Best Meat For French Bulldogs: Guide On Preparing Food For Your Dog

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What is the food you feed your dog today? Do you know what is the best meat for french bulldogs? If you don’t then it’s time to read this! 

French bulldogs are known as the breed of dog that is not a picky eater. This might be the reason why in some scenarios they can accidentally eat different things at home or even in your apartment. If you own this breed of dog, the additional nutrients they need to get. 

Knowing the fact that all breeds of dogs can’t get enough nutrients from dog food, they need support from meat, vegetables, and fruits. Do you wonder what is the meat your Frenchie can eat? The meat they can eat is not only beef, pork, or chicken’s meat. They can also have the meat of lamb, and fish. 

These are only a few kinds of meat you can try for the various health benefits for your french bulldog. It is not always about giving them the most expensive dog food as sometimes this can’t suffice. Hence, if you have a lot of dog breeds at home, then you are well aware of the meat you can serve your french bulldog. 

What are the important things you need to remember before serving this food to your french bulldog? Here is the information that might interest you and try something new for your Frenchie. 

Meat You Can Give Your French Bulldog

1. Chicken Meat

In serving this meat to your Frenchie, you need to choose either you want it raw or cooked. However, many people prefer the well done as it prevents salmonella and other bacteria that might harm their french bulldog. What you need to do, simply boil it or steam the chicken meat. You don’t need to include the bone as it may be stuck on the intestine of the dog and may cause an internal injury. 

You can choose the breast part so that you don’t have to debone, but whatever part of the chicken works. Another option is to shred the chicken meat after cooking or cut this into small pieces to prevent your french bulldog. You can also use other ingredients on the meat, you can put vegetables or rice on it as your french bulldog will definitely love it! 

What nutrients can your french bulldog get from this chicken meat? Chicken meat is rich in protein, fatty acids, and Omega-6, which can help to have your Frenchie healthy skin. Another is these nutrients can prevent bone defects and support development for your dog. However, you need to be observant in serving your dog to, make sure they are not allergic at all. 

2. Beef

Beef meat is rich in protein, fatty acids, minerals, and other vitamins needed by your french bulldog. The best way to serve this is to cook it well, you can also place other ingredients together with this meat. Another option you can make is to put rice with it. This is a perfect combination for your french bulldog. Other dog owners prefer to prepare this as steak and other love this as simple with salt. 

The beef meat is more appetizing when you choose to have some add ons on it. You may saute this with vegetables. But, do remember that you can’t put onion, and garlic, these ingredients are toxic to them. So, better prepare something simple yet healthy!

You also need to remember that moderation is the best way to serve this to your french bulldog.

3. Pork

This can’t be served raw, you need to ensure that it is cooked. You can’t feed your french bulldog with pork if it’s half cooked, as it has may contain trichinella parasites which may harm them. This is a harmful thing as well to humans. You can have a side dish for this kind of meat. Another is you can prepare this meat with other vegetables and rice as well. Some people cook their main dish at home and they share it with their Frenchies at home. The reason why French bulldogs can eat a tasteful and savory flavor of pork meat. 

Hence, speaking of these trichinella parasites this may cause your french dog is getting diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and the worst effect is death for them. So, you need to make sure in preparing this kind of meat for your french bulldog, clean properly and cook it well! 

4. Lamb Meat 

This kind of meat is another great source of protein that can help your french bulldog. Lamb meat and chicken are the most digestible kinds of meat for different breeds of the dog, like your french bulldog. For most of the dog foods available on the market today, lamb is one of the ingredients. According to the Vets, this kind of meat is more advisable for Frenchies with a more sensitive digestive system and some allergies.

What do you need to do with this kind of meat? In preparing this for your french bulldog, you need to make sure that it’s well done. Unlike with the other meat that the bone can’t be included lamb is different with its raw. You can give the raw bone together with the meat part for your french bulldog, as they can break it down easily by their teeth. 

However, if you just want to be in a safe place then do not feed your french bulldog a bone to prevent intestinal problems in the future.

5. Salmon Meat

This kind of fish meat is very beneficial to us humans but has the same effect on french bulldogs. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins at the same time. If you are looking for fish that can give you a lot of health benefits this is perfect. This is very helpful for humans and so for dogs as well.  

What are the health benefits your french bulldog may get from this kind of meat? This will help them to support their immune system and at the same time reduce inflammation. Another thing is your french bulldog may have great skin to look shiner and healthy as well. 

However, serving this to your dog has its limitation. You can only give your 450g weight french bulldog the amount of 10g, once a week. This is because your french bulldog can gain weight. 

6. Duck

This meat is one of the good sources of protein. This is also rich in fatty acids. However, the only problem in serving this to your french bulldog is you can’t get this on the commercial market. 

You can have a farm and grow duck in your backyard for your consumption. Hence, there are a lot of people who prefer to serve this to their french bulldogs. This is where they choose to buy on the commercial farm where they can easily buy this meat and at an affordable price as well.  

There are many recipes involving this kind of meat for your french bulldog, thus, you just need to explore to discover new recipes. You can put other ingredients on this duck meat, 

7. Venison

This is also a great source of protein which helps your french bulldog boost their immune system. Another thing is it helps the Frenchie to boost their energy. Most of the dog owners today, when they want to serve this to their french bulldog they prefer the ground venison. This is where they can create a new recipe for their dog and try to put on venison meat the other ingredients like vegetables. Through this, your french bulldog finds it more appetizing and interesting. 

For some people, they find venison meat a smelly one. But, the fact is most of the dog food has venison meat as one of the ingredients. Hence, the smell from the venison is more appealing to the french bulldogs, and find every recipe of this amazing! 

8. Bison 

The good thing about this bison meat is it’s leaner than beef. However, there are only a few supplies you can be found bison in the commercial market. There are restaurants that are offering buffalo burgers and steak today. Some dog owners prefer to buy this is to treat their french bulldog. You can use this as their treat after training and other activities with your Frenchies. 

However, your french bulldog can get less protein than expected from other kinds of meat. Another thing to know about this type of meat is you cannot easily get this to the physical store today. So, some people prefer to buy this on a farm rather than in the market. 

In addition to this, a lot of Americans today are using this kind of meat in their diet meal plan. So, do you want this to try for your french bulldog’s consumption? 

9. Rabbit 

This is one of the best meat you can serve every dog breed. Thus, the only thing about this meat is you can’t have it every day. You need to go to the farm for you to get this kind of meat. This is also the best source of protein which helps your french bulldog to be healthier at the same time keeps all their organ in good condition. 

If you prefer to use this as your french bulldog food, then you must need the help of other ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, or celery. You don’t need to serve this as raw meat to your Frenchie as it may harm them in the long run. What you need to do is to steam or boil the meat of the rabbit. This will help your french bulldog to normalize their organs and boost their energy, which is a great thing! 

However, there is some french bulldog who does not want the smell of the rabbit meat. So, for you to prevent wasting your money and to be more practical, you need to have a small piece serve as your sample. Through this, you will know if they like it or not! 

10. Tilapia

This type of fish is well-known across the globe, especially in Asia. There is a lot of sources you can get a tilapia. However, serving this to your french bulldog, you need to make sure that you debone the fish and serve only the meat. The meat of this fish is very tasty, usually, this can be found in the freshwater. 

Your dog can get omega-3 fatty acids and at the same time protein. There are many options you can have for this kind of fish. What you need to do is to prepare this in the simplest ways. You can steam the meat of tilapia or boil it. Another option you have is to put steamed vegetables on it or use this fish meat as the main ingredient in a fishball for your french bulldog. 

Why Your French Bulldog Needs Protein

  1. Protein helps to maintain and repair the tissues of your dog. 

Knowing the fact that most proteins can be found on different kinds of meat. You can share protein with your dog, and this is by feeding them. This is one of the most important things you need to know about how protein can work on the body of your dog, whatever breed they came from. If your dog has this defect on the bone, or they undergo surgery this will help them to recover fast. Another thing protein can give is to maintain healthy skin and hair as well. 

This is very important to maintain this as it keeps your french bulldog cute and more appealing. Also, protein helps your dog to be more active by making their muscles and bones stronger and repair as well. 

  1. Protein helps your dog to protect and improve its immune system. 

This is also an important benefit from protein as one of the nutrients you can get from the different kinds of meat. Improving your dog’s immune system helps them to keep active and prevents any illness in the future. They can prevent having colds, or other common diseases they might have. 

If you think that your french bulldog is not that healthy enough for them to enjoy their younger days, then they must need protein in their body. 

  1. Helps to establish antibodies, and keeps the hormones in balance. 

These things are very important to your french bulldog, especially if they love to socialize with the other dogs. If your french bulldog has antibodies on their cells, then they can easily fight the virus they might get from the environment. Also, they can prevent getting other diseases from the other breed of dogs. 

Recipes With Meat You Should Try In Serving Your French Bulldog

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1. Fried Salmon and Baked Vegetables 

1 or 2 portions of salmon 

2 tablespoons of olive oil 

½ of squash 

¼ broccoli 

1 carrot

This recipe is very simple but it may take time to prepare. The first thing you need to do is to bake the squash. This is together with the carrot and broccoli. Thus, you can also steam this or use an air fryer if you don’t have an oven. After this, you need to fry the portion of salmon to olive oil. You can do this for 2 minutes on each side in preventing to overcook the salmon. Then after you prepare this separately, you can now combine all the ingredients. Prepare the bowl, mix the vegetables and the fried salmon as well. 

2. Ground Beef With Vegetables 

1 can of green peas 

Half portion of carrots 

¼ green beans 

¼ rice 


¼ ground beef 

You can do this at home or even in your apartment to feed your french bulldog. What you need to do is first prepare your ground beef, you can cook this by sauteing it with olive oil. Then, the second step is you need to steam or boil the vegetables included in the whole recipe. You need to cook the rice as well separately. Then, put all the ingredients all together in a bowl. 

Make sure that before serving this to your Frenchie it is already cold for them to eat. They may lose their appetite if you serve them hot food and it may burn their tongue. This recipe is one of the healthiest food for your french bulldog. But, you can make this as their food at least twice a week as they might gain so much weight. 

3. Beef and Crockpot Vegetables 

¼ Red beans 

2 pounds ground beef 

1 cup carrots 

2 cups of butternut squash 

1 ½ brown rice 

This recipe is similar to the second recipe with beef, the only difference this recipe has is the brown rice. Knowing the fact is brown rice is perfect for the people who are on the diet. So, for the french bulldog who gain so much weight and their vet recommended them to have a diet meal plan, then this recipe is perfect! 

Also, another thing that makes this different is that you can mix all together all the ingredients and stir them in slow heat. Through this, each ingredient can mix and contribute to the taste of this recipe naturally. Then, check all the ingredients if the texture is soft already and if it is, then you can let it cool. You can quickly serve this to your french bulldog after cooling it. 

Do you want to try this simple recipe? 

4. Pork and Veggie Mash 

1 cup cauliflower 

½ zucchini 

1 cup carrots 

1 cup broccoli 

2 pounds ground pork 

2 tablespoons of olive oil 

½ of chicken liver pureed

This is not a complicated recipe to do. The first thing you need to do is to boil all the vegetables you need for this recipe. You need to make sure that all the vegetables are soft for you to cut into small pieces. Carrots need to be cooked in slow heat and the other vegetables, avoid overcooked. This might not be appetizing to your dog. There is a tool today where you can easily mash your vegetables, however, if you don’t have one you can do this manually. Then after this, you need to cook your ground pork with olive oil. Avoid adding salt or other spices to this recipe, let’s sit on the taste that vegetables can bring to the pork. 

Set aside everything and let it cool. Then, you need to get your chicken liver pureed to start the whole process. Mix all the ingredients with the chicken liver, then add some olive oil if it’s dry, but if not avoid putting too much olive oil. Let it cool, and you can serve this on your dog! 

You can preserve this by putting the leftover in your freezer. You just need to microwave it for their next meal. However, there is a french bulldog who is allergic to chicken liver, so it is optional to put on this recipe. 

5. Chicken Meat Cake 

1 cup brown rice 

2 cups of water 

6 eggs 

1 ¼ olive oil 

3 carrots 

3 celery stem 

¼ ground 

This recipe is not a simple one to do, you need time to make this! What you need to do first is to preheat your oven to 400 degrees, grease this with olive oil. Then, combine the water and the rice cook it, after this look for all the vegetables you will be using. 

You need to make sure that all the vegetables that you’ll be using are cut into small pieces. This will help you to make things easier and faster in making this chicken meat cake. 

Then after this, you need to mix all the vegetables with the eggs and chicken meat, use the breast part. You don’t need to wait for too long as you can cook this for about 10 minutes. But make sure that you cook this in low heat. You can use a tray or a muffin size to mold your cake, 

After all, the process and the cake are cool, you can now serve this to your dog. 

6. Meatloaf

1 cup ground (any kind of meat) 

2 eggs 

Any kind of vegetables 

1 tablespoon of olive oil

Cheese (Optional)

Meatloaf is a simple recipe you can try to make at home. What you need to do is simply bake it, you need to preheat the oven for about 350 degrees. Mix all the ingredients that you need, you can put cheese in a small cut. However, for some french bulldogs, cheese is not needed anymore as it may cause them diarrhea or upset stomach. Also, you need to mold your mixture of this into the meatloaf style which is an essential thing.  

Then, after mixing it all together you need to bake this in a small tray for about 40 minutes. After this, you are good to go, after cooling this down you can serve this to your dog. 

Final Thoughts 

Do you have a french bulldog at home? 

If you are one of the owners of this type of dog breed, then you would know the importance of giving them the right amount of nutrients. They are the breed of dogs where eating is one of their hobbies. They are a friendly type and they also love to undergo training with treats. These dogs are smart and at the same time good companions at home or in an apartment. They are not a picky eater! 

Another fact about this breed of dog is they love to eat meat aside from dog foods. There are a lot of recipes with the meat you can try. Another meat is one of the essential sources of nutrients your french bulldog needs. You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to make the food for your dog, there are a lot of sources you can try today for your dog. 

So, from the recipes above what did you already try to prepare for your dog?