Can Frenchies Eat Bananas: The Other Fruits Your Frenchie Can Eat!

can frenchies eat bananas

Are you one of the owners of the French Bulldog? Have you wondered what the best food can Frenchies eat bananas and other fruits? 

Most of the pet owners of Frenchies have also wondered what nutritional ingredients they can serve for their dogs. There is a recommended amount of food that must be fed for French Bulldogs. The French Bulldog should consume at least 25% of meat protein for the adult dog. They should not also be fed carbohydrate-based food. However, there are healthy foods that are the best option to serve for your Frenchies. Frenchies can eat anything, but some pet owners choose to serve extra ingredients that are good for their food. And these are fruits and vegetables, serving them this kind of food can be great snacks that will leave them a beneficial effect on your dog’s body. 

This is also a highly alternative snack that is low in calories.  Since French Bulldogs are prone to the rapid gain of weight, foods, and snacks that are rich in calories are not allowed. That is why giving them a snack that is low in calories is one of the best ideas to prevent your French Bulldogs from obesity. However, there are also some fruits that are low in calories, yet giving them these fruits in moderation. And one of these is Banana, this fruit is low in calories, but a few more calories than other fruits. So when giving this fruit to your Frenchies it needs to be in moderation. 

The recommended amount of Banana to serve them is about a half of it that is good for 3 days. This fruit helps to prevent constipation and obesity in your dogs. This is also high in potassium, fiber, copper, vitamins, and biotin. Though this fruit is high in sugar content that is why Bananas should be given to your French Bulldogs as a treat and not as a part of their daily diet. Aside from giving them Bananas, there are also other fruits that may also be great to be part of your Frenchies diet and also a great snack that will love and adore eating by your dog.

Good Fruits For Your French Bulldogs Food Diet


This good bite-size fruit is one of the great snacks that you can feed to your Frenchies. Strawberries are a good source of vitamins and antioxidants that help to flush out the toxic substance in the stomach of your Frenchies. Aside from this, this fruit is also rich in magnesium, potassium, folic acid, and fiber. This fruit is also high in omega 3-fatty acids that play a big role in helping the skin and coat of your Frenchies to look healthy and shiny. However, feed your Frenchies this fruit in moderation. About the number of three or four strawberries twice a week is the ideal amount of this fruit to feed them. Feeding them every day may cause them to get diarrhea.


One of the nature of Frenchies is they tend to overheat fast. For instance, you take him with you when you go walking on summer days. Just 5 minutes of walking in hot weather can have a big effect on his body. Frenchies are very sensitive to hot weather, once they feel too hot they will likely collapse. That is why during summer days you need to provide them with some heat essentials, that will help the skin of Frenchies to stay cool. Giving fruit like watermelon can also be a perfect way to dissipate heat.

It contains 92% of the water that is good for hydration. Watermelon is also rich in potassium and multiple vitamins of A, C, and B6. This fruit also has no fat and cholesterol that is a great snack to inclu de in your Frenchies food diet. However, before giving the fruit to your Frenchies it is important that you remove the seed of the watermelon first. This is to make sure that your dog will not eat the seed. Once they swallow the seeds it can cause intestinal blockage and gastrointestinal upset. 


Feeding your Frenchies a cantaloupe will give him a lot of benefits, just like watermelon this fruit also contains high in the water that is good for hydration. Aside from this cantaloupe is a fruit that is low in calories that is a great snack to feed for Frenchies. An alternative snack unhealthy dog food is also a perfect food to include in his food diet. Though, you need to give this fruit to your dog in moderation. Since cantaloupe is high in sugar it is advised not to feed this fruit to your Frenchies every day.

The franchise is prone to diabetes, feeding him a cantaloupe every day may trigger your Frenchies to suffer from diabetes. Before feeding him the fruits make sure to remove the flesh into cantaloupe rinds and slice the flesh of fruits into small bites. Through this, there is no chance that your Frenchies will not be able to eat the rinds that cause gastrointestinal upset.


Mangos also consist of a lot of essential vitamins that are beneficial to your Frenchies. This fruit is not only safe but also a great food to feed and to include in your Frenchies food diet. This fruit is rich in vitamins A, B6, C, and vitamin E that makes the fruit a nutritious food to offer for your puppy. The best way to serve it to your puppy is to slice it into small cubes. Make sure before you feed the mango to your puppy, make sure to remove the skin of the fruit. The skin is difficult to digest and once eaten it can cause an impact on his digestive tract. 


Apple is the perfect food for your Frenchies that you can include in your everyday food diet. Since it is low in sugar,  this is a great treat for your Frenchies that have diabetes. This fruit is rich also in vitamins c and pectin that its main purpose it aids the digestive organ of your Frenchies. Before you feed the apple in your Frenchies make sure to wash the apple. And always remove the skin and the seeds. Aside from this, you need to slice the fruits into small cubes in order for them to chew the fruit easily. This fruit is an alternative food for your Frenchies that is restricted to a meat-based diet because this has low fat and protein.


This is similar to apple, the difference is it has softer and sweeter flesh fruits.  Pear essentially contains a lot of healthy benefits for your Frenchies. The fruit is rich in Vitamins c, fiber, and potassium.

This is also rich in Folic acid that is great for pregnant Frenchies. Knowing the fact that folic acid helps to improves and add the amount of iron in the blood. This fruit also contains a juicy texture that is good for the digestion of your puppy.

The only thing you need to focus on before feeding them these fruits is you must first remove the skin. Also, the seeds to prevent some digestive track issues in the future. However, if there are fruits that are great to feed and include in his food diet and gives a lot of healthy benefits to your Frenchies. There are also some fruits that you need to avoid in giving them. These fruits are not advisable to feed to your puppy. The reason is it can cause them a bad effect on their health, cause them allergies and the worst is this can lead them to death.


Grapes are considered one of the most harmful fruits you must avoid feeding it in your Frenchies. This fruit contains a toxic called percin a fungicidal problem that can cause gastrointestinal blockage. Once your Frenchies eat these fruits you will notice some symptoms like vomiting, stomach bloating, weakness, and diarrhea. Eating this fruit can lead them to have kidney failure and the worst is lead them to death. If your puppy accidentally eats these fruits, bring him immediately to the nearest vet. To give him first aid and to prevent from getting it worst.


Feeding your Frenchies an avocado is also dangerous fruit for him. Just like grapes, avocado also consists of a chemical toxin called persin.  Usually the chemical toxic can be found in the skin of the avocado. With this a small amount of the flesh of avocado can be safe to feed to your puppy. However, if you are afraid to involve your puppy in another health risk it is not advisable to feed avocado to your Frenchies.

The fact that avocado has a big stone inside of its flesh. That once eaten by your dog there is a possibility of choking. In order to prevent this from happening avoid leaving the fruit in the area where your Frenchies can see and touch it easily. Put it in the refrigerator, in food storage, or somewhere in your kitchen where they can find it.


Apricot fruit also has a lot of essential health benefits that are good for your Frenchies. This fruit contains a benefit that is a great help for your puppy to have good digestion. Such as Fiber, iron, potassium, and beta carotene. However, this fruit is also listed as one of the most dangerous fruits for Frenchies because of its seed. The seed can be toxic to your puppy.

Once the seed is eaten by your Frenchies, this is the time that your dog can get a high risk of some health problems. If your dog eats the flesh of the fruit with the seed inside it there is a possibility that the seed will be trapped into his stomach down to his bowel.

This will be the reason for creating the blockage that can cause kidney failure, the worst is it can lead to death. But If you want to really feed your dog this fruit before feeding him, make sure to remove the seed and then slice the flesh of the fruit into small dice.

 Lemons Or Limes 

Lemons or limes are also a big no to feed to your  Frenchies. Aside from having this a sour taste that he will absolutely hate. There are also some contents of these fruits that will disturb their stomach and lead to some serious health issues. Limes are also toxic to Frenchies, once your dogs have the contact e to its leaves, lime fruit or even the peel of the fruit  can cause your Frenchies health to be at risk

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of fruits your Frenchies may eat today. However you need to research how to serve this properly. One of the most harmful from the fruits is the seed, this may cause poison to the French bulldog and as well to the other breed. There are many people who find it amazing to be with Frenchies at home, they are so clingy. Indeed they love eating that much and when they reach the teething stage they will probably eat everything. However, Frenchies are exposed to getting fat. They will be needing a diet and proper meals for them to stay fit and exercise well so that they will be able to stay healthy. 

Staying healthy for them is very important as it may help them to do activities they wanted to do. They are much active the reason why they like too much in the wider space. But sometimes they are much aggressive to other people and to their fellow dogs. This is because they don’t have enough training. Pieces of training will help them protect themselves and of course an advantage to the fur parents. 

What are the fruits your dog is eating, today?