How Much do French Bulldogs Shed? Owner’s Guide

Just like any canine, French Bulldogs shed their fur. But how much do French Bulldogs shed? They are mild to moderate shedders, unlike other furry breeds. Still, you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of fur Frenchies can spread all over your home. It’s important to groom the pooch properly and to address their shedding properly.

How much do French Bulldogs shed?

how much do French Bulldogs shed

French Bulldogs have a short and shiny coat. While it’s shorter than other breeds, you should expect that these doggos will still shed. A mild to moderate amount of shed fur is normal. They shed their undercoat to cool their bodies and to allow the growth of new ones.

Frenchies will shed all year long, but the heaviest would be before summer and before winter. This is because dogs are preparing their bodies for the changing weather. However, if your pooch is an indoor-only canine, their shedding patterns will vary since their internal body clock might be messed up. This happens because indoor dogs don’t get enough sunlight so their circadian rhythms don’t function normally.

Overall, a French Bulldog’s shedding is very manageable. But if your dog is starting to shed too much and have bald spots, you should bring it to the vet. This isn’t normal and can be a sign of an underlying illness or a lingering skin problem.

Factors that affect your dog’s shedding

In general, French Bulldogs shed, but the following factors will affect how heavy it will be:

  • Age. Adult Frenchies shed more due to their larger bodies and grown fur as compared to pups. Also, senior French Bulldogs may appear to shed more due to declining health. This should be addressed properly to prevent complications.
  • Diet. The quality of your dog’s food will always show up on its coat. If your French Bulldog is shedding more than usual, their food may not be enough to suffice their nutritional needs.
  • Weather. As I mentioned earlier, Frenchies shed more on periods before summer and winter. This is completely normal, but you should still watch out for abnormal shedding.
  • Genes. The good news is that French Bulldogs aren’t carriers of the G-variant of MC5R-gene. This gene variant is responsible for intense shedding.
  • Overall health. French Bulldogs with underlying illnesses may shed more than their healthier counterparts. If you notice any change in your dog’s coat, eating habits, and behavior, you should consult with a veterinarian. Pregnancy, medications, and health problems will directly affect your Frenchie’s shedding.

How to manage your Frenchie’s shedding?

Dog shedding is something you can’t stop. The only thing you can do is manage it so you and your pooch can live harmoniously. The following should help you deal with your French Bulldog’s shedding:

🐶Brush regularly

how much do French Bulldogs shed

Brushing lets you remove shed fur even before it drops on the floor. But before you start raking your dog’s fur, you should get the right brush.

For French Bulldogs, a slicker brush is a smart choice. This lifts shed fur from the undercoat since it has bent wire tips. Most of the time, you won’t need a deshedding rake for this breed because they have a thin coat.

Once a week, you can use a slicker brush on your Frenchie. On other days, a bristle brush will be enough. This will remove shed fur and dirt without hurting the skin too much.

Take note that you should brush your French Bulldog’s coat even if you’re not giving it baths. Also, you should inspect your dog’s skin as you brush. This will let you spot parasites, irritations, and sores that might cause intense shedding if not diagnosed early on.

🐶Schedule baths

French Bulldogs don’t need frequent baths since they are medium-sized and their coat is short. But manage their shedding, bathing once a month is ideal. This will let you remove shed fur and moisturize the skin of the pooch.

If your Frenchie’s coat got dirty before the scheduled bath, dry shampoo is an excellent alternative. You simply have to massage the foamy product into your Frenchie’s coat and you’re good to go.

However, you should only use dry shampoo products once a week. Using it too often and ditching regular baths will cause matting on your dog’s coat.  

Also, I want to highlight the importance of using dog shampoo. This is formulated for your dog’s skin and will help reduce shedding by moisturizing the canine’s coat. Take note that human shampoo products might cause further shedding so you should avoid it at all cost.

🐶Switch to a healthier canine diet

how much do French Bulldogs shed

You should also assess your French Bulldog’s diet. Dog food products rich in Omega fatty acids since these substances help boost your pet’s coat health. You can also add fish oil to your Frenchie’s meal for an added dose of healthy fatty acids.

Feel free to consult your dog’s veterinarian for proper guidance on nutrition and diet change. This way, you can prevent any irritations, something that French Bulldogs are prone to.

🐶Increase your dog’s hydration

It’s important to encourage your French Bulldog to drink more. This way, its skin will not dry and shed too much.

If your pooch isn’t a fan of drinking, you can trick it into taking more water. You can freeze ice cubes and give them as treats. You can also brew some green tea and give it to your dog once it cools down. Aside from that, you can also add warm water to your dog’s kibble to convert it into wet food.

🐶Consult the veterinarian

If your French Bulldog’s shedding concerns you, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian. The vet can run tests to see what’s causing the intense shedding of your canine.

Take note that you should never shave your French Bulldog’s coat out of frustration. While this might seem to stop the shedding, it will only give birth to bigger problems. The shaved coat may not grow back as normal and your pooch will be exposed to a slew of skin irritations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do French Bulldogs shed like Pugs?

A: French Bulldogs don’t shed as much as Pugs. Still, you should groom your Frenchie properly to manage their shedding and to keep their coats healthy. Regular brushing and periodic baths will help a lot in reducing the fur that gets into your carpet and furniture.

Q: Do French Bulldogs stink?

A: To be fair, all dogs will stink if you don’t groom them well. But compared to other canines, French Bulldogs don’t stink so much. Daily brushing will help remove the dirt on the coat so it will not harbor bacterial and odor growth. You should also clean the dog’s face since the wrinkles can hide the dirt that could form a bad smell.

Q: How do I stop my French Bulldog from shedding?

A: There’s no way you can stop a dog from shedding. Instead of trying to stop a Frenchie’s natural coat cycle, you should aim to manage it instead. Brush the dog’s coat and give it baths once a month. You should also switch to coat-friendly diets to reduce excessive shedding.

Q: Why does my French Bulldog’s skin smell bad?

A: A dog with stinky skin might be suffering from an infection. You should look for parasites that might be leaving bites that get infected. For this, you can give your Frenchie a medicated bath to soothe the irritation and neutralize the bad smell. You can also consult with the vet if the unpleasant smell doesn’t go away.


How much do French Bulldogs shed? This pooch only sheds moderately. With proper grooming and a healthy diet, you can manage their coat. You just have to be patient and stay connected with the vet if you have concerns.

How are you dealing with your dog’s shedding? Share it with us in the comment section!