How old does a female French bulldog have to be to breed?

French bulldogs may be small, but they can offer you the best bunch of memories you can get from any pet that will last for more than 12 years of life. Believe it or not, with the right training, right direction, and right guidance, you will surely get the best years of your life with your French bulldog.

With the value that Frenchies have in the market, it is no doubt that a lot of dog breeders have become interested in making a business out of these mutts. Nonetheless, certain considerations must be made when it comes to deciding on breeding French bulldogs.

In this post some of the most important considerations shall be discussed:

ONE: How old does a Female French bulldog have to be to breed? 

They may be small, but female French bulldogs can have babies as other female dogs could. The only issue is, because of their small physique, some undeniable issues must be considered before subjecting a female French bulldog to pregnancy.

To make sure that the body of the female bulldog is already prepared for reproduction, the insemination or breeding should happen at least 5 to 18 days from their time of being in heat.

Female bulldogs can already get pregnant once they reach 15 months or 1 year and three months of age. Nonetheless, unlike other dogs, you cannot simply put two French bulldogs together and have them mate and wait for the possibility of pregnancy.

Several preparations must be made.

These preparations are necessary because French bulldogs can only get pregnant through artificial insemination. It is also for this reason that professional French bulldog breeding services should have opted when you want to help your female French bulldog get pregnant.

So, what is artificial insemination?

Instead of having two dogs mate, the sperm and the egg cell from the mommy and daddy French bulldog will be taken and will be matched in a lab. When the setup is ready, it will be inserted into the mommy French bulldog’s body to allow it to develop naturally within the body of the mother dog.

During the entire duration of the pregnancy, mommy French bulldogs should be taken care of properly. They should be fed properly with regular but small frequent meals. When doing so, remember that your dog’s body is so small. If you overfeed your dog during pregnancy, there will certainly be some problems that will affect the internal health of your French bulldog. This will not be good both for the mother and the developing puppies inside. The duration of pregnancy for French bulldog mommies often lasts between 8 to 10 weeks to full term.

When it comes to giving birth, female French bulldogs cannot carry natural birthing either. Because of their narrow hips, it is impossible that a puppy or several puppies would safely pass through without threatening the lives of both the newborns and the mother.

It is because of the need to support C-section birthing that when French bulldogs give birth it is usually in clinics. When you opt to have your French bulldog give birth at home, there is a definite need for a veterinarian around. Birthing is not easy for French bulldog mommies. It is taxing, and yes, their life is literally in peril when this happens.

After giving birth, French bulldog mommies must be given enough time to recover from the operation. Professional breeders often take the litter away from their mother right after birth and just bring them back to her when they need to breastfeed. The mommy French bulldog needs all the rest she can get before she can get back to her usual self.

The stage after giving birth is known as the anestrus Stage. During this time, veterinarians suggest that supplemental vitamins be given to support the dog’s health. The diet of the new mommy should also be properly monitored especially that she is also eating for the nourishment of her new babies who depend on her for breastmilk.

TWO: How many puppies can a female French bulldog give birth to? 

According to experience, one French bulldog mommy can only give birth to three puppies on average. There are however some exceptional times when some frenchies give birth to at least seven to eight pups at a time. However, because of the complication of birthing, it is most often than not that not all of eight pups survive within the three days of adjustment to the outside world.

Nonetheless, if a French bulldog gives birth in a birthing clinic in the veterinary, there is a fair possibility that all pups would survive especially because the tools and materials needed to aid them in their struggle for survival are readily available on site.

THREE: Can French Bulldogs give birth as other dogs do? 

The truth? No. Because of the small physique of French bulldogs, carrying a normal delivery is close to impossible and is a very dangerous choice for the dog.

This is why when planning to pick a French bulldog for breeding, several preparations must be considered. When you are opting to get help from professional French bulldog breeders, you should be prepared for the pre-breeding requirements that you might have to pay for before closing the agreement.

There are different packages of French bulldog breeding that professional dog breeders offer. Some offer packages where everything is already included in the payment that you are going to give at one time- to the point that all you have to do is to sign the transaction and wait for your dog to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Then again, there is something different about sharing the process with your French bulldog breeder and being there for all the stages of the process especially if you are asking for your French bulldog to be bred. Your active involvement in the process of breeding is certainly going to give you that exceptional experience that you can never exchange for anything else.

Most often than not, female French bulldogs experience their first cycle of heat starting between 6 to 9 months of age. The duration of being in heat suggests that your French bulldog is in heat and is ready to conceive a baby Frenchie. When opting to be there during the whole process of breeding, you ought to remember that it will take time and effort to make sure that everything goes smoothly according to plan; and that if any emergencies do happen along the way, you can provide the support needed by the mother French bulldog immediately. Money is of course in the picture. Paying for a professional breeder who is both highly experienced and knowingly reputable is all worth your while especially if it means getting a hold of a healthy French bulldog to share your good and bad times with and just share a lifetime of happiness with a small but loyal companion.

FOUR: Until what age will French bulldog puppies be ready to leave their mommy? 

If you have contacted a professional French bulldog breeder, then you would be given the idea about how long they would be keeping the French bulldog puppies within the birthing site before they are allowed to be taken home. Considerably, this means that you cannot get the puppies immediately since they must be observed closely after being given birth.

French bulldog puppies are also in dire need of nutritional support that comes from their mother’s breast milk. There are instances when inexperienced French bulldog breeders try to take on the challenge that this process offers and they end up failing to provide what the young mutts need, ending up in death and low quality of health for the mommy French bulldog.

When this happens, all of the money and time you have invested in this process could be easily wasted. Nobody wants this to happen. So, to make sure everything goes smoothly, it is best to choose a professional French bulldog breeder that is trusted by many Frenchie owners.

Usually, it takes 8 to 9 weeks for a Frenchie puppy to be ready to leave mommy’s side. Taking the puppy or puppies away earlier than this will certainly affect the condition and development of the young French bulldog. Hence, when waiting for your Frenchie puppy to be delivered to you, you need to be very patient and be concerned enough for the health and welfare of the young Frenchie. In all these, be concerned about the dog and not merely about what you want or what you expect from the process.

There were many times when future owners of Frenchie puppies who only want to own one for the sake of fashion and trend become too adamant to take the young puppies away from their mother, which results to dire situations for the young puppies. The reason why we say this is that we want to make sure that if you want to own a Frenchie, it would be for the right reasons and not for selfish decisions like other French bulldog owners have.

Having this in mind, you ought to understand that reputable and trustworthy French bulldog breeders often have several questions they would want to clarify with you before they finally agree with the transaction and proceed with the preparations and the actual breeding process for your puppy. The reason for this is because they want to make sure that you would be responsible enough to try and give the best life possible for your new pet.

FIVE: How profitable is breeding French bulldogs? 

Because of the many preparations and the different adjustments that need to be done before the breeding process begins, the whole activity of breeding French bulldogs can be considered taxing. For this reason, it is understandable that the service itself is not cheap.

Reputable French bulldog breeders invest in their name and to do this, they make sure that the services that they provide are of high quality and would be beneficial not only for the would-be owners of French bulldogs but also for the dogs as well. They have a genuine care for what the dogs would have to live with after leaving the birthing clinics.

So, yes, because of the long and grueling process of breeding French bulldogs, breeding this particular type of dog is indeed profitable. With the right amount of care and concern for the dogs and their future owners, trustworthy French bulldog breeders are sure going to earn a lot especially if they start being suggested to others who want to own their Frenchie puppies.

In short, to profit well from the French bulldog breeding industry, reputation and trustworthiness is a huge investment that must be taken care of.

If you are interested in establishing a French bulldog breeding business, you ought to pay attention to all the necessary preparations you need to go through. You need to understand French bulldogs better and be ready to study what the target market needs and expects from breeders.

The competition may be tough in terms of French bulldog breeding; so you need to be prepared for this as well.

In all these, you need to make sure that your motives are solid and you are not in it just for the money. Genuine care for the French bulldogs and their welfare is what makes it easier for French bulldog breeder to get the attention and the trust of the market you want to serve.

SIX: How often can French bulldogs be bred in their lifetime? 

Every mature female French bulldog can breed only once a year. Going beyond once will compromise the health of the mommy French bulldog. At the same time, it will also result in failed conception and birthing.

The taxing process of both pregnancy and birthing certainly puts insurmountable pressure on the body of the mother French bulldog. This is why it will take a year or more to make sure that the body of the female French bulldog has already completely recovered from the pressure.

Key Takeaways 

It is essential to understand that when it comes to breeding French bulldogs, it is easier and more practical to get help and attention from professional French bulldog breeders. Remember too that not every dog breeder understands the complication of conceiving and giving birth to French bulldog puppies. So before you say to any breeder out there, you need to make sure they understand the process and all the specific factors the need to be considered before breeding begins. This will help you pick not just the right breeder, but will also help you make sure that the breeder you choose is legitimate.

Another consideration to remember when deciding to breed a French bulldog is that when it comes to taking care of these little mutts, there are several considerations to remember.

Being serious about this whole business of breeding and taking care of French bulldogs is a critical part of even trying to get a sweet and loving dog to be a part of your life.