5 Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies (Buying Guide)

Playtime is a big part of every puppy’s life. For French Bulldogs, it’s a great avenue to prevent obesity and to combat the risk of separation anxiety. Aside from bonding with your dog, you also need the best toys for French Bulldog puppies. These toys are made safe for pups so they can enjoy playtime while giving you peace of mind. Below are 5 of my best picks:

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Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll
Rope & Ball
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Arf Pets Dog Treat
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SmartPetLove Snuggle
Puppy Calming Toy
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Outward Hound
Hide-A-Squirrel Toy
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Nylabone Puppy
Chew Toy Bundle
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Playtime with French Bulldogs

Unlike bigger dogs, Frenchies don’t really need intense exercise. Playtime for them should be low-impact since they are prone to joint problems.

Also, Frenchie puppies love to chew, a behavior that can be a problem as the dog grows older. It’s important to divert this chewing behavior into toys to prevent destructive consequences.

While French Bulldogs are not the most intelligent dogs, you can use toys to stimulate them mentally. Interactive toys also help boost your Frenchie pup’s recall.

Aside from that, toys and playtime are excellent ways to prevent separation anxiety. If you’re a French Bulldog owner, you know that this breed doesn’t want to be left alone. But with toys to keep them busy, you can help the pup adjust to your busy schedule.

Moreover, French Bulldog puppies don’t tolerate heat too much. This is the reason why playtime with this breed must be done mostly indoors. You’d also want to reduce very physical playtime since Frenchies are prone to orthopedic problems like hip dysplasia, arthritis, and ACL tear.

If you’re looking for new toys to buy for your Frenchie pup, these five picks are great options:

Best Toys For French Bulldog Puppies – Top 5 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope & Ball
best toys for French Bulldog puppies

Product Name: Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope & Ball

Product Description: If you're looking for the best toys for French Bulldog Puppies, the Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll should be on your list. This has a 4.5-inch ball that will not deflate even if it gets punctured. It's made of Jolly Pet's proprietary JollyFlex rubber that's guaranteed to be non-toxic and safe for Frenchies. Moreover, this has a dog rope that passes through the ball. This will let your pup carry it around easily. You can also use it to play tug with your Frenchie. The rope will not come out of the ball, so it will not be a problem even if you leave your dog with the toy.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


Aside from that, this Jolly Pets toy floats on the pool. This makes an all-around toy wherever your Frenchie is.

This toy is also available in ball sizes of 6 to 8 inches. You can also choose from different colors like blue, orange, red, blueberry, and purple.

Overall, this is a very versatile toy for French Bulldog puppies. It works as a bouncy ball, tug toy, and a toy for playing catch. It will keep your Frenchie pup busy!

Lastly, I like the consistency of the ball, especially for Frenchies that are still teething.


Versatile dog toy

The ball doesn’t deflate even if punctured

Floats in water


Older Frenchies will rip the rope to pieces


Arf Pets Dog Treat Dispenser Toy

best toys for French Bulldog puppies

For those looking for an interactive toy, the Arf Pets Dog Treat Dispenser Toy is an excellent option. It suits all dogs, even French Bulldog puppies.

This toy has a treat dispenser and a separate button with a funny sound. When your dog presses the separate button, the treat dispenser will release yummy treats. This is a great memory trainer and an excellent way to reward your dog.

The best part about this toy is that the button has a 100-feet range. This means you can place it at the other end of the room, away from the dispenser. It will encourage your French Bulldog puppy to move and have some exercise.

You can also put the button outdoors since the package comes with a peg. For indoor use, you can utilize the suction cup to prevent your dog from moving it around.

Moreover, you can control the amount of treats that will be dispensed each day. Simply slide the opening panel on the treat hopper, and you’re good to go.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Watch out over the amount of treats on the dispenser. Frenchies have a massive appetite and can pack pounds easily if overindulged with treats.

  • Excellent memory trainer
  • Interactive and immersive
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • The plastic parts are a bit flimsy

SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Calming Toy

best toys for French Bulldog puppies

For French Bulldog puppies that are always nervous, the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Toy is a great option.

This isn’t your typical plush toy, though. Aside from the soft and comfy stuffed toy, this has a pulsing heartbeat. This is possible through the heart-shaped device inside that gives a real-life heartbeat. Such a feeling helps calm down a puppy since it makes them feel accompanied.

Moreover, this toy is useful on occasions with fireworks and other noises. On regular days, this stuffed toy will help your pup transition to sleeping alone on its bed.

To operate the heartbeat device, you should press the power button if you want to use it for eight hours. For 24-hour use, you should hard-press the power button for five seconds. Using two AAA batteries, the heartbeat device will work for two weeks when used round-the-clock.

Aside from that, this toy is bundled with heat packs that you can also slip inside. With the warmth and heartbeat-like feeling, your Frenchie pup will not feel alone.

This SmartPetLove Snuggle Toy is machine-washable on a gentle cycle. Just make sure that you remove the electronic device inside first.

  • Real-life heartbeat feeling
  • Bundled with heat packs
  • Machine-washable
  • The heartbeat is a bit strong, but my pup doesn’t mind.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Toy

If your French Bulldog puppy is more attracted to squeaky toys, you should give it the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Toy. This toy will stimulate your French Bulldog’s mind.

Basically, this has a hide-and-seek design where the six squeaky squirrels are hidden on a stump plush toy. As your dog tries to get each squirrel out, it will produce squeaky sounds that will make your pup more eager to play.

Once your dog got all the squirrels out, it can continue playing with the squeaky things. You can also use it to play fetch with your puppy. You can also stuff the stump with other toys that your pup loves to play with.

Moreover, this plush toy is gentle on the teeth of a growing French Bulldog. Just make sure that you supervise your dog when giving this toy.

The good thing about this toy is it comes in different sizes. You can get one for your Frenchie as it grows bigger.

However, pet owners warn that this toy might make your Frenchie obsessed with squirrels! My pup doesn’t seem to chase after them, but you should always watch out!

  • Squeaky sounds that attract attention
  • Gentle on a pup’s teeth
  • Available in different sizes
  • I wish they can make the stump more durable

Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy Bundle

My last recommendation for the best toys for French Bulldog puppies is the Nylabone Chew Toy Bundle. This puppy value pack contains 1 chicken flavored toy, 1 chicken-flavored teething bone, and a bacon-flavored treat. It encourages your Frenchie pup to chew, and you can also use it to divert the doggo’s chewing habits away from your furniture.

Aside from the flavored toys, this pack also includes a teething pacifier. It’s made of non-toxic rubber and will massage your Frenchie’s gums to soothe the discomfort of teething. Overall, these toys and treats are designed for dogs under 25 pounds – just the right set for French Bulldogs.

For the price of this bundle, it’s already a steal. I found out that purchasing these toys and treats individually are more expensive so I suggest grabbing the opportunity with this puppy starter pack.

I highly recommend this for teething French Bulldog puppies. Instead of taking chances on other options, Nylabone has been tried and tested by many dog owners, including me. Also, each toy survives longer than most I’ve bought for my Frenchie pup.

However, you must supervise your pup whenever you give the toys and treats. Once any of it is starting to chip or shed, you must throw it away.

  • Very affordable pack!
  • Helps teething pups
  • Lasts longer than other options in the market
  • Watch out over the bone as it can chip over time

How to choose the best toys for French Bulldog puppies

When shopping for your French Bulldogs’ toys, you have to ensure that it’s safe and suitable for the little doggo. To make it simple, you must consider these points:

🦴Choose a suitable type

Each French Bulldog has a unique personality as well as toy preferences. It’s important to consider this part to ensure that the toy won’t go to waste. The following are the most common puppy toy types:

  • Balls. This is the quintessential and foolproof dog toy if you don’t know what to get. No puppy can resist a bouncy ball. The likes of Jolly Pets ball toy I reviewed above is also paired with a rope toy for added fun.
  • Plush toy. For Frenchie pups that want a cuddle buddy, plush toys are excellent options. It’s also gentle on the pup’s teeth and can be machine-washed.
  • Retrieving toys. These are discs and squeaky toys that can be used to play fetch with your pup. However, not all Frenchies would be interested in using it.
  • Rope and tug toys. For the pup that loves tug games, rope toys are excellent choices. It can be used for chewing too, which is a good choice for teething Frenchies.
  • Food-dispending toys. Frenchies are very food-driven, so a food-dispensing toy would be a great option. The Arf Pets toy I reviewed above might be the one you’re looking for!
  • Interactive toy. This toy exercises your pup’s mind through simple problem-solving methods. It’s a sustainable toy since your doggo can use it as it grows up.

🦴Size it up properly

Once you have chosen the type of toy that suits your Frenchie pup, the next thing to consider is the size. French Bulldogs have a full size of up to 25 pounds on average. Pups will be much smaller, so you should look for a similarly small toy.

A large toy will be difficult for your Frenchie pup to use. Worse, it will damage its teeth and mouth. Usually, smaller toys are made less stiff to protect the small teeth of the canine.

🦴Check the material

The material of the toy is a make-or-break part. You have to ensure that it’s non-toxic and even food-grade for chew toys. In case your dog ingests a small portion of the toy, the material shouldn’t cause stomach upset.

For rubber and plastic toys, make sure that it doesn’t have a strong smell. For plush toys, on the other hand, you must check if it’s treated with chemicals.

Overall, the toy’s material should put up with wear and tear for a considerable amount of time. Still, you should recognize that no toy is indestructible.

🦴Construction matters

Moreover, you should avoid toys with very small parts that your Frenchie pup might swallow. These loose parts can cause blockage, which can lead to an emergency and expensive vet visits.

For plush toys, make sure that the parts are properly sewn, and the squeakers can’t be unraveled easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are deer antlers safe for French Bulldog puppies?

A: Deer antlers are good for chewer dogs, but I don’t recommend it for puppies. This is very stiff and can damage the tiny daggers of young dogs. Deer antlers are also choking hazards, especially if your Frenchie managed to chew off a large chunk. If you’re keen to give this to your dog, make sure you supervise it the entire time.

Q: Can Frenchies have pig ears as chew toys?

A: Pig ears are very chewy, but it’s not safe for French bulldog puppies. If your Frenchie pierced a large chunk, it could cause throat blockage. The pig ear can also ball up and cause a bigger blockage, which can compromise your dog’s life. If you’re looking for chewy treats for your Frenchie, steer clear of pig ears. 

Q: What kind of toys do French Bulldogs like?

A: Each French Bulldog is different, and so is its toy preference. It’s important to observe your pup’s habits, likes, and dislikes. From there, you can assess which toy you need to buy. For pups that like to play fetch, balls, squeaky toys, and discs might be great options. Whatever toy it will be, it’s important to check its safety.

Q: When should I throw away my French Bulldog’s toy?

A: Once the toy got damaged, it’s best to throw it away and get a replacement. For example, chew bones that have shredded already must be disposed of to prevent the pup from ingesting the inedible material. This is the same with rubber toys. For plush toys, stitching some torn parts might work, except if you have a notorious chewer.

Q: Why does my Frenchie pup cry with its toy?

A: A French Bulldog puppy that cries with its toy considers the item as a high-value possession. You will also notice your dog whining as they carry the toy around. This is because your dog is looking for a safe place to bury or hide it. It’s also possible that your pooch wants to play with you.

Final words

The best toys for French Bulldog puppies will keep your little doggo busy. It’s also a great way to stimulate the pooch mentally and physically. Just make sure that the toy you’re going to buy is safe and suitable for your Frenchie. Assessing your pup’s interests will also help choose the right toy to buy.

What do you think of these dog toys? Let us know below!