French Bulldog Runny Nose — What You Need To Know

Every pet parent of a French bulldog has ever wondered at some point in time, “What’s the reason why my French bulldog has a runny nose?” There are actually two things you can do. First, you don’t need to panic or worry about it. Second, you must read this article so you will learn about the different reasons why your french bulldog has a runny rose. That way, you won’t have a hard time attending to that runny nose that your Frenchie has.

Experiencing a runny nose on your pet has certain levels from being normal up to high risk. It’s actually not a usual thing for any French bulldog. Given that they are prone to nasal infections compared to other dog breeds due to their nasal passages that are narrow and also because of their flat-faced.

That said if your French bulldog is experiencing some runny nose and don’t know what to do. Please do take the time and read this helpful article. We have provided some adequate information regarding runny noses. Better scroll down to see what you need to know.

5 Reasons why French bulldog Has a Runny Nose

There are numerous reasons why your French bulldog is having a runny nose. As we have previously mentioned, it’s nothing to worry about because it’s a common occurrence for this particular small breed. Given that it’s in their genetics why such nasal discharge with a clear and watery texture.

However, if the texture of the nasal discharge is beyond usual than watery and clear texture, then that’s the time to become worried and act smart on it. So it’s better to keep an eye for those unusual signs and symptoms which could be an underlying health condition that’s posing as a secondary symptom.

Quick Highlights:

  • Breeding
  • Cleft Palate or Oral-nasal fistula
  • Obstructed nasal passage
  • Allergies
  • Excitement


Among the most definite factor why your Frenchie is having a runny nose is due to its flat face which it’s in their genes and also the fact that they are born to have a narrowed nostrils. As a result, French bulldogs will have more difficulty in breathing and there’s also an increase in nasal discharge.

If you feel like the nasal discharge is more than usual, then it’s time for you to go to your local vet to have your Frenchie checked and get the findings regarding his unusual nasal discharge. It’s important to seek aid from professionals to prevent any worsening of condition which can exacerbate your pet’s health as well as your money.

On some other note, there is an interesting rare mixed breed of a French bulldog that is lucky enough to not acquiring this type of genetic default setting which is normally caused by common breeding issues.

But even though your Frenchie doesn’t show any signs, it’s still a good option to see a vet regularly to inspect your little pooch’s health condition. For more added safety, we recommend that your Frenchie should wear a harness especially if he is having any physical activities to at least limit the restrictions of their breathing on their nasal passage and throat.

Cleft Palate or Oral-nasal fistula

One of the most unfortunate health conditions that can happen to any French bulldogs in relation to a runny nose or nasal discharge is the cleft palate, more particularly if they are purebred. Sometimes the closest factor that Frenchies are having cleft palates is because of birth defect.

This is because the tissues of the upper part of their mouth are not fully developing which causes a split in the roof. As a result, the French bulldog’s nasal passages are separated. Not only it’s too uncomfortable for the Frenchie but it’s also hard for them to breathe normally.

Although it’s not just the birth defect that is the usual reason behind this, there are actually other sources of cleft palate. These include infection, from trauma or injury in the mouth, and even infection. And because of the cleft palate, this makes the food, saliva, water, and even bacteria can easily enter into the nasal cavity which resulting in runny noses and frequent infections.

So, if you notice that your French bulldog has a nasal discharge or runny nose after a few minutes of drinking or eating, particularly if the discharge is clear and very watery or sometimes has bits of food, chances are, your Frenchie might be suffering from this illness.

Obstructed nasal passage

Among the foremost reason why French bulldogs have runny nose is due to obstructed or blocked nasal passage. One way to notice this is by observing the amounts of discharge coming out of the nostril. If only one nostril that is releasing a significant amount of discharge and the other one is none, then there’s likely that one of your French bulldog’s nostril is blocked.

One of the clear signs or to support your hypothesis is if there’s a noseblood. This evidence is a clear indication that your dog has an obstructed nasal passage, and you may also notice later on that your Frenchie is constantly itching around the nose area and sneezing.

Although a nosebleeding can be an indication of two things: either it’s not harmful and harmful to the point that there are underlying symptoms to it. The better way to figure out is not by yourself but with the help of your local vet as soon as possible. The fact that every parent is going to be alarmed if their furry companion is having a nosebleed.

Also, if you suspect that your little pooch has a foreign object in his nose, not only it will cause irritation and discomfort but also it can lead to difficulty in breathing that can eventually worsen into a more serious condition if not attended to as quickly as possible. Among the serious conditions that can happen are viral infections (such as sinusitis or rhinitis), fungal infections, and even tumors.


Very similar to humans that are prone to tons of environmental allergies, even French bulldogs can have allergies. The obvious symptoms are runny nose and eyes. And this is a clear indication that your little pooch is suffering from allergies, be it from environmental, food, or pollen. Other than that, you will also notice your dog is reverse sneezing and itching and even having watery eyes.

In addition, French bulldogs are likely to suffer from allergies. They are very vulnerable especially when it’s the months of summer where there is more pollen in the air or if you are in a new area.

Common allergies are nothing to worry about, but it’s your duty to prevent your Frenchie from having them by keeping their face clean especially during the summer season. This is to make sure there’s less chance to none at all in acquiring an allergy. In addition, regularly groom your dog so they will be clean and no allergies will ever come to them and even those infections are off-limits to your Frenchie.

There are actually more types of allergies that not only French bulldogs can have. So, it’s recommended that you need to know them not by heart but just enough to make you understand where they are coming from, what causes them, and how to treat them. After all, as a pet parent, you need to watch out for your Frenchie’s help just like what parents do to their children.


Sometimes we pet parents overthink especially if there’s something wrong with our little furry friend. Just like having a runny rose. If we see them having runny noses, sometimes we think it’s a serious problem which can be attributed to the listed above. But in some cases, it’s nothing serious. Which can mean that the simplest possible explanation is usually the best. In this regard, if your dog is having a runny nose, it’s because your dog is just excited. Plain and simple.

This type of occurrence shouldn’t be taken seriously especially if the nasal discharge is thin, watery, clear, and has no odor. However, be alarmed if your dog’s runny nose doesn’t stop even for hours. This is the time to take an extra preventive measure which is bringing your french bulldog to the nearest vet. Sometimes these little symptoms are a gateway to having a viral infection.

Also, if your dog is feeling nervous, your French bulldog will likely secrete a small nasal discharge which can also lead to a slight runny nose. They release this as some sort of release mechanism for them. But eventually, it will stop when your little pooch calms down. But if isn’t, better seek medical help from the vet.

French Bulldog Runny Nose

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do Dogs Predisposed to Having a Runny Nose?

A: Yes. All dogs can have a runny nose. Although there are some dogs that are more susceptible to have runny noses which are built-in in their genetic codes. These dogs include brachycephalic breeds ( or flat face dogs such as boxers, pugs, French bulldogs, English bulldogs, to name a few), which have the high chances of developing infections and have a nasal discharge normally it’s clear, watery, and nasal discharge, but others have thick nasal discharge.

Also, this includes dogs with poor dental care which then develop into abscessed teeth. Even dog breeds that are dolichocephalic (dogs that have longer noses such as borzoi) are likely to have a runny noses.

Q: Should I Take My Dog to the Vet?

A: Usually you don’t have to take your French bulldog to a vet that is having a runny nose. However, if your Frenchie is having more than usual nasal discharge that has blood, is thick, or has an odor, your dog may need special attention with the help of your local vet.

Final Thoughts

If your French bulldog is having a slightly runny nose that has a texture of clear and watery nasal discharge, then you have nothing to worry about. But, if you think that one of the listed above common problems (except the excitement) closely matches your Frenchie’s current condition, then it’s really time to seek help from your veterinarian to deeply examine and figure out if there’s an early stage of serious illness.

Also, what you need to prevent that runny nose is to make sure your French bulldog is well-groomed, taking her nutrient-packed food supplement, and of course, give him quality kibble that’s specifically designed for french bulldogs. This way, the chances of having a runny nose are less or even none at all.

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