Best Wet Dog Food For French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are cute and one of the most well-known small-sized breeds worldwide. These dogs are gentle, happy-go-lucky and pet parents choose them for their kids since they bring smiles every time. Typically called Frenchies, they aren’t fussy about their food. Frenchies are susceptible to diseases, and although food isn’t the root cause, you should still pay special attention to what you feed them. To ensure the good health and active life of your Frenchie, it is crucial to give them the best wet dog food for French bulldogs.

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How Much Should a French Bulldog Puppy Eat? — best wet dog food for French bulldogs

Best Wet Dog Food For French Bulldogs

Planning an ideal meal plan for your French bulldog puppy may be something you and your vet should collaborate on. If you bring your puppy home from the breeder, it is crucial to follow the feeding schedule and brand that the breeder used.

This should be accomplished until your puppy has had time to get comfortable in their new home.

Puppy Feeding Schedule

Puppies generally need to eat more compared to adult dogs. Feeding them 3 to 4 times a day is good for younger puppies.

When they reach six months of age, it is the time when many dog owners will start feeding them twice a day but be sure to consult with your vet about the right time to switch.

You can adhere to the portion guide on the food brand pack, which usually offers a guide based on your dog’s age and weight.

If you sense that your puppy isn’t eating enough or is gaining weight too fast, consult with your vet about changing your French Bulldog’s food or change the brand entirely.

Best Food for French Bulldog Puppy– best wet dog food for French bulldogs

Best Wet Dog Food For French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Puppy Dietary Requirements

Every puppy will have different requirements than adult dogs. If you feed your puppy dog food for adults, they may not get enough crucial nutrients that are needed for development and growth.

For example, all puppies need the correct combination of protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbs.

Puppies will need to increase their calorie intake as they grow. Experts recommend a minimum of 22% protein in their overall meal.

Finding the best wet dog food for French bulldogs involves knowing the unique needs of this special dog breed, including health issues that may arise and have an effect on feeding time.

Special Health Considerations

French Bulldogs are popular pet dogs, but they are also susceptible to serious health issues. This breed’s top serious issue is brachycephaly, which is rooted in the Frenchie’s flat-faced appearance.

These dogs were selectively bred to produce this prominent feature, which may be cute, but it also has the downside that you will have to pick the best wet dog food for French bulldogs with extreme care. The FrenchBulldog has a unique skull and body structure compared to other dog breeds.

The following are some important factors to be aware of that can affect your puppy’s ability to eat and enjoy their food:

  • Frenchies have short legs caused by a dwarfism gene in the breed.
  • They have extra short upper jaw but have normal length lower jaw.
  • Frenchies have extra facial skin and tissue in areas around the nose and mouth.
  • They have a short nose and airway because of the flat muzzle.
  • The crowded teeth play a crucial role in daily toothbrushing and oral health.
  • They have an extra-long soft palate, which is the part on the roof of the dog’s mouth.

Puppy Food for Brachycephalic Puppy Breeds– best wet dog food for French bulldogs

Best Wet Dog Food For French Bulldogs

Selecting the best wet dog food for French bulldogs is not an easy task. Because of this, it is a superb idea to consult your dog’s veterinarian in selecting the best puppy food.

Breeders factor in these important considerations when choosing the best wet dog food for French bulldogs:

Food allergies

Frenchies are susceptible to allergies. Foods with whole grains that are free from artificial ingredients or fillers can minimize the risk of feeding allergies.

Wheat ingredients 

Wheat ingredients will have gluten and can cause gas. Steer clear from gluten so your home and pup will have a better smell.

Corn and high protein

Corn ingredients and higher protein foods can sometimes result in skin rashes and hives, which will cause your puppy discomfort and a high medical bill.


Since Frenchies have breathing issues, they are low energy dogs. Overall, steer clear from foods that are extremely high in fat and be sure to give proper portions.

Combination of dry and wet food

Frenchies will find it easier to eat soft wet foods, but they also require hard, dry kibble to keep their teeth clean.

Meal length and food availability

When it comes to puppies, it is not unusual for your Frenchie to eat a bit, roam around and then come back to the bowl to finish everything. They may behave this way to give themselves space to breathe. Make sure to leave food for them for at least 30 minutes before removing them. 

Kibble size and shape

Larger kibble and odd-shaped kibble can be more effortless for the Frenchie to grasp and chew.

Raw Feeding French Bulldog Puppies– best wet dog food for French bulldogs

There are tons of discussions about feeding raw food to dogs. This movement believes in the idea that you should give your pet a more natural based diet.

Since dogs are meat eaters, raw foods may be the optimal choice.

But dogs have also adopted a wide range of foods, so this option will come with some advantages and disadvantages.

There are additional considerations that go into feeding a puppy strictly a diet of raw food.

Special Feeding Bowls for Flat-Faced Puppies– best wet dog food for French bulldogs

Aside from choosing the best wet dog food for French bulldogs, it is also crucial to select a bowl that will serve your dog’s needs.

It is crucial to control what your puppy eats to make sure they are breathing and eating effortlessly and that the feeding area you’ve chosen doesn’t cause them discomfort.

Breeders and owners will often discover that enhanced feeding bowls with rims that are tilted with elevated legs make mealtime more convenient and fun for flat-faced dogs such as Frenchies.

Frequently Asked Questions About best wet dog food for French bulldogs

What is the top best wet dog food for French bulldogs?

The agreement among experts is that commercially prepared foods work best for Frenchies. The formula found in these foods has all the nutrients required to keep your dog active, strong, and perfectly healthy with shiny coats and strong bones and teeth. There are tons of choices on the market that will be a great fit for your Frenchie.

Is chicken dangerous for my Frenchie?

Frenchies adore meat, and all their meals should have at least one meat protein source, if not more. Choices can either be lamb, fish, chicken, or beef. Whether you select dry food or wet food, make sure to check the label for any presence of whole meat in the recipe.

Is it safe to feed eggs to my Frenchie? 

Although you should never give your Frenchie raw eggs, cooked eggs are a nutritious option. Eggs can even help stabilize the stomach of your dog. If they exhibit allergic reactions to eggs, rush them to the vet at once.

Can French Bulldogs eat peanut butter?

Frenchies can consume peanut butter, but it is better to give it in moderate amounts and only a few portions a week. Avoid giving peanut butter containing xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener since it is toxic to Frenchies. Always follow the instructions on the label.

Top 3 best wet dog food for French bulldogs



Product Name: Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Product Description: The Hill’s science best wet dog food for French bulldogs comes packed full of real meat, brown rice, and selected appetizing vegetables, which include peas and carrots. The mixture in this best wet dog food for French bulldogs is combined with a rich gravy which results in a wet food that is appetizing to dogs. This best wet dog food for French bulldogs provides high protein levels, which is crucial for building muscle and helping to maintain your dog’s best body condition. Hill’s science best wet dog food for French bulldogs is a popular brand that was founded way back in 1939. It uses ingredients and nutrients which are carefully selected for the optimum balanced meal for your dog. Give your adult dog an appetizing feast with the balanced nutrition they need. Hill’s science best wet dog food for French bulldogs has stew with chicken and vegetables, which is an appetizing way to get them to eat balanced nutrition that can promote their overall health and well-being. This best wet dog food for French bulldogs is made from natural ingredients that blend real chicken, brown rice, and a mix of appetizing vegetables, including peas and carrots, all simmered in a delectable gravy that adult dogs go crazy over.

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  • Nutrition
  • Ingredients
  • Taste


The balance of vital nutrients gives dogs who are 1 to 6 years old with optimum protein for lean muscles. This recipe is a top choice if you want to have a healthy dog up to their senior years. There are tons to love with the new look of science diet best wet dog food for French bulldogs. Go for a science diet for new flavors and formulas.


  • Help your adult dog build and maintain lean muscles
  • Easily digestible ingredients grown dogs enjoy
  • Made with natural ingredients


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Wag Wet Canned Dog Food (12 Cans)

Best Wet Dog Food For French Bulldogs

Wag wet canned dog food best wet dog food for French bulldogs is also a good choice. This best wet dog food for French bulldogs only uses the highest quality ingredients. This brand of canned food uses a formula of an ideal mixture of real meats, poultry and vegetables. This brand offers seven delectable flavors for your dog to enjoy.

This best wet dog food for French bulldogs is particularly impressive because it comes in seven flavors and has zero grains, corn, wheat, and soy. They also don’t have added artificial flavors or chemical preservatives. It should also be noted that all of wag’s best wet dog food for French bulldogs is made either in the US or Canada. Most of the ingredients will be sourced from these countries as well.

Wag wet best wet dog food for French bulldogs could easily be a budget choice as well, considering that you’ll get 12 cans for only under $20. That means an extremely cheap $1.67 per can. What’s more you can currently get 40% off from your initial purchase.

  • No Added Grain or Chemical Preservatives
  • Made In the USA
  • Serve by Itself or Mixed in With Kibble
  • No negative reviews so far

Purina ALPO Chop House Wet Dog Food


If you’re looking for top-quality canned dog food for a budget, it is recommended that you choose Purina Alpo chop dog food for French bulldogs. Although this brand offers great value for money, especially if you’re tight with the cents, it still contains real beef or chicken. Each of the 12 pack offers a range of two delicious flavors such as filet mignon and roasted chicken as well as top sirloin.

Each serving in this dog food for French bulldogs has three essential minerals and vitamins to support your dog’s overall health and wellness. Since this is a cheap option, it does contain flavorings and contains byproducts from meats. There are over 500 positive reviews on Amazon, and many dog owners seem very satisfied with this budget choice.

Feed your adult dog about one can per 14 to 6 pounds of body weight each day. Divide it into a couple or more portions. Then feed your dog up to twice this amount for puppies. Alpo dog food for French bulldogs also provides added nutrition needed by females who are pregnant or in gestation and lactation stages. Food consumption may vary during the gestation phase, so only feed amounts are required to maintain the pregnant female’s optimal body condition. Food intake may double or even quadruple during breast-feeding. When feeding them with a dry product, a can of best wet dog food for French bulldogs can replace approximately 1 cup of dry food.

  • 12 cans
  • Made with real chicken or beef
  • Savory gravy for added flavor
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

Frenchies are lovable companions. You need to give them optimum care and maintenance. The best way to give them good care is by giving them top nutrition. The best wet dog food for French bulldogs on the market provides a balance of protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and vital vitamins and minerals. Choose the best wet dog food for French bulldogs on the market and have a healthy, happy, active Frenchy that will be your companion for years to come.