How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need: Doggy Guide 2021

The French bulldog is one of the dog breeds that are generally active. The sad thing is most people assume that this dog breed does not need exercise because of their cute personality and their love to sleep all day. Generally, they love playing most hours of the day and always want to walk. Due to that, healthy exercise is very essential to the Frenchies. But, how much exercise does a French bulldog need?

In this blog post, we will share the amount of exercise that the French bulldog needs. Aside from that, we also have here the applicable type of exercise activities that the Frenchies may consider doing. From puppyhood to senior years, here are the required amounts of exercises that your French bulldog needs.

How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need Based on Frequency

Most of the time, the Frenchies live in an apartment and despite being an active breed, they have low energy. Even so, they still need to have an exercise yet the question lies around how much exercise does a French bulldog need? Generally, once a day exercise is recommended for the French bulldogs. So, you can choose to have a simple walking with him within your yard or accompany him to the dog park.

The best thing in relation to how much exercise does a French bulldog need is that engaging this dog breed on an exercise is as easy as it cannot take up too much of your time. Moreover, even a short walk or a quick playtime will do. Aside from that, the French bulldog will not also be at risk of overworking.

The Type of Exercise Applicable for the Frenchies

Thinking to let your dog keep moving and meet their needs and interests generally involves numerous activities. The French bulldog is an intelligent and highly sociable dog breed. That’s the reason why you need to give them the physical activity that can deal with these kinds of activities.


Generally, a brisk walk once daily may suffice the amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need especially if you live in a city. Moreover, if you reside in a suburban area, it is much better to spend active playing with your Frenchies even inside your yard.

You can also consider taking your furry buddy into a dog park within your locality. In that area, the French bulldog can actually interact and play with other dogs. In general, the recommended amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need just takes around 15 to 20 minutes walk daily.

How much exercise does a French bulldog need based on walking
how much exercise does a french bulldog need

Generally, the amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need based on walking highly depends on the age of the dog. Aside from that, their personality and character also say a lot. Actually, the French bulldog has all the opportunity to walk as often as they want. But, doing so may not be good for your cuddly bully.

Below is the list of how much exercise does a French bulldog need depending on walking time and their age. Generally, the time to allow your Frenchies for walking can be done two times a day.

Age of DogWalking Time
4 months12 minutes
5 months15 minutes
6 months18 minutes
7 months21 minutes
8 months24 minutes
9 months27 minutes
Adult30 to 45 minutes
Important Note:

The times indicated above do not directly mean that your French bully must continuously walk for those times. That is just the time when the dog is out of the house which the amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need vary in terms of walking. Moreover, the indicated time also include other doggy activities such as playing, stopping, sniffing, and pooping.

Additionally, it is also important not to subject them to any strenuous activities, especially during the hot or humid environmental condition. Actually, this is a primary factor for dog’s overheating or labored breathing.

Another thing to remember is to subject your French bulldog to exercising activity just prior to meals. Keep in mind that Frenchies have this characteristic to get drowsy and always want to layover when they feel full. Aside from that, everyday walking opens the door for them for mental stimulation as they tend to absorb the views, sounds, and smells of their environment.

*Free playing

Despite being small, this cute dog breed is highly playful. So, sometimes, in order to identify the amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need, you must have to give them toys and let the play. In fact, the Frenchies love to play around with people, other pets, and on their own.

That’s the reason why it is advisable to give them the chance to play if necessary. Letting them play will support their bodily process of burning energy, mental stimulation, and strengthening the bond between the pet and their owner. Here are examples of free play that you can provide to your French bulldog.

how much exercise does a French bulldog need

Since the Frenchies are average chewers, how much exercise does a French bulldog need is usually lesser. Meaning to say, they are not destructive when it comes to playing with their toys. Generally, this dog breed enjoys Plush Toys for free playing.

Play with other dogs

Another form of free playing for the French bulldog includes playing with other dogs. It also helps in burning up energy, mental stimulation, and learning the importance of socialization.

Play games

Playing games with the Frenchies may help to determine the amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need. Actually, there are numerous games that the dog can play with.


Fetch playing is another free play for the Frenchies that can also help them to exercise. In case you are looking for alternative options for fetch due to French bulldog’s reluctance, consider attaching a toy into a stick and then run around your doggy. This will generally trigger them to come after you.

Just ensure that the French bulldog gets the toy for about 10 to 20 seconds. But, this generally varies on their health status. Keep in mind that this dog breed is not that energetic enough and do not have the ability to run for longer hours.

Knowing that it is very crucial for them to exercise having some breaks. Aside from that, it is also important to know how much exercise does a French bulldog need.

Self-moving dog toys

In the market today, you may able to see a wide range of dog toys that can move all by themselves. Most of them can shake, rattle, and roll on their own encouraging the Frenchies to keep moving and highly active.

*Mental Stimulation

Actually, by engaging your dog in walking and free playing, they can usually get mentally stimulated. But, providing them with other activities that can stimulate their mind is generally a good idea. Remember that exercises for the mental aspects can also burn energy like that of the physical exercises.

Here are some examples of mental stimulation exercises for French bulldogs:

Puzzle Toys

Generally, if you want to assess the intelligence and improve the solving ability of the French bulldog, consider giving them puzzle toys. Moreover, this is very advantageous for times that your dog is left alone at home.


Best ways of providing mental enrichment for the French bulldogs involve teaching new tricks and commands. Consider teaching to them the names of their toys as part of the popular learning game. Keep in mind that dogs have the ability to know a hundred names and words.

How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need During their Puppyhood

Like with a healthy diet, regular exercise is important for dogs as well. This also applies true to the Frenchies. Although running long-distance or engaging in a variety of dog sports is not their thing, physical activity is still essential for the French bullies’ life stages. With this, how much exercise does a French bulldog need during their puppyhood arise.

The general rule for this is to let the French bulldog puppies engage in a 5 minutes exercise on a monthly basis. Usually, Frenchie pups love playing and exercising. However, compared to other dog breed and to adult Frenchies, the amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need is actually much lesser.

Below is a guide on the amount of how much exercise does a French bulldog need during their puppyhood.

Age of PuppyExercise Time
8 weeks10 minutes twice a day
3 months15 minutes twice a day
4 months20 minutes twice a day
6 months30 minutes twice a day
9 months45 minutes twice a day

Generally, this is just a guide on how much exercise does a French bulldog need during their puppy age. But, always keep in mind that some dogs or puppies may get tired too quickly than the others.

How Much Exercise Does a French Bulldog Need on Their Senior Years

Actually, as the Frenchies’ age increases, their activity and energy levels decrease. But, in order to maintain the health of their joints and muscles mobility, it is highly crucial to keep them active. In addition to this, their weight can also be managed well.

As the dog gets older, they generally develop numbers of diseases such as canine’s arthritis. Because of this, exercising is a gateway to balance the condition. The joint mobility and weight management of the French bulldog are highly important. Yet, too much exercise can make them feel the pain because of their susceptibility to hip dysplasia.

So, how much exercise does a French bulldog need when they are already old enough? Generally, allow them to exercise in moderate amount.  

Things to Look for When Exercising the French Bulldog

In relation to the amount on how much exercise does a French bulldog need, here are some of the things that you should look for when your Frenchie is engaging in an exercise.

1-Walk during the cooler time of the day

Basically, the French bulldog experience a hard time to regulate their body temperature. Knowing this, it is highly advisable to walk your dog when the temperature is actually cooler. It should be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

Aside from that, it is also important to consider playing with your French bulldog inside an air-conditioned area especially when it is summertime. And when you go out for an exercise, ensure to always have water with you. Also, look for available shades as you walk with your French bulldog outside.

2-Look for signs of heat exhaustion

It is actually important to strictly focus your eyes on the behavior of the French bulldog especially when you have them on an outdoor walk. Basically, check for any indications that your Frenchies is suffering from heat exhaustion. Canine’s heat exhaustion typically includes intense panting and foamy saliva. In case you already notice those signs, it is helpful to provide them with air using a fan and cool water.

3-Hyperactive behavior

One of the temperaments of the French bulldog is their being calm. However, the French bulldog puppies tend to be overexcited once they are with new faces or surroundings. The good thing is that this kind of Frenchie’s behavior decreases as they grow.

In addition to that, socializing them with other dogs, people, and the surroundings is basically important. Let your dog be trained for socialization during their early stage in life. Doing that will generally help to avoid the hyperactivity behavior of the French bulldog and permit them to have an active doggy life.

Final Thoughts

In terms of how much exercise does a French bulldog need actually lies on the fact that they only need lesser amount of exercise. Basically, this is due to the health issues that the Frenchies may have to experience such as the compromised breathing. Moreover, the French bulldog is also prone to overheating making them necessitates lesser amount of exercise.

On the other hand, an ample amount of exercise is also needed by the French bulldog for the purpose of maintaining their weight. Aside from that, letting them engage in some form of exercises may generally help them to strengthen their muscles and to support the health of their joints and tendons. In addition, mental stimulation is another good exercise for the Frenchies as it helps to avoid boredom which may eventually result in destructive behavior.