Best French Bulldog Breeders In California

Choose from among the most reputable French Bulldog breeders in California (2021) 


With over 40 million residents, California is the highly populated state in the United States. Dog owners constitute about one-third of the community. It would help if you considered getting a family dog since there are several advantages to having one in your home. Let’s discover the Best French Bulldog Breeders In California!

French Bulldog is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a petite, quiet canine companion. As a result of their stunning appearance, lively nature, and high intellect. French bulldog is rank as the fourth most common dog breed globally by the American Kennel Club. 

Bulldog enthusiasts in California will find this to be an excellent resource for finding reputable bulldog breeders. There are several French Bulldog pups for sale in California, and it may be tough to select the right breeder among the numerous available options.

According to our independent research, this article will expose you to few of California’s finest French bulldog breeders. We checked medical check ups, puppy securities, and breeder details to make sure everything was accurate. 

Before buying a French Bulldog puppy in California, we suggest doing your research and due diligence. We have no affiliation with some of the breeders, additionally their methods may change on time. 

1. Southern California The Royal Empire

Known for handling all of their pups like members of the family, Royal Empire French Bulldogs is well-known for this practice. Because of this philosophy, they can produce French Bulldog pups who are kind, healthy, and joyful at South California. They’re nurture and teach their puppies inside. It is straightforward for each French bulldog to adapt to a latest home. 

Additionally, this Best French Bulldog Breeders In California in California is well-known for selling AKC-registered French Bulldog pups. It is a significant benefit of listing your dog with the AKC to know that you will have the help of the club for the duration of your dog’s life. Moreover, it signifies that the Royal Empire is commit to producing French Bulldog puppies by purebred criteria. 

Empire of the Crown When it comes to dog training, Best French Bulldog Breeders In California are experts. This breeder has in industry for more than two decades, making them unique of the best experienced breeders on our record. It is also because of their health assurance that this breeder has become so popular among Californians.

Royal Empire offers a two-year warranty that protects you against genetic disorders for all of their pups sold in California. Another example of how excellent this Best French Bulldog Breeders In California is when it comes to dog. The care is provided by this incident. At the time of purchase, you will get a health certificate, a copy of the registration paperwork, and a well puppy. 

Breeder information on the French Bulldog: 

  • Royal Empire Frenchies California‘s official website. 
  • is the email address to contact them with questions. 
  • (714) 306-8656 is the telephone number. 
  • The Californian town of Jurupa Valley, California, is near Los Angeles. 

Products and Services Included in this Category: 

  • Puppies are registered with the AKC. 
  • Preventative measures for pups include deworming and immunization.
  • Certificate of good health issued 
  • Teaching children to use the toilet 
  • The use of crates 
  • Meeting and communicate with people of all ages 
  • Participating in animal socialization 
  • Toys are used for entertainment. 

2. Coronado Crown French Bulldogs (Southern California)

Located in San Diego, California, Coronado Crown French Bulldogs is another reputable dog breeding operation. After fostering a variety of canine breeds, these breeders finally decided on the French Bulldog as their preference, and they began producing purebred pups from that lineage. 

The French Bulldog pups reared in this surroundings like the Royal Empire-bred dogs are nurture with the greatest love and care, which is one of the basis why they’re so joyful and friendly in their adulthood. This makes them an excellent choice whether you want a dog to be your family friend or to train to be an obedience competitor. 

As a result of their passion for dogs, the Coronado Crown breeders can pick and select who they sell their French Bulldog pups to. “We adore dogs,” says one of the Coronado Crown breeders. Puppy applications are very rigorous, and they only match pups with families committed to proper pet parenting. It would help if you gave them frequent updates about the dog, one of the criteria. If you cannot concern for the dog anymore, they urge you to contact them so that they can arrange for its return. If their French Bulldog pups wind up at a shelter or rescue, they don’t want them to be there. 

Breeder information on the French Bulldog: 

  • California French Bulldogs Coronado Bulldogs’s website 
  • Correspondence to: 714 1st St, Coronado, California 92118 
  • is the email address to contact Ginny. 
  • (619) 987-1347 is the phone number. 
  • San Diego, California, is the location of this exhibition. 

Products and Services Included in this Category: 

  • May train any breed. 
  • French bulldogs are the subject of this expert opinion. 
  • Vaccination of dogs 
  • Setting up health-care appointments and frequent veterinarian examinations
  • Obtaining regular updates and photographs of your canine companion 
  • Are you willing to take in your dog if you are unable to care for it yourself? 

3. Southern California Champion Pups

When it comes to French bulldog breeding, therefore you can never disregard the opinions of these individuals. Champion Pups is a company located in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States. In California, they’re well-known as unique of the best reputable breeders of French Bulldog, and they have a long list of happy clients. 

Having extensive expertise in the dog breeding industry, especially with show dogs, on the other hand is another reason why Champion Pups is well-known. A family of breeders owns the company. As the name indicates, they produce French Bulldogs in California with DNA derived from champion bloodlines, precisely as the name implies. 

Numerous dog shows and exhibits have win by pups from Champion Pups, both in the United States and around the globe. This advancement has made it feasible for this dog breeding establishment to sell puppies to customers all over the world. 

AKC Registration

The American Kennel Club (AKC) registers all French Bulldog pups placed in its care. AKC registration papers are guarantee when purchasing a puppy from them, In addition you can be confident that your pet will arrive with the proper paperwork. Additionally, since they deworm and vaccinate their puppies regularly, you will be buying a healthy puppy, as well. 

They do not have any kennels at their residence, which is a respectable characteristic of these breeders. They’re address as though they’re family members and are thus let to sleep in their bedrooms. Long Beach, Anaheim, and San Francisco are the locations where they have offices. 

Hence, if you have any queries or are interest in buying a French Bulldog, you may go to the kennel facility that is nearest to you. You may also see their facilities during their open house events, which are hold every weekend. If you’re interest, you may get in touch with them to set up a consultation. 

Breeder information on the French Bulldog: 

  • Champion Pups California’s website may be seen here
  • In Anaheim, California 92804, 3011 W Ball Rd is the address. 
  • is the email address to contact them. 
  • Call (562) 225-7000 for more information. 

Products and Services Included in this Category: 

  • Vaccinations and deworming are given to dogs regularly to ensure their continued good health. 
  • Bulldogs are being trained to be champions in several disciplines. 
  • Open house arrangements are being made. 
  • Professional guidance on how to keep your Bulldog healthy and obedient is available via this website. 
  • Delivering packages to customers’ homes 
  • Every morning, the dogs’ meal consists of lamb and rice, which is cooked by hand.

4. Bay Area Bulldogs (Northern California) 

Bay Area Bulldogs is a dog training facility in the Pleasanton area of California that has received excellent ratings on its Yelp page, website, and Google reviews. It costs about $5000 to get one of their French Bulldog pups, which is a bit pricey, plus they do not come with AKC documentation. However, when you buy one of their pups, they will send you a plethora of photographs. 

Furthermore, this French Bulldog puppy breeder is very knowledgeable about the French Bulldog dog type in general. You may ask him whatever you want about the parent dogs, how to care for your pups, or even about what kind of food you should be giving your Frenchie. In terms of coat color, their French Bulldogs are usually black and brown or white and brown in hue. 

Nowadays, there does not seem to be a waiting list for these services. Puppies that are black and tan or cream in color are presently available for purchase. If you want to take one of these French Bulldog pups in California, you’ll need to fill out a puppy application and pay a nonrefundable deposit. 

Breeder information on the French Bulldog: 

  • Brentwood, California, is the location. 
  • California’s Bay Area Bulldogs have a website. 
  • May reach Matt at 
  • Call (925) 984-7943 to make an appointment. 

The following are the products and services: 

  • Assisting with the purchase of dogs 
  • Additionally, they offer information on this specific dog breed and have a resource center available to you. 

5. English and French Bulldogs (Southern California) 

Located in Southern California, these professionals are members of the California Bulldog Association and specialize in breeding bulldogs (CBA). They have been in action for almost two decades, which means they have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the breeding industry. In addition to becoming a member of the CBA, pups from English and French Bulldogs are also registered with the American Kennel Club. This means that when you buy a dog from English and French Bulldogs, you will always have the club’s backing behind you as well. 

Breeder information on the French Bulldog: 

  • English and French Bulldogs Modkennels is their official website. 
  • Call (657) 252-0820 for more information. 
  • Southern California is the setting. Because of privacy reasons, they choose not to provide their mailing address. 

The following are the products and services: 

  • I’m collaborating with other professional breeders in Southern California. 
  • Dogs should be vaccinated regularly. 
  • Assisting with the purchase of dogs 
  • We provide complete dog training services. 
  • Providing expert help is what we do. 

6. Cheerful French Bulldogs 

Another expert breeder worth noting is the Cheerful French Bulldogs, which specializes in French Bulldogs. Even though this breeder produces robust and healthy bulldogs, it is most known for its flight nannies. These nannies are tasked with personally delivering pups to clients and caring for the animals while they’re on the road. 

In addition to these breeders’ contact details, you may also communicate with them through Skype. When it comes to interacting with them, it means, there are many avenues available to you if you have any questions. 

Breeder information on the French Bulldog: 

  • Blue French Bulldog of California’s official website is 
  • Contact information: 
  • Toll-free number: (702) 931-4269 
  • Their origins may be traced back to California. It seems that they have just relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The following are the products and services: 

  • Puppies are delivered to their new homes by a flight nanny. 
  • Breeding of healthy Blue French Bulldogs for show and breeding. 
  • We provide expert help in selecting the most appropriate puppy for you or your family. 

Final Words

We realize that selecting a top breeder for your French Bulldog may be difficult due to the many professional breeders operating in the state. Therefore, we have chosen to suggest some of the finest French bulldog breeders in California who are not part of a puppy mill or are not in the business of backyard breeding. 

You may get in touch with any of them if you want to purchase your future French Bulldog. They breed the strongest, most obedient, friendliest, and most beautiful French bulldog pups. Many of the breeders on our list are willing to help with the delivery.