Do French Bulldogs Like To Cuddle: Everything You Need To Know

is French bulldog loves to cuddle?

Do you know the characteristics of a french bulldog? Are you having this question in mind if do french bulldogs like to cuddle? Here are the facts! 

The French bulldog is one of the best breeds of dogs you can have at home, apartment, and even in your condo. They are able to trainable, the reason why they can behave according to your basic commands. The fact about them is they can be a good companion and at the same time the star of the show to showcase their different talents. 

Another is you can be with them whenever you wish to have camping, fishing and other outdoor activities with the whole family. There are a lot of people who prefer this breed of dog as their pet because these are kid’s-friendly. If you are wondering what are their capabilities as a dog, they can give so much entertainment. 

The French bulldog is known as the dog that loves to eat. This is the reason why you can’t put the things reachable out of a French bulldog. You need to make sure that you feed them great foods, not just dog foods but as well as vegetables and fruits. These are the foods that might help them to grow healthy and active at the same time. 

In terms of their closeness to humans, they are much successful as they are very friendly and smart at the same time. There are a lot of things you need to know about the traits and other characteristics of your french bulldog. Here is the information you might be interested in.

Characteristics Of French Bulldog You Need To Know

1. They can adapt easily to their home.

If you are an individual who likes to change an address with a french bulldog, for home improvement purposes or to change your lifestyle then it would be easy. French bulldogs are able to adapt easily to their home. This breed of dog oftentimes prefers a small space as they are smaller than the other breed of dog. 

Say, for instance, you and your family want to switch to an apartment, they can easily cope with the place. They are very active but the French bulldogs like to cuddle at the same time. You can carry them with you and they are able to help themselves in adapting to the whole place. However, you can also help them to make things much easier and this is when you make time with them. This is either you play with them or cuddle with them! 

2. They are sensitive

Because of the fact that French bulldogs are very affectionate types of dogs, then they love to be with you. They can sense easily if there is something wrong. Just like when you are mad with them because you don’t like their action, they can sense it. Another is when you want to appreciate them for their good actions and wanted to give a trait, they can also feel it. 

Another is they love to cuddle with you always as they can feel that they are recognized and appreciated at the same time! 

3. You can trust French bulldog with your kids.

French bulldogs are naturally friendly, so if your kids are with them for a long time then you can entrust them to this dog. If you have kids at home, you don’t need to worry as they are not the type of dogs that are too aggressive. They are kid’s-friendly, where you can allow your kids to play with the french bulldogs. 

In terms of having kids visitors, you can actually train your french bulldog on how to behave in the situation. However, there is a certain situation where you can’t control their actions. So, it is important as well to expose your french bulldog to different voice commands. Through this, you are able to control them even if you just shout and you can’t reach them. 

The fact is french bulldog is restless for being active all day. For the kids as well, they love to play so they are a good match! You can allow them to be a playmate at home. 

4. They are also dog friendly 

There are other types of dogs who are not friendly towards the other breed. Knowing the fact that French bulldogs are smart and trainable at the same time. This holds as an important factor to consider them as dog’s friendly. When you decide to train your french bulldog, you need to make sure that you have basic commands for them. 

One of the commands you can try for them is when you exposed them to a crowded place and allow them to play with other dogs. Through this, you will be able to teach them how to be friendly with their fellow dogs. Also, another great thing about this is they are able to know how to behave in a crowded place such as playgrounds or on the street. 

5. They are friendly towards your visitor/strangers 

This can be learned by your french bulldog. French bulldogs love to cuddle with your visitors as well. You can train them by allowing them to learn how to calm themselves when you have visitors. Another thing is when you try to expose them to kids and strangers this will help them in many ways. 

Being friendly with other people especially towards your visitor is an important thing. This is for you to boast and show on other people how disciplined your french bulldog is as well. There are only a few breeds of dogs that can be friendly, unlike this french bulldog. 

One of the best ways to teach your dog to be friendly is to help them or train them during their younger days or when they are puppies! 

6. They are easy to groom 

The fact that their hair is smooth, the coat is thin and as well as their hair is fine are the reasons why they are easy to groom. Unlike the other breed of dogs wherein they have a long, thick type of hair. The reason why it took hours to groom them. 

The fact is french bulldogs are not picky eaters, then they might eat all the nutrients they need. Fruits, vegetables, and dog foods are either the source of various nutrients they need for their growth. This is also probably the reason why they have healthy skin and hair at the same time. Another factor they could have good hair is the products available on the market today. Such as dog shampoo and conditioner as well.

7. They have more chance to gain weight

Today, there are a lot of french bulldogs who undergo a diet meal plan, because of gaining so much weight. So, dog owners of this breed are well-aware what are the foods they need to prepare to balance the health and weight of their french bulldog. 

This is one of the reasons why people exposed their Frenchies to eating fruits, vegetables, meat, and rice an alternative for pure dog food. For you to ensure that your french bulldog won’t gain so much weight as you can’t control them from eating too much and wanting for more, you can allow them to play. Being playful and active in different pieces of training can be the reason to lose weight and at the same time to prevent from gaining weight so much. 

There are various tips you can try if you want to maintain your french bulldog’s weight. Just like serving them food at the right time and not because they want to. 

8. Easy to train 

This is one of the best reasons why a lot of people prefer to have french bulldogs at home. Aside from the fact that they are friendly and smart, they are also easy to train. Say, for instance, you want them to train for basic commands at home, you can easily do this. Make sure that whatever command you want to teach them through your voice recognition be part of their daily routine. 

You can make plans for their daily lives and part of this is their training. It is important to train them when they are puppies up until they get old. Through this, they will be able to remember all the things you’ve taught them. Another is they are able to recognize and understands what the tone of your voice means to them. 

So, if you want to have an easy time training your french bulldog then you must know when is the best time to start. 

9. They are smart 

They are not only a good friend of your kids or serves as entertainment for your family but french bulldogs are very smart. The good thing about them is they are capable to adapt things from their environment easily. This is where if you teach them to be friendly then they will stay as one. However, if you teach them and are never exposed to other people then this might have an effect on them to be more aloof to people. 

They can easily learn based on what will you teach them, and because they are smart they will eventually get it! Also, all the learnings from their training are unforgettable to them and they will always remember this. 

10. They are super playful 

This is the reason why this breed of dog is kid’s-friendly and french bulldogs love to cuddle with kids as well. They are super playful and to the fact that they are restless. The reason why they enjoyed so much eat. There are a lot of people who prefer to have this at home especially if they have kids as french bulldogs will have time for the kids to play with them. 

However, they might be careless especially if you have a garden at home. This is where they can destroy properties or things at home because they are so active to handle. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do french bulldogs like to cuddle?

A: Yes! The fact is french bulldogs are very affectionate and this is why they love to cuddle. They love to feel that they are appreciated and special to the family. French bulldog enjoys so much to have a great bonding with their owner and as well as love to be with kids. 

Q: What does french bulldog special to other breeds of dog? 

A: The first thing this french bulldog special is they are a friendly and good companion. Another is they like small space and they can easily adapt to the flow of the environment. French bulldogs don’t need to train for exercise, as they are very active. However, they will need to undergo pieces of training for basic and other commands. Another that makes these french bulldogs special is the fact that they were very affectionate towards their owner as they love to cuddle.

Q: Are French bulldogs a family dog? 

A: Yes! There are a lot of family dogs today wherein one of these is the french bulldog breed. If you have kids at home and you want to buy, then probably one of the options is this type of dog. The best thing about them is when you decide to switch your way of living or the place where you live then you can easily do that. You don’t need to panic if they can’t adapt that easily, but they can. Their breed is well-trained to be a good companion always. 

Q: Are french bulldogs easily get attached to one person?

A: The answer is yes, they are one-person devoted. The thing is when you are 5 in the family, there is one person that they choose to be their favorite. Most of the time, the person who bought them or rescues them is the one with who they express their love. Another is when a person gives them special attention and bond, this might be one of the reasons to easily attached french bulldog to them. 

Q: Can you sleep with a French bulldog 

A: It is important to give them space to rest. This is where they identify the time for them to sleep and take a rest. However, if you want to have a special bond with your french bulldog, you can do this sometimes. You just need to make sure that they are clean enough for them to enter your room and have space in your bed. 

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of various breed of dogs you can take care of today, however, the french bulldog is special. For some people, their physical appearance is not that appreciated, but this is much appreciated by every dog lover. You can’t have a hard time in approaching them and as well as to undergo them to training.

so, are you planning to have one dog for you at home? If so, then have this french bulldog on your lists!