French Bulldog Bat Ears Vs Rose Ears: What You Need to Know

All French Bulldog puppies are born with floppy ears. However, after around seven weeks, French Bulldog ears will begin to develop fully and rise, giving them the appearance of bat ears.

They may also rise at different periods, causing one ear to be higher than the other. This is quite normal, although it may take some time for both ears to rise simultaneously.

The “bat” ears of French Bulldogs are well-known. However, early in the breed’s history, many Frenchies had “rose” ears folded over like the ears of an English bulldog. 

The ears of a French Bulldog rise, helping them to hear more noises around them than dogs with floppy ears. Their ears, however, do more than hear. They also convey your French Bulldog’s mood. 

What French Bulldog Ears Indicate 

❕Curious French Bulldog Ears

If the ears of a French Bulldog are standing straight up, they may be interested. Your dog will appear to be listening or seeking additional information. This means that the ears will be fully stretched above the head. Your Frenchie may also tilt their head to demonstrate that they are interested.

❕Frightened French Bulldog Ears 

If your French Bulldog is scared, its ears will shrink. However, they will have their ears back, and their body language may signal that they are shrinking.

❕Sonar French Bulldog Ears

The sonar ears of a French Bulldog appear to be standing up and leaning towards the sound. French bulldogs can swivel their ears in the direction of a sound and focus on a single sound.

❕Excited French Bulldog Ears 

A French Bulldog’s keen ears are generally pointed slightly outward. As the ears grow outwards, they may develop wrinkles on their foreheads.

❕Alert French Bulldog Ears 

A French Bulldog’s alert ears are comparable to curious ears. They’ll stand up and perk up when they hear a sound. Attentive ears, on the other hand, may alter the direction in response to a sound.

❕Blade French Bulldog Ears 

When in a high-speed pursuit of prey or play, French Bulldogs have blade ears. Their ears will stand erect but be slightly bent outwards. They will also usually be running after something.

Cleaning the French Bulldog Ears

French bulldogs have large, bat-like ears that protrude from the top of their heads. And because of the shape of their ears, they may accumulate dirt and necessitate more maintenance than other varieties of dog ears.

Here are some guides on how to properly clean those French Bulldog ears.

✔️Hold your French Bulldog

Our dog may be apprehensive about having his ears cleaned. Sit on the floor with your French Bulldog on your lap or between your legs. Hold its collar with one hand while wiping its ears with the other. Keep goodies handy, and reward your dog at the start and conclusion of the procedure.

✔️Use a Moist Cloth

Wet a clean towel with ear cleaning solution and wring it out until it is only wet. Then, using a paper towel, clean out the visible areas of your French Bulldog’s ears on the inside and outside.

✔️Wet a Cotton Ball

Only use ear solutions designed specifically for dogs. Squeeze enough ear cleaning solution onto a cotton ball to moisten it. It should be moist all the way through, and it’s okay if some solution drips off the cotton ball.

✔️Wipe Around the Outside

Wipe the cotton ball against the inside of your French Bulldog’s ear, avoiding the exposed areas. Next, wipe the exterior of the ear canal to remove any dirt and debris, but do not insert the cotton ball inside your dog’s ear canal.

✔️Let French Bulldog ShakeOut Excess Solution

After wiping along the outside of your dog’s ear canal, remove your dog’s ear and allow them to shake out any solution that has fallen into their ear canal. In the process, your dog may shake out some dirt from the inside of its ears.

✔️Wipe Their Ear with a Dry Cloth

After your French bulldog has had a chance to shake out its ears, clean around the inside of its ears with a dry paper towel or cloth. Make sure that your dog’s ears are totally dry.

Facts About French Bulldog you Might not Know

You think you know all there is to know about French Bulldogs, but here are some facts about these canines that you didn’t know.

➖French Bulldog can’t Swim

These breeds have a distinctive smooshed face known as brachycephalic, which means they have a short, broadhead. Aside from their weight, another primary reason why bulldogs can’t swim in their brachycephaly. 

Since they have small snouts, they must bend their heads higher to stay out of the water. They have a more challenging time remaining afloat since they are slanted up. Furthermore, their hefty torsos and tiny legs do not lend themselves to floating.

High humidity and fatigue may also impair your dog’s ability to stay above water.

➖Extremely Sensitive To Criticism

They respond more to positive feedback and encouragement. However, because they are susceptible, you must use extreme caution when handling them to prevent grating on your dog’s nerves.

Some dogs don’t like being scolded. They can even let it roll off their backs. Others, however, such as the French Bulldog, seem unfazed by even a dirty look! While this breed is quite sensitive, it should be noted that the dog is a natural attention seeker. The puppy yearns for continual company and adores people.

➖They Have Tight Weight Restrictions

Your French Bulldog’s weight should not exceed the 28-pound limit. And because this breed of dog loves to eat and may quickly become fat, it’s essential to keep a close eye on your pet’s eating habits. This will go a long way toward ensuring that they do not surpass the appropriate weight.

The optimum weight for your dog is determined by various factors, the most important of which are bodyweight and heredity.

➖They Can Only Reproduce Through Artificial Insemination

French bulldogs do not reproduce naturally. Instead, they require artificial insemination as well as cesarean surgery to give birth. Their inability to procreate naturally is owing to their small hips, which prevent the males from mounting their mates and reproducing normally.

As a result, breeders must perform artificial insemination on their female canines. In addition, bulldogs may have ‘silent’ or irregular heats due to a compromised thyroid or thyroid illness.

➖They Fart A Lot

The fact that French bulldogs fart a lot is one of their most noticeable and amusing characteristics. Farts, especially stinky ones, are unmistakably French. However, this breed is not the only one who farts excessively.

The form of the dog’s head influences their food consumption as well. They have a flat face and a small nose, making it difficult to eat correctly. In addition, excess air accumulates in their stomachs as a result of consuming food quickly.

Common Health Concern for French Bulldog

❕ Breathing Issues

French Bulldogs have difficulty breathing due to anatomical abnormalities in their faces. As a result, they frequently snort, cough, sneeze, grunt, and snore loudly.

❕ Back Issues

French Bulldogs can develop a variety of back, disk, and spinal illnesses and problems. This is most likely due to their selection from the dwarf bulldog instances.

❕ Obesity

Obesity is a genetic trait in French Bulldogs. To avoid this problem, take extra care when feeding them.

Heat Stroke

Take extra precautions to prevent them from heatstroke during hot weather. They can’t constantly cool off because of their respiratory issues. Therefore, they must dwell in an air-conditioned environment.

❕ Eye Problems

French Bulldogs have a bias towards eye problems. Tear stains around the eyes can also occur in Frenchies with lighter-colored coats. The easiest method to avoid this is to look after your dog’s eyes. Keep the skin folds beneath the eyes clean and dry at all times.

❕ Flatulence

Gassiness can occur in French Bulldogs because they gulp air while they eat.

Techniques for Making Your French Bulldog Happy

How do we ensure that they are content? Is there anything we can do to help them? This article looks at everything you can do to improve your French Bulldog’s life.

👍 Spend Quality Time With Them

It is entirely free and is all your Frenchie truly wants. She will be satisfied as long as you are in the same room as her. You’ll discover that the more time you spend with her, the stronger your relationship will become.

👍 Keep Them Fed

Although not unique to a French Bulldog, consistency in feeding times is essential for your canine companion. Your French Bulldog puppy will need to be fed three or four times each day, but this should be adjusted as they grow.

👍 Maintain Their Cleanliness

Dogs, like cats, dislike dirt. However, this is not why we are attempting to keep them clean. Their odors are generally the first clue that something is wrong.

It would be great if you clean their face creases at least once each day.

👍 Make a Friend for Them

Expose them to another canine companion. This is not as simple as you may believe, but it is worth trying since if it works, your French Bulldog will have someone else to play with besides you.

👍 Give Them Training

The most common regret expressed by pet owners is that they did not train their dogs at a young age. Although it is never too late to begin, it will be much simpler if they are younger.

👍 Examine Their Health

This is something you may do as part of your grooming or play regimen every day. But, first, give your French Bulldog a quick once-over to ensure everything is in order. This includes not just the visual aspect but also any unusual odors.

👍 Consider Getting Pet Insurance

It’s a decision that is entirely personal. It’s also a tricky one. Vet costs may quickly add up to thousands of dollars in a matter of hours or days, but most of us do not have that sort of money to spend.

👍 Don’t Expose them to Heat

The French Bulldog is unable to control its body temperature. However, it also doesn’t know when to stop and will keep going as long as it receives a reaction from people and has fun. And because of the structure of their bodies, they are unable to disperse heat in the same manner that other dogs can.

👍 Do Not Ignore Them

The French Bulldog dislikes being left alone. Indeed, if left unattended for more than a couple of hours, separation anxiety will develop. This has the potential to create harmful inclinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my French Bulldog reach full maturity?

A: Between the ages of 9 months and a year, French Bulldogs achieve their maximum size.

Q: Is it true that French bulldogs are aggressive?

A: Since Frenchies are derived from a wild progenitor, there is always the possibility that they will be aggressive. They are often pleasant, lively, and well-mannered dogs.

Q: Do the ears of all French Bulldogs stand up?

A: Between 5 and 15 weeks of age, the ears of a French bulldog will rise, perk up, and stay erect, albeit not always at the same time.

Q: French Bulldogs have what kind of ears?

A: The “bat” ears of the French Bulldog are well-known among dog lovers. However, many Frenchies had “rose” ears in the early days of the breed’s history.

Q: Is it necessary to clean the ears of French Bulldogs?

A: Not only are French bulldog ears attractive, but they also gather a lot of dirt. Owners of this lovable creature must wipe their ears regularly since they are so wide open.

Q: Are French bulldogs intelligent?

A: French Bulldogs are clever, and training them is simple as long as you make it look like a game and keep it enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

While your French Bulldog cannot speak verbally, their body language, particularly their bat-like ears, may reveal a lot about how they are feeling and what they require.

However, it takes a few weeks for a French Bulldog puppy to gain the capacity to raise its ears before it can express feelings through it. And, depending on how the calcium in their body distributes after teething, you may have to assist their ears out.

To learn more information about how intelligent French Bulldogs are, you can click here.

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