5 Best Harnesses for Your French Bulldog Puppy

French bulldogs are flat-nosed dogs, so leashing them on a collar is a no-no, especially for young pups. As brachycephalic canines, Frenchies have condensed snouts, which makes them prone to respiratory problems. Collars can easily choke them, so you should look for the best harness for French Bulldog puppy instead.

Below, I reviewed five of the best options in the market to suit your little Frenchie. Too long; didn’t read? Here are my top picks in a nutshell:

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Dean and Tyler
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Lucy & Co. Reversible
Dog Harness
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Bulldog Grade
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Gooby Step-in
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Curli Vest Air-Mesh
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Benefits of a dog harness

Unlike dog collars, dog harnesses offer a safer option for French Bulldogs. It’s actually beneficial on the part of the dog owner as well! If you’re wondering why you should get a dog harness for your Frenchie, here are some good reasons:

It offers you more control.

If you have a zesty and energetic Frenchie pup, a dog harness will help you manage their outbursts during outdoor walks. Also, it’s much easier to retrieve a dog from a dog fight when a harness is hugging its body.

It prevents breathing problems.

As I mentioned above, French Bulldogs have shorter snouts, making it difficult for them to breathe with the slightest neck restraint. A collar can be life-threatening, especially if you have an untrained dog.

A dog harness prevents neck injuries while diverting the pulling force all over your Frenchie’s chest. It prevents the choking effects of collars, which is a notorious problem among this breed.

It prevents ocular proptosis

French Bulldogs have different eye anatomy than other dogs. They are prone to ocular proptosis or bulging of the eyeballs due to pressure applied on the neck. A harness prevents this from happening because it exerts the force on the chest, far from the neck.

How to choose the best harness for French Bulldog puppy

If you’re looking for the best harness for French Bulldog puppy, consider the following aspects:


In choosing the design, you must think of the activity your pup will do with the harness. If you’re taking our dog for a walk, consider a no-pull design so you will have better control of your pet. A step-in design is also ideal because it’s easier to put on and off your dog.

For Frenchies, you don’t need a joring or biking harness because it’s not safe to take your small dog on these types of activities.

I always like a dog harness that can be used as a car restraint. Some of these harnesses have a loop where you can slide the seatbelt to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the car.


Whatever dog accessories you’re buying, sizing is king. This is much true with harnesses. You wouldn’t want an ill-fitting harness because it will make your dog uncomfortable and reluctant to go for walks.

To get the right size for the best harness for French Bulldog puppy, you need to take two measurements:

Neck girth. You must measure your dog’s lower neck’s circumference just before the portion that connects the leg to the torso. This is where the harness will be placed, unlike collars that sit higher on the throat.

Chest girth. After taking neck measurements, you should measure the circumference of your dog’s chest right behind its armpits on the front legs.

Most dog harness manufacturers use these measurements for their sizing charts. Simply compare the measurements to the specific sizing chart of a harness you’re planning to buy.


Your Frenchie will surely struggle the first time you put the harness on. To reduce the discomfort, look for a breathable material like mesh. Remember that dogs don’t sweat, and French Bulldogs are prone to overheating. This is why you must look for a harness with a comfy material that can still take the beating or regular use.

For the straps, nylon is a durable option, not to mention that it’s also cheaper. Moreover, the buckles are usually made of durable plastic.

Lastly, you should look for a leash connection, which is usually a D-ring in front. If possible, look for double D-rings with one located at the back, so you have an option based on your Frenchie’s walking habits.

Best Harness for French Bulldog Puppy – Top Picks


MY TOP PICK: Dean and Tyler Dog Harness
best harness for French Bulldog puppy

Product Name: Dean and Tyler Dog Harness

Product Description: If you're looking for the best harness for French Bulldog puppy, you'll never go wrong with the Dean and Tyler Dog Harness. It has an easy to put on and off design, which can be worn on any weather. What I love the most about this dog harness is its lightweight material. Your Frenchie will adjust to this gear easily than other harnesses. Aside from that, this model has thick adjustable straps that allow your doggo to grow into the harness.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Value for Money


It also has an easy-release buckle, light-reflective trim, and a stitched handle so you can retrieve your dog easier. Also, there are three D rings on this harness, one on each side and the last one at the back.

Overall, this is a very durable harness that can fit dogs with a chest girt of 20 to 23 inches. This harness is available in larger sizes, too, just in case you want to get one for your other dogs.

Although it costs more than other harnesses, I’m willing to spend every dollar on this level of workmanship


Excellent construction

Adjustable straps

Heavy-duty handle


None so far


Lucy & Co. Reversible Dog Harness

best harness for French Bulldog puppy

If you’re looking for a designer dog harness, the Lucy & Co. piece might be the perfect choice for your Frenchie. It’s made of breathable fabric, so your doggo remains comfortable even on hot days. There’s also a water repellent neoprene layer that lasts long.

Moreover, I like its reversible design, so your Frenchie can sport two designs in just one harness. The buckles of this harness are also made of stiff plastic that doesn’t bend easily.

If you have a Houdini dog, the no-slip design of this harness will be a good choice. It can be used as a walking harness on all outdoor conditions.

The bonus part here is you can choose from a variety of prints, including plaid, gingham, space doodles, paisley, and more! You can match the design on the personality of your pooch for a very low price.

If you have other dogs at home, you can also get them this stylish harness since it comes in a wide range of sizes. It’s also very affordable for a designer harness.

  • 2-in-1 reversible design
  • No-slip design
  • Water-repellent material
  • Some complained about the sizing running a bit large

Bulldog Grade Harness

best harness for French Bulldog puppy

If there’s one harness made specifically for the likes of French Bulldogs, it would be the Bulldog Grade Harness. It’s designed for deep-chested canines like Frenchies, Bulldogs, and more.

This harness has a no-pull and no-choke design to keep your Frenchie safe on walks. It’s also made of durable oxford cloth with a mesh layer to allow a full range of motion. I also like that this is escape-proof, which is a perfect choice for dogs that can back out of their harness.

Aside from the soft chest padding, this harness also has adjustable straps with reflective material. You can also reverse or remove the top panel to fit your Frenchie perfectly.

This is an excellent choice for Frenchies, especially during summer, since the harness has minimal skin coverage. Despite that, it remains strong and durable against an energetic canine.

The best part here is that you can use this harness as a car restraint. The handle works as a seat belt loop for added safety when driving around with your pooch.

  • Seatbelt compatible
  • Minimal coverage
  • Made specifically for Bulldog breeds
  • The straps can be chewed by dogs so keep this out of reach

Gooby Step-in Dog Harness

Another minimal coverage harness that you can get for your French Bulldog puppy is the one from Gooby. This has an escape-free design that prevents dogs from backing from it and escaping. Just make sure that you get the proper size to enjoy this benefit.

Moreover, this has a patented escape-free frame, so it’s the best solution for escape artists. The harness is also adjustable using the four straps to ensure the best fit.

This harness is also padded with a soft neoprene material that contours well with your dog’s body. It’s also water-resistant and will offer added warmth to your dog’s body during a cold day.

Overall, this is a very durable harness. It even has a pom plastic leash ring. It has a hexagonal shape that prevents the straps from warping. There’s also a rubber adjustment tab that allows you to tweak the harness’s fit on the fly.

This is a lightweight yet durable harness that will last long despite regular use. The plus here is that this harness is machine-washable on cold water.

  • Machine-washable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Escape-free design
  • Runs a little small than usual

Curli Vest Air-Mesh Dog Harness

Last but not the least, I recommend the Curli Vest Air-Mesh Dog Harness. This one is designed in New Zealand, which actually took inspiration from winter sports and mountaineering.

The harness is made of a neoprene padding with a mesh layer to keep it breathable on hot days. It has durable stitching that prevents the seams from coming off.

Moreover, it has a step-in harness design that makes it easy to put on and off. There’s also a Velcro enclosure at the top so you can adjust the harness’s tightness to keep your dog comfy. Don’t worry because there’s a strapped buckle on top that joins the harness’s two sides. This part serves as a handle and seatbelt loop, too.

On each side of the harness, there are reflective strips stitched through the padding for added safety outdoors. There are two plastic rings on top as well where you can connect the leash.

The Curli Vest harness is available on a variety of colors, as well as a wide range of sizes.

  • Well padded
  • Velcro enclosure
  • Lightweight construction
  • Not the ideal choice for escape artists

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I leave a French Bulldog off-leash?

A: A properly trained Frenchie can be left off-leash on most occasions. Although they are playful, these small dogs aren’t too energetic. However, it’s never a good idea to work a dog without a leash, regardless of the breed.

Q: Can you ‘over-walk’ a French Bulldog?

A: Frenchies, especially puppies, can overheat if you walk them for too long and on a hot day. This is a common occurrence among flat-nosed dogs. Make sure that you always have a bottle of fresh water as well as a small bowl where your dog can drink. You can use the lid of your tumbler for this.

Q: Can I put a collar on my French Bulldog?

A: If you’re planning to leash your Frenchie, a harness is a more appropriate choice. Harnesses prevent neck injuries among flat-nosed and deep-chested dogs, especially if the pup likes to pull. On the other hand, you can still put a collar on your Frenchie as a form of identification. However, you should remove the collar after a few hours and at night as the dog sleeps.

Q: Do harnesses stop dogs from pulling?

A: A no-pull harness can reduce the pulling behavior of your French Bulldog. The harness spreads the force all over the chest of the dog instead of isolating it on the neck like collars do. A dog harness also offers better control for dog owners who are walking the pooches.

Q: Are front-clip harnesses good for French Bulldogs?

A: A front-clip harness is an excellent way to retrieve or distract your dog from the object that causes the pulling. It’s also a great training feature for young pups that are yet to learn the rules of dog walks.

Final words

The best harness for French Bulldog puppy will keep your doggo safe and comfortable during your walks. Unlike collars, it will not choke your Frenchie nor cause neck injuries. Just make sure that you get the right size, material, and design to suit your pooch.