Do French Bulldogs Snore? Important Things to Know!

In general, all bulldog breeds are considered snorers. Compared to any other dog breed, they really snore a lot more. Obviously, the French bulldogs are cute and adorable little pooch but their snoring issue is basically annoying. So, why do French bulldogs snore? What are the reasons behind their highly volumized snoring habit?

If you are one of those pet owners who feel that the snoring of your Frenchie is really annoying and you want to know why they do that, you are on the right track. We will unravel the factors that have a great impact on the snoring issue of the Frenchie. Aside from that, we also have here some helpful tips in preventing the snoring habit of your French bulldog.

Do French Bulldogs Snore – Knowing the Real Reasons Behind

Okay, let’s make it straight to the point; if you will ask do French bulldogs snore, the answer is definitely YES! Our French bullies really do their job in teasing us at night because they are certified snorers. In fact, it is very ironic to think that this cute cuddly Fido creates a great loud noise at night.

With that, many pet owners are also thinking why do French bulldogs snore. Basically, there is a long list of reasons behind this night’s sound coming from the mouth of the French bullies. Well, if you can’t take that noise of your Frenchie, then you need to understand what’s causing your French bulldog to snore at night.

1-The Major Crook – French Bulldog’s Brachycephalic Nature

do french bulldogs snore

One of the major reasons why do French bulldogs snore is their flat faces that are responsible for a long list of respiratory problems. These issues of their respiratory system usually range from light to more severe one. Additionally, if you want to know why the Frenchies murmur, this is also the reason for that.

The brachycephalic nature of the French bulldogs is characterized by narrower air passages that may possibly block the flow of air going into the lungs. Because of that, the breathing of the Frenchies creates a wheezy sound. All of such noises and murmurs coming from the French bulldogs are accountable for the respiratory condition that this dog breed has.

Moreover, you need to keep an eye on your French bully because there may be some other issues that may arise in connection to this respiratory condition. One of which is the snoring of the French bulldog all throughout the night.

2-Other Accountable – Other Health Conditions

Aside from respiratory issues, French bulldogs may also deal with other medical health issues. This usually includes the common colds, allergies, and obesity. The said health-related problems may generally affect the snoring issue of the French bulldogs.


Just like in humans, catching colds will have a big impact on the respiratory system. This is also coming true with the case of the French bulldogs. Catching common colds makes them feeling unwell and makes them sick. They may also experience more labored breathing which will eventually affect the noise of the French bulldog’s snore.

So, if your French bulldogs do snore because of common colds, try to rule it out by doing the following:

  • Give your French bully lots of water to drink, keep in mind to always make him stay hydrated
  • Keep your dog’s good condition while combating its flu by continued outdoor walks with him
  • Feed your Frenchie with nutritious, premium-quality dog food, you may also give him organic veggies and meat
  • Reduce the swelling and constricted nasal passage of your French bulldog by placing a humidifier near its sleeping area

Most canines are highly susceptible to acquiring allergies and the Frenchies are not an exception. Normally, allergic reactions may flare up the sinuses of the dog which will eventually lead to inflammation of their respiratory system. The breathing of the Frenchies will be highly affected by this issue. Even so, this will also cause excessive snoring of the bullies during their deep sleep.

Here are the common allergies that may affect your French bulldog:

Food Allergies

In case you are changing your Frenchies diet or introducing a new one to him, it is important to keep an eye on him. Look for any reactions that he may show in connection to the food diet. Generally, the food allergies of the Frenchies range from itching, stomach sickness, or gas.

Dust or Pollen

As much as possible, make your home clean to maintain the dust at a minimum level. Do a frequent cleaning which may involve sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting. When it comes to your carpets and dog beds, it is important to wash them on a regular basis. Moreover, you also need to change the air filter regularly.

Actually, this is such a basic step but, most of the time, being neglected. However, you don’t have to. Bear in mind that your goal here is to maintain the air quality in your home, your health, and your furry buddy’s overall wellness.

Bug Bites

For this type of allergy of the French bully, deal with it by application of anti-itch cream or medications prescribed by the veterinarian.


There would generally be a fat deposit within the throat of your French bulldog if he is already obese. With that, the airflow in the area will be limited making your Frenchie’s breathing heavier as well as snoring. So, the best solution for this is to give your French bully regular exercise every day. A brisk walk for around 15 minutes is already fine.

That way, you will help in shedding out the unwanted weight of your doggo. Plus, add it up with a healthy diet of your Frenchie. Yes, French bulldogs do snore, but doing the previous recommendations will result in easier breathing and better sleep for your French bulldog including quieter snore.

3-Incorrect Sleeping Position

do french bulldogs snore

Their sleeping position should also be a major factor in why do French bulldogs snore. Generally, a Frenchie sleeps in a way that will distinctly open the passageway in the respiratory system. Side-lying position, sleeping on their stomach, or back lying give an effect in changing the loudness of the snore, labored breathing of the dog, or any kind of noises they create.

Typically, French bulldogs do snore in any type of sleeping position they are in. In case your French bully is really a snorer, consider letting him try any other positions when sleeping. Rotate your Frenchie and find out which position will decrease or stop the snoring activity. Letting your Frenchie sleep in the right position may generally give both of you a good night’s sleep.

Preventing the Reasons Why do French Bulldogs Snore

Well, you cannot get out of the fact that the Frenchies snore a lot. Yet, once the snoring issue of the French bulldog is suddenly giving you a headache, your best solution would be to stop it right away. Luckily, there are different ways on how to stop the snoring of the French bulldogs. So, if you are having a problem dealing with it, here’s what you can do to stop the snoring of your Frenchies.


As mentioned, French bulldogs do snore because of their sleeping position. Well, the way the neck and the head of the Frenchies are positioned while they sleep can contribute a lot to the volume of their snores. One of the favorite sleeping positions of most French bulldogs is sleeping having their neck lying on the ground with paws out in front.

Obviously, that said sleeping position tends to be a comfortable one for this dog breed. However, that could lead them to snore badly because of the obstruction of the airway. Let them sleep with their head over a pillow and elevate their head quite a bit. It could generally help in preventing the snoring of the French bullies.


On the other way around, it may also be helpful to give your Frenchie a different kind of dog bed. As much as possible, the bed for the French bulldogs must have a pillow or a built-in elevated bedside. The main objective of this dog bed is for the pillow to restrict its movement or it is pushing off from the bed. With that, your Frenchie wouldn‘t have any choice but to lay his head over it.


Actually, a circular bed or a round dog bed may also be of great help in preventing the snoring of the French bulldog. A circular best dog bed for Frenchie basically encourages the French bulldog to sleep in a curled-up position. That way, it generally aids in getting any pressure from the dog’s esophagus that opens up the airway better compared to the usual.


Well, who likes to sleep in a hot room? Even canines do not like this idea of sleeping inside a room without any air to cool them up. Well, what happens inside a hot and dry room is that the nasal passages of the French bulldogs may become stuffier compared to the usual. This will eventually lead to snoring more and more. Giving your Frenchie a room with enough fresh air is a better solution in reducing their snoring.


Generally, smoke may lead your French bulldog to experience snoring. The smoke coming from a cigarette will cause nose and throat irritation of the French bulldog. Due to that, there will be an increased production of phlegm and swelling. And eventually, airflow will be reduced and more snoring will follow.

Same with us, French bulldogs may also be considered to have a passive exposure to cigarette smoking. Lung cancer development, heart disease in canines, and allergies may also come along the way afterward.


Again and again, dry air may irritate the throat and the nasal passages of the French bulldog. So, living in a place having a dry climate may make your Frenchie snore a lot. The good thing is you can generally reduce the snoring habit of your French bully during his sleep. Consider getting plenty of moisture into the air inside the room. A humidifier is a helpful tool in getting moisture in the air and lubricating the throat of your doggo.


Since the French bulldogs are highly susceptible to developing allergies from dust, pollen, or other air allergens, exposure to it may worsen their snoring. Even food allergies may also make the snoring of your Frenchies a little worse. To deal with this, keep away the French bulldog’s bed from any sources of allergy.

Moreover, maintaining the cleanliness of your home and making it dust-free is also a helpful trick here. Meanwhile, if you will be having an outdoor walk, keep your French bulldog away from heavy traffic on the roadside. Keep in mind that it may give your doggo a stuffy nose.

Try to visit the vet and ask him to perform any allergy check into your Frenchie. Knowing the allergy profile of your dog will generally help in ruling out his snoring issue while sleeping.


Allergens may also be suspended in your dog’s bedding. So, ensure that their beds and bedding are also clean. Always wash or vacuum it on a regular basis so any possible allergic reactions may be reduced.


Usually, if your French bulldog is overweight, he is most likely to be a loud snorer. This is highly accountable to the extra weight of their body that they carry. Mostly, obese Frenchies may have swelling of the pharynx or the soft palate. That will usually result in airway obstruction.

There are actually lots of instances that numbers of French bulldogs already stopped their snoring the moment they get back into their healthy weight. A big change in the snoring issue may already be achieved even just a loss of a few pounds.


Regular exercise is also the best way to weigh down your French bulldog. This is in conjunction with the dietary changes that you may provide to him. Just about a 15 to 20 minutes walk every day will be helpful enough here. Playtime is also crucial because the Frenchies are notorious for playing.

Aside from working on the swollen pharynx of the French bulldog, giving them enough exercise will also lower the fatty deposits within their throat. That way, there is freedom in the airflow and will eventually reduce their snoring.

Final Thoughts

French bulldogs do snore a lot. Yet, as pet owners, you have the full accountability of lowering the volume and severity of snoring of your Frenchie. Obviously, there are various reasons behind the snoring issue of your French bulldog. But, in connection to that, the list of solutions to address your French bulldog’s problem is also good enough to deal with its snoring.

Well, providing the right care for your French bulldog gives way for you and your doggo to have a more peaceful sleep. So, helping your Frenchie in making a small change today will generally give a big difference for his life years.