Finding the right Miniature French Bulldog Breeders for your Expectations

Want to have a dog that you can keep at home even when you are in the city, living in a confined apartment with limited space? Recent reports confirm that Miniature French Bulldogs are among the most practical dogs to tend to if you are living in city life.

Perhaps you are now looking to finding Miniature French Bulldog Breeders around your area. But before we get into the details of finding the right breeder to connect with, let us first try to improve the way we know about miniature bulldogs better.

So, what is a “Miniature Bulldog”? The name stands for itself. 

Miniature bulldogs are a breed of bulldog made specifically to be a miniature version of the original. Let’s take a quick peek at history to see how the Miniature Bulldogs came about. 

Miniature Bulldogs in the 1800s

Back in the 1800s, Miniature Bulldogs had a different name: “Toy Bulldogs”. Toy Bulldogs originated mainly from England where they were significantly popular. Toy Bulldogs have become common in the country since then as they appeared in various conformation shows around the time. 

According to historical research, Toy Bulldogs back then weighed around 16-25 pounds. They did not just appear in conformation shows though, they also appeared in many dog shows throughout the country as they continued on their journey being the cutest bulldog breed at the time. 

Toy Bulldogs started gaining more popularity and a few years later, they started getting imported to Paris, France. The main reason for their importation was to be bred with the local “ratters” or slumdogs found throughout the city. Their crossbreeding resulted in the existence of “French Bulldogs”. 

The Slow Population Decrease in Mini Bulldogs

At the same time, many workers were being displaced during the industrialization process in Nottingham. Many of these displaced workers left their previous settlements and went to settle in Normandy, France, taking a variety of dogs with them that included Toy Bulldogs. 

Toy Bulldogs continued to be more popular in France as more and more breeders recognize their value. Their small, cute, and compact breed of a bulldog that many people would love. That was when trade was started to import small bulldogs such as the Toy Bulldogs. 

This trade however is one of the main reasons why Toy Bulldog stocks in England started depleting due to their popularity and demand along with the exploitations of specialist dog exporters. It was in 1902 when the Toy Bulldogs name changed to Miniature Bulldogs. 

In those years, the breed was still extremely popular, especially with the higher class people such as society ladies, artists, and wealthy individuals. 

The Relationship Between Miniature Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Another popular bulldog breed is the “Bouledouge Francais” or in English, the “French Bulldog”. French Bulldogs are usually associated with Miniature Bulldogs because technically speaking, without the Miniature Bulldogs, French Bulldogs wouldn’t exist! 

You see, as mentioned earlier, Miniature Bulldogs were imported to France, mainly, to breed French Bulldogs. French Bulldogs are the result of a cross-breed between Miniature Bulldogs and the common slum dogs from France. But technically, the Miniature Bulldogs also would have ceased to exist if it weren’t for the French Bulldog. 

This is because some English breeders in the late 1800’s and late 1900’s attempted to breed French Bulldogs to resurrect the former popular bulldog breed which was the Miniature Bulldogs. This was happening at the same time that French Bulldogs were being petitioned to be recognized as their breed. So in summary, French Bulldogs and Miniature Bulldogs wouldn’t have existed or would have ceased to exist if they weren’t for each other.

American Breeders of Miniature Bulldogs back then were actually against the petition to recognize the French Bulldogs as a breed of bulldogs.

 Many more became opposed to the idea because French Bulldogs did not meet the standard criteria for bulldogs in America. So the “AKC” or “American Kennel Club” recognized the French Bulldogs separate from the English Bulldogs and the Miniature Bulldogs and were given the name Bouledouge Francais which was later changed to the English version of the name as mentioned earlier. 

The General Popularity of Miniature Bulldogs, Then, and Now

Miniature Bulldogs decreased in popularity by the first half of the 1900s. But they were still worth a lot and were still valued quite highly. At the same time, on the other hand, French Bulldogs were steadily rising in popularity. They were being sought after by many, society ladies, politicians, and popular people alike. French Bulldogs were also being adopted by influential families such as the Rockefellers and the J.P. Morgans. So in a way, the French Bulldog would have never reached this plane of popularity and fame if it weren’t for their cousins, the Miniature Bulldogs. 

True to its sense, miniature Bulldogs are quite special and have a rich history. Just like any other dog, these dogs require love and care. They must also be treated with respect, especially since they were significantly popular in the past! 

Important Tips on Caring For a Miniature French Bulldog 

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. 

Statistics and surveys prove this fact along with many dog lovers who have had the chance to train and have one as a loyal and loving companion. 

But like any other dog breed, French Bulldogs need to be given the right type of care. French Bulldogs need to be treated with the appropriate care they require and deserve. Owning a French Bulldog has a lot of responsibility tied to it. 

Understanding Your Frenchie’s Health French Bulldogs have several Health Issues tied to them. According to several studies and surveys conducted by the UK Government and UK Veterinary Clinics, about 1612 of the 2228 dogs they studied had at least one or more health issues. 

Some of the most common health issues that were recorded with French Bulldogs include:

  • Breathing problems.
  • Skin problems.
  • Immune system problems. 
  1. Understanding how BOAS Affects Your Frenchie’s Quality of Life 

French Bulldogs have a condition called “Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome” or “BOAS” for short. This condition causes the most significant breathing issues present in French Bulldogs. BOAS makes it harder for French Bulldogs to breathe easily. 

This is because BOAS causes the French Bulldogs’ airway to be obstructed due to the unusual way their head, muzzle, and throats were shaped. 

Sadly, this syndrome is responsible for a majority of the deaths of French Bulldogs. This is the reason why French Bulldogs were banned by airlines from boarding their planes due to a large number of deaths in the air mid-flight because of their breathing issues. 

A French Bulldog simply cannot breathe thousands of feet above ground due to the heavy air pressure inside the plane cabin.

The Most Effective Treatment for “BOAS”

This syndrome however can be treated with a simple procedure that will attempt to remove bits of the dog’s soft palate. 

This will create a smoother airway to the lungs for the dog and has been proven to make breathing for French Bulldogs, 60% better. 

Many French Bulldogs have undergone this procedure and many have benefited from it as well. The procedure has lessened exhaustion and hyperventilation in French Bulldogs significantly. 

Thankfully, continuous research by vets all across the globe is proving effective in finding more solutions for the breathing problems of French Bulldogs.

2.“Hip Dysplasia” in Frenchies

Another significant health problem that is present in the life of French Bulldogs is “Hip Dysplasia”, this is a condition where the dog has an abnormal vertebra or has premature degeneration of its intervertebral discs. 

This health issue that is present in the life of French Bulldogs threatens their lives heavily. This is also one of the primary issues that threaten the continuous breeding of French Bulldogs. 

3.Temperature Regulation

Another health issue that must be considered is the problem that French Bulldogs have that is related to temperature regulation. You see, French Bulldogs, unlike other dogs, have only a single short coat on its body. Most dogs have multiple coats that help them regulate their temperatures easily. French Bulldogs, however, do not. 

Because of this single short coat, French Bulldogs have difficulties in regulating their overall body temperature. This is the reason for French Bulldogs being very prone to getting cold easily and experience heat strokes. 

This is why a French Bulldog must be assisted by its owner and given the right care and put in the appropriate environment for the dog; not too hot and not too cold. 

4. Estimated Lifespan of French Bulldogs

According to a UK Breed Survey report, French Bulldogs have an estimated lifespan of about 8-10 years based on the deaths of 71 dogs. However, in the same country, according to the UK Breed Club, French Bulldogs have about 12-14 years of life. 

On the other hand, the “AKC” or “American Breed Club” suggests that French Bulldogs have a lifespan of about 11-13 years. So overall, a French Bulldog can live a long full life if, of course, treated well by its owner. 

Miniature French bulldogs are valued well and are also worth a lot.

 But even so, they should not be treated just as mere accessories or fashion items, they must be treated as they are, “Man’s Best Friend”, as all dogs alike should be treated. 

Now that you know more about miniature French bulldogs, are you ready to go ahead and find a miniature French Bulldog breeder in your area? 

What to Look for in a Miniature Bulldog Breeder? 

Here are five primary factors you need to consider when you start looking for the right miniature bulldog breeders you would engage with to make sure you get the miniature French bulldog you have always dreamed of. 

ONE: Check for the Miniature Bulldog Breeder’s Reputation 

Because of the internet’s open-sourcing culture, several illegitimate dog breeders flood the web. Hence, when picking the right one that will fit your expectations, you always need to check their reputation first.

Most reputable miniature bulldog breeders that are recognized by the government and are legitimate have their websites. They are not afraid to tell the world where they are located, they offer their contact numbers, and they are open to answering questions of interested clients like you. 

If you want to find miniature bulldog breeders who live just near you, better put the name of the location as part of the search keyword you use online to find ones that are located within your area. 

Usually, the first five results are the most trusted dog breeder companies. You may also see some individual, home-based dog breeders. When you do, make sure that you check their background. 

Most of those who were looking for miniature bulldog breeders who had an easier time picking the best one of their choice had at least five to seven breeders to choose from. They check through the background of all these breeders and try to confirm their legitimacy through public records. 

Why is it important that you pick the legitimate breeders? 

For one, legitimate breeders are careful enough to provide the best service they could because they take care of their name to get more clients in the market. In short, they capitalize on the satisfaction of each client they serve- hence, they make sure they offer only the best. 

Another reason is that legitimate breeders have the right resources needed to make sure that the process of breeding is both safe and secure for the French bulldog that you want to tend to. 

Other reasons to make sure that your chosen French bulldog breeder is legitimate shall be discussed even better in the coming sections. 

TWO: Research on Service Reviews 

Clients who have been served and satisfied by the dog breeders noted online often offer their reviews to be able to tell everyone of their experience and recommend the services that they were provided. 

Often, reputable miniature French bulldog breeders have a series of reviews. It helps to read through them and know what you might be able to expect from them based on the experiences of past clients. 

THREE: Check for Responsiveness 

Legitimate dog breeders do not have anything to cover up. This is the reason why when they are asked about anything, they are open to answering with honest responses. With enough experience in the field of dog breeding, they have the answer to almost any inquiry you may have about breeding. 

So, as you check on the background of the breeders you include in your list, you may want to go ahead and contact them to ask some questions and clarify if you have some concerns that are bugging you about the breeding process or the specific factors that need to be prepared before the breeding happens. 

FOUR: Analyze their Attitude towards Breeding 

Legitimate miniature French bulldog breeders are very serious about how you might be able to handle the responsibility of caring for this small dog. This means that if you have questions for them, they will have a bunch of questions for you too. 

Often, this will be directed towards checking whether you are fit to become a fur parent for a miniature French bulldog. Given the serious conditions and concerns for owners of this particular dog, legitimate dog breeders are compelled to ask necessary questions that will help them determine your capacity to handle the responsibilities and your readiness as they gauge your mindset and reason behind wanting to find a miniature French bulldog breeder to be able to own a puppy that you will have to care for in a long time. 

FIVE: Ask Questions on How Much they know About Miniature French Bulldogs 

Part of the procedures to make sure that the breeder you have chosen is the right one to meet your needs and your expectations is to ask questions about how much they know about Miniature French dogs and how much of that knowledge they use in making sure that the breeding process would be best to meet your demands. 

Given the knowledge that they have about the condition and development of miniature French bulldogs, they will also be familiar with the complexity of breeding this particular breed of dogs. There are issues in breeding and somehow, going around these situations is critical for you to know both before, during, and after the breeding process. 

Other things You Need to Know about French Miniature Breeding: 

  1. It requires 8 to 10 weeks of care for the puppy with the breeder before you can take them home with you. This will allow the mother French bulldog to be able to provide the nourishment needed by the puppy upon birth through breastfeeding. 

At the same time, this period will allow your breeder to observe whether there are health problems that may arise along the way. This way, possible infections or other health problems that may arise could be mitigated immediately before the miniature French bulldog is given to you. 

  1. Your place should be ready to care for a French miniature bulldog before you bring the puppy home. You can choose to set up a crate or an exercise pen. You can also set yourself to prepare for the training sessions that you might need to go through to help your new puppy settle in at home. 
  2. You should also prepare your mindset to make sure you are ready for what is about to come especially when it comes to handling the health issues, behavioral settling, and all the other conditions that are related to tending to a young miniature French bulldog. 

In all these, remember that a miniature French bulldog is not simply a doll nor a fashion pet. It is a dog that requires time, attention, care, and all the love you can give. If you want to know more on how to make your connection with your dog more meaningful and more remarkable both for you and your pet, please feel free to look through our posts on training your French Miniature bulldog to sit, eat, and potty the proper way. 

Key Takeaways 

Even though there are common factors about all miniature French dogs, there are certain points of uniqueness with every puppy. Accordingly, when it comes to finding the right breeder you need to understand that every breeder is also unique. The best choice of miniature French bulldog for you to engage with will be the one that will understand the uniqueness of your expectations as well. 

When you have already picked the breeder to engage with, you ought to work with them closely from the point of preparation to the actual breeding process, and after the birth of the puppy. With this connection, you will surely be able to enjoy the years of your life with your French bulldog for a long time.