French Bulldog Feeding Chart – French Diet Guide 2022

If there is a dog breed that is fond of eating, it is none other than the French bulldogs. They really love to eat a lot. However, as a pet owner, you must have to keep track of their diet concerning some health issues that may follow. Well, looking on a French bulldog feeding chart would be a great help to address this concern for your Frenchies.

We have here a feeding chart that would serve as a guideline for feeding your French bulldog depending on their age and on their weight. Aside from that, a guideline for the frequency of feeding of the French bulldog is also present here. So, if you want to feed your Frenchies properly based on their nutritional needs, check them all out below!

French Bulldog Feeding Chart for Puppies

Basically, before we jump into the proper feeding consumption of the French bulldog, it is essential to learn first the nutritional requirement of the pups and what they really need to eat. When it comes to dog foods information are sometimes misleading. So, to properly address the issue, below is the feeding guide for Frenchie pups that may be of help for the French bulldog feeding chart. 

French Bulldog Puppies Feeding Schedule on a Weekly Basis

The nutritional demand of Frenchie pups is very particular which identify the type of food that they can eat, amount to consume, and the proper time to shift into an adult dog food. In order to make the feeding activity of your pup an easy task, it is advisable to check on the French bulldog feeding chart. Along with this, try to have a weekly feeding schedule for your pup.

Amount of food to feed on French bulldog puppies

As part of growing up of the Frenchie pups, each week takes a new cycle of changes. This basically gives them time to grow, explore, and eat. Starting on their very first day, they already experience a growth path which accelerates faster. Due to this, they need to fuel up in order to reach their full potential.

Generally, the size and weight of your French bulldog puppy determine the amount of food that they need. The French bulldog feeding chart below shows how much food the puppy should consume depending on their weight. Moreover, this is a good starting point to make a food plan for them. Yet, please bear in mind to consult the veterinarian before making any adjustments on the diet of Frenchie pup.


4 oz.2 tablespoon
6 oz.3 tablespoon
8 oz.4 tablespoon
10 oz.5 tablespoon
12 oz.6 tablespoon
14 oz.7 tablespoon
16 oz.8 tablespoon
18 oz.9 tablespoon
20 oz.10 tablespoon
22 oz.11 tablespoon
24 oz.12 tablespoon
26 oz.13 tablespoon
28 oz.14 tablespoon
30 oz.15 tablespoon
32 oz.16 tablespoon

Basically, you have to ensure that you keep track of the new health and wellness of your French bulldog puppy. Once you notice that they look skinny even if they eagerly finish each meal, maybe you must have to increase the amount of their food intake. On the other hand, if you observe that they are gaining too much weight based on their age, the amount of food to be given to them should be limited.


Moreover, you could also consider feeding your pups by cups. To give you a quick glance on how many cups of food to be given on the French bulldog, an 8 to 12 weeks old puppy should be fed with 1 ½ cups per day. This should be given in 3 separate meals. Growing up, the number of cups of foods for feeding will change

Below is another French bulldog feeding chart for puppies which shows the amount of food to be given on them per cup basis.

french bulldog feeding chart
Image courtesy of Royal Canine
Frequency of feeding the French bulldog puppies

Meanwhile, the frequency or severity of feeding your Frenchie pup is highly determined by its age based on the French bulldog feeding chart. Remember that puppies eat a lot when they are on a young age. This is due to the fact that they are continuously growing. Moreover, the newborn pups should maintain feeding on the mother’s milk until the weaning stage because they are not yet able to consume solid food.

Based on the French bulldog feeding chart you can already start feeding your puppy some solids at the age of 6 weeks. On the age of 8 weeks, the puppies must realize that food should not be given constantly throughout the day. The best way for the Frenchie pup to know this is to feed them and wait for them to finish the meal. Remove their meal even if they are not yet finished after 10 minutes.

Check this French bulldog feeding chart for the frequency of feeding that you must provide to your pup:

1 week old3 – 4 hours
2 weeks old3 – 4 hours
3 weeks old6 hours
4 weeks old8 hours
5 weeks old8 hours
6 weeks old8 hours
7 weeks old8 hours
8 weeks old8 hours
9 weeks oldTwice daily
10 weeks oldTwice daily

Factors affecting the French Bulldog feeding

Generally, the puppy should be fed around 3 times a day in a separate meal. This should be basically given to them on a regular basis as they grow old and burn more calories. French bulldog puppies are very energetic, right!

Yet, the amount of food that should be given to them every meal will usually be half a cup of the dry dog food for the puppy. All throughout the day, that will be equivalent to 1.5 cups of food all-in-all. This amount of feeding should continue until 6 months old based on the French bulldog feeding chart.

french bulldog feeding chart
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Moreover, below are some of the factors that may affect the diet of the Frenchies. These factors are important when you look at the French bulldog feeding chart.


Once the Frenchies grow old, their feeding requirement would be now based on their weight. Generally, in each pound, between 25 to 30 calories should be given to them. However, calorie intake is basically hard to count, even on a human diet. That’s why this factor seems not that practical.  

Weight of the puppy

Basically, you need to know the weight of your Frenchie pup so that you can keep track of their diet based on the French bulldog feeding chart. You can ask for their weight during your regular vet’s visit or you can have your own weighing scale at home and let them sit there. However, this must not be as accurate as of the vet’s scale but that could help a lot and will also be an enjoyable experience.

Age of the puppy

A Frenchie pup must be weaned off from their mother’s milk on an age of 2 to 3 weeks old. From here, based on the French bulldog feeding chart, basically, adjust or move them little-by-little to dry or wet dog food. Yet, expect that on this stage, the puppy will be a little stubborn on eating dry and wet dog food especially if they were just weaned.

Another important thing to remember here is not to overfeed them. Bear in mind that the puppy will eat everything that’s in front of them. Based on the French bulldog feeding chart, the Frenchie pups must be given around 1.5 cups of food in a day when they are about 8 to 12 weeks old. The food must contain a high amount of calories because they need additional nutrients that they were already stopped receiving from their mother.

However, many pet owners practice splitting the 1.5 cups into 4 separate meals in one day for younger puppies. This is for the reason that giving about 0.75 cups two times a day may be large enough for a meal of little pups. Remember that large meals may generally result in gastric dilatation-volvulus or GDV which is also called a twisted stomach for canines. This can be basically life-threatening for puppies.

Yet, smaller meals may aid in controlling the blood sugar levels of dogs. Moreover, once they reach the age of 6 to 9 months old, the Frenchies must already be familiar with their eating routine. This should happen if the dog’s main feeding rule is applied. Remember, the Frenchie pup will grow into its adult size and by then, they will weigh around 20 to 25 pounds.

Older dogs

Most of our French bulldog feeding chart detailed the feeding requirement for puppies, but how about the mature ones? Generally, once the Frenchies hit the senior stage, foods are given on a little lesser if they are not that active already.  

Moreover, you must consider limiting their calorie intake to about 400 to 500 calories per day once their activity level decreases along with age. Or, you could also cut off their calories once they start gaining weight as they grow older. Just ensure that the distribution of meals on a 3 to 4 times per day basis will continue like during their pup days because their stomach will also weaken along with their old age.  

Overweight or underweight

The average weight of the Frenchie pups ranges from 8.5 to 12.5 pounds once they reach their 3 months age. As they grow towards the 6 to 9 months, they are already close to reaching the ideal weight of an adult French bulldog which is 15.5 to 23.5 pounds.

Basically, add small increments in each meal per day if the pup is underweight. Do this until they are no longer underweight. It is generally crucial not to add too much food due to the potential of having a twisted stomach. Meanwhile, once overweight, it is advisable to cut off the meal size slightly or give them exercise until the weight is already reduced.

Health conditions

Generally, health conditions such as diabetes in dogs lead your Frenchies to a stricter diet which may make the French bulldog feeding chart useless. Moreover, French bulldogs generally love to eat and like to eat fast. Because of this, they are highly susceptible to have GDV.

Below are some of the easy ways to slow down your Frenchies from eating on a speed:

  • Try to use a puzzle feeder
  • Consider utilizing a muffin tin
  • Make use of a cookie sheet

Dog breed

Moreover, the dog breed primarily plays an important role in identifying when to start feeding the puppy. The large dog breeds which include the American bulldogs, German shepherd, and Rottweiler generally demand more food compared to the smaller breeds such as the Jack Russel. That’s why it is very important to consider the size and age of the puppy when you create a meal plan for them.

As they grow older, there are lots of changes that will happen on their body including the metabolic rate. Aside from that, they will require either more or less food based on their breed. Generally, as the breed demands for more exercise to keep healthy, more food is also required fueling up their lifestyle.

Basically, dog breeds that are lean and agile such as the Vizla and Greyhound will demand more food compared to the French bulldog and Basset hound. It is actually much better to ask your vet about the nutritional requirements of your dog depending on their breed.

Dog food

Feeding your dog also entails the decision of giving them what type of dog food. In the market, pet owners will basically see the dry and wet dog food and also the raw dog food diet. But, which of these is the best among the other? Well, many pet owners say that dry and wet dog food contain lots of preservatives, corn, fillers, proteins, and wheat.

french bulldog feeding chart

Meanwhile, the raw dog food is on a more natural source, most likely if they are organic. Additionally, you will also be guaranteed that your Frenchies will get enough foods containing vitamins and minerals. Basically, if you decide to give them a raw food diet, be prepared for the expenses, time, and effort that you must exert.

This type of dog food is generally more expensive. Aside from that, it needs more area to store meats and veggies. Also, the preparation takes basically longer. Yet, one thing’s for sure, your Frenchie pup will get complete nutrition every day without the worry of consuming harmful additives and by-products.

Final Thoughts

The French bulldog feeding chart will generally help you to plan a better diet for your Frenchies even at a younger age. However, always keep in mind that the feeding requirement will highly depend on several factors. Such factors include the age of your pup, its weight, being overweight or underweight, health conditions, breed, and the food that they eat. Yet, learning the appropriate feeding requirement for your French bulldog is really crucial as it gives your dog a healthy lifestyle and also makes you happy as a pet owner as well.