Bow ties for French Bulldogs

They are the dog of the “haves”. As small as they are, their value supersedes their bigger dog counterparts. French bulldogs have certainly captured the hearts of many ever since they have been introduced in France as fashion dogs. Although the first groups of French bulldogs primarily hailed from Europe, the trend that determines the fad around French bulldogs became even more appealing in the United States. With celebrities getting their own French bulldogs to parade and dress, the market price of French bulldogs just keeps on getting even more and more expensive to the point that they are motivating robberies around the US. The most recent and perhaps the most heard of was that of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs being stolen resulting in one death.

With social media platforms becoming the place or the “it” things and “it” people in the US, French bulldogs have become the most hash-tagged animals on the internet.

However, no matter how seemingly interesting and controversial this little mutt is, French bulldogs carry a lot of responsibilities that must be considered by interested would-be owners. Among these conditions include the need to face health problems that the French bulldog is likely going to experience in his lifetime.

Because the height, physique, and everything about the French bulldog have been customized to the liking of the target market, it is evident that problems in their body could be accounted against their marketability.

While many animal care agencies do not agree with these massive changes among French bulldogs, it cannot be denied that the natural charm that these customized dogs have made it more possible for them to be made available in the market, especially that they are equated with social status and fashion. Up to these years, French bulldogs continue to make a loud buzz in the global market. Interestingly, both men and women are interested in owning one.

French bulldog; The Fashion Dog 

Also known as Frenchies, French bulldogs are notably known for their being fashion icons among all the other domesticated dogs. Second to the Frenchies are the dachshunds. Both dogs have overthrown the pugs from being the cutest and most fashionable dogs of all time. Thanks to social media and hashtags, it was easier for the French bulldogs to capture the attention of the people and becoming the trendiest dog there is in the market today.

The fashion industry has certainly jumped on the bandwagon and embraced this trend accordingly. Featuring small, cute, and charming dogs in clothes with celebrities posing alongside them, fashion magazines have made certain noise and got the attention of many interested individuals who positively reacted to the marketing campaigns.

Shortly after these media campaigns that gained millions of attention from the public, several fashion accessories and clothes were out and are selling like pancakes even if they are remarkably expensive. Is it too much?

For those who own Frenchies and love their pets like family, there is nothing too expensive to give the dog the statement it deserves to have and the fashion that makes it more interesting.

Bow Ties for French Bulldogs 

Bow ties are neckties tied into a knot. It is also called a bow knot. It has a fabric ribbon tied around the neck or the collar of a shirt [for basic human fashion] in a symmetrical form.

There are three types of bow ties out in the market today.

One is a pre-tied bow tie is a distinctive bow that is sewn into a band that goes around the neck and is sealed at both ends to secure the tie in place.

Second is the clip-on bow tie which is simply clipped into the collar of the shirt to avoid any possible discomfort from the band that is placed around the neck. When used for a French bulldog, clip-on bowties for French bulldogs often come with a partner polo shirt.

The third is the tie-it-yourself bowtie, which follows through the traditional way of putting on bowties by looping the fabric from both ends to create a bow in the middle.  

There are also different fabric materials that makeup bowties. Most of them are silk, polyester, and cotton.

The birth of bowties began in France in the 18th and 19th centuries. It first started as a scarf that was used to keep the shirt together around the neck. Later on, this form of fashion was adapted as a form of smaller bows tied together to close the shirt together. This fashion sense was adapted by French gentlemen as they go to formal events.

French bulldogs were later on seen to effectively carry the same sense of formality. It just fits their physique and their facial expressions- as if posing a serious look as they represent that formal fashion statement.

For owners of Frenchies, the most common choice of the bowtie is the adjustable one. To make the formal ensemble, most bowties for French bulldogs come with a partner shirt or vest.

When are Bowties for French Bulldogs worn? 

The truth is, a French bulldog can wear a bowtie anytime. It just fits them any time of the day. There are causal bowties available in the market and are often offered at reasonable prices.

Special fashion brands specifically offer bowties with other partner accessories that will complete your French bulldog’s fashion statement for the day. For instance, others have a set of bowtie, hat, and vest. Other designers add in a leash that matches with the color of the bowtie to give you the freedom to let your Frenchie roam around as proud as you are especially if you are attending a special event that allows pets as part of the attendees.

Even though bowties are rather common among Frenchies, there certainly are some very specific events where these fashion accessories are deemed part of the ensemble or the requirement for attendees. Here are some of the most common events requiring specific dress codes for attendees where you sure can go with a matchy-matchy fashion with your Frenchie.

In Weddings 

Weddings are special events that often require special dress codes that need to be followed. Often, they are black-tie events. But there are also other weddings that require specific color themes for all attendees.

There certain brands in the market that offer very specific designs that could match your fashion statement for the day, while there are also some local bowtie makers that offer customized designs that will use the same fabric of the clothing that you are going to use in the wedding.

Weddings are special occasions especially for the ones who are going to be wed at the moment. So, just a little advice, if the ones who are to be wed also have a French bulldog and they are going to fashion them according to the theme of the event, you need to make sure that you do not look like you are overthrowing their look with the look that you are going for with your Frenchie. It is best to check with them first as a form of politeness and respect.

Whether you believe it or not, fashion among pet Frenchies among attendees in weddings is a big deal especially if the event is well known to several members of the community. Never steal the thunder of the one who owns the event.

On the other hand, if you are the one getting wed, and you want your French bulldog to be the ring bearer or just a part of the entourage, there is nothing holding you back from giving your Frenchie the best fashion that you could give him. Be as lavish as you want and choosing a good bowtie to define the statement of the ensemble that you want your dog to strut in the aisle as he marches towards you. Surely, you would love that everyone says “aww” as he passes right?

There are wedding couturiers who offer to create pet suits along with the other gowns and suits that are going to be used for the wedding. This way you can actually tell your couturier the specific design you want to make a match with your dog during the event and have the best pictures and great hashtags for your photographs online later.

In Special Galas and Conventions 

As mentioned earlier, at least 80% of the population who own French bulldogs come from the elite society. Most of them are celebrities or individuals who have names in the community. Most of the time, they are involved in special galas and conventions. While not all events allow pets to be included in the attendees- some do often require pets to be well-dressed as well.

Galas and conventions follow a very specific theme depending on the cause that drives the event.

When they do, even pets are expected to be dressed well for the occasion. If you are going to engage in these events, make sure your pet French bulldog is properly trained especially in terms of mingling with other people and other dogs.

in case the gala actually focuses on having pets as part of the audience and a lot of Frenchies and other pets will attend, it is best that your French bulldog is prepared emotionally and their behavior has been tested for proper engagement with other pets.

At the same time, you might want to make sure that your Frenchie has been properly potty trained before he goes out in large crowds. If your pet French bulldog is still new to the family and you have not established a proper connection with him yet, then you need to settle first.

There are instances when French bulldogs react to the crowd of pets negatively. While they are known to not be aggressive, like any other dog, it is just normal to expect that they will defend themselves from possible attacks that they think may be coming from other pets.

On the other hand, if your French bulldog has already learned to settle with the crowd and has already been properly potty-trained, you can relax and let your French bulldog mingle with other pets and be friendly with other guests as well.

With such a well-dressed French bulldog with matching good behavior, you and your bulldog are surely going to have a great time at the event.

In Birthday Parties 

Like other events, birthday parties are also often themed and have specific colors and patterns that they require their attendees to wear. This is especially true when it comes to attending parties hosted by well-known personalities in the community.

You would surely want your dog to be part of the best pictures at the party. Picking the right bowtie for your French bulldog to match the party and the theme the host desires will surely make your dog not only fit the event but will also make him a lovable addition to all the pictures that are to be posted for hashtags and memories.

What if it’s your French bulldog’s birthday party?

Some Frenchie owners subject their French bulldogs to pre-birthday photoshoots and dress them up in different costumes and different bowties for memory and social media posts. If you choose to do the same, you might want to pick several bowties for French bulldogs that will fit the theme that you want to go for.

Dressing up for the Holidays 

Christmas, Valentine, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or whatever holiday party you might want to attend, no need to worry about the outfit of your pet French bulldog. Specialty fashion shops and pet stores providing specific clothing for dogs often have something for your Frenchie for the holidays and this includes specialty bowties for French bulldogs.

Christmas bowties often have Christmas images in them. You can choose from very specific characters to color-themed bowties that get you and your pet in the spirit of the season. The same is true when looking for bowties for French bulldogs during Valentine’s.

Matching outfits certainly make the getup more enticing. So, if you want to share a great design of fashion with your pet Frenchie, you might want to check with your local designer companies or special pet shops that offer fashion customization It may take a while before all the matching shirts and bowtie patterns are completed which means you should check in earlier and have your design presented to your designer and wait for a few days before the whole set is complete.

Key Takeaways 

French bulldogs are nice to dress up. With their small physique but cute faces, making specially designed fashion for them has certainly become one of the most luxurious sectors in the fashion industry today.

While it is the elitists and famous social personalities who often post with their French bulldogs on social media platforms, anyone can own a French bulldog and enjoy the company of this, particularly charming pet dog.

If you want to own a French bulldog, you should be aware of all the responsibilities that come with tending to a Frenchie. This includes understanding their health condition and the problems that may arise because of their built. These conditions are manageable, but then again, you have to be very aware of how they affect your dog’s different phases of maturity- so you can prepare for every possibility that may come along the way.

It is also the best option for you to potty train and help with the settlement of your dog at home and in crowds through proper training. This will make it easier for you to prepare your Frenchie to engage in parties and be ready to strut a fashion statement that will not only make you proud but will make everyone else fall in love with that little mutt.

To get the best bowties for French bulldogs, you might want to check local fashion shops that offer special services for pets. There are also some pet shops that offer French bulldog accessories including bowties that may match owner shirts and suits. You can also find ones that have been tested and well-reviewed bowties for French bulldogs online.

In case you have not noticed, this post is not only about dressing up a Frenchie. Most of the time, those who pick French bulldogs for a pet only for the sake of getting into the trend immediately change their choices once other pet dogs get into the trend. This is not a good attitude for anyone who owns a pet. Even though French Bulldogs are considered as fashion pets, it should never be forgotten that they are live creatures, they have feelings, then need love, respect, and care, just like any other pet.

 They should not be treated as toys or as properties only dressed for display. When you pick a French bulldog to become your pet, you ought to understand that it comes with responsibilities as much as it comes with the fun and long-lasting memories that you will begin to share with a trustworthy friend who will have your back if you have his back all the time as well.