Different Breeds of French Bulldogs – Meet Them One-by-One

Generally, the overall stunning appeal of the French bulldogs is what makes them really popular as a breed.  And due to its high-spirited personality, you could never go wrong having this dog as a pet. Moreover, you could see various colours and types of French bulldogs. In case, you want to own one, initially, it is better to know the different breeds of French bulldogs.

So, to help you know each one, here, we will discuss the different breeds of French bulldogs. Aside from that, we will also explore the mettlesome personality of this pooch and discover what makes them loved by many. Let’s find it all here.

A little bit info about the French bulldogs

Basically, the French bulldogs loved to be companion dogs for long years. Initially, this birth of this breed was in England as a mini version of a bulldog. Moreover, as a companion dog, they usually escorted English lacemakers who went to France. With this, they got their Frenchie nickname.

Furthermore, aside from being companion dogs, they also became great ratters. However, during these days, they switched their job as fantastic pets and show dogs. Moreover, the French bulldogs are somehow rare in terms of their breed. 

French bulldogs Vital Statistics:

Breed Group: Companion dogs

Height: Usually grows from 11 to 12 inches tall on a shoulder level basis

Weight: This breed weighs at least 16 to 28 pounds

Life Span: The life of the French bulldog typically last for 11 up to 14 years

French bulldogs Personality:

Generally, when it comes to dog’s traits and personality, the Frenchies are very smart and loving dogs. They always want to spend more time with the people around them. Basically, being a free thinker, French bulldogs are highly trainable. This applies true especially when done appropriately on a positive attitude, food rewards, play, and recognition.

different breeds of French bulldogs personality

Moreover, being a free thinker, French bulldogs do not always compete for agility. Yet, some of the dogs of this breed are grown for this challenge. Aside from that, this freethinking behaviour of the French bulldogs makes them be stubborn. Additionally, once they decide to dig in, there’s no stopping them.

Furthermore, the Frenchies always look for human contact. The French bulldogs also enjoy the love that he receives from his human owners. More so, the Frenchies also love to do the same treatment in return. Additionally, they can get along well with humans even for children.

Basically, French bulldogs are possessive of the people around them. This is also true in the presence of another pooch. Generally, the primary requirement for this breed is socialization. Yet, because they can easily adapt with their companion, socialization is not a challenging task. 

French bulldogs Coat Color:

Generally, a smooth, shiny, short, and fine coat represents the coat of the Frenchies. They have a loose and wrinkled skin basically on the head and shoulders part. Moreover, their skin has a soft texture.

Basically, grooming the Frenchies is really easy. In fact, they only need occasional brushing to maintain the health of their coat. Moreover, the French bulldogs are average shredders.

Furthermore, be very observant when you groom your Frenchies at any stage of their doggie life. Look for skin lesions, rough, bare spots, and flaky skin or any signs of infections. Additionally, better to check discharge or bad smells on the eyes, ears, and teeth.  

When grooming your Frenchies, clean their ears on a regular basis. Always use a damp warm cloth and swipe cotton swab around the corner of the ear canal. Moreover, apply mineral oil or baby oil in case the corners of the ear canal are dry. But, always keep in mind not to stick the cotton swab on the actual ear canal. 

Furthermore, the French bulldogs need to have a regular nail trimming. This grooming method allows them to avoid splitting and tearing. Moreover, this can also prevent the pooch to experience pain due to tearing.

Additionally, give you Frenchies a bath every month or as needed. Always use dog shampoo of high-quality to maintain the natural oils on their coat. Moreover, make an effort in drying the skin between the folds.   

French bulldogs Health:

Basically, here are the possible health issues that every different breed of French bulldog might experience. However, not all of this pooch breed may able to acquire one or more of these conditions. Yet, it is really crucial to be familiar with each health concerns especially if you’re planning to have the Frenchies as a pet.

  1. Allergies
  2. Brachycephalic syndrome
  3. Cleft palate
  4. Elongated soft palate
  5. Hemivertebrae
  6. Hip dysplasia
  7. Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  8. Patellar Luxation or Slipped stifles
  9. Von Willebrand’s Disease

Presenting the different breeds of French bulldogs

French bulldogs come with varieties in colours, however, the AKC only recognize and acknowledge specific shades of Frenchies. Along with this, the rare colours become, the more questions for health issues arise. Aside from this, French bulldogs with rare colour have a higher cost. 

However, this colour variation of French bulldog gives more stunning breeds. Let’s meet below the different breeds of French bulldogs and know what’s unique from each one.

A different breed of French bulldogs #1: WHITE FRENCH BULLDOG

different breeds of French bulldogs white

Basically, the white colour of this pooch roots from a particular genetic mixture. Generally, off-white is their standard colour. Mostly, confusion between a piebald and this breed usually happens. Moreover, the appearance of the real white French bulldog has dark shades around the area of the lips, eyes, and nose.

Furthermore, albinism also causes the white colouring of this pooch. However, this incident is not common. Additionally, deafness also leads to the white colour of the Frenchies. This can be determined by the pinkish pigments in the areas of the lips, eyes, and nose.

A different breed of French bulldogs #2: FAWN FRENCH BULLDOG

Generally, the Fawn breed of French bulldogs is a combination of beauty and balance. Moreover, the shades of the classic fawn Frenchies may vary. It may come in cream to fairly yellow.

Additionally, a reddish hue is also there in some cases. Usually, the coloured Fawn French bulldog has a black mask. However, this does not apply often.      

A different breed of French bulldogs #3: PIED FRENCH BULLDOG

Basically, the predominant white or eggshell-coloured pattern with dark spots represent the pied breed of Frenchies. Usually, these areas are really noticeable on the body of the pooch as it occupies a large part. Moreover, the patches on the dog’s eyes or ears are due to the pied pattern. However, this results in a distinct looking pooch.

A different breed of French bulldogs #4: BRINDLE FRENCH BULLDOG

Primarily, brindle is a colour of the Frenchies that is somehow conventional. A dark coat with a combination of light strands represents this breed. Moreover, among the different breeds of French bulldogs, this one is the most famous colours of bulldogs.

Additionally, most of the breeds of Mastiff and Bull have this kind of coat. Basically, the Agouti gene causes this brindle pattern. Furthermore, this gene controls the distribution of the black pigment.  

A different breed of French bulldogs #5: TIGER BRINDLE FRENCH BULLDOG

Generally, this kind of brindle is the natural variety of brindle markings among the French bulldogs. But, this brindle breed has stripes that are more defined compared to the other brindle pattern type.    

A different breed of French bulldogs #6: CREAM FRENCH BULLDOG

The Cream French bulldog is another different breed of French bulldogs. Basically, this breed becomes unique due to its cream coat. Moreover, the creamy colour of the coat is due to the modest dilution gene within the fawn shading.

Primarily, during their birth, the cream colour is very dominant all over their bodies. Yet, when they grow older, the development of black shades in their eyes, mouths, and nose areas occurs.     

A different breed of French bulldogs #7: LILAC FRENCH BULLDOG

Generally, the population of these different breeds of French bulldogs is very few. Basically, it is due to the particular requirements of the dog’s gene. Additionally, it is also the reason why these Frenchies tend to have a higher price compared to average French breeds.

Furthermore, getting a lilac breed of French bulldogs results from parents having the blue and chocolate genes. Moreover, these genes are also rare to find.

A different breed of French bulldogs #8: CHOCOLATE FRENCH BULLDOG

Another different breed of French bulldogs is the Chocolate French Bulldogs. Basically, to have this breed, the recessive chocolate gene must be present to their parents. Moreover, a real French bulldog of chocolate type has a light and penetrating eyes. Furthermore, their eyes colours come in gold, yellow or green.

A different breed of French bulldogs #9: PURE BLACK FRENCH BULLDOG

different breeds of French bulldogs black

Primarily, the AKC includes the pure black breed of French bulldogs in the list of colour disqualifications. Yet, this Frenchie breed is really astounding because of its beautiful black coat. Moreover, due to the recessiveness of the black genes, this leads to the pure black colour.

Furthermore, a pure black breed must not have any presence of a brindle pattern in the pooch’s coat. Additionally, this different breed of French bulldogs have eyes that are in dark brown colour or sapphire. 

A different breed of French bulldogs #10: SABLE FRENCH BULLDOG

Another different breed of French bulldogs that are really stunning is the Sable French type. This breed has a beautiful coat shadings that are similar to that of the fawn breed. However, this breed comes with a distinct twist.

Moreover, the sable breed has colours of light tan to dark mahogany. Additionally, it contains black hairs at the tips of their coat. Basically, this style combination creates an amazing dark shade on a light-hued coat. Meanwhile, lots of sables have solid shades with a combination of black or dark masks.

A different breed of French bulldogs #11: BLUE SABLE FRENCH BULLDOG

Generally, the coat colouration of the Blue Sable French Bulldogs goes the same way with the Sables. Moreover, the difference is that the hair tips are blue rather than black. Basically, this means that their coat has a bluish shade above the fawn coats.

Furthermore, the blue sables breed is an attractive but rare colour. The blue recessive gene must be present on both parents to give this kind of coat. 

A different breed of French bulldogs #12: BLUE

Another rare colour among the different breeds of French bulldogs is the Blue. However, this breed gives an adorable and attractive hue over their pointed ears. Unfortunately, this colour is also included in the list of colour disqualification of AKC.

Scientifically, this shading is a result of the condition called alopecia. Moreover, this shading is unacceptable by the standards because of the flaw discolouration.

A different breed of French bulldogs #13: MERLE

Generally, merle is another pattern in the different breeds of French bulldogs. Nowadays, this pattern is really desirable for this pooch. Yet, this is also another unacceptable breed colour by the AKC.

Moreover, AKC considers this Frenchie pattern as a new colour shading for this pooch. That’s why the organization did not recognize them. Aside from this, another valid reason from the AKC is that this French bulldog breed does not carry the gene. 

A different breed of French bulldogs #14: ISABELA

Basically, among the different breeds of French bulldogs, Isabella has the rarest shades of all. Moreover, this breed colouring is also linked with alopecia conditions. That’s why the colour is also rare and unhealthier as well.

Generally, the Isabella breed is a result of dog breeding from black DD gene carriers. Additionally, this breeding process incorporates an adorable pale purple colour to chocolate or bluish coat.  

Final Thoughts

It is very agreeable that the different breeds of French bulldogs come up with a stunning variety of coat colours. However, this is usually a result of colour genetic experimentations. With this, the health of the Frenchies may come closer to risks. But it is also quite interesting and amazing that this gene manipulation and the combination can give a wonderful breed of dogs.

Moreover, if you become interested with this breed and with anything we’ve mentioned above, be careful to analyse all that is closely related to this dog breed. Be considerate with its traits, health, and lifespan. Furthermore, these breeds are peculiar dogs that deserve to be acknowledged.