Frenchies: Things You Must Know Before Getting One!

Do you want to have a goofy animal buddy? French Bulldog might be the perfect pet for you! This breed is best described as the most popular dog and one of the funniest and goofiest pets you can have. Frenchies’ important descendant is the English White Terrier. Their roots are all the way from England in the 1860s. So, if you are interested in getting one, keep on reading this post!

Physical Description

Photo credits: Karsten Winegeart

French Bulldogs are small dogs. They have a more muscular built and a large bone structure. Frenchie’s stocky frame has them weighing in at 18 to 30 pounds at 13 to 16 inches tall. If we take a look at its head, Frenchies are known for their distinctive bat-like structure. Their head is moderate in size, and they stand erect on their square-shaped head.

Frenchies also have an extremely short nose, broad nostrils, and a distinctive line between them. That is why they are known to be brachycephalic breeds. Their tiny nostrils, long pallets, and narrow trachea make them incapable of inhaling enough air to cool off their bodies. That is why you have to take precautions when walking with your Frenchie during the summer season.

Color and Grooming

French Bulldog comes in a broad palette of colors, such as Fawn, brindled pied, cream, or black. This breed is reasonably low in grooming maintenance because of its short hair. And, they usually don’t have a solid smell except when they begin to make a challenge of tooting for a similar reason. These dogs can be delicate to chills. They also have moderate to low needs for exercise because they have flat faces.

As mentioned above, French Bulldogs suffer from respiratory illnesses if they are submitted to excessive levels of exercise, especially on hotter days. It is almost ironic that these dogs have high levels of energy, but they don’t really need a massive activity such as all-day fetch and walk.

Agility and Health

Frenchies can’t swim or afraid of deep water. So, homeowners with pool should keep a watchful eye on their pups. Pay full attention because these dogs can drown seriously within seconds. The usual lifespan of a French Bulldog is up to 10 years. Their short muzzles make them prone to respiratory problems, and they are at risk of heatstroke. Frenchies are also prone to cataracts, seizures and may suffer from allergies, deafness, and other health problems.

Another health condition that you need to focus on is that Frenchies can have conjoined issues with their eye, heart, and back. They can also suffer from obesity because they tend to overeat after an exercise.



French Bulldogs have a friendly but strong personalities. They like to clown around and make excellent companions for anyone who decides to adopt. Another is that Frenchies love to be the center of attraction. So, if you are a parent of a very young child, you should introduce your puppy to the young family member since these dogs are social animals. They can also act jealous if they become neglected. So you need to make a good strategy and involve your furry friend in your new daily routines.

French bulldogs are good with children and more than okay with playing with them all day long. They tend to make good guardians since Frenchies do not require a lot of movements and exercise. Because of this trait, French Bulldog can be suitable for living in a small home such as a flat or an apartment.

Frenchies love cuddling beside you on your couch, and they can adapt really well to any environment. So whatever kind of person you are, these dogs will be happy to live with you.

Bad Sides Of Having A French Bulldog

Are you still trying to decide whether you’re getting a Frenchie or not? It is essential to know not only the good sides of a Frenchie. Remember that French Bulldogs are not perfect. The advantages may outweigh the cons, but you still need to know them before getting one.

🟤Taking them outside

Yes, Frenchies are great companions. But! If you are one of the type of dog owner who loves to go on an adventure, French Bulldog is not for you. This is because they can’t do strenuous activities like hiking. As mentioned earlier, Frenchies tend to get tired quickly because of their health condition, and you don’t indeed want to shorten its lifespan.

🟤Too loyal

French Bulldogs are indeed clingy. But, this may seem too irritating sometimes. Frenchies will tend to follow you wherever you go as they are very loyal. If you move an inch, your pet will move too. It won’t also sleep anywhere but squeezed upright against you. They may show love to others but will surely go back to your lap. This will also become a problem. Separation anxiety is common to French Bulldogs because they get a hard time leaving their humans and being left alone for a while.


Frenchies are jolly and love playing fetch. But! These dogs are not geniuses compared to other breeds. They can do simple tasks but can get very stubborn. Don’t worry because being stubborn doesn’t mean they are dumb. They are only hilarious because this is part of their quirky personality.

🟤Food and Grooming

French Bulldogs may have a little cost for grooming, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to trim the hair because Frenchies do shed also. Another is that Frenchies must eat high quality of food because they are one of the breeds that have many severe health conditions. Such conditions they may have are ear and eye infections, hip dysplasia, lung problems, skin problems, and heart and brain issues.


Frenchies do fart a lot because this might be triggered by their proclivity to eat quickly or by a change in food. The last cause might be a food allergy, which should be evaluated by your veterinarian. Another reason is Aerophagia, or the condition where it swallows air while eating. This ailment is caused by a dog’s tendency to eat quickly.

Aside from farting, they also emit a foul stench. This is because their skin is protected by sebaceous glands, which create natural protective oils. However, if you’ve observed that your Frenchie stinks, there might be a number of causes. Ear and skin infections, infected face creases, or cancer are just a few of the possible causes.

Bottom Line

If you are a person who won’t be spending too much time out of the house and doesn’t spend a lot of time exercising or an occasional walk, the French Bulldog is excellent for you. Frenchies are a great companion. They don’t want to be left out because they are hungry for human contact. French Bulldogs are also believed to have average intelligence as they can able to learn new commands quite quickly. So if you think you can handle their cuteness, it’s time for you to get your French Bulldog!

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