French Bulldog Ears Never Went Up

French bulldogs do not come into the world with their ears perked up. Even during the first couple of weeks ago and months of their lives, their ears can almost seem to have a mind of their own! Assure that your puppy will not have highly pointed ears from the beginning of its life. Following are the signs that your French bulldog’s ears should stand up and the reasons that their ears may be down for a short period. Why French Bulldog Ears Never Went Up?

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When do the ears of French Bulldogs stand up? Most of the time, Their ears will perk up, stand up, and stay up straight within 5 and 15 weeks after they are born, though this is not always the case. Sometimes, neither of these things happens at the same time. As soon as the puppy has finished teething, their previously drooping ears should both be fully erect once again. Ovaries may not stand up until as late as eight months, in some cases even later than that.

What is causing my French Bulldog’s ears to remain down?

That is my very generic response to the question of how long it takes for the ears of a French bulldog to stand up. Do not panic if your puppy’s ears aren’t put up yet or if they’re all over the place; this is entirely typical. French Bulldogs with drooping ears are perfectly normal in their appearance.

My French Bulldog’s ears were never raised!

Before you proceed reading, please be aware that there are some instances in which a Frenchie’s ears remained down and never rose. As previously stated, it is not a problem, and in fact, it adds a lot of personality to your Frenchie’s appearance. Because their ears never went up, it doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy or normal… it’s just the way they are, and we should appreciate them for that.

However, if you want to learn more about your French Bulldog’s ears, as well as when their ears should typically start to rise, please continue reading.

When do the ears of a French Bulldog stand up?

The succeeding sections go into greater detail about the development of your French bulldog’s ears, what to do if they aren’t standing up by the time they should be, and how you can even encourage them to develop their traditional pointy shape sooner.

When you bring your puppy into the household from the breeder at eight to ten weeks old, his ears must be standing.

In what circumstances do French bulldog lobes rise: what should you expect?

As a starting point, looking at very young Frenchie puppies will almost certainly notice that their ears are down. However, most puppies will be standing up when you bring them home from the breeder, as this is how they are born in the first instance.

A common occurrence is for French bulldog puppies to separate from their mothers when they are eight weeks old. Their ears should be perked up, indicating that they have complete the teething process by that point.

What does it have to do with dentation, specifically?

As a result, the puppy’s body is utilizing all of the calcium available for teething during the early stages of his life, causing those bat ears to go up and down, not come up at all, go up one at a time and then fall back, go lower, fall again, and become droopy. Those ears will dance around until the calcium can evenly disseminate throughout the body.

For this reason, people frequently mention that yogurt can help a Frenchie’s ears stand up because of the calcium substance of the yogurt; however, I will discuss that little trick further down the page.

The following is a helpful hint: Teething can be extremely painful for a Frenchie puppy. I’ve created a guide to teething that will provide you with information on when it begins when it ends and how you can assist in reducing their discomfort.

When do the ears of a French bulldog begin to stand up?

There is no hard and strong rule in this case because each puppy will develop in its way. However, as a common rule of thumb, between the ages of 5 and 15 weeks, their ears should be capable of standing on their own in that adorable bat ear fashion that you’re all too familiar with.

On the other hand, this isn’t always the case.

Some everyday things I hear from Frenchie holders comprise:

  • Only one ear is place up!
  • My puppy’s lobes were standing up recently but now are down again!
  • The ears are floppy at the top!

This is natural, as the ears will perform very erratically through the teething period when they settle into the erect position.

One French bulldog owner told me that their dog’s ears didn’t stand up on their own until he was seven months old. I asked him about it. That, on the other hand, is highly unusual.

I also read a post on a forum from a dog owner whose Frenchie was still suffering from droopy ears at the age of ten months. The truth is that if the ears aren’t erect at this point, they won’t be for the rest of time (although it will make for a super-cute look!).

My advice is to maintain a close eye on those ears. If by seven or eight weeks they aren’t giving signals that they can stand up by themselves, you might need to provide them a little bit of help – and those methods are outline below.

Handy Hint: When purchasing a Frenchie puppy, always assert on having hearing results of the analysis. White Frenchies can experience hearing loss from birth, and it can be very formidable to deal with. You can read more in this guide to Frenchie hearing problems.

In what way do French bulldog lobes stand

If you can take indications of the ears, never stand by themselves ahead of time; likewise, I mean at approximately 7 or 8 weeks old, here is one ordinary matter you could – taping.

Taping French bulldog lobes

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It is say what the producers do. I am not a producer, and until I can ensure it’s not a cruel method if done appropriately, please execute your research first.

Here is how the producers tape French bulldog lobes to stand by themselves:

  1. Remove an inch of 1.5 portions of masking tape from the package.
  2. Drag one of the puppy’s ears up and down until it is flat.
  3. Enfold the masking tape around the base of the ear as loosely as possible.
  4. Reverse the procedure for the other ear as well.
  5. Using another strip of tape, connect both ears in a bridge fashion across the top of the head, forming a secure connection.
  6. Move the taping in place for no more than five days before removing it gently with a tissue.

French bulldog ears should tape for five days in most cases if they are ready to stand up on their own in the majority of patients after that.

If you don’t see the results you want after five days, repeat the process for another five days until you do. If you still don’t have erect ears after that, don’t bother with them.

Whether the ears are standing up, drooping, or falling back – they are all equally as adorable as the others! Nature will take its course.

He arrived at us with his ears completely erect, as the breeder had not taped them.

Will yogurt, milk, and cheese help to keep the tears from falling?

Things like yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk, among other things, have been suggested to help motivate a Frenchie puppy’s ears to stand up in discussion forums.

The calcium content of these foods is one of the reasons why people advocate for this practice. As I already mentioned, French bulldog ears don’t stand up by themselves during teething, as all calcium is being used in the teeth.

Important Note: We have recently published a guide for Frenchie owners who wish to feed their dog’s cheese. They are pushing this button to see the pros or cons and what cheeses should be avoided.

The theory of using yogurt and other calcium-heavy foods will compensate for this and help the ears erect quicker.

But does it work?

There are no scientific findings to support this claim, and it is purely anecdotal, based on the belief that the more calcium consumed, the better.

If you decide to give it a shot, exercise caution because high-fat foods such as this can upset the puppy’s stomach.

A helpful hint: According to some sources, goat’s cheese is the best cheese for a young Frenchie puppy. It’s less complicated for them to digest.

Frequently Asked Question

The following are some questions I came across while researching the topic of taping French bulldog lobes (and when they should start standing up), which I will attempt to answer in the following section.

French bulldog ears folded, curling back, or falling backward?

As argued further up, this can happen when they are teething. His ears could be up one day and down the next, depending on his mood.

If they have shown no signs of standing up by eight weeks, you may attempt more calcium in the nourishment or tape the ears if you feel comfortable taking that approach.

Ears of a French bulldog that have begun to droop

This is something that frequently happens during the teething period. When teething is finished, they should be able to pop back up from the drooping site in most cases.

Did you notice: Your Frenchie will locate his ears back when he is scared or frightened. More information on this can be found in my blog post about the significance of French Bulldogs’ ears growing back.

Final Words

Observing your Frenchie’s ears develop in their early stages can be funny. As I’ve mentioned, they can take up one day and down the next, and sometimes in random orders and configurations.