How to Keep French Bulldogs From Smelling

The fragrance of your French bullies may be the aspect of your dog which you dislike the least. Is your Frenchie stink despite your best efforts to keep him clean? How to keep french bulldogs from smelling?Often these owners dislike the stench of a stinky French bully’s fur. It may sound strange, even though it is frequently the reason most people hesitate before deciding to have a four-legged member of the family.

The sebaceous glands of the do are responsible for its unpleasant odor. The perspiration glands on a pet’s paws are positioned such that they can solely release warmth through all of those tiny body portions. The foul odor is caused by dirt and debris gathered between the folds of breeds of dogs with ample folds. Its dog’s glands aid in protecting its epidermis. However, the odor is caused by the content of those fluids.

Even though French Bulldogs (and other dogs) do not sweat like humans, they produce a chemical smell that greases the hair roots. The smell of your dog will rely on the cuisine you feed him and the attention he receives, just as it does in people. In this blog post you will know how to keep french bulldogs from smelling. Here are a some recommendations for making your Frenchie bulldog smell better.

how to keep french bulldogs from smelling? Suggestions for success

Grooming regularly

You may assist the Frenchie bulldog in getting rid of the bad skin and hair particles by brushing him. Allergies, dirt, and dander could all contribute to skin problems in the Frenchie bulldogs. Grooming must be done at least weekly, and throughout the shedding time, it can be done more frequently.

The accompanying cleaning gloves are recommended for brushing the hair of a Frenchie bulldog. The brushing glove helps you access all of the dog’s secret areas and wash carefully in between folds. Since French bulldogs possess thin, single-layered coats, they recommend using gentle bristles with a dog brushing comb.

Using a dry-cleaning shampoo, renew your Frenchie’s fur

Dry-cleaning foams are made to be massaged through into the body with care. The dry cleaning solution removes oil and odors while leaving a lovely and fresh scent.

It’s simple to use; all you have to do is rub the Frenchie’s hair and then massage this with a cloth after you’re done.

Use a solution of apple cider vinegar.

You can spritz your Frenchie bulldog’s hair with a mixture of 60% water and 40% apple cider vinegar to improve its look and keep this from a nasty smell. Apple cider vinegar is recognized to have a hair-beneficial impact. It shines the hair, improves the skin, and guards against fungal infections and other skin conditions.

Clean your Frenchie bulldog’s bedding regularly

Whenever you do not even wash and sanitize your dog bedding on a constant schedule, they might become the worst locations in the room. Pet beds gather filth, feces, dander, urine, and other disgusting things you don’t want in your residence. In addition to smelling awful, a Frenchie bulldog mattress made of easy-to-clean textiles is recommended. Microfiber cloths, for example, are better for dogs since they block liquid, whereas hair and grime may be wiped with a damp towel.

How about the teeth, ears, and tail pocket of the Frenchie bulldog?

Ensure to wash these three areas since they emit the worst odors on the planet. Although Frenchies lack tails, they have tail pockets that collect excrement and debris. Because this area is prone to disease, this suggests that you wash it on a regular schedule. You could do this with disinfectant wipes or a damp towel.

Because Frenchies have upright ears, it’s vital to check every day to see whether any grass or dirt has gotten underneath. Scratching and wiping your four-legged mate’s ear just on the ground might be the first indication that anything is wrong. A collection of resources is provided below. The goal of the ear cleaning solution is to alleviate itching and prevent dangerous diseases.

How to keep french bulldogs from smelling? Is it okay if I use shampoo and conditioner?

We can’t avoid underlining the importance of regular washing. The only way to get rid of the bad odor and filth is to use soap and water. As a result, use shampoos designed specifically for dogs to bathe your Frenchie bulldog. Because the pH level of your four-legged companions’ epidermis is unique, they must only use items that a veterinarian has authorized. It’s also not a good idea to use infant shampoos.

Do Frenchie Bulldogs Have a Bad Smell? What is the source this, and How to address this issue?

Alongside good comes bad. Thus Frenchie Bulldogs can occasionally emit an unpleasant stench. So why do Frenchies have such a foul odor? The Frenchie type isn’t recognize as one of the strongest stinking pets, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have odor issues.

Some pet parents develop tolerance to a stinky dog or believe it is natural. The truth is that an underpinning health concern, including an ear infection, gastric trouble, or tooth problem, might be present. Not to add that your stinky French bulldog may turn off prospective home visitors.

The great news is that you can take action after discovering what’s causing the odor! Continue reading to learn more about why Frenchies stink and how to solve the problem.

Do Frenchies Have a Foul Smell? What am I able to do?

You’re fortunate if you’ve been wondering why Frenchies smell so horrible or whether you should get one. Although there are various reasons why a Frenchie may smell, there seem to be some solutions.

The Folds in Their Skin

The charming wrinkles on Frenchies are one of the reasons they are so popular. Skin folds are another term for these wrinkles. The Frenchie’s foul odor may be caused by its skin folds. It’s critical to keep an eye on your dog’s wrinkles since they can gather dust and humidity, leading to an illness such as Skin Fold Eczema.

Skin Fold Inflammatory skin Pup health problem produced by pressing skin folds against itself. A dark red rash, moisture, drainage, and, you got it, a foul odor are all signs of Skin Fold Dermatitis.

It’s critical to maintain your Frenchie’s skin folds dry and clean to avoid an illness. Clean their wrinkles using hygiene wipes regularly and dry completely with a soft towel. Wrinkle cream with antioxidants and vitamins can also stop yeast and germs from forming in the wrinkles of the epidermis.

Your veterinarian may prescribe medication if your dog gets Skin Fold Eczema.

Paws That Smell

Would you get a smell of cheese or popcorn all the time? A yeast infection in a Frenchies paw is frequently accompanied by an unusual odor that tastes like cheese and popcorn.

 Swollen and red paws, paw chewing and biting, red nail bed, hot patches, and flaky skin in or around the paws are all signs of a fungal infection in your French bulldog.

Antifungal medication is commonly used by veterinarians to treat yeast infections. Try a half-and-half mixture of water and apple cider vinegar at home to cure the French bulldog yeast infection.

Since it is acidic and includes healing characteristics, apple cider vinegar is beneficial for a dog’s skin. For convenient application, put it in a plastic container and apply it on the frenchie’s paw.

After administering the remedy, dry their paw fully with a soft cloth. Because it stings, it does not apply to open wounds. Instead, you can put apple cider vinegar in your pet’s food or water.

Ears That Smell

It can occur to your Frenchie’s ears even if they’re not properly cared for, just as yeast infections in the paws. If you detect smelly ears, drainage from the ear, or a lot of scratching, your French Bulldog may have an ear infection.

While many dogs’ ears are naturally clean, dirt can accumulate. It’s best if your Frenchie gets used to getting their ears cleaned so that you can get the job done quickly when it’s needed. It’s crucial not to over-clean them and leave them alone if they appear in good condition.

If your ears appear unclean or even have a smell, all you need is an ear-cleaning product and a cotton ball to clean them.

To use anything pointy in the frenchie’s ear, such as a Q-tip, will push dirt deeper into their ear. Gently pour some liquid inside your pet’s ear, rub that for a few minutes, let them scratch their heads if they like, then wipe out their ear. Ear cleaning isn’t normally a dog’s favorite exercise, but it’s not impossible with a few goodies and praise. Reach your vet if your frenchie seems to be in discomfort when in an ear cleaning.

Pocket on the Tail

The tails of French Bulldogs are petite and lovely. A tail pocket, or a dip just below tailor above the rectum, is present in some Frenchies.Some peoplfrench bulldog are affected from birth, whereas others develop it later down the line. A tail pocket, such as the skin folds noted before, features wrinkle-like concealed skin that can be hard to keep clean. Whenever a tail pouch, with their other skin folds and ears, can become infected.

Wipes, once again, are excellent for keeping your dog’s skin clean. Having wipes on ready is a good idea because Frenchies are prone to tail pockets and other skin fold troubles. After wiping down the area, make sure to dry it completely because moisture can cause an infection.

Your dog may even have an illness if you detect pus, itching, swelling, and a bad smell in the tail area. A tail pocket disease can be uncomfortable and life-threatening. Therefore if you observe these signs, contact your veterinarian for help.


Frenchies are noted for farting a lot for a variety of reasons. It’s quite normal for your dog, just like it is for humans, to pass gas that has been produced during food digesting. However, if your French Bulldog farts frequently or if their farts are smelly, there may be a problem. A food allergy, a poor diet, or eating too quickly are examples of these problems.

Evaluate your dog’s nutrition to prevent excessive, stinking flatulence. They must not eat human meals since many of the elements in our meals are harmful to our pets’ stomachs, rice, oats. Ensure that your Frenchie’s food contains protein, good fats from oils and meat, vitamins, minerals, water, and excellent grain and carbohydrates from fruits, rice, oats, vegetables, and barley. As some French bulldogs, constrained foods may be the best option.

Whenever your french bulldog is a gobbler that consumes its meal too quickly, it may also be gulping air, causing gas. A delayed feed dish can be used to avoid gobbling.


If you’ve ever smelled a Frenchie pass wind, you know how unpleasant it is! Dogs, like us, get gassy episodes.

Every dog passes wind from period to period. However, if your Frenchie is blowing all day, you should look at its food.

Reduce snacking, particularly leftovers from your plates, stick to a French Bulldog-friendly diet, and stay away from high-grain foods.

If the problems continue, your Frenchie’s veterinarian should examine him to check any intestinal problems.

Breath Problem

Bad breath occurs when plaques and tartar build upon a person’s teeth. Canines are in the same boat. Maintaining your Frenchie’s teeth healthy will help to prevent bad breath.

 Clean your dog’s mouth and teeth isn’t the most enjoyable activity, but it is necessary to maintain their oral health. When there’s a lot of tartar and plaque on the teeth, your veterinarian can clean them.

Cleaning and freshening products for your dog’s teeth include:

Regular toothpaste and toothbrushes –Clean your Frenchie’s teeth regularly by often stroking their mouth and cheeks. Please make an effort to examine their teeth and mouth.

A chew toy for your teeth: With a textured, particularly manufactured chew toy, your dog may have some fun while brushing its teeth.

Dog dental treats – Tartar and plaque are combated, and your French bulldog breath is freshened, thanks to a distinctive texture and particular ingredients.

Time for a bath

The easiest solution to why does French Bulldogs stink is that they require a bath. Even if your Frenchie isn’t having any problems, they can need a nice wash.

Bathing your Frenchie regularly can help prevent grease and grime from slowly building in their fur and clogging their skin pores. Baths also keep a dog’s coat appearing fresh and lustrous. If you bathe them too frequently, their skin may get dry. Aim for four baths per year, but more is fine if your dog needs it.

This lavender chamomile dog shampoo cleans, conditions, detangles, hydrates, and has a pleasant fragrance. After a Make absolutely sure your frenchie is totally dry after a bath. Leaving them moist might result in a skin condition accompanied with an awful smell.

Dry shampoo is ideal for keeping your Frenchie’s coat smelling fresh between showers. It’s as simple as massaging it into their coat and walking away. There is no need to rinse.

Their Belongings Must Be Replaced

Grooming is the most important aspect in keeping a dog smelling fresh, but new toys and bedding can also help. If your dog is lying on a filthy bed or cuddling with old, stinking toys, it appears that they may develop bad odors.

Is it necessary to bathe a stinky French Bulldog?

Bathing a Frenchie each week isn’t necessary to keep her from stinking, and when a month is sufficient. Certain dogs enjoy baths, whereas others dislike them.

A French Bulldog can get dirty on rare occasions, and a soaker tub is typically the best method to get her completely clean.

Don’t push your dog to take a bath if they dislike it; it will cause extra stress. A shower, if you have one, could be a preferred idea.

Healthy oils inside Frenchie’s skin help keep her fresh and prevent her from illnesses.

Its natural order is disturbed by taking too many baths. You’re not only removing dirt from your Frenchie’s coat; you’re also removing her organic protective coating.

Never bathe your Frenchie Bulldogs with your shampoos! Use a dog shampoo designed exclusively for dogs.

Unknown origins of odors

Whenever your Frenchie Bulldog stinks, and you can’t figure out what’s causing it, consult a veterinarian.

Follow this strategy:

Just explain the signs to your veterinarian, not what you assume the problem is. You would not want to steer them astray by leading them to believe the problem is something else.

Whenever you feel your Frenchie Bully’s has an illness, visit the veterenarian until you they can diagnose them over the phone. You might be prompted to provide photos or videos via email. This is helpful if your dog is anxious about going to the vet.

Regardless of how many times you need to clean the Maine scent regions of your French Bulldogs, keep track. Include every wash and the materials used since this will aid a veterinarian in determining whether any adjustments are required.

Last Thoughts

Taking care of your dog is a good rule of thumb for keeping it smelling nice. It takes some effort, but seeing your cherished fur child happy and healthy is well worth it. Of course, problems can emerge with any pet, and if a problem persists, your veterinarian is only a phone call away. Overall, a little tenderness, love, and care may go a long way!