Can French Bulldogs Eat Carrots? Frenchie’s Eating Guide

Are you thinking of feeding your French bulldog some human foods like veggies to keep him healthy? Well, the good news is you can actually do so as there is a number of human foods safe for dog consumption. Yet, many pet owners are asking the question can French bulldogs eat carrots? Is this vegetable good for the French bulldogs?

If you are one of those pet owners with these questions in mind, you landed on the right track! In this blog post, we will reveal if French bulldogs can eat carrots. Aside from that, we have here some information about the health benefits and possible side effects of carrots on our beloved Fido. So, check them all out here!

Carrots and Its Nutritional Contents

Scientifically named Daucus Carota, carrots are vegetables with enormous numbers of nutrients in them. With that, it offers a wide range of health benefits not only to us but also to our lovable French bulldogs. Knowing such is highly essential in determining the answer to the question can French bulldogs eat carrots?

Boosted with vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, niacin, and phosphorus, carrots will be a good snack for your Frenchies. Beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein can also be found in carrots that generally help in protecting dogs from free radicals. In addition to that, check here for the essential nutrients packed inside carrots that your doggo may receive.


This is actually the one responsible for the orange color of carrots. Basically, it is the starting point of vitamin A that is essential for keeping good eyesight. Aside from that, it also acts as an antioxidant that aids in the prevention of disease and infection. Ensuring the normal development of bones, keeping the reproductive system healthy, and prevent cancer are the other functions of beta-carotene.


Generally, one cup of raw carrots will give about 3.58 grams of soluble dietary fiber. It supports the enhancement of the digestive system and the regulation of loose stools of the French bulldogs.


Vitamin A is very abundant in carrots and it works by supporting the health of the dog’s eye. Moreover, it enhances the immune system and improves the skin and coat health of the Frenchies.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Carrots due to its Health Benefits?

Below are various ways on how carrots tend to be advantageous to the health of the Frenchies:

1-Improve eye health and healthier vision

Basically, carrots are composed of plenty of antioxidants and beta carotene. These two nutrients are of great help to the health of the eyes and improvement of vision. Moreover, feeding your French bulldogs carrots may aid in preventing vitamin A deficiency in dogs. Remember that this condition may possibly lead to some health-related concerns in pets like night blindness.

2-Lower the risk of some types of cancers

Since carrots have plenty of nutritional contents, this orange vegetable is full-packed phytonutrients storage. It keeps on battling with free-radical damage and avoids certain types of cancer like stomach cancer. Aside from that, carrots also have carotenoids that act as immune system boosters. Carotenoids also work by activating specific protein markers that have the ability to block rough cancer cells.

Although this still needs further studies, many veterinarians believe that carrots generally lower the damaging effect of some cancer cells in canines. This basically includes colon cancer, stomach cancer, and mammary gland tumors.

3-Advantageous for dog’s skin

You that French bulldogs can eat carrots due to the fact that they can prevent skin conditions if consumed on a regular basis. French bulldogs are highly susceptible to canine skin infections. This is primarily due to their skin that has heavy wrinkles which allow them to experience itching, hot spots, and dryness of the skin.

If French bulldogs can eat carrots regularly, your bully will take in carotenoids that are responsible for the improvement of the skin’s appearance. More than that, it is also helpful in maintaining the facial skin folds of the Frenchies’ health and free from infections.

4-Lower the incidence of shedding

It is actually better to feed your French bulldogs with carrots if he is suffering from shedding issues. Doing so will actually help your doggo to benefit from it. Basically, it is due to the fact that carrots act as healthy hair promoters and may even regulate hair loss. And since it contains vitamins A and C together with potassium and carotenoids, this vegetable makes the bully’s fur and hair shinier.

5-Aid in French bulldog’s weight management

Carrots generally contain a low amount of calories. So, if you serve it to your dog in the form of sticks, it would assist him in losing some pounds. Aside from that, you will finish his habit of begging for food.  Another good thing about giving carrots to the French bulldogs is that it could also be the best treat during their training session.

can french bulldogs eat carrots

6-Strengthen dog’s immunity

Canine’s immune function and infection prevention could be enhanced if your French bulldog eats carrots. Thanks to its plentiful amount of vitamin A. In addition to that, carrots may stimulate the production of collagen of the Frenchies which supports faster wound healing.

7-Support canine’s teeth

The crunchy texture of the raw carrots is the one responsible for removing the food bits stuck into the French bulldog’s teeth. Aside from that, it is also a great help in getting rid of plaque and tartar. Elimination of malic acid and citric acid created by the food into the mouth will also be removed by eating carrots.

With that, the healthy gums and teeth of the French bully will be promoted. Kissing the bullies will also be a good experience if they can eat carrots because it will freshen up their breath.

8-Maintain regular bowel movement of the Frenchies

Carrots are also high in fiber and this component is of big help for French bulldogs that suffer from constipated or irregular bowel movement. This veggie also works in the prevention of impacted anal glands in dogs.

9-Lowering the presence of intestinal worms

Another amazing function of carrots into the health is that it functions as natural de-wormer. Because of that, many veterinarians highly approve of the addition of carrots into the canine’s diet. Moreover, this veggie should also be consumed by your Frenchie on a regular basis. Worms and intestinal parasites may also be eliminated through the high-fiber component of carrots.

10-Act on the dog’s liver and enhance detoxification

To have a stronger and healthy liver, carotenoids, glutathione, and phytonutrients should be consumed. The good thing is carrots include such nutrients. So, this means that French bulldogs eating carrots may experience the enhancement of natural detoxification. Additionally, it also boosts the function of the dog’s liver.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Carrots by Noting its Possible Side Effects?

With that being said, can French bulldogs eat carrots? Well, bragging for those health benefits, French bulldogs can obviously eat carrots. And it is also good to know that eating carrots may not produce any side effects in most canines including the French bulldogs. Generally, carrots are not a popular allergen in canines.

Yet, there are still some percentages of canines that tend to be allergic to carrots. You may say that your Fido has an allergy to carrots when you notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Bald spots
  • Chronic stomach upset
  • Face rubbing
  • Gas
  • Hives
  • Paw-licking
  • Rashes
  • Tear-stains
  • Too much shedding
  • Vomiting
  • Wheezing

Some dogs may even experience anaphylactic shocks but in rare cases.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Carrots – the Tops and the Leaves?

If Frenchies can eat carrots, is it also safe for them to consume the top and the leaves? Actually, those parts of the carrots are highly edible and also packed with nutritional components. With that, carrot tops and carrot leaves are very safe for the consumption of dogs like the French bullies.

Also, in contrast with the common misconception, carrots are not poisonous. Besides, eating carrot leaves may leave a sweet earthy taste. With that, most dog breeds really love to eat carrots. To make carrot eating more enjoyable for your Frenchies, you can feed them with carrots in different ways.

Different Ways of Frenchies in Eating Carrots

Can French bulldogs eat carrots? Basically, the answer is yes! And to help them to really enjoy this veggie, you may try giving him various recipes that your bully will surely love.

can french bulldogs eat carrots


Carrots provided in raw are actually a great after-meal snack for the Frenchies. This is very helpful in cleaning the Frenchies’ teeth and eliminating their bad breath and tartar. Don’t forget to supervise the young French bulldogs when you try to feed them with carrots. This is mostly applicable for those young Frenchies that is first-timer in eating carrots.

Moreover, baby carrots are also a potential choking hazard, so better to watch out for them. Try grating the carrots on top of kibbles or some canned doggy food. Also, consider chopping the carrots into bite-sized making it easier for the Frenchies to eat it up. Raw carrots may also serve as dog treats during your French bulldog’s training session.


Cooking this veggie so that French bulldogs can eat it is actually a good idea as it may improve its digestibility. However, one major drawback of cooking carrots is that it has a higher possibility of killing numbers of essential nutrients packed in carrots.

The best option of feeding carrots especially to young and senior Frenchies that do not have teeth is the pureed one. It has a softer texture and is easier to combine with other food. Moreover, opting to feed a cooked carrot to the French bulldogs also necessitates steaming it. Do those processes for about a few minutes and try to mash it.


Carrot cake is actually a delicious treat option for French bulldogs. They will definitely love this recipe once they eat it:


  • Egg – 1 piece, preferably large
  • All-natural peanut butter – 1/2 cup, sugar-free
  • Olive oil – 1/4 cup
  • Vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon
  • Honey – 1/3 cup
  • Carrots – 1 cup, shredded
  • Almond flour – 1 cup
  • Baking powder – pinch

Cooking Instruction:

  1. Combine all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
  2. Bake for around 30 minutes at a temperature of 350F.
  3. Let it cool.
  4. Frost with peanut butter, but this step is really optional.


Well, juicing carrots may generally throw up all the fiber contents of this veggie. That’s why giving your French bully carrot juice is only recommended as a refreshing summer drink. Since it has a sweet taste, your French bully will surely love carrot juice.

Although dietary fiber may lose during the process of juicing, vitamin A still remains. So, carrot juice is still a healthy option. Aside from that, one best hack for this is to return the pulp into the juice that will guarantee that the Frenchies will not miss the fiber in carrots.

Yet, always remember to stay away from commercial carrot juice. Giving it to your French bulldog will lead to gastric upsets. That is highly accountable for the preservatives and high sugar content of it. Don’t forget that too much sugar is dangerous to the health of your French bulldog.

With that, it is always better to juice the carrots at home prior to feeding them to your bully. This process may not involve the removal of the carrot peel. Just wash the veggie and put it directly in the juicer. You may consider storing the carrot juice in the fridge for one day if your doggo is not able to consume it up.

How Carrots Tend to be Bad for French Bulldogs

Despite the wide range of nutritional benefits of carrots, being a good food for your French bully is not always the case. Although it’s not risky in terms of dog toxicity, knowing it is essential as it may help you to have some pause in feeding your Frenchies with this veggie.

*Too much consumption

Consuming too many amounts of carrots results in an unhealthy and unbalanced body system of the Frenchies. When taking up in large amounts, carrots offer lots of sugar and a high amount of Vitamin A. Moreover, eating too much carrot will possibly lead to some vitamin overdose in canines. So, if you want to make it a healthy part of your Frenchie’s diet, always feed your doggo with carrots in moderation.

Carrots, eating up in large quantities may result in weight gain and canine obesity. In connection to that, French bulldogs may also experience heart conditions, diabetes, and arthritis. Sugar may also strike up which may be a major cause of dental disease in dogs.

*Frenchies suffering from medical conditions

Keep in mind that carrots should not be given to Frenchies suffering from certain health-related conditions. For instance, French bulldogs with sensitive stomachs or those suffering from food intolerance should deal very well when feeding carrots. Little by little, try to introduce this veggie to your doggo in small quantities especially during the first time.

Moreover, keep in mind that carrots should not also be taken by Frenchies with diabetes. Remember that carrots may contain sugar and too much amount of it will generally affect the blood sugar level of your French bully. With that, their condition will become less stable. It is also worth noting that diabetic Frenchies should only consume two meals in a single day without any added snacks.

*Potential choking hazard

There may be instances that carrots may become a choking hazard to your doggo. So, it is always better to keep an eye on them. This is highly applicable for those who are small dogs or have fewer teeth. Moreover, feeding carrots to your Frenchie will also be dangerous if he has a problem in swallowing. Cooking and grating carrots are two of the best options here.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: As mentioned above, carrots are fully packed with nutrients including beta-carotene and fiber to name a few. So, dogs can eat carrots on a daily basis. Aside from the list of nutritional contents, carrots are also advantageous in supporting the teeth of your dog.


A: Okay, the general rule is giving your pooch something to eat in a moderate amount. Although it is not common for dogs there will always be a possibility that your Frenchie may develop an allergic reaction to carrots. If that will be the case, dogs consuming carrots may develop diarrhea, vomiting, and skin itching. Immediately stop feeding carrots to your doggo once you see any signs of discomfort. Also, contact the vet right away to get professional advice.


A: Despite the fact that carrots are highly digestible and safe for the consumption of dogs, Frenchie pups should not be fed with this veggie especially the raw form. Yet, if you really want to do so, consider cooking it to provide softer consistency. But, the nutritional value will be lesser.


A: Feeding carrots to puppies is also similar to giving treats to them. As a rule of thumb, carrots should be at least less than 10% of the puppy’s daily calorie consumption. To be safe, feed an average-sized puppy with about 2 to 3 baby carrots in a day. But, be sure that they are cut into smaller pieces to prevent choking hazards.

Final Words

Definitely, French bulldogs can eat carrots. This orangy vegetable is really tasty and a great addition to the diet of your French bully. In moderation, French bulldogs can safely eat carrots on a regular basis. To make it more enjoyable for your French bulldog, you can serve carrots to them in different ways.

Raw carrots are crunchy which is great to be incorporated into their regular meal. Meanwhile, the cooked ones are good for those bullies that do not have teeth. Yet, regardless of the ways you feed carrots to your doggo, following the vet’s advice and supervising them while eating is a better idea. This will generally help you to protect your Frenchie from possible choking hazards and feed him safely.