Allethrin. It’s a synthetic chemical that may cause allergic responses in French Bulldogs. Moreover, many speculate this can disrupt your dog’s endocrine system. 
  • Pyriproxyfen or S-Methoprene. These two are safe in low amounts. However, high content may cause it to cause adverse reactions with other chemicals. 
  • Grains. Although not toxic, grains like oatmeal can be dangerous to French Bulldogs as they have allergy issues with grain.

Brush your French Bulldog often

Brushing a Frenchie’s coat has many benefits despite having short and fine fur. It gets rid of excess dirt from the dog’s skin and fur, spreading natural oils, all while removing dead skin.

In addition, regularly brushing your dog’s fur helps eliminate loose hairs that would otherwise spread all over your clothes, furniture, and floors.

I recommend using brushes with fine bristles to get into your Frenchie’s undercoat. Plus, these are usually more comfortable for French Bulldogs.

However, you can also use grooming gloves. These detangle fur, preventing excess shedding over time.

Finally, if you’re struggling to encourage your Frenchie to enjoy hair brushing, make it enjoyable by offering them treats. 

Keep your Frenchie Hydrated

Water is among the most important elements in a dog’s diet. After all, dehydrated skin is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by many owners.

Dogs need to consume at least an ounce of water per pound of their body weight daily. For example, if your Frenchie weighs 25 pounds, it needs to drink around 25 ounces every day. However, many owners struggle to let their dogs drink regularly.

If that’s the case for your Frenchie, here are some tips you can try:

  • Clean your dog’s water bowl and refill with water regularly
  • Give your Frenchie ice cubes during hotter days
  • Offer treats to your dog when it drinks water
  • Add water into your dog’s kibbles
  • Place your dog’s water bowl near their bed or any place they usually relax in

Invest in a De-shedding Tool

A Frenchie’s coat is densely packed, and using de-shedding tools can help in their shedding. These are unique brushes designed to get rid of loose fur shedding from the dog’s undercoat. And the best part is these tools remove hairs without damaging the skin. 

Moreover, de-shedding tools are designed with an edge, pushing through a dog’s topcoat. For this reason, it can remove any loose hairs from the undercoat with ease. So, for long-term prevention, make sure to invest in a quality de-shedding tool. 

Although it depends on each French Bulldog, using a de-shedding tool on them at least 10 minutes every week should be enough. You can adjust from here. 

Groom your Frenchie Regularly Outdoors

Grooming your Frenchie indoors can lead to many problems, like hair on floors. So make sure to do your grooming outdoors. I recommend having a regular grooming routine using a mix of de-shedding tools. 

Aside from removing excess fur, grooming your dog can reduce pet dander. Additionally, it helps you spot parasites easier, preventing shedding long-term. 

However, keep in mind to avoid leaving your Frenchie outside for too long. After all, these tiny dogs don’t do well with outdoor weather. 

Use Supplements (If Necessary)

Like humans, Frenchies can’t always get all their needed nutrients from their diet. Luckily, there are many ways to supplement particular nutrients your dog is missing. 

For instance, many owners add fatty acids to their dog’s diet to promote a healthier coat. And this is especially crucial as French Bulldogs can’t naturally produce fatty acids. So it would be best if you introduced these essential nutrients through supplementation. 

Aside from essential fatty acids, multivitamins and minerals are other supplementary nutrients that reduce shedding. These moisturize dry skin, reducing dander and itchiness. 

Here are common supplements to try:

  • Fish oil. This is rich in omega-three fatty acids. 
  • Linoleic acid. It’s an omega-six fatty acid that contains nutrients zinc and protein and vitamins A, D, and E. 
  • Extra virgin olive oil. This includes high levels of omega-three fatty acids and antioxidants like vitamin E. 
  • Flaxseed oil. It contains omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Additionally, this is the richest source of ALA. 

You can either mix these supplements with your Frenchie’s normal meals or give them separately. Just make sure to use them per instructions on their labels. But before you try any of these, always consult with your vet first. 

Make Sure your Frenchie is Parasite-Free

Bites from common parasites like fleas on dogs can lead to skin irritation and itchiness. And these usually result in excess shedding. That’s why following a pest control routine is crucial for your dog’s coat—and overall health. Long-term prevention includes regular bathing and brushing. 

On the other hand, if you already spot a flea or two, I recommend using tick control products. A safe and easy remedy is tick control chewable bites, which you can mix on your dog’s regular meals. For instant results, flea and tick protection collars are a safe go-to.

Practice Allergy Control

Like parasites, if your dog has unaddressed allergies, this can result in shedding. After all, some of the adverse effects of allergies in French Bulldogs include itchy and irritated skin. And if you don’t control these allergies early on, this will lead to excess shedding. 

When dogs excessively scratch, it aggravates the loose hairs they have shed from their undercoat. These include loose hairs trapped under the overcoat, leading to more fur removal. 

Never Shave your French Bulldog

Do not shave your Frenchie’s fur despite the misconception of the practice stopping shedding. After all, instead of reducing the amount of shedding your dog undergoes, it only reduces the length of the fur shed. So it won’t do your dog or your home any good. In fact, shaving your Frenchie might make it more challenging to clean up excess fur. 

Moreover, there’s a common misconception that shaving fur can keep Frenchies cooler. Instead, it can lead to skin irritation and excess shedding. After all, a dog’s coat protects its skin against harmful sun rays and parasites like fleas.

Common Causes of Shedding in French Bulldogs

If your dog’s shedding seems to be getting out of control, there might be an underlying problem. Below are common causes of excess shedding in French Bulldogs:

🤧 Allergies

If your French Bulldog is allergic to a particular food, medicine, or toy, they might react by shedding. So it’s easy to see what the real culprit is. 

🦴 Nutrition

As I discussed above, diet is crucial to a dog’s coat health. So a diet lacking omega fatty acids and water can lead to several skin issues. And when there are skin problems, excess shedding is bound to happen. So make sure to add food rich in fatty acids to your dog’s diet—and keep them hydrated. 

🦠 Infection

Whether fungal or bacterial, infections can cause conditions like giardia and ringworm, leading to shedding. If you notice anything off, consult with your vet to address these infections early. 

☀️ Sunburn

Since French Bulldogs have thin coats, they’re prone to sunburn than most dogs. And since sunburn can dry your dog’s skin, this might lead to excess shedding. However, apply a cold compress to the affected area to ease the pain if this does happen. 

😟 Stress

French Bulldogs might get stressed out whenever a new situation changes, such as moving to a new home. And excess stress usually leads to extreme emotional reactions in Frenchies. From there, your dog may physiologically respond by shedding. So to prevent this, make your Frenchie’s surroundings more relaxing for them. With this, you should see improvements in their fur in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do French Bulldogs shed so much?

A: Despite having short and fine fur, French Bulldogs shed a lot due to many reasons such as parasites. Other causes include allergies and fungal or bacterial infections. 

Q: How much shedding is normal for French Bulldogs?

A: Frenchies don’t shed much, except during spring and fall. These are when French Bulldogs shed the most, replacing their coats. So expect these to happen two to three times every year. 

Q: When do French Bulldogs shed the most?

A: French Bulldogs only shed twice annually, during fall and spring. During spring, Frenchies will shed their winter coats for the upcoming summer months. On the other hand, fall is when your Frenchie sheds their summer coat for winter. 

Q: Does a French Bulldog shed all year round?

A: French Bulldogs shed the most only twice a year, but they can shed all year round. However, they only shed the bare minimum outside of spring and fall. That’s why you don’t need to worry about cleaning up loose fur beyond spring and fall.

Q: How can I prevent shedding for my Bulldog long-term?

A: Regular bathing and grooming can help maintain your dog’s skin, prevent shedding long-term. Additionally, adding more fatty acids to your Frenchie’s diet can help keep their fur healthy—preventing excess shedding.

Final Words

How to stop my Frenchie from shedding? There are many ways to stop your French Bulldog from excess shedding. From a change in diet to regular brushing—you can bring your dog’s luscious fur back in no time. Just make sure to discuss things with your vet before trying anything new with your dog.