Can French Bulldogs Have Puppies Naturally – Frenchies Whelping Guide

French bulldogs are a dog breed that is well-known for acquiring lots of medical issues. One of these is their complicated and risky way of giving birth. That’s the reason why lots of breeders and pet owners are opting for a caesarean section for their Frenchie’s puppy delivery. If that’s the case, can French bulldogs have puppies naturally?

In this blog post, we will find the answer to this most popular question in the French bulldog’s method of delivery. We will also give you some of the important things that you must need to know regarding the pregnancy stage of the female Frenchies. So, if you have one and are expecting to have a number of new Frenchie pups, this article is a big help to guide you in their most anticipated whelping process.

Expecting Female French Bulldogs to Have Puppies Naturally – the Pregnancy Fact

can french bulldogs have puppies naturally

It is just after the year 1800’s when the French bulldogs came into existence. Popularly, the French bulldog is a popular dog breed that is an outcome of cross-breeding two distinct breeds of canine. And through that, the Frenchies are having a difficult time of reproduction. Most often than not, a female Frenchie would possibly get pregnant through the process of artificial insemination.

Like the other dog breeds, French bulldog’s pregnancies are almost similar. That said phase in their doggy life typically lasts for around 9 weeks on average. The coverage of this pregnancy period starts from conception up to the whelping process of the mother French bulldog.

It is also worth noting that the birth date is not always on the 9th week. There are times that the offspring comes out just before 8 weeks. Others have cases that Frenchie’s pregnancy may last up to the 10th week.

However, the main concern here revolves around the question can French bulldogs have puppies naturally? Well, looking at their stance, this dog breed generally has a big possibility of developing health problems. That is highly accountable for their physique which is also responsible for their incapacity to breed and not to have puppies naturally.

Reasons for French Bulldogs Not to Have Puppies Naturally

As we’ve mentioned, the Frenchies’ small body construction is the primary reason for not giving of their offspring in a natural way. But, aside from that, there are other factors that answer the question can French bulldogs have puppies naturally.


Again and again, the body of the French bulldog is quite compact and has muscular structures. They also have a bigger upper body construction and a smaller lower body part. The French bulldogs are well-known to be brachycephalic dog breeds. This means that their nose is short and their face is flat. Basically, they have compressed facial tissue and bones.

The coat of the French bulldogs is short as well. This is the primary cause to makes the Frenchies highly susceptible to developing heat stroke and other health problems. All those physical features when combined may hinder the French bulldogs from natural breeding. So, can French bulldogs have puppies naturally?

can french bulldogs have puppies naturally

The shape of the French bulldog’s body is the number one factor that makes them hard to copulate. This is most likely true when it comes to the Frenchie’s hips. The natural process of breeding necessitates the male dog to mount over the female one. And, since the hips of this dog breed are usually slimmer than their upper body, the male is having a hard time mounting on their female counterpart.

Generally, copulation is also a contributing factor to overheating which will eventually be dangerous for the doggies. Because of that, copulation is less likely to occur on French bulldogs. So, for the female ones to be able to get pregnant, the expensive process of artificial insemination takes place.


If you want to know can French bulldogs have puppies naturally, then it is important to be aware that this dog breed is also having a hard time in their pregnancy stage and in giving birth. Anatomically speaking, the Frenchies have big heads making their offspring hard to come out from the birth canal. This means that the delivery of the female French bulldogs to have puppies naturally may possibly harm either the mom or the pups.

With that being said, most of the female Frenchies undergo a caesarean section. This process of whelping is actually of great help in reducing the health issues at stake. Moreover, this mode of puppy delivery will also result in small litter having around two to four puppies.

Potential Complications for French Bulldogs Giving Birth the Natural Way

Knowing the potential complications that Frenchies may experience once they give birth in a natural way will give you the answer to the question can French bulldogs have puppies naturally. Well, these complications are provided not to make you worry but to help you prepare for it.


When it comes to the proportions of the French bulldog’s body to their belly carrying numbers of puppies, swelling is usually a normal scenario. It often occurs when there is severe swelling prior to the whelping process. A list of complications may be expected here from breathing difficulties to the change of heart rate. This may also be a life-threatening situation for both the mother French bulldog and her puppies.


Believe it or not, a French bulldog puppy getting stuck on her mother’s birth canal which is narrow in structure is common to them. You will know that this is already happening when the female Frenchie is not pushing out the puppy actively for about 20-30 minutes. This is also accompanied by no noticeable signs of delivery.


This is actually similar to the puppy getting stuck in the birth canal. Having that, the Frenchie pup also needs support from the outside environment to take it out there. Usually, a vet or someone who has knowledge in giving birth may generally be helpful in the safe delivery of the puppy.

Alternative Way for the French Bulldogs to Have Puppies – the C-Section

can french bulldogs have puppies naturally

Well, because of the physical features of the French bulldogs, many are taking the caesarean section to have the Frenchies puppies out. However, keep in mind that this method of puppy delivery is just an option here. Since most female French bulldogs give birth to their puppies this way, many pet owners and others assumed that this is the only method for this dog breed to give birth.

Although, natural birth can be fatal for both the French bulldog mother and puppies, French bulldogs can give birth the natural way. So, can French bulldogs have puppies naturally? The answer to this is YES! Despite their physique, French bulldogs are still capable of delivering puppies normally as other dog breeds would.

Yet, in terms of risks and fatalities, dogs giving birth via the c-section involve some advantages.

The uterus of the female French bulldog remains strong

Labor is a challenging stage on the body of the female French bulldog. This means that having 2 to 3 puppies delivered naturally can cause stress on its uterus.

Gives less stress on French bulldog’s mother

Well, this is in connection with the very challenging labor phase of the French bulldog. Pushing out 2 to 3 puppies in the living world basically leads the Frenchies to exhaustion. Eventually, she may even experience severe weakness for a long period of time right after having puppies naturally.

Potential Risks for French Bulldogs Whelping via C-Section

Although it offers some advantages, the caesarean section for French bulldogs also entails potential risks. It is actually important for you as a pet owner to be aware of this. Thankfully, the complications involved through the c-section are much lesser compared to the natural way of having puppies.


Generally, this is much related to the brachycephalic nature of the French bulldog. Because of its flat face, breathing problems may potentially occur. This method also necessitates a surgery in which the doggy may be subjected to anesthesia.


Once a dog is under the effect of anesthesia, vomiting may commonly be observed especially on Frenchies that have breathing problems. Take note that this is something really dangerous for the French bulldog. During periods of vomiting, the dog may possibly experience suffocation at a generally faster rate compared to the average canine. The immediate and best solution for this is totally clearing it out.

The Process of Caesarean Section on French Bulldogs

If French bulldogs cannot have puppies naturally, another best option is to take your Frenchies on a c-section. In case you opt for that method of puppy delivery, it is good to have an idea about its entire process.

1-Giving anesthesia to the mother

Right after shaving the tummy area of the pregnant Frenchie, the vet immediately needs to inject anesthesia into it. Keep in mind that a c-section during canine labor and delivery is classified as an invasive method of surgery. This means that injecting anesthesia should not be neglected.

2-Open the uterus and take out the puppies

Generally, the veterinarian will have to create an incision within the uterus of the mother. Afterward, removing the puppies takes place from the gestational sacs. This step will leave those sacs intact.

3-Clean and stimulate the puppies

After removing the gestational sacs, the veterinarian’s assistant will have to clean the puppies. The next step to this is stimulating the puppies like the way their mother dog did. Basically, the process of stimulation is the main step to get the puppies breathing as it is already out in the living world.

In caesarean section, it targets the goal of keeping the process as much as possible. This is in order to reduce the time that the French bulldog should be under the effect of anesthesia. At around 45 to 90 minutes, the anesthesia has been affecting the body of the French bully.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Similar in their whelping process, the small hips, and big heads are the main factors to make it hard for the Frenchie to mount over the female doggo. That’s why if you are opting for a safe and effective method of French bulldog breeding, you may consider trying artificial insemination.


A: The French bulldogs generally deliver an average of about 3 puppies in every litter. In case they whelp out greater than 5 puppies, that scenario tends to be really unusual for this dog breed. And, you will rarely see a Frenchie giving birth to about 7 puppies. Mostly, French bulldogs delivered their pups through a Caesarean section.


A: Once the French bulldogs reach the age of 2 and a half years old, it means that they are already prepared for a safe breeding process. You can do this to the Frenchies until the age of 8 years. During this time, the dog will generally experience episodes of heat cycles and will be ready for breeding.


A: Usually, in order for the French bulldogs to get pregnant, they need to undergo the process of artificial insemination. To add to this is the whelping process of c-sections which most breeders and pet owners opt to do. Both processes generally cost around $1,000 to $3,000.

Final Words

Although giving birth in a normal way is too risky for brachycephalic dogs, still, your French bulldog can have puppies naturally. However, it will be a difficult process that needs plenty of things to take into much consideration. The caesarean section of the whelping process is the best option that most French bulldog takes out their pups into the living world. Despite the advantages that a c-section offers, it also entails some complications for the Frenchies and is quite expensive as well.

The French bulldog’s way of giving birth is an important thing that you must have to be aware of. Regardless if you opt for a natural birth or for a c-section, making the appropriate decision for your French bulldog is crucial to provide her a healthier and happier canine’s life.