French Bulldog Lovers Gifts: Great Ideas To Start With Today!

French Bulldog Lovers Gifts: Great Ideas To Start With Today!

Are you a dog lover or your friends maybe? Are you looking for a French bulldog lovers gifts for your loved ones, today?

Most of us like to take care of dogs that much and we can consider ourselves as “dog lovers”. There are many occasions that demand us to think of the best gift for the people we love, especially those who really love dogs. People who love dogs need to have a special gift during their special events. There are a lot of ideas you can have with it comes to gift especially for those individuals. 

Hence, shopping for dog lovers especially for those who really love french bulldog is not that easy. What you need to do is at least compile and list down the possible gifts. Here are the ideas you may get whenever you are having a hard time thinking what are the best gifts for french bulldog lovers. 

Best Gift Ideas For French Bulldog Lovers 

1. Phone Case 

Millennials would probably relate to this that much when you choose a phone case for them, especially if they are a dog lover. The phone case is very in-demand for younger people. You can give this as your present to them with the image imprinted on the phone case. Whenever you are thinking about what would be the possible gift for their birthday, graduation and even during Christmas, this one if perfect!

It is another way of showing how thoughtful you are knowing what things can make them happy. Dog lovers are happy seeing an image in whatever apparel it is. The reason why a phone case is a good gift is that you are letting them know they are special knowing their favorite dogs.

2. Mug

There are many kinds of mug every individual already have today. But what it makes special or different from others? It makes it more special because of the image on it and the design as well. Whenever you are a french bulldog lover then an image on it on the mug makes everything perfect! If you wish for you to be recommended especially by someone you love through a gift, a mug will be a good choice. They will be able to remember you whenever they are having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. For the people who wish to have the best mug, this would be a good option to make it more personalized. 

You can be that thoughtful enough to be remembered and their favorite pet as well. Gift giving is only once a year, so it is a must to make it more memorable. 

3. Jewelry

The biggest portion of the percentage of the people who love Frenchies is our mothers. Most of them buy different things for their pet, particularly French bulldogs. Whatever they find their dog will love and will be comfortable with, they will buy it. So, if you are their kids it’s time to be sweet and be thoughtful. Try to give them gifts with the image of their favorite pet Frenchies. They will definitely love it! Giving jewelry to your mother is another love language. 

It is a perfect gift for them with the combination of fashion and also with the image of their favorite pet. There are many types of jewelry you can choose from. You can have a ring, necklace, bracelet, and even an anklet for them. This will be very much appreciated. 

4. Clothes

This is one of the most common gifts of all time. Whenever your kids love the french bulldogs, you can show them your love by giving them clothes printed on the Frenchy’s faces. You don’t need to think that much as you can always have this even you choose to buy an online platform. The reason why a lot of people choose clothes as a gift is that it is more practical and you are able to save more money at the same time. 

You can give as well your mother if they really like Frenchies clothes for them to wear every day. 

When you choose clothes there is a lot of styles you can choose from as well, you can have a pajama for your kids. Also, you can have working out clothes for your girls. There are a lot of choices, so you don’t have a hard time choosing one for yourself or for other people!

5. Slippers

This is something you can choose from whenever you want them to make special. Slippers are one of the practical and great gifts you can give your loved ones. You don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about what would be the best one for them. Just look for the best design where you can see the image of a French bulldog. 

Whenever you choose this as your gift to your loved ones then you just need to choose their favorite color. You can choose as well if the slipper will be used for outdoor purposes or just indoor.

6. French Bulldog Bed

This is perfect for the people who really love their Frenchies. If you want them to make special make sure to give some apparel which is beneficial for their Frenchie. This will give them enough happiness as they really love to collect things which are perfect for their Frenchies. There is a lot of bed you can give a dog, but french bulldog themed is different. It is more appealing for the people who love this kind of breed of dog. 

Whenever you want to give your loved ones you need to choose the one which is breathable and durable as well. They will definitely appreciate it whenever you will give this to them, as they will have another present as well for their Frenchies. Look for the french bulldog themed as a gift for them. 

7. Doormat with a French bulldog image

A doormat is a must to have at home. This helps the home cleaner and at the same time filters the dust from the outdoor. Whenever you are from the outside you can wipe your feet to the doormat to make everyone at home safe from bacteria. Most of the mother loves to receive this kind of gift especially if it has a picture or image of their favorite dog, the French bulldog. 

This could be a good idea whenever you are attending a dog lover’s birthday celebration or other special events. There are many gifts you could give a dog lover, but this one can put a great smile on their faces. 

8. French bulldog toilet roll holder

If you are looking for the best gift you can give your loved ones or your friend who is a dog lover then this one is perfect for you! A toilet roll holder is a great idea. You can help your loved ones and even your friends to be more organized with it comes to their toilet. Another is it can help you to give a tissue clean and in a safe place as well. 

Whenever you are looking for the best gift and you have no idea in your mind. This one is perfect for people who love to organize things and to make everything neat and clean. 

9. Ceramic french bulldog flower vase 

If you are looking for the design at home and be part of the interior. This one is perfect to look your home cozy and natural. Ceramic french bulldog flower vase, you can put this on your table. This is perfect on the table and cabinet set up as well. You can give this to your parents, loved ones who have great admiration for the french bulldog. This can give a new ambiance at home as well! 

10. French bulldog wallpaper 

There are a lot of designs of the wallpaper we tend to get for our room and even for the living area. The design we usually get is based on the things that we like and love. So, as for this, it is a great idea to choose a Frenchies face on the wallpaper for those who love french bulldogs. There are a lot of people who find french bulldogs cute because of their size and their appearance as well. 

So, whenever you have kids and planning to put some wallpaper in their room, it is nice to have a french bulldog one. They will probably love it! You can give the wallpaper to them during their special celebration like birthdays and special occasions like Christmas.

Why French Bulldog Loves By Everyone

French bulldog loves to play 

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people captured their hearts by French bulldog. This is because french bulldog really loves to play. They are considered as one of the most playful breeds of dogs. Whenever you have kids at home and you wanted them to be active instead of just scrolling through their gadgets the whole day. You can just allow them to play with Frenchies and they are able to be active. 

An active and alert dog is a good trait and a good indication that they can be trained by you. As fur parents, you need to be that responsible in terms of giving them pieces of training. Through this, they are able to protect themselves and you as well.

They are so clingy 

This is one of the reasons why everybody loves French bulldogs. Whenever you are living alone and your space is too big for you, Frenchies are the best companion. They love to be with you all day and cuddle you in bed. The best thing about them is they love to be clingy all the time, especially for the people whom they always see. So, whenever you are thinking that you would like a pet to have a best friend at home, Frenchies are good for this! 

For the family, they keep a good relationship with everyone as they want to be part of the whole family. French bulldog loves to belong to the whole family as a result they love to cuddle all the time. 

They are smart

One of the best traits a dog has is being smart. There are a lot of breeds of dogs today but the smartness of the french bulldog is different. Aside from the fact that they love to play and eat, they are also smart. They can catch the training activities that easily and at the same time they can be trained in a faster way. 

Smart dogs are great to have at home, aside from the happiness they are able to give the whole family, they can also protect themselves. There are many cases across the globe where dogs was a victim of accidents on the streets because they don’t have proper pieces of training. As well as there are cases where dogs was being attacked by humans because they tend to become too aggressive. There will be always a chance to allow your dog for training. Even you as their owner can lead them into basic training which is very beneficial. 


Shopping for your loved ones, friends and special someone is not that easy, especially if you want it to look surprising. What you need to do is to lists down their favorite things, characters, colors, and many more. One of the most special people to give gifts are those individuals who considered themselves dog lovers. For these people, you need to be particular in choosing one gift for them. You can try to ask them what are their favorite among a lot of breeds of dogs. 

Giving gifts is not just about the gifts but as well as how well do you know the person and how special they are to you. You need to look for something where they can be happy and as well as to the gifts where it reflects their personality. Do you have your ideas for gift giving today? If you don’t have yet, then start considering apparel to give!