How Much should a French Bulldog Eat

They are small, they are charming and they are active; French bulldogs are known for their hyperactive behavior inside and outside the home. So, the question is, how much should a French bulldog eat? Why is it important to know the answer to this question as a fur parent of this cute little Frenchie? 

While some fur-parents feel that they ought to feed their dogs the same time they eat at home as a family, it became evident through experience that there simply needs to be an exception when it comes to feeding special dog breeds such as the French Bulldog. For a fact, when tending to a French Bulldog, knowing the amount of food they should be eating in a day and how many meals they should be served daily is one of the most important considerations you need to know about. 

But before that, let us first have a little backgrounder on French bulldogs. 

French Bulldogs: A Brief Background 

The French Bulldog is as of last year, rated the 2nd most popular dog breed in the United Kingdom, 3rd in Australia, and 2017, the 4th most popular dog breed in America. To put it simply, French Bulldogs are significantly popular, and it is not just the numbers that prove it. Many dog lovers who own or have owned French Bulldogs all have positive things to say about the mentioned dog breed. They are cute, easily trained, and rely a lot on their human companions. But before you decide to adopt your very own adorable French Bulldog, take your time first to run a background check on these cute little fellows.

French Bulldogs: A History 

French Bulldogs have been around since the 1800s and the result of the breed today is due to it being cross-bred with a handful of other dog breeds such as the Miniature or Toy Bulldog, Terriers, and Ratters or slumdogs in Paris. All of this cross-breeding resulted in the French Bulldog we all know and love today. These dogs have been popular ever since it was discovered. In the 1900s, society women have sought after French Bulldogs due to their small and lightweight bodies and fashion capabilities. This led to French Bulldogs being in many dog shows in the past, including some shows in the AKC or American Kennel Club. It was the AKC itself who formally gave the French Bulldog its English name from its previous Francized name “Bouledogue Francais”. 

The popular French Bulldogs were not just popular in dog shows but also in various artworks. According to some historical references and records, artists named Edgar Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec owned French Bulldogs and even featured them in their popular paintings. 

French bulldog: Attitude and Behavior 

Dog studies show that French Bulldogs are very loyal to their human companions and quickly develop a close relationship with their owners at a young age. It has shown that French Bulldogs may even experience separation anxiety when left by their owner alone for more than a few hours. Various studies and observations have also shown that French Bulldogs are very agreeable dogs who are easily trained thanks to their patient and obedient behavior. The breed is very affectionate though may still have some tendencies to be stubborn at a time especially in their younger years.  

French Bulldogs have also been rated to be the 109th smartest dog breed. A record shows that a French Bulldog named Princess Jacqueline was able to speak over 20 words on specific situations which according to many dog researchers is very impressive. This ranking of a dog’s intelligence is based on Stanley Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs”. 

French bulldog: Health and Growth 

Surveys have been conducted to determine the life span of French Bulldogs. A UK survey reported that based on 71 dog deaths, the average lifespan of French Bulldogs is 8to 10 years. The UK Breed Club however suggests that French Bulldogs have an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. The AKC or American Kennel Club suggests that French Bulldogs have an average of 11 to 13 years. The discrepancy of these average lifespans is due to the many health problems that French Bulldogs commonly have in their lifetime. According to studies, about 72.4% or about 1612 French Bulldogs had at least one or more health issues. The study suggests that some of the most common disorders that have been recorded were Ear Infections that made up for 14% of the deaths French Bulldogs, Diarrhea and Conjunctivitis made up for 10.7% of the deaths and, Skin Problems are the most common reason of death for this breed of dogs that make up for 17.9% of its deaths. 

Sadly, another common disease that played a significant role in the deaths of French Bulldogs is “Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome”. This syndrome caused by skull malformation is very common with Bulldogs due to the heavy cross-breeding French Bulldogs have gone through in the past when they were first being bred. 

So overall, French Bulldogs are very loyal companions that you are sure to love. Just make sure to keep in mind the handful of health issues and responsibilities you would have to bear when taking care of your new loyal and loving companion. Treat them with love, care, and affection because these dogs are very patient and human-oriented.           

Given the basic facts that every French bulldog owner should know, we go back to our query:

How much should a French Bulldog Eat? 

The truth about the eating habit that you ought to teach your French Bulldog, is that it impacts the general health condition of your pet. Hence, you ought to pay attention to the notes and tips that are to be presented in this post to make sure that you feed your pet Frenchie just enough. 

What has been observed through experience from fur-parents who care for their won French Bulldog pets is that in the first days of adjustment and settling, a French Bulldog, whether adult or a puppy, may not warm up to eating his meals immediately. They tend to look around, test their environment, and make sure that they are safe in the area and that they are not in any way in any danger. Once they have confirmed that they are not in danger and that they are around individuals who care for them, they tend to carefully warm up to the place and the people as well. This likely will motivate them to finally eat a meal. 

When feeding a French bulldog especially during the first days of settlement, remember to stay calm and avoid frustration to get the best of you. Remember that the dog is still adjusting and he must be guided well carefully which means not being hostile towards him as he tries to understand the new environment he is in. 

Before we discuss how much you should feed your French bulldog, let us talk about training your French bulldog to eat within a steady regular schedule. This will help determine the amount of food you ought to serve the dog within every meal. 

Training You French Bulldog to Eat on Time 

When it comes to feeding your French Bulldog, you need to take note of the schedule of feeding. Your Frenchie must understand when he is supposed to eat. This will make it easier for him to adjust to the pattern and get the nourishment he needs within the right time of the day. 

Remember this: Feeding your French bulldog should be a form of habit. 

This means that you ought to instill in your pet’s daily activities the settling feeling that at a certain time of the day, they will already be fed. Staying on the schedule of feeding also requires that every fur-parent be disciplined enough to stick to the schedule themselves. 

Put the bowl on the floor. Wait for your Frenchie to come near and eat it up. But make sure that you only leave it there for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, pick the bowl up again. Whether your dog has eaten the meal or not, you ought to take this up to give your dog an idea that eating time has already passed. Observe though that not all French dogs are fast or good eaters. If your French bulldog is quite a picky eater, then you might want to adjust the given time instead. Maybe leave the bowl for another 5 more minutes. But make sure to not go beyond the given time. Be consistent in this process. This will let your dog understand that there are limits that must be recognized even when it comes to the eating schedule.

Be patient and stay within the schedule- even when at times, your dog will not respond to the process. 

Once he responds positively, it is alright to give him a gentle pat on the head allowing him to recognize that he did a great job. Frenchies love being given gentle recognition for a job well done. Patting him in the head as a form of approval certainly allows him to understand that if he wanted to be given the recognition he wants, following through with the feeding schedule would be one good job that receives such recognition. 

Keep this process consistent and your pet French dog will certainly understand the importance of eating his daily meals on time at the same place in the house. 

How Often Should You Schedule Your French Bulldog’s Meal? 

There are several considerations to give attention to when scheduling the time by which your dog should eat his meals. Here are some of those points: 

AGE: How old is your pet French bulldog? As your pet grows older, the meal serving should also increase. But remember that overeating or overfeeding is never a good pattern of feeding your dog. Observe closely what amount of food gets your dog satisfied every meal. If he starts leaving some of the food in the bowl, adjust the servings accordingly. 

GENDER: Male French bulldogs are often more active than females which means that they would be fed more compared to their female counterparts. However, female French bulldogs who are pregnant would of course require extra nourishment. 

CURRENT HEALTH CONDITION: Is your French bulldog healthy? Then the meal amounts need not be too controlled as it would be when your French bulldog is sick or are experiencing some health issues. When there are health issues to consider, your vet will likely have recommendations for eating that you ought to follow through to make sure your dog is properly nourished and is not overfed. 

Generally, the basic meal schedule that works well in nourishing any French bulldog is two times each day. The interval between these feedings should last between eight to twelve hours. Observe though that if your mini-dog starts suffering from obesity, you can reduce this feeding to once a day instead of two. 

When your French bulldog is pregnant, then the feedings could increase up to three times a day.

In all these feeding-related decision-making, notice that your close observation of the current condition of your pet is critical to determining how much he should be eating in a day. Consider the factors that will help determine the meal times that your dog should be given based on what has been posted here. 

Now that we know how many times our French dogs should be fed, the next question would be how much? Although it has been touched lightly in this section, different specific factors must be carried into account: 

ONE: What type of food do you feed your Frenchie? 

Make sure that the food you feed your dog has the right nutrients in it. If you are buying your dog food in pet shops or the supermarket, try to read through the label and know what is included in the food and if it is enough to keep your Frenchie given the nutrients he needs. 

Usually, processed dog feeds note in their label how much food should be given to your dog given his size, his gender, and his age. Taking into account all of these considerations is critical to deciding how much should a French bulldog. 

TWO: How many times do you feed your Frenchie each day? 

Given the note posted in the previous section, you need to adjust the meal amount depending on the times you serve it to your dog in a day. 

Observation and personal connection with your dog do a lot to do to help you decide on how much you ought to feed your dog. 

THREE: How big is your Frenchie? 

Depending on the size of your Frenchie, you ought to keep a note on how much your dog eats every serving and adjust accordingly to such needs. 

FOUR: How fast does your dog process his food every meal? 

If you want to know more about the specifics, you may want to check with your veterinarian. Explain your concerns to your veterinarian and be open to getting the best advice you can have especially when it comes to helping your dog process food fast. 

FIVE: How much exercise does your dog engage with? 

Is your dog active throughout the day? Or is he much more relaxed and laid-back? 

Often, this question is asked by veterinarians as well. While French Bulldogs are commonly active throughout the day, at times even through the night- not every French bulldog is like this. Again, you would need to observe your pet more closely to make sure you are providing the right nourishment and the right amount of energy pack he needs to get through the day. 

Methods of Feeding Your French Bulldog

Free-Choice Method 

This approach is often dependent on the decision of the owner alone. This approach is good especially for those who care for healthy Frenchies. Healthy, meaning they are of the right size for their age and their gender. To make sure that your Frenchie is healthy, it is good to make regular appointments with your veterinarian. Keeping yourself practically updated on the condition of your pet will help you pick the right decision when it comes to feeding your dog. 

Unlike a stricter approach to your meal scheduling, the free-choice method allows you to leave food readily available for your pet to eat. 

When you choose this approach, you need to consider some problems that may arise along the way. Leaving the food around ready for your dog to eat may also attract insects which may cause other forms of problems. 

Take note too that this choice of feeding approach would not be best for those who have health issues to deal with- especially those who suffer from obesity and diabetes. To be sure if this approach is best for you and your French bulldog to consider, it is best to ask your veterinarian for good advice. 

Portion Control-Method 

If you observe that your dog keeps on eating- as if uncontrollable, there is a good chance that he might develop obesity if his eating attitude is not controlled accordingly. 

Again, if you want to completely succeed in this process of feeding your pet French bulldog, you ought to ask your veterinarian for better advice. There are instances when a specific measure of food amount fed to your pet dog should be specifically monitored to make sure that the situation is controlled accordingly and make sure that the Frenchie is properly handled according to their specific health condition. 


IF you are usually at home and you can monitor the feeding schedule of your pet French bulldog more closely, then the timed method may not be that hard for you to adapt. Often, fur-parents who are most often than not outside than they are at home find it hard to follow the time method. 

However, if you can monitor the feeding time of your pet Frenchie, then this approach may certainly be the best option for you to take. The timed- method follows through the suggestion that has been posted in the previous section of this post which involves the scheduling of meal servings that will be offered to the dog which follows through a strict disciplined approach that the fur-parents should be very responsible for. 

Should You Give Your Frenchie some Treats? 

Snacks in between their daily meals are just like eating snacks as humans. Make sure that the snacks or treats are supposed to be offered at least hours before the main meal. It is also important to take note of the content of the treats that you offer your Frenchie. 

The treats that you give your dogs should not overthrow how much should a French bulldog eat. 

Even when they are given treats now and then, these treats should not get the interest of your Frenchie off from the main meals of the day. If these snacks get the interest off from the main meal, then they would be more of a problem than they are a form of extra source of nourishment. 

Key Takeaways 

The condition by which you feed your pet French bulldog would largely depend on what you know about your dog. If you are serious about caring for a Frenchie, it is best to know more about this dog, its background, its breed, its health issues, and all the other things that concern the growth and development of this particular special dog breed. 

When it comes to knowing how much should a French bulldog eat, you must get personally involved in the process. The suggestions presented through this post certainly involve the need of every fur parent to understand their pets and be able to observe closely what their fur babies need from them. 

Proper nourishment is critical to the growth of every French bulldog. This consideration must be handled seriously by every Frenchie owner. Based on the size, age, and gender of the dog, you, as a pet owner, should realize that for the best result of scheduling the meals that your pet should receive in a day, it is best to get support and advice from a professional veterinarian as the condition of your dog is checked thoroughly. 

In all this, your concern for the health and successful development of your French bulldog does a lot to identify with the connection and dedication you have in making sure that your pet receives the right nourishing that they need as they grow older into maturity.