Best Leash for French Bulldog

It is no mystery why French bulldogs are extremely popular. They have a weird, funny face that is strangely expressive and wonderful to behold. When you are feeling blue, you can depend on your French bulldog to give you a cute questioning look as if asking you what’s wrong. Of course, you will need to take your Frenchie to walks, and it is vital to have the best leash for French bulldog. Getting them well-harnessed gives you more control over your dog to keep them out of trouble in the busy streets. 

They can be a joy to be around with. Most places are becoming urbanized, and city dwellers who live in small apartments will find that the French bulldog is adaptable to small spaces. Not only are they physically small, but they also have less physical activity needs. They adapt equally well with owners who live alone or with large families.

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Best leash for French bulldog– Why Choose a Harness with Leashes?

Best Leash for French Bulldog

The French bulldog is unique and has a physiognomy that has potential problems in breathing. The French bulldog must be comfortable around the neck area when you take them out for a walk. The neck area is particularly sensitive and reacts badly to obstructions. 

To be specific, the ailment that plagues Frenchies is Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. They have short snouts, which leads to problems in the airways. 

Another peculiar feature of the breed is a palate comparably longer than other breeds. They also have slender nostrils and trachea. These physical features make the breed unique and attractive, but it causes pitfalls in their health.

Harnesses are crucial and a better alternative than collars because they have a more comfortable fit. These harnesses don’t tighten when the Frenchie suddenly pulls or go a certain direction. 

Mobility Issues

The breed also suffers from problems with movement. They tend to have hip dysplasia, which will affect them when they walk or run.

A harness can help dogs with hip dysplasia since it is not overbearing on the body. It reduces hip dysplasia because the harness will guide them to have proper body alignment. A collar is settled only on the neck area

If you suspect your dog has hip dysplasia or problems with their hips and joints, consult with your vet on the best way to walk them. It is crucial that a diseased dog still gets exercise and movement. Some special harnesses are available that can aid our dog’s movement. 

Best Leash for French bulldog- French Bulldog Best Harness – Types of Harness and Sizes

Collar vs. Harness

Best Leash for French Bulldog

An old debate that keeps dog owners perplexed is whether a leash and collar are enough for both puppies and dogs when taking them out for a walk. 

It is crucial to know the needs of your dog when deciding on what is best for them. If your dog is fond of pulling on the leash, you should know that this movement will have consequences on their throat area.

Any breed that pulls on a leash will likely develop throat injuries since the pulling and lunging action is centered around the neck. You can still put a collar on your dog but use it mainly for the identification or decorative purposes. Use it as a place for attaching IDs and tackers. It is best not to use a collar for walking.  

There are instances when some people do use a collar, and this is only if the dog is well behaved and aren’t pullers. Most of the time however, there is more benefit and less risk if a harness is used. 

A good harness is a no-pull harness which is ideal for Frenchies who pulls and tugs. The harness can be simultaneously used for training your dog when you are on walks outside.  

Best Leash for French bulldog–best types of harnesses that go with leashes

Harnesses are not a magic fix-all. For harnesses to be of any use, you should choose your harness wisely. 

Often enough harnesses worn at the front are the best option and can be used in both normal circumstances or for training. 

The harnesses can be attached at the front and back. They help you control your Frenchie better. With one tug at a time, you can better train your dog. 

Other harnesses work differently. You should be cautious of cheaper harnesses since they tend to put compression on a single area. Because of this, your dog will experience a lot of discomfort and pressure on the skin. They will be uncomfortable, causing them to pull more. 

It is also crucial to note that Frenchies are small breeds and thus can be escape artists. They can slide their bodies out of collars and harnesses, and the French bulldog is peculiarly talented at getting out of these restrictive devices. 

If your dog is a puller, to begin with, you should consider more smartly designed harnesses. Overall, investing the extra buck will give you access to better-designed harnesses that are durable and escape-proof. 

Vest- type harnesses for French bulldogs

Best Leash for French Bulldog

These vests are affordable and straightforward. They can be one of the top options for your dog. Using them is effortless; they are easy to put on, and taking them off is no hassle. They are suitable if you’re dog is well-behaved, but they have somewhat limited features. 

These harnesses also have reversible feature. You can change styles depending on the season. Materials range from mesh to leather as well as other lesser know fabrics. If your dog is using harnesses for the first time, they are highly useful

Front and Back Clip Harnesses

These harnesses’ primary use is to prevent pulling. They are excellent when training your dog and distributing compression. These types of harnesses are one of the most common types.  

Harnesses like these may have one point to attach the leash or have attachments both at the front and back. If you want to train your dog or puppy, these harnesses will be durable and excellent. 

Tightening or Control Harness

These harnesses have a unique feature in that they tighten when it senses a pulling action. The tightening effect can cause some discomfort in your dog, and if you are unfamiliar with the harnesses, they may cause pain. Bad behaviors may worsen if you misuse them. Overall, these harnesses should be left to trainers and people who are highly experienced with dogs

Best leash for French bulldog—putting on the harness

Measuring for a Harness

It is crucial to know the size of your dog so the harness will fit them correctly. If the harness is too large, it may feel awkward, and they will have a tendency to escape. If the harness is too tight it can cause real pain and hurt the skin, especially in the front leg area. 

If your dog is in the middle of two sizes, choose the bigger size and adjust the straps to fit their body snugly

Measure the chest area

Use a measuring tape and measure the chest’s widest area. This should be several inches near the dog’s front legs.  

Add a few inches to the chest measurement

It is crucial to add a few inches so your dog will have some space for movement in the harness. The most well-designed harness will have several points for adjustment. 

Circumference of the neck measurements

If the harness reaches your Frenchie’s neck area, you need to make sure that your harness will comfortably go over the head area. You should put it on and off easily. 

Since this breed has issues with their airway and windpipe, your harness shouldn’t be too tight in the neck area. 

Be particular when choosing a harness and double-check to see if it will fit your Frenchie just right.

Best Leash for French bulldog –Specs and Sizes

The fitting and measuring of the harness have already been covered, but it is crucial to note that the Frenchie shape is different from other dogs

Especially as puppies, Frenchies tend to have overlarge heads in relation to their bodies. You must check the head circumference when selecting a good harness.  

Top 3 Best Leash for French bulldog

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Product Name: DOGNESS Classic Double Handle Dog Leash

Product Description: This leash uses nylon material and is one a kind because of its two-in-one padded handle. It can function in two ways as a standard handle or a shorter for walks in busy streets and crowded areas. They are also an option when you are passing children in the streets. Another good feature is the reflective material that can make your dog visible under conditions of the low light source such as early morning or evenings. There is a turnable lock which will give you dog free movement. It has a thick width of up to seven millimeters so it can withstand abuse such as chewing. This leash comes in several sizes, but you will want to choose the smallest one for your Frenchie.

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  • Material
  • Durability
  • Design


There are two soft padded handles. The main handle can be used for leisurely walks while the other handle is a shorter option, which can be used in crowded areas and busy streets. This handle is best when you need to keep a tighter leash on your dog lest they get lost in the crowds. Both handles are soft and have padding so you and your dog will enjoy the walk.  

It has enhanced safety features that allow your dog to be seen in conditions of low light. This leash can also provide your dog comfort and freedom with the swivel feature. High quality and durable, the locks offer even better security. 


  • Allows close supervision
  • No rope burns
  • Soft padding
  • Two-handle options
  • Nighttime visibility


  • No negative reviews so far

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Peteast Retractable Dog Leash, 360° Tangle Free

Best Leash for French Bulldog

These leashes are great for smaller dogs that are less than thirty pounds. This leash is retractable and gives your pup freedom of movement during casual walks. You get total control over their movement. If they veer from your lead, you can easily get them back on track. The leash has a brake button and an easy to grip rubber handle. Long walks would be easy given the comfortable grip. There is also no danger of tangling because of the special feature of the leash, which includes a clip made of zinc material. The leash functions in all directions. It has great maneuverability even if you just use it with one hand. 


It has an easy lock feature that can be operated with the thumb. It is convenient to handle and can be used with one hand. The brake button has a stop feature that provides safety during walks. This leash is best used for dogs under thirty pounds. The material is durable and made of zinc. No tangle features make them safe for your pet. The leash is at least 10 feet and has adjustments and a retraction feature. The leash can be adjusted to an adequate length with ease. 

  • Pro-retractable function
  • Premium materials
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Strong and safe leash
  • No negative reviews so far

Dogs My Love Nylon Rope Slip Dog Lead Adjustable Collar and Leash 6ft Long


Some small dogs love to pull, and this slip-style leash gives you ample control over a dog who does so. The material is a durable and flexible nylon rope with a leather sliding stopper. Collars are adjustable for a perfect fit. The smaller width is perfect for puppies or smaller dogs less than twenty pounds. The medium size will work for slightly larger dogs and medium-sized dogs. The full leash is six feet allowing your small dog enough freedom but not too much that they will wander far from you. 


The material is high quality, strong and durable. The nylon is flexible with a British style design. This leash is ideal for casual walks and even training. Superb craftsmanship is evident and will make this leash withstand all kinds of abuse. The stopper is made from authentic leather. Easy to handle and ergonomic, the handles are at least 6 inches in circumference. The six feet long leash allows your pet a lot of movement and freedom. 

  • very soft and flexible
  • fits very well on the neck of small dogs
  • Many dogs stop pulling as soon as they feel the pressure
  • Great leash to train puppies
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Your French bulldog will enjoy walks in the neighborhood and bonding moments with you. Although generally sedentary dogs that don’t need a lot of activity, it is still crucial to get your pet moving. Invest in durable equipment that lets you take your dog to safe trips in the big wide world outside. Best leash for French bulldog provides you control and comfort when guiding your dog outside under any condition.